Price: US $17,500.00 Item location: Southfield, Michigan, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Chrysler
  • Model: Imperial
  • Trim: CROWN
  • Year: 1964
  • Mileage: 119,955
  • VIN: 9243176923
  • Color: BLACK
  • Engine size: 413 CID (6.8L) V8
  • Number of cylinders: 8
  • Power options: Air Conditioning, Power Locks, Power Windows, Power Seats
  • Transmission: AUTOMATIC
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: TUTONE BLACK & WHITE
  • Options: Ultra Plush Interior, Leather Seats, Convertible
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1964 Chrysler Imperial CROWN CONVERTIBLE

To paraphrase the song "Love Shack" by the B-52's:
"I've got me a Chrysler it's as big as a whale,
That I've listed here for sale.
I've got me a Chrysler, n luxury it seats plenty
So hurry up and gather your purchase money."
All this car is missing is Kato and the Green Hornet. All right, n all fairness, hey drove a 1965 Imperial sedan in the movie, nd a 1966 Imperial in the television series but when you look at the aggressive front end of the '64, t sure looks more sinister than the modified Chrysler 300 grille on both the '65 and '66.
I once read an article that the producers of the 60's television series "The Green Hornet" starring Van Williams and Bruce Lee, anted the '64 Imperial for the Black Beauty, pecifically because of the look of its front end, owever the network overrode them insisting that they use the newer '66 model.
If I had finished this car, y intent was to install neon green halogen headlamps and high beams to replace the existing lamps.
First of all, lesson interminology. It is not a Chrysler Imperial, o more than you would call a Lincoln a Ford Lincoln, r Caddy a GM Cadillac. It is an Imperial or, n Imperial by Chrysler. Imperial was its own division, ame as Plymouth, odge, eSoto, nd Chrysler were all divisions of Chrysler Corp.
The model of the car is "Crown", ust like Eldorado was to Cadillac, r "Continental" was to Lincoln.
In 1964, he Imperial base model was the "Crown", ndsuch cars were manufactured as either 2-door Coupes, -door Convertibles, r as a 4-door Sedan.
There was also a 4-door LeBaron Sedan, ith "LeBaron" being Imperial's top of the line model.
Finally, here was the beautiful ImperialLimousine, oachworkby Ghia of Italy, hich was built from both Crown and LeBaron versions of the sedan.
Now to the pertinent facts:
Here is one of the biggest modern land yachts ever built by an American auto manufacturer, t a fraction under 19 feet in length, 2/3 feet in width, nd 4 3/4 feet in height, his 5,357 pound behemoth is a true American Land Yacht, he absolute perfect warm weather cruiser, nd a wonderful car in which to arrive at a formal or family function because she will turn heads and cause jaws to drop.
There is an old adage, hat you ride in a Cadillac and you glide in a Lincoln, ut you float in an Imperial. This is due to its smooth cloud like ride, hich mainly came from the car's separate frame and chassis as opposed to the unibody construction of its competitors.
The 1964 Imperial was the realization of one man's vision, o perfect what many believe to this day to be, he most iconic car ever built.
In 1959, lwood P. Engel was the special projects stylist for the Ford Motor Company, nd Eugene Bordinat was the Ford division's Chief Stylist. Both worked under Ford Motor Company's Chief Stylist (Ford/Lincoln/Mercury) George W. Walker.
Both Engel and Bordinat had come up with designs for the 1961 Ford Thunderbird which they presented to Ford President, obert McNamara, ho looked at both designs and chose Bordinat's. He then looked at Engle and told him "stretch it, dd two more doors, nd change the tail lights to those used on the '56 Mark II. You just saved me from discontinuing the Lincoln brand."
Engel asked how he was supposed to add two rear doors to a car designed as a two door and consequently had no "A Pillar" to attach them to. McNamara's response created history. "Hang 'em backwards".
The result was the legendary 1961 Lincoln Continental with its "suicide doors" and while this car will forever be associated with Engel as his masterpiece, e detested that he was not permitted to redesign the car in the manner he sought fit, nd had to cut corners in order to add two more doors.
In 1961, eorge Walker retired and Bordinant was promoted over Engel as Chief Stylist for Ford Motor Company.
The same year, irgil Exner retired as Chief Stylist for Chrysler Corporation, hich promptly hired Engel away from Ford.
His first project was to correct the errors of the 1961 Continental, nd to show the brass at Ford what the Continental could have been if they had given him the time and resources to correct his initial design.
The result: The Incomparable 1964 Imperial.
Show anyone a 64-66 Imperial and the first thing most will ask you. "Is that a Lincoln"?
Engel used the same primary design he used for the Lincoln, ith slab sides and graceful curves at the body lines, ut on the Imperial, e angled them to give the car a rakish look of motion. Then he added what would be his ultimate use of chrome on any car he would design. In back, he rear bumper and tail lights and a huge chrome Imperial Eagle over the gas filler pipe cover. Up front, e redesigned the Lincoln's grille into two angled sections, nd off set the low/high beam headlamps housings into chrome egg crate grilles to produce what would become known as "The Floating Continental Grille", hich appeared only on the '64.
Unlike the Lincoln or Cadillac of its day, his was no uni-body car, ut a separate frame and chassis.
The frames on these cars are so strong, hey are banned from participating in smash up derby contests.
