1966 Jaguar E-Type OTS - Series 1 4.2-liter Roadster project

Price: - Item location: Elkton, Maryland, United States
  • Make: Jaguar
  • Model: E-Type
  • Type: Convertible
  • Year: 1966
  • Mileage: 99,999
  • VIN: 1E129XX
  • Color: Opalescent Dark Green
  • Engine size: 4.2-liter DOHC
  • Number of cylinders: 6
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Interior color: Biscuit
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1966 Jaguar E-Type

OK, this is it - the E-Type that everyone wants and dreams of restoring - a Series 1, 4.2-liter roadster.
Overview -
This E-Type OTS (Open Two-seater) came from the factory with covered headlamps, triple SU carburetors, toggle switches, the larger displacement 265 horsepower DOHC Jaguar 6-cylinder engine, the close-ratio full-synchro gearbox, improved braking system, and more comfortable seats. Built in April of 1966, and originally delivered in Opalescent Dark Green with a Biscuit interior, this is as good as it gets!
We found this E-Type project tucked away in a barn in Wisconsin earlier this Summer. It had been somewhat disassembled for restoration and then just sat for a LONG time - in an actual barn, so it is officially a "barn find”... Once we got the car back to the shop, we looked it over carefully, cleaned it up and put a coat of primer on the body for protection, and added back in the missing components from our stock of original parts.
This is a project for total restoration - it will need everything, but it also has everything - all of the important components are intact, and the car is mostly complete. The few bits that are missing here and there are all ancillary items that are readily available, or are common replacement components (wiring harnesses, exhaust system, hoses and belts, etc.
We do have a clear US title, and will also provide a bill of sale as well. The original data plate is intact, as is the original front chassis member with the matching chassis number stamped into it. For privacy, I have hidden the last 2 digits of the chassis number - this car is not yet logged into thewww.xkedata.comE-Type registry, and I believe that it should be the new owner's choice as to whether or when to do so...
Body Shell and Bonnet -
This body shell is a great starting point for restoration! The car has not suffered any major collisions, as as you can see from the photos, the body is straight and smooth where it counts!
The body shell and bonnet are both original to this car. The car was stored indoors for approx. 25 years with the paint stripped off when we acquired it. We sanded down the surface rust that had developed, and sprayed the body shell and bonnet with red oxide and then black primer for protection. What you see in the photos above the sill line is the car's actual steel surface - there is no filler below the primer except for a patch in the LH front wing and the LH forward bulkhead side panel, and a small patch of lead in the nose of the bonnet.
All of the metal below the sill line will need replacement (as is ALWAYS the case on E-Types...), but everything above the sill line is original, straight, and rock-solid. The key components that are the most important and most difficult to restore are all intact, rust free, and straight without accident damage - including the forward bulkhead, rear wings, the inside of the B-Posts, and the upper boot areas. There is the typical E-Type rust in the floors, inner and outer sills, and boot floor, and these will all need total replacement. There is some minor damage below the boot lid that was very poorly repaired in the past, but all new panels to repair this properly will be included.
This E-Type still carries its original bonnet - which is very rarely the case after 50+ years. The bonnet has not suffered any major accident damage, only a minor tap to the nose that was poorly repaired with some lead. This bonnet is very restorable - the panels are solid and aside from some minor dents and minimal reshaping of the mouth. It is actually in much better starting condition than the last two bonnets we restored in the shop. And, as the original bonnet to this car, it fits quite well!
Included with this sale are ALL of the body panels necessary to rebuild the complete body shell and bonnet. This includes full floors, inner and outer sills, all sill gussets and closing panels, new boot floor, tunnel panels, and more! If it is rusted or damaged in any way, the new panel is included - see the included photos of the new pieces, as well as an itemized list -totaling over $5,500.00 USD! Plus - if you find you need additionalpanels during the restoration, call us and we will gladly send them along at no additional cost!
