1976 Ford F-250 4WD Highboy Southern Oregon Survivor Barn find NO RESERVE

Price: - Item location: Canyon, California, United States
  • Make: Ford
  • Model: F-250
  • Trim: RANGER
  • Year: 1976
  • Mileage: 77,680
  • VIN: F26YRB52177
  • Engine size: 360 V8
  • Number of cylinders: V8
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: 4 SPEED
  • Drive type: 4WD
  • Interior color: TAN
  • Options: 4-Wheel Drive
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1976 Ford F-250 RANGER

1976 Ford F-250 4WD "Highboy"

~ Very rare "Dark Ginger Poly" solid "Highboy"~Unmolested Senior owned F-250 4 Wheel drive~ Dana 44 Front Axle and full-floater Dana 60 Rear Power Lock Axle~ First year for Power front disc brakes~360 V8 Motor with 4:10 Gear Ratio~Time Capsule in storage for years
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Up for bid is a rare find an original 1976 Ford F-250 4 Wheel Drive Highboy regular cab pickup. This truck is an actual SOUTHERN OREGON barn find that has spent a easy life in JOSEPHINE COUNTY.A true survivor that was sold brand new 4 decades ago at GRANTS PASS FORD. This Southern Oregon location is true to it's motto, "It's the Climate" this is a Zone-7 climate which is hot-summer mediterranean climate where summer days are sunny, dry and hot which cools down dramatically at night. Winters are cool with occasional only snow the perfect enviroment for preserving original classic automobiles like you see here.
VIN # "F26YRB52177"
what does the vin mean?
F26= 4Wheel drive F-250 3/4 tonY= 360 V8 2 BARRELR= San Jose CaliforniaB52177= sequential production number
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Wheelbase= 133Color="F" ... DARK GINGER POLYType F261= F250 4 wheel driveBody=DU4= Custom CabTrans "A"= 4 speed manual, New Process 435 with granny lowAxle.."B4"= 4.10 Dana 60 Limited SlipGVWR: = 7500DSO= Domestic Special orderYear= 197672= District San Jose
This is a very rare truck indeed, even though the total 1976 Ford Truck production was1,003,611 units with only 189,639 were F-250's of that only 30.5% were 4 wheel drives and only 18% had Limitied Slip. The factory Highboys were fazed out in Feb of 1977. This particular F-250 was built in Feburary of 1976 in San Jose California. The 1976 model year production starts in September 1975 until early May 1975 where they gear up for the 1977 models. Typically the plants close for the holidays the last two weeks of December and first week of January, very few of the the F250 Highboys were built in the last months of 76 model year till the the end Feb 77 they were fazed out completely.
1976 was the first year for Power front disc brakes and last year for the Ford FE V8 used in Ford vehicles sold in north America market between 1958 and 1976. FE derives from "Ford-Edsel" version of the FE lined designed for use in medium and heavy duty trucks differed primarily by having steel (instead of modular iron) crankshafts, larger crank snouts,different distributor shafts, different water pumps and greater use of iron for its parts. The only engine the HIGHBOY offered was the 360. Many people who own a 1973-1977.5 insist they have a 390 V8. the 390 was never offered only the 360 untill 1977 where the 351M was the only engine available in the High Boy.The 360, of 360.7 cu (5.9L) actual displacment was introduced in 1968 and phased out at the end of 1976-year run, it was used in the Ford F series trucks and pickups. It has a bore of a 390 (4.05 inches) and used the 352's 3.5 rotating assembly. 360s were also constucted with heavy duty internal compents for truck use. Use of a standard 352/390 cam for use in passenger cars along with carburetor and distributor adjustments allowed the 360 to give performance similar to that of the 352 and 390 car engines. Rated at 215 bhp at 4100 rpm and 375 lb ft of torque @2600 rpm (2-barrel carb,1968) The 360 used the same block,heads and other parts as a 390, this makes them indistinguishable from each other unless the stroke is measured. The 1976 was the last Highboy with this engine.The 4 wheel drives were expensive to build compared to 2 wheel drives and the 4 wheel drive trucks were slow sellers as they where primarily sold to areas where they needed 4 wheel drive unlike the last 20 years where 4 wheelers are as popular if not more than 2 wheel drive. The Highboy was replaced with the Low-boy version. How many original ones are left? Not many because most people that purchased a truck like this used it for what it was designed for heavy duty hard work in areas that cause rust and many original 4 wheel drive trucks got used up.
Not many left in this condition.
This is a very rare survivor that has been in storage for years. This is a real Southern Oregon survivor that was built in the Golden State (San Jose) and has lived in Josephine county for over 40 years.
Original unmolested, unmodified senior owned survivor the way it rolled out of the dealership 40 years ago.
