Very rare British built 1949 Austin A40 truck cousin to a MG

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I have decided to thin out the collection a little bit so I am putting up this very rare and unique 1949 Austin A40 tuck for sale. It has been fully restored and modernized for today's driving with some very unique features. The obvious frame off restoration that had been done on it was done before I got the truck. So I don't know a lot about what was done there but I do know the truck shows extremely well. However I will list what I have done to the truck in the past few months. Removed the fuel tank, acid dipped it and recoated it. I also resealed the engine which included removing the head, installing all new valves, check the head for cracks and level, and shave the head for a little more compression. (I think I increased it from 40hp to a whopping 41hp now!). Hardened seats had already been done for today's fuel. It also has a electric fuel pump, negative ground, 12 volt system and spin on oil filter. Truck is a 4spd with a non syncro 1st (doesn't matter anyways cause you never use it) and clips along very comfortably at 50-55 mph. I haven't really pushed it much past that but it certainly could do it. The truck shows very well and is a favorite withphotographers. Of all the cars I have photographers always want to use this truck as a background with fitness girls. I think it has something to do with the uniqueness of the truck and it's size. Although I really think the truck belongs on a vineyard going around inspecting grapes or something. Another thing I did was to add and adjust the traffic indicator lights. When I got the truck it had one tailight andthe semaphores didn't work. So I got them working (lots of fiddling there), removed the old bulbs and installed LED's with flashers. It also works off the original switch in the steering column. So now when you need to turn in traffic right or left, the semaphore pops out and flashes a bright LED light to make it much more safe. Also with the added tailight when you brake it garners much more attention to other drivers. There is no rust on the truck and paint is very nice. Brakes work fine and all the gauges work. Tires are a Coker Classic that are basically brand new. You will get a lot of attention driving this truck. Engine is the original Bseries, parts are plentiful and cheap. For the engine gasket kit i went with the top off the line copper head gasket and better gaskets for $18.00. I figured it was worth it for the extra $2.00, yes, that's how cheap parts are for this truck. I am told by my fellow British car experts that you can also modernize the whole braking system and suspension/steering simply by getting a MGB parts car, it all simply bolts right in. Also the 1.8L out of a B will also just bolt in. Everything does work fine however the way it is but it is 1949technology. Pictures were taken the weekend of November 5th so they show the trucks current condition. I welcome and encourage any personal inspection during theauction, however once reserve has been met then it is sold to whomever ends up being the highest bidder. So please ask all pertinent questions before bidding. $500 deposit due at completion of auction and balance by wire or cash. I will help with shipping in whatever way I can. I will also try and post a driving video on Youtube of the truck running and the semaphores working.