1989 Volvo 780 Bertone Turbo Rare

Price: US $3,300.00 Item location: Jamesville, New York, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Volvo
  • Model: 780
  • Type: Coupe
  • Year: 1989
  • Mileage: 196,000
  • VIN: YV1HA8726KD007241
  • Color: Blue
  • Engine size: 2.3L Turbo 4 Cylinder
  • Number of cylinders: 4
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: Blue
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1989 Volvo 780

Are you sick of check engine lights holding you back from passing NY State Inspection? Are you tired of dumping thousands into EVAP fixes and emissions nonsense? Do you often find yourself glancing around and thinking "why is every car on the road so hideous?" Well then look no further.
This here is a 1989 Volvo 780 Bertone. That's right, a Bertone, which in Italian means Ballin' Out. If you're wondering why you have never seen one in your life, well that's because a limited amount of these were imported for only a few years. This car was built in Turin, Italy. It has a 2.3L turbo 4 cylinder engine that makes sweet turbo noises and will never overheat. This car is bone stock aside from the cold air intake the previous owner installed. The engine and transmission in this car are nearly bulletproof in stock form. All you have to do is maintain it and not be one of the millions of people who pretend that cars are just bound to start everyday after you have neglected it the past twelve months. It has a pretty fat sound system in it. There isn't a thirty-six inch subwoofer in the trunk, but it bumps. If you're over the age of twenty-five then you probably know someone who has owned a Volvo 240 or you've at least heard they're absolute tanks. Well this old rear wheel drive Volvo is no different. This car is made of Boron steel, the highest strength steel ever used in an automotive application. The only part that isn't as tough as nails is the notorious front valance that goes on the lower half of the front bumper. I bought it with a broken valance so I paid quite a bit to have a brand new one painted, mounted, fitted etc and unfortunately this last winter a snow bank got the best of it and shattered it. I will add in a few photos at the end to show you what it looks like with it on, and I'm sure you can do it for cheaper but I spared no expense including fog lights etc. And yes that's right, this car is rear wheel drive. If you've ever driven a rear wheel drive car in CNY during the winter, you know how much fun it is. This car is for the dexterous though, so if you bang into curbs on a regular basis, this car is not for you. It runs flawlessly and it has never left me stranded. I bought it roughly two years ago off an old Italian guy who bought it back in 1993 after winning a big case. After about ten years it became his secondary car. He eventually moved to NY and had it shipped here from California where he originally bought it, hence the little bit of sun fade on the hood and trunk. He gave me tons of receipts and paperwork. He also had a brand new engine and turbo installed around the 135k range. I on the other hand don't have any proof of work done, but I have done all my own work on this car besides the front valance. I have done a lot of repairs and as you can see I do not install gawdy modifications. The air conditioning components are all there and intact, but I bought it with no A/C and it still has no A/C. I cannot recall why it doesn't work but I think it may have been because there was a small leak and he never fixed it. It never bothered me to not have it. The glovebox is missing and I also bought it like that, it is sitting in the trunk if you want to try and secure it on. The drivers side rear tire blew out on the highway and just due to circumstances, it was easier to replace it with a tire I had laying around with similar tread. The fuel gauge stopped working about a month or so ago and I have already purchased another car so I knew I was going to sell it once it got warm out. I banged on the sending unit in the tank and it read how much fuel was in the tank at the time. I thought it fixed it, but it just got stuck at that reading and slowly over a week or two fell back down to "empty." Im guessing it just needs a new one, so I have been filling it and using the trip to calculate how far I can go. I think I have touched base on most subjects. I daily drive this thing like a boss, so if you want to ride in class you should probably buy this car. I can honestly say this has been the best car I have ever owned but I've had my eyes on my friends E36 for years and he finally sold it to me. I have no need for two cars. Im asking 3300 or best reasonable offer. Thanks for lookingI also wanted to note, upon further inspection I noticed the AutoCheck claims that this car has a "major issue" regarding a total insurance loss. In March of 2017 a woman backed into me in a car wash while I was at a dead stop. It did some minor damage to the front pieces of the car like the valance and what not. Her insurance claimed my car was at a total loss though because it was not worth anything due to being just some old Volvo and the parts and labor would be too much to fix it. It was at this point when I had all of it redone and fixed.I used the money to fix the car back to exactly how it should be. It was later on this past winter when I damaged the valance on a snow bank on my own. Just wanted to clarify that this car was never wrecked, crashed, or seriouslydamaged. In the eyes of an insurance company trying to savetheir self as much money as possible, this car was just another 1989Volvo worth nothing.