Price: US $510.00 Item location: Hudson, Quebec, Canada
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Audi
  • Model: 90
  • Type: Coupe
  • Year: 1991
  • Mileage: 138,559
  • VIN: WAUGF58B5MA003148
  • Color: Blue
  • Engine size: 2.3L L5 PFI DOHC 20V
  • Number of cylinders: 5
  • Power options: Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Windows, Power Seats
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Drive type: AWD
  • Interior color: Gray
  • Safety options: Manual Anti-Lock Brake Shutoff Switch, Manual Differential Lock Switch, Anti-Lock Brakes, Driver Airbag
  • Options: Heated Front Seats, Fog Lights, Sunroof, Cassette Player, 4-Wheel Drive, Leather Seats
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1991 Audi 90

In mid 2009 I bought this dark blue (rare color I've been told) Audi from a seller here on eBay. It was in California and as a Carfax report showed, t had been there for at least a decade and everything was 100% clear. I had it shipped across the USA to Albany, nd then transported to Montreal. It passed federal and provincial inspections effortlessly. The fun part...all this was done so I could hand it over to my Dad as a birthday gift. 82 years young and still going strong, e would now have what I felt would be the ultimate car for him for a Canadian winter. The trip to the local village (just a few miles) for groceries or the mail...now safe, ffortless and enjoyable!
Skip forward to 2013 which wasn't such a great year as a fall caused a broken hip which slowed my Dad down quite a bit - and the Audi's use as well. Operating the clutch was difficult so sometimes weeks, aybe months would go by without it seeing any use at all. Last autumn during one of those short trips, he head gasket decided to leak coolant, o I brought the Audi home and I rebuilt the the top-end with lots of care over the last winter.
The original cylinder head didn't meet tolerances, o another was sourced from034Motorsport (thanksJavad!) and it wasn't just 'another Audi cylinder head' - it was one of their ported and polished beauties that I guess Javad felt would suit this Audi based on its rather above average and original condition. What a kind fellow. :-)
The entire top-end was cleaned up and redone including of course, he timing belt, dler pulley, ater pump, adiator, hermostat, lugs, ires, ap, otor, ir filter and...a fresh set of the upgraded 034Motorsport injectors (two of the original Hitachi injectors had inevitably cracked during disassembly).
I returned the Audi to my Dad in May and while grateful, e decided he just didn't want to use it any longer. The hip issue being one and now at 88...the Audi in his words was 'too nice' for his use so he's handed it back to me to sell. It's been a few weeks (trying to get him to use it and forget everything else), ut he is a persistent man.
If you've made it this far and actually, f you made it here at all, ou probably know what an Audi Coupe Quattro "CQ" is and what it's about...it's rarity and it's ability. I don't know the numbering sequence but I owned a 1990 CQ #406 for just shy of a decade and it was unstoppable. This 1991 has to have been one of the last ones that were brought over based on it's serial number and solid condition and the fact that to my knowledge, t's only seen about five winters in its 24-or-so years of existence. 91 models were of course updated with a driver's side airbag, moonroof versus a sunroof, o factory headers but lots of subtle details that made the 91 CQ a bit more refined than the 1990 flavor.
Okay...things to note :
  • Air conditioning is all there but it doesn't work. Maybe that's why it got sold from Santa Ana, ut for Montreal...ah, s long as the heater works all's good.
  • There's a dent in the back: just below the license plate / just above the bumper. It was there since I bought it (that I clearly recall because I hadn't noticed it in the pictures when I bought it and thought it may have occurred en route across the States. Nope...it's a California dent.)
  • There's some pitting on the right-rear side window. This is one of those almost 'don't ask' boo-boos but its been determined that "someone" ;-) must have been grinding something close to the Audi while it was parked in "someone's" garage, nd yes...the grinding sparks made some pits. Not really noticeable although a 'bummer' none the less.
  • I'm very sure the Audi was resprayed while in California - at least the clear coat as that clear is starting to chip off here and there. Logical I guess... a dark blue car in the California sunshine.
  • The biggest 'oops' would be the dented driver's side rocker panel - where I suspect "someone" jacked up the car in the wrong spot. The metal is still solid as new but it would certainly take a pro to pull it back - or someone with a lot of 'bodywork confidence'.
  • The odometer has quit as of the time of this writing. I have read there's some fragile little gear in there somewhere that often needs replacing or maybe the $10 speed sensor. My Dad can't remember any issues with this prior to me taking the car for the cylinder head work but I recall him mentioning once or twice that the speedometer was intermittent - temperature dependent it seemed. In any event, he discrepancy to date could not be more than a couple of hundred miles as an absolute maximum.
  • The mileage computer LED display seems to have quit along with the LED clock. I'll look in to it a little but it's sort of weird because both were working fine when I handed the Audi back to him in May.
  • One of the overhead grab handles (driver's side) is broken. Cause coincides with his hip issue (I don't think it was ever designed to be used as a full weight grab rail).
  • The plastic timing belt cover is cracked and chipped. Javad at 034 said this is so common, hey sell an absolutely gorgeous carbon / kevlar one. Pricey little devil though. Not original either. There must be an original out there somewhere if you're going for 100%.
  • Brake discs and pads...they work but I'd replace them. Time sitting is sometimes worse than time running...
  • Any rust that's underneath the car is pretty much limited to surface. I didn't notice any perforation or 'depth' at all.
  • There's some scratches and nicks here and there. They wouldn't bother me too much but I feel should be mentioned.
  • Wheels are the original Speedlines (could use a polish), ires are Pirelli Winter Carving Edge with lots and lots of tread.
  • Stitching on passenger's seat cushion to cushion side has opened up a bit (on the console side)? Weird...driver's seat is fine!?!

I guess that's all I think of for the moment - again, orry it's lengthy but it is the car's history in a bit of a human form.
I've set a reserve amount and I've tried to be realistic based on the Audi's condition and the repairs it would need to be put to 100%. Even as it sits in its current state, would wager this is one of the top, riginal Audi Coupes remaining in North America, nd with it's full list of options, ossibly the world. It's all there and it has never been monkeyed with. It has mileage but not outrageous...it's not perfect but it's a really, eally nice solid car.
To the winner...this car is sold as is, s seen without warranty. No claims, o returns.
A US$500 non-refundable deposit is required within 48 hours thru PayPal. Balance to be paid by cash or certified check. Shipping is not included but I'll be more than happy to help assist with say, U-Ship transport company driver with the loading and documentation and such. Nothing moves until paid and cleared in full, nd payment is expected within 14 days. That's just a number which can be adjusted if discussed prior to auction's end.
Have a question? Need additional pictures or information? Care to stop by for a look-see? Please, ll requests well prior to auction's end. I'll do all I can to oblige and unless very general in nature, ll questions you ask will be answered privately.
Please do your homework regarding importing to your country okay? This came in to Canada from the USA so returning should not be an issue at all - other countries...you'll need to inform yourself.
Thanks all!