1958 Dodge Mayfair 2 Dr HT Canadian Plymouth Christine with Bumper Wings Extras

Price: US $15,995.00 Item location: Fairview, Oregon, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Plymouth
  • Model: Other
  • Type: Coupe
  • Trim: Mayfair
  • Year: 1958
  • Mileage: 78,000
  • Engine size: 313 V8
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1958 Plymouth Other

1958 Dodge Mayfair-Very Rare CHRISTINE’S HALF SISTER! Comes with a rare set of BUMPER WINGS and more! 78,000 Verifiable Original Miles New seats done with factory insert material. All owner history since day of purchase, includes original sales order and first service record. I imported this car from Canada myself. Current Oregon Title in my name. This rare car is also referred to as a Plodge. Chrysler Corporation allowed Chrysler of Canada to produce a hybrid car under the Dodge badge. The bodies were Plymouth based but the front ends were Dodge. The other subtle differences are the badging, name-plate and the Dodge insignia on the speedo rather than Plymouth. The Mayfair was the highest trim level offered in the “Plodge” lineup and is equivalent to the US Belvedere. Note the side trim, clock in the dash etc. is all Belvedere style. Comes with the 313 V8 Polyspherical Engine (Canadian 318, all parts interchange), recently upgraded to a four barrel as the 313 only came with a 2bbl. Correctly done with remanufactured 1965 year AFB and an early 60’s air cleaner. New electronic distributor, 40K coil and wires, comes with vehicle. This is the old school original look cap style. Oil change just done. Bullet proof Torqueflite 3 Speed Automatic Trans Equipped with power brakes and steering. Rare dual antennas. Runs and Drives Perfect-gets thumbs up wherever I go. EXTRAS INCLUDED WITH THE CAR: Full set of bumper wings-decent shape but would need re-chromed when restoring car. These are very rare and sets like this run $2000.00 at a minimum. Chrysler Canada Parts Numbers Book 1956 Chrysler Canada Service Manual WM-9356 1957 Chrysler Canada Service Manual Supplement to WM 1958 Chrysler Canada Service Manual Supplement to WM 1957-1957 Chrysler Canada 3 Volume Factory Service Manuals The above manuals are hard to find and would cost hundreds of dollars to collect. Original 2 bbl intake, carb and air cleaner New electronic distributor, 40K coil and wires, spark plugs. Still in Box. Oil Filter Adapter so you can use spin on PH-8 Fram Oil Filter Many more miscellaneous parts I have which will fit this car. THE GREAT FEATURES OF THIS CAR: Rare-I know, everyone says their car is rare and then you see a dozen more for sale. I have been into late 50’s Mopars since the early 70’s and it has been decades since I have seen a 58 Mayfair 2 Door HT., and only then because I visited Canada often. There were only a few thousand made, which makes it more rare than the US Fury, they were only in Canada and due to rust and lack of interest for years in these cars they just were not kept around. Try and find another one. You can see a few pics out there, that is all (there is a 4 Door available, but just one of those.) Low original miles. I can provide all of the history including contact info to second owner who purchased it from original owner. The original owner passed on after selling it to them. Complete-it is all there and original except for the upgrade to the 4 barrel. Runs and Drives Perfect New seats, perfect door panels-all factory correct. All gauges work, radio sounds great, heater, wipers etc all work. Glass is all good. WHAT IT NEEDS: This car is 60 years old needs the body restored. The rust is not bad for a 1958 Mopar that has never been restored, but it will need floors and trunks done eventually. Trunk is thin, but not rusted out. Floor has been poorly patched in areas, most of the weak areas are close to the rockers. The rockers were pretty well shot and some poor sheet metal work was done. The car came with new rockers for under the door, I had the drivers side replaced in the door area, rest needs done, the passenger side rocker is still in the trunk. Currently the passenger side rocker was done with thin metal, looks ok from a distance. Also needs some repair in front of passenger rear wheel well, etc. Car looks like it has dual exhaust, drivers side is just for looks and is not connected to anything. Headliner missing center section as well as plastic molding. The center is the easiest to replicate as it is just a