Don't miss out on the opportunity to a own an appreciating asset that you can have fun with and be passionate about. It is better than money in the bank,
Cosmeticallythis truck has been caught in a time warp locked away in gods country of Southern Oregon. This is an outstanding example of a super rare late production of the iconic HIGHBOY 4 wheel drive. It is an unbelivable survivor and hard to believe it is a 41 year old truck. The Dark Ginger Poly cab looks like it just rolled off the showroom. Its had a light cosmetic restoration and needs just a few minor tweaks to make it perfect. The paint is better than new, finished in the original Dark Ginger Poly. . The horn botton is worn on the sterring wheel and needs to be replaced.
It does have a radio but is in/op. The drivers door striker should be replaced to make door seal with out any noise. The drivers side rubber trim is worn and need to be replaced. The drivers door wing window attachment needs some attention. This truck is not a flawless show truck (but very close) instead a a very good survivor that can be used and enjoyed for years to come.
Mechanicallythis truck is in a great original shape. It fires up and runs great. The odometer shows 77k miles I have no way to guarantee what the actual miles is because it is a 41 year old vehicle that has been stored for several decades and what ever the miles are it has not seen much heavy duty use and quite frankly based on the overal condition it has seen very little use. The 360 m motor starts right up everytime and runs very well. It runs great. The Ford 4 speedtransmission with granny low shifts smoothly in all gears and reverse. 4 wheel drive works, . There are factory disc brakes in the front and drums in the rear and they brake well. Overall this is a nice running and driving truck that needs a little sorting to be like it was 41 years ago.
I have described this truck to the best ofmy knowledge and have included over 100 Photos as well as a video.If you have any SPECIFIC questions don't hesitate and please ask. I will respond ASAP.Thank You and GOOD LUCK!
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The DANA 24 is the strongest and most desirable factory transfer case.
What is a Highboy?The Ford Highboys were built from 1967 to 1977.5 and were only Ford F-250 4x4 Regular cab or Crewcab light-duty pickup trucks with a divorced transfer case and narrow frame
The Highboy got its name from sitting higher from the factory than other
Ford pick-up trucks. Thedivorced transfer case(Dana 24,NP203, or NP205)
caused the front-end to be higher, so the rear-end had 4-inch lift blocks
to bring the rear-end up to the same height. Once Ford switched to married
transfercasesin mid-1977, people started referring to the 1973-1977.5
divorced transfer casetrucks as Highboys and the 1977.5-1979 married
transfer case trucks as Lowboys. The previous generation, 1967-1972, was
essentially the same, and has been included in most definitions of
Highboy as well.
The Highboy front axles were a closed-knuckle design from
1967-1975, and open-knuckle design in 1976-1977.5. The open-knuckle
design is preferable.
Rear axles were an 8-lug full-floating Dana 60 with 16 splines (1967-1975)
or 30 splines (1967-1977.5), but both were the same 1-5/16" diameter.
In 1976, HD external hubs became standard.
All Highboys had 4.10:1 gear ratios.
The body sheetmetal became thinner in 1973, when the F-series began its
sixth generation (1973-1979). The fifth generation (1967-1972) became
known as bumpsides, and the sixth generation became known as dentsides.
Even though the sheetmetal is thinner on a dentside, Ford put a corrosion-
resistant coating on it and used more galvanized metal. Bumpsides
typically have rusted-out inner fenders and core supports, compared to
Highboys had drum brakes on allwheels(1967-1975), or a combination of
front disc brakes and rear drum brakes (1976-1977.5). Highboys had either
manual brakes (1967-1977.5) or optional power brakes (1973-1977.5).
All Highboys were Regular Cab or Crew Cab. There were noF-2504x4
SuperCabs until 1978, possibly because SuperCabs don't bolt to the narrow
frame. Because of the narrow frame rails, a Highboy's rear cab mounts are
outside of the frame rails.
Highboys have a unique frame, not shared with other trucks. Like theF-350
frame, all Highboys have a narrow frame, which is 33.5-inches wide. Fifth
generation (1967-1972) F-series trucks had narrow frames as well. Sixth
generation (1973-1979) F-series trucks had wider 37.5-inch rear frame
rails, except for the 1973-1977.5 Highboy frame and the 1973-1979F-350
with 139-inch wheelbase. This frame rail width is measured directly
behind the rear bumper, from outside of rail to outside of rail. TheF-350
frame was narrowed for duallies. The Highboy frame does not bend to the
left or right (unlike the other F-100, F-150, orF-250frames), though it
does bend up and down to accommodate the cab. Afrontcrossmember,
positioned just below the front bumper and visible while standing in front
of the truck, separates the Highboy frame from the bumpsideF-350frame.
No other truck had this crossmember. Since Highboys have a frame that is
different from other F-series trucks, Highboys require different beds than
other F-series. The Highboy frame was never used on another truck.