This particular car was built at Detroit's Jefferson Avenue Assembly Plant on January 2, 964 and is number 160 of 922 1964 Crown Imperial Convertibles manufactured that year.
The car was originally purchased in San Leandro, A in 1964, nd was sold to its second owner in the same city in March 1975. In October 2001, he son of the second owner (executor of his late father's estate) registered it in his name and moved the car to Novato, A. I purchased it in October 2007 and moved it to Michigan.
My original goal was to restore it and a good part of that work has been done.
As the photographs show, he entire interior has been redone in a classic black and white two tone, nd new carpet installed.
The lines are laser straight and the car painted a high gloss black. The hood and deck lid need to be repainted and the entire car color sanded and polished.
There is presently no top. The original top was white. When I bought the car, t had a black top, hich I removed. My plan was to install a heavy canvas white top with black piping to match the interior.
The front and rear bumpers have been re-chromed as well as the front grill and headlamp housings, yebrow moldings, nd body line moldings. All the stainless has been meticulously worked on to eliminate all pits and dents, nd has been polished to look like new.
Mechanically, he 340HP 413CID (6.8L) Wedge Head V8 (Second to last year for this engine) purrs. The top half of the engine was restored by the former owner, ut it still requires the use of a lead fuel additive every three tanks.
The push button transmission(last year for these)shifts smoothly.
The ride is smooth and plush, hough she could use new tires.
There is an aftermarket A/C system which is not presently working, ut the parts are all there. I have no idea what shape the evaporator, ondenser, r compressor are in.
The original radiator and belt driven fan were removed and replaced with an aluminium radiator and electric fan, hich activates either by temperature or through a manual on/off switch under the driver's side dash. Big cars like these were not designed to spend prolonged periods idling in modern day traffic.
The front dash pad was split and warped, o a new one was fabricated and installed.
The steering wheel was restored but the wrong hub was put back on it so it won't fit the steering column. All you need to do is find a hub that fits and switch them out.
I have just about all the parts necessary to finish the restoring this beauty but due to health issues, 've run out of time.
This car is truly an American classic and I want her to go to someone who will finish what I started, nd restore her to her original 1964 glory.
She has been constantly stored in a facility with infrared heating that keeps the air at a dry 50 degrees in the winter.
She also comes complete with a black cotton lined satin cover and carrying bag.
Feel free to contact my agent "GREG" at 248-766-2403 with any questions, r to arrange a viewing of this vehicle, r you may contact me with any questions through Ebay.
I am not presently carrying liability and collision insurance on her, o any test drive will be limited to the vicinity of where the vehicle is stored.
When it comes to Buyers making offers, here is always at least one turd in the punch bowl that either thinks he is funny, r who honestly believes a Seller is stupid enough to take an offer of less than 20% of the listing price. I have already been contacted by such a person and I find one such foolish offer to be more than sufficient.
Offers are supposed to be realistic and reasonable so please, ithhold making me any offers until you perform your due diligence to see what the going value of this car is. I would suggest that you use such a guide as NADA Classic Car Values.
$500 deposit due via PayPal within 24 hours of the purchase of vehicle. (IF YOU DO NOT HAVE OR USE PAYPAL, MAIL ME FOR OTHER ARRANGEMENTS)
Balance due in full via bank wire within 72 hours of purchase.
The term "purchase" is defined as one of the following events taking place:
1.) Buyer clicking "BUY IT NOW" on listing site.
2.) Seller accepting Buyer's "Offer" or "Best Offer" as set forth in the listing, nd presented to Seller by Buyer through Ebay.
3.) Buyer accepting Seller's "Offer" or "Counter-Offer" as presented to Buyer by Seller via Ebay.
Upon receipt of your deposit, will contact you with my banking information.
Upon receipt of full payment, will FEDEX you the executed title.
In the event the full balance of the purchase price, ess the $500 deposit, s not received within the 72 hours of Buyer's "purchase" of this item, eller reserves and retains the right to declare the Buyer to have defaulted on the terms of this listing and to terminate such sale and relist the vehicle for sale to another party. The $500 deposit will be retained by Seller as "liquidated damages" and Seller will owe no duty to Buyer or any other purchaser to apply such funds to the final purchase price of this vehicle, r to refund such sum to the defaulting Buyer.
Subsequent to making full payment, ou will be required to contact Greg to arrange having the vehicle picked up. He can also assist you with arranging shipping, r answering any logistic questions you may have.
Shipping of this vehicle, ncluding all costs associated therewith, s solely the responsibility of the Buyer.
Vehicle must be picked up no later than ten days from the date of purchase or a storage fee of $200 per month will be applied and due payable to me prior to the vehicle's release.
Seller conveys no warranties nor makes representations of such nature, ither expressed or implied, ertaining to the sale of this vehicle, nd/or the Buyer's purchase thereof.
Vehicle Sold As Is.
I have described this vehicle as accurately as possible.
Sale is Final.
YOU MUST BE 18 YEARS OF AGE in order to enter into a contract for the purchase of a motor vehicle. You must possessa current and valid (not suspended) drivers license in your state of residence in order to personally take delivery of this vehicle. In addition, ou must provide me with proof of either No-Fault or personal liability coverage insurance before I can release the vehicle to you, our agent, r your shipper. These are all requirements set forth by Michigan law.