RELISTED! 1979 Alfa Romeo Alfetta Sports Sedan ~ SOLID, TIGHT & GREAT RUNNER!

Price: - Item location: Loretto, Minnesota, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Alfa Romeo
  • Model: Alfetta Sports Sedan
  • Year: 1979
  • Mileage: 85,385
  • VIN: 116580002674
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1979 Alfa Romeo Alfetta Sports Sedan

PLEASE NOTE! RELISTED, due to a bidder unable to come up with the money to cover his bid -- We have a word for these bidders: eBay’s programming will not allow us to use “that word”, but it rhymes with “dead heat”!!!FIVE WEEKS wasted.Please be real and ready and honorable if you are bidding. And Ted…next time, please ask Mommy before you bid.

1979 Alfa RomeoAlfetta Sports Sedan

Superior Example of Alfa’s Most Under-Rated Sedan


AR 11658*0002674

When did you last see one of these?!

A rare survivor. This is the final and best year for the Alfetta in the USA: Better quality trim, better fit and finish, better rust-proofing and a bit more power. AND this one has a dandy sliding sunroof, AND delicious adjustable Konis all around, AND gorgeous, rare Campagnolo magnesium alloy wheels, (…five of ‘em -- one in the trunk, the way Alfa delivered them!)

If you like your Italian cars quattroporte style, then the Alfetta sedan is something of a unique jewel. They represent a certain ‘sweet spot’ between the lively go-kart character of the Giulia Super, and the V6 refinement of the Milano/75. At the same time, it is much more capable and comfortable than the 1750/2000 Berlina models. It’s got sweeter styling than any of them (in a quiet, classy way, like the best Italian sedans), and handles far better than any of them, with unbelievable balance that makes a driver feel as if his car is reading his mind and will execute any reasonable order with aplomb. The bonus is that Alfetta prices are only just beginning to follow the older Alfas, so they still represent a comparative bargain.

It was a revelation for me to drive one of these again, to relearn just how good this chassis is. Assuming we are all Alfisti here, and that you already know all about this car’s exotic mechanical layout, I’ll spare you all the Wikipedia boiler-plate that anybody can look up in ten seconds.

This car has just been taken out of a four year slumber. It has always been enthusiast-owned, by AROC members, and is a well-cared-for example, but not a coddled one. The body is straight, with some areas of paint touch-ups. Car was repainted in the mid 90s. There are small marks, dings, and dimples (including some subtle hail marks in the roof) that are the hallmark of an unrestored car. While there is some surface rust and some bubbling evident, it is a great relief to look beneath this car and see how impressively clean, strong and solid the steel is: Sills, floors, crevices, valances – all excellent (please see the pictures on eBay, and then please see many more on the link below). There is a spot of rust-through part way up one A-pillar (again, see photos). We can only surmise that this is the result of a plugged sunroof drain, because the bottom of the car is solid. Rather than try and fill it or touch it up, our philosophy was to leave it alone: We figured you’d appreciate seeing it raw and honest rather than to find out it was covered up or hidden.

This is the approach we took all around the car: We basically left it alone. Essentially, we gave it a shampoo, blow dry, new battery and fresh fuel. After the long storage, we carefully warmed and circulated the lubricants, and then we gave it a relaxed sort of shakeout, accumulating 150-odd miles in one afternoon. It runs so well, we almost didn’t touch a thing. The SPICA mechanical fuel injection system is timed and dialed-in just right and working superbly. Its thermostatic actuator (cold start enrichment device) is disconnected, but the engine starts instantly, warm or cold (we were able to test it below freezing), and the mixture is correct. Its idle is slightly fast, and should probably be adjusted. The fuel-injection gives flexibility and drivability that no carbureted Alfa can touch. The car drives really well. I momentarily hit an indicated 90mph on the highway, with no vibration from the driveline. The brakes stop sure and straight, though when the car was on the lift, we noticed that the left front one seems to drag a bit (we never noticed this in driving). The gearbox is smooth as silk. We’re told it was rebuilt a few years back, though we are not yet in possession of the file of receipts that will come with the car. In any case, we have NOT heard the infamous second-gear grinding that seems to plague the Alfetta’s reputation, (truthfully, if one is in the habit of shifting smoothly, and quickly double de-clutching on downshifts, one can shift these cars with abandon and never crunch ‘em).

The interior is very well preserved. The dashboard is miraculously free of UV damage or major cracks, save for a very small split by the glove box door (see interior pics on photo link). The gauges are clean and clear and they all work (even the clock keeps good time!). Original owner’s manual and some other booklets are in the illuminated glovebox. Old Kenwood radio/cassette lights up, but does not make noise – we did not investigate. The AC compressor is in place, but not wired up. The handbrake does not hold the car. The lightly bronze-tinted glass is perfect, including the windshield. All the lights work, except for one courtesy lamp. Halogensealed-beam headlamps are fitted. The seats impressively sport their original upholstery, uniformly faded, but quite clean looking and with no tears and strong stitching. The headliner has some staining in the corners, but it not sagging or torn. Sisal mats are a nice finishing touch to this warm inviting interior.

Compression readings: #1 = 130 lbs ; #2 = 120 lbs ; #3 = 120 ; #4 = 140.

The very stout sump guard has no marks on it, and there is no evidence underneath the car of any off-road excursions or accidents. The body is very straight with good panel fit.

This car was sold new in California (certified for 50-state emissions) and accumulated most of its miles there. My associate here at MM1000auto bought this very car from an Alfa Owner classified in the mid-90s, with around 76k miles on it, and “imported” it from there to Minnesota. He was the second owner. A couple of years later, he sold it to its present owner, and he has tracked it ever since. It is truly a car of “known history” with AROC enthusiasts; solid, adult owned and never abused. Not perfect, by any means, it is a car that is still “young enough” in its overall condition to enjoy every day. It is very much too good to need a restoration, per se. It would benefit right now from fresh fluids and filters, and perhaps some precaution in the form of new belts and hoses. It is probably time to start thinking of a caliper rebuild for that dragging one. Pending these small things, there would be nothing to prevent one from jumping in this car and taking a drive across the continent. The tires (195/70) are a bit weather-checked, but still serviceable. As it sits, it will be a popular attraction at any Italian car meet. With a bit of extra money, spent wisely, it could be a spectacular collector car that gets more rare and valuable with each passing season.



Some notes on SPICA Injection, (from a guy with over thirty years of Alfa ownership and experience with models from Alfa Sud to Montreal and almost everything in between). The SPICA mechanical fuel injection is an integral feature of the car’s character. A healthy SPICA system offers a different, and altogether more refined, driving experience than Weber or Del’Orto carbs can do, along with all the power. Very exotic in the 70s, it’s an often unjustly maligned system that did amazing things for Alfas compared to typical emissions-strangled cars of that era. Alfisti are still split on the subject of carbs or injection, but a good SPICA car is a revelation and joy, providing a strong, flexible torque curve and peak power with no flat spots anywhere in the rev range. A pair of Weber DCOE40s is pretty great too, of course. The carbs may offer a quicker “snap” to the throttle response, but they are very ragged compared to SPICA in terms of drivability, and the extra-smooth refinement of the injection system just does so much to elevate the character of a great Alfa even higher. The SPICA system is truly a part of the special charm of a 115 or 116-Series Alfa, and we humbly suggest it should be preserved and not replaced with carbs. Of course, it’s still a free country for now, so the next owner can reserve his or her option!

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