The Highboy Regular Cab frame is the strongest for its wheelbase, tying
with some F-350's at SM=5.58, though it breaks the tie because it has an
additional crossmember that is not taken into account, as it shouldn't be,
when calculating section modulus. The Highboy Regular Cab frame is 28.8%
stronger than the Lowboy Regular Cab frame, and theHighboyCrewCabframe
is 9.8% stronger than the Lowboy Crew Cab frame. The Lowboy SuperCab is
the strongestF-250frame, and theF-350Crew Cab has the strongest frame.
### Chrysler/GM Comparisons
1975 Dodge W200, 131 WB, 3.88 SM
1979 Chevrolet K20, 3.92 SM
There are no 1973-1979 FordF-250frames, whether 4x2 or 4x4, that are as
weak as the 1975 Dodge W200 131-inch wheelbase, or the 1979 Chevrolet K20.
Highboys came only with in-cab gas tanks, and optionally, with anadditional side-mounted gas tank, but never with areargastank. A reargas tank is too wide to fit between the narrower 33.5-inch-wide rear framerails of the unique Highboy frame, and can only fit between the37.5-inch-wide non-Highboy rear frame rails.
All F-series light-duty pickup trucks during 1956-1972 had in-cab gastanks. In 1973, Ford moved the gas tank to the rear under the bed, exceptfor Highboys. 1977 was the last year for the in-cab gas tank, because USvehicle safety standards outlawed it. Make sure the filler neck grommetremains completely sealed against the cab, and occupants will not smellgas fumes. If both the cab and gas tank are breached in a seriouscollision, the occupants probably will not be alive to worry about thepotential fire. In this respect, the gas tank is safer in the cab, sinceit is less likely to be breached in the cab than under the bed, especiallywhile off-roading.Highboys were manufactured from 1967-1977.5 (assembled before serialnumberY20,001). The last Highboy was produced in February, 1977.
Highboy production ceased in February 1977The Highboy is significant as the most desirable factory 4x4 of its eradue to its stout frame, increased height compared to other light-dutypickup trucks, anddivorcedtransfercase. Chrysler and GM did not have acounterpart. The Highboy is also historically significant as the basis ofthe first monster truck: Bigfoot 1.
Highboys had frontleafspringswith 5-6 leafs (depending on GVW) thatwere 3 inches wide. Highboy frontleaf springswere more arched thannon-Highboy frontleaf springs.
Highboys had progressive-type rearleaf springswith 9 leafs that were2 1/4" wide, compared to non-Highboy rearleaf springs, which were 3 incheswide. Highboy rearleaf springswere 48-inches eye to eye.
Many people refer to Highboys as trucks with afactorylift, which isincorrect. Although Highboys were taller than other trucks, thesuspensionwas not lifted. The frontsuspensiondid not have aliftblock, and wastaller to accommodate thedivorcedtransfercase. The rearsuspensionhada block between the axle andleafspringsto lift the rear of the truck,but most trucks had a rearliftblock, so it is incorrect to refer toeither Highboys or most trucks as factory lifted trucks.
Highboys came with tall, thintireswith an off-road tread. Many peopleput largertireson. A stock Highboy with itssuspensionin goodcondition can handle 37-inch talltires, as long as thetiresare fairlynarrow, such as 12.5-inches wide, and thewheelshave appropriateback-spacing. Some people have managed 38-inch talltires, althoughusually, this is the point wheresuspensionor body lift is required.
Highboywheelswere 8.00x16.5 inches, and are often replaced with 16-inchwheels.
All Highboys had divorcedtransfer cases, as opposed to married transfercases. A married transfer case is bolted directly to thetransmission. Adivorcedtransfercaseis bolted onto its own cross-member, and isseparated from thetransmissionby adriveshaft. Highboys had Dana 24part-timetransfer casesfrom 1967-1973, and either the standard NP205part-time or optionalNP203full-timetransfercasesfrom 1973-1977.5.The NP205 is the strongest and most desirable factory transfer case.
Highboys had either a 3-speed Ford Toploader manual (1967-1971), theNP-435 4x2 4-speed manual (1967-1977.5 -- yes, the 4x4 got the 4x2transmission), or the optional SelectShift Cruise-O-Matic C-6 in1973-1977.5. The reason that 4x2 transmissions were used in these 4x4'swas due to thedivorcedtransfercase. The NP-435 was optional in1967-1971, and standard in 1972-1977.5.
An example Highboy VIN is F26YRTxxxxx. F26 designates aF-250 4x4. AllHighboys begin with F26.
I have described this Vehicle to the best ofmy knowledge and have included over 100 Photos as well as a video. Rememberit is 40 year old truck and if you have any SPECIFIC questions don't hesitate and please ask. I will respond ASAP.Thank You and GOOD LUCK!

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