FULLY restored, Westfalia Full Camper, Water Cooled, Plaid Interior, AUTOMATIC!!

Price: US $29,999.00 Item location: Santa Barbara, California, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Volkswagen
  • Model: Bus/Vanagon
  • SubModel: Full Camper
  • Type: Van Camper
  • Year: 1984
  • Mileage: 1000
  • VIN: WV2ZB0258EH023899
  • Engine size: 2.0L Gas I4
  • Number of cylinders: 4
  • Fuel: gasoline
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: PLAID
  • Drive side: Left-hand drive
  • Vehicle Title: Clean
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1984 Volkswagen Bus/Vanagon CAMPMOBILE

Volkswagen Bus/Vanagon. FREE SHIPPING TO MOST MAJOR CITIES!!Vanagon Blue/White Fully Restored with new paint in and out and PLAID seats with AUTOMATIC transmissionThis is a long description. I figure if you are going to spend this much on a vintage vehicle, you might as well have all of the details. Hopefully, this will answer most of your questions... but that said, I'm always happy to talk on the phone if you'd rather call —> (8o5) 7-two-9-56.O6 I have owned 16 Westy's and I am a professional restoration Vanagon expert. If you have any question about this van, your van, or anything else Vanagon/Westfalia related…feel free to call.This 1984 "water-cooled" Vanagon Westfalia edition with a highly sought after Automatic transmission (more about that below and why to buy an 84 over any of the newer models) Brand new, customized paint with incredible dash/cockpit area, Brand New plaid seats/upholstery, brand new carpet, custom paint on the interior, and exterior, and a custom-made matching tent, and curtains. You'll never find another like this. And it's a beautiful Westfalia.. And you won’t have to ever worry about smog….more on that below. This will definitely sell quickly...especially at this price----- AESTHETICALLY -----Looks brand new inside and outside. Very cool vintage looking plaid seats. No rust at all.~This is a professional paint job with a high-quality, 2-stage, and 2-tone paint job. Every light, lens, mirror, door handle, etc was removed. The front windshield has been replaced as well. It’s so nice to have a windshield without “pitting”…especially at night and sunrise to help reduce glare. In other words, it was "done right". The blue and white paint matches perfectly with the plaid interior seats. We chose the fabric first and then painted the van to match. As you can see, everything matches perfectly.~ The seats are beautiful plaid automotive quality upholstery, and they were rebuilt with new foam as well. We installed vinyl on the backs and sides for longer life…and they look more custom that way. Additionally, the headrests match as well.~The pop-top tent is a "brand new" and custom-made. The fabric is matches the van and the seats perfectly. Rarely, if ever, will you see a custom tent on these vehicles. Your Westy will be like no other.~ The door panels brand new and also match the seats and paint.~The cockpit is "customized", with the dash being painted (properly) in 2-tone blue and brown which matches the stock camper interior from Westfalia. I think that it looks spectacular. This was properly applied with a special process (that is above my pay-grade to be able to explain). Simply, it won't chip off. This two-tone dash has become a trademark on my vans. It just looks great and unique.~ Brand new headliner over the driver, on the inside of the pop-top, and in the way-back as well. The new headliner on the pop-top cuts provide better insulation.~ Brand new bumpers on the front and back.~ Painted wheels, and painted wheel-wells to make it look a bit nicer~Additionally, ALL the other interior plastics look good, have been properly painted, or replaced with new.~On the exterior, all of the trim, grills, door handles, mirrors, etc have been painted black. This is not some "rattle-can" paint.~The windshield is brand NEW as well. (really nice to not have all the glare from headlights at night)----- MECHANICALLY -----~~I had the entire vehicle gone through by my personal mechanic. His name is Wilhelm and he's 82 years old He was trained at the factory when these were first made. He know's his stuff. Being that it's a 1984, it's water cooled) It runs perfectly...and is a 2.1 liter motor like the later models have. I wouldn't hesitate taking it anywhere! He refurbished the engine so you should be good for many years. It runs strong and with the with the automatic trans, it gets better gas mileage (exactly 20.2mpg on a recent trip from San Fran to Santa Barbara)~~The transmission is an automatic (read this section if you think a manual is better) These transmissions are FAR more reliable than the manual transmissions and they have a "taller" or "higher" top gear. So as they go down the freeway, the engine isn't as strained as the manual transmissions. Also, the automatics are better on hills. (keep reading) There is an excellent article (although slightly technical) comparing these transmissions. In a nutshell, the torque converter allows the horsepower to remain steady during hill climbs so they actually do better on hills and on the flatlands. And they never need a clutch replaced. And they don't pop out of gear (which is common on the stick shifts). Suffice it to say, that in my opinion, the automatic wins. But really, it's all in the driving. Driving a stick shift is work. And you certainly aren't going to be drinking an iced frappuccino while both