rectangular piece of hard cardboard with perforations. Buy a replacement piece at perfect fit, cover it with headliner material and it will look good. Side pieces are intact, with some damage on passenger side piece. These side pieces are very hard to find so they are worth repairing and cleaning up. Is missing the upper inner rear window trim piece. I am trying to locate one and will include it if my friend has one. If not, just find any 1957-1959 Dodge or Plymouth 2 HT being parted out. FUTURE OPTIONS: Drive it as it is. It is presentable and drives nice. At a I would minimum fix the gas tank, but other than that you can enjoy the car for a few more years while you save funds to properly restore. Is decent enough to take to a local cruise in. Restore to original. Body work, paint, some chrome work and you will have a beautiful car that is rare and admired. Restore to a Canadian Christine. (My favorite option.) Restore and leave it as a Mayfair, just go with the red and while color scheme of Christine. (You may want to put on the rear bumper wings for a special touch!) Convert to a Christine. Christine cars RARELY come up for sale anymore as everyone hangs onto them. You can make your own with this and you will definitely get your investment back. Only you will know it was a Dodge. WHAT IT WILL TAKE TO MAKE A CORRECT CHRISTINE: Locate a 1958 Plymouth Belvedere Front Clip-Not necessarily easy or cheap, but they are out there if you keep your eyes open. I will include a 1958 Plymouth bumper upon request. Change out the badging on the trunk-Plymouth letters instead of Dodge. Change out the speedo plate-I will include a Plymouth speedo and gauge assembly for another $125. Paint it red, redo interior red and so on. I am willing to answer more questions if you email me. I am a long time Mopar lover and am known as a straight shooter by those of us in the Mopar community. I do not “leave out” or “forget” to tell you anything, unless it is by accident. I want you to know what you are buying so you are happy with the car. This in itself is rare, I know as I have been on the wrong end of peoples lack of truthfulness. WHY AM I SELLING THIS CAR IF I LOVE THE MOPARS SO MUCH? I always think this is a rather intrusive question and I never ask because sometimes it is due to tragedy or illness and I leave it up to them to offer up their motivation. To save you the embarrassment of asking here you go- I purchased this car while in the middle of a restoration of a 1958 Plymouth 2HT. It is a factory Toreador Red on White (same color scheme as Christine). It will be a correct Christine clone with some modifications no one will know about by looking at but will make it a much better machine. I have had this car a long time and was lucky enough to also get a 1958 Plymouth Fury running gear, including the 350 GC. I am well down the road on this car and I have told myself I will do this one ground up car, I have started, advanced and even finished cars, but never one from beginning to end. I thought I would have the time, money and energy to finish up the Plymouth and then do the Mayfair. I have been working on the Mayfair for a couple of months.(It was in pretty rough shape, interior shot, brakes not working, barely running etc.) I also travel extensively and have a second home I purchased from my father right before he passed away that I am restoring for a family vacation place. I realize now the Mayfair is just taking away valuable time from these other commitments. I would love to have started this one first, but life is about choices and this one should go. It is not about money and I am not desperate. It is more about room and my inability to just let the car sit -I have to work on if it is here. I am sure in a few years when I retire I will look back and wish I had kept this particular car as it is almost irreplaceable. (Almost talking myself out of selling it, ha ha.) I am sure some will want to buy just the bumper wings. I WILL NOT SELL THE BUMPER WINGS UNLESS THE CAR SELLS FIRST!!!! With this said, I will lower the price of the car by $2000.00 if buyer of the car does not want them. Just contact me and I will set up a buy it now without them. I will then list the bumper wings. DO YOUR RESEARCH AND SEE JUST WHAT A RARE OPPORTUNITY THIS IS-YOU CANNOT EVEN COMPARE SALES PRICES AS NONE ARE OUT THERE-IF YOU LOVE THE FORWARDLOOK CARS YOU SHOULD JUMP ON THIS ONE THANK YOU FOR LOOKING AND HAPPY BIDDING!