Drivetrain & Running Gear -
The engine is a correct Series 1 engine block, with a good crankshaft, connecting rods and internals, and an originalSeries 1 4.2-liter flywheel. The head is a correct straight-port E-Type head that came from a running engine. All engine accessories like the oil pan, cam covers, water pump, oil filter housing, alternator, pulleys and adjuster, etc. are correct, original 4.2-liter Series 1 E-type components that are in restorable condition.
The gearbox is a correct Series 1 4.2-liter "EJ" unit - as a full-synchro, close-ratio unit, it is the most desirable and most valuable Jaguar gearbox. Carburettors and intake are also original Series 1 4.2-liter E-Type units. All drivetrain components are in good rebuildable condition, and all front and rear suspension, braking, and steering components are original to this E-Type.Most of the ancillary components are also intact - complete heater, original air cleaner assembly, wiper motor and rack, radiator and header tank. The few missing smaller brackets, linkagepieces, etc. are all readily sourced and often replaced during a standard restoration.
Glass and Brightwork -
The windshield is a brand new Triplex windshield that came from a local E-Type owner who installed his own windshieldand put two chips in theedges during the process. He replaced it with another and we have included the first one with this project. These chips are mostly covered by the lower seal and top molding when installed and barelynoticeable. The side glass is intact in the RH door - the LH is missing, but the side glass iseasilysourced inexpensively at a local glass shop, where they will cut it for you from flat safety glass using the existing RH window as a template.
Most of the major chrome pieces like bumpers, windshield chrome, door top chrome, turn lamps, etc. are present and in good restorable condition. Many restorers replace much of the chrome vs. re-chroming as it is often less costly than rechroming. Most of the chrome included here could be restored and rechromed if you choose.
Interior -
All gauges and switches are intact and original to this E-Type. The seat frames are excellent and rust-free - which is quite rare! All door internals are intact and in good restorable condition, and the top frame is complete and straight and restorable, with a good header panel - also rare.
The interior of this car appears to have been "biscuit" originally - or a very light tan - and was sprayed over with black vinyl dye at some point in the past, although very little of the original interior remains. However, ALL missing interior pieces are standard replacement pieces that come in a complete interior kit from any one of the major suppliers. So what interior pieces you do not see are items that are ALWAYS discarded as part of the restoration anyway.... The pieces that you DO need - center console, windshield post trim, and door top panels are all included for recovering.
Location & Shipping -
This E-Type is owned by Monocoque Metalworks and is located at our shop in the state of Maryland, USA. We have worked with Schumacher Logistics in the past (as well as several others...) to ship cars to the UK, Europe, and Australia with good results, and I am sure that they could work this out for you. We have sold many E-Types over the years, and are familiar with the process of shipping them overseas. We can help you find a shipper - and safe transport to the docks in Elizabeth, NJ is available in an insured, enclosed trailer by me personally for an additional fee.
Conclusion -
Overall, this is a very restorable project and a great starting point for that E-Type roadster you have always dreamed of! The car comes with ALL of the steel replacement panels that you will need - PLUS - free technical support from Monocoque Metalworks for the duration of the restoration. And believe me - this is the most valuable aspect of the entire offering! We know how it's done, and how it should NOT be done. We have all of the answers to any question you might have along the way - and if we don't, we know who does! Who know what pieces to get from which suppliers, who has the best price, and who to ask for when you call!
I drove a Series 1 roadster in British Racing Green just like this all through my youth - and the joy of the wind-in-the-hair experience, the soft glow of the covered headlamps in the evening, the view over the bulging bonnet, and the adrenaline rush of the massive Jaguar engine are all even BETTER than you have imagined! The restoration process is very fulfilling, and once you are behind the wheel, the adventures you can have in this car are really just limitless! The last photo of it sitting there in the shop patiently waiting for its new owner actually makes my heart skip a beat!
So stop dreaming and get to work - grab this one, start the restoration process, and start LIVING your E-Type dream! But if you are interested, DON'T WAIT - as I've said many times, they go FAST!
Chuck Hadley - Monocoque Metalworks(443) 907-2287 - in the US
This E-Type is for sale by Monocoque Metalworks directly,
and we reserve the right to end the auction at any time due to a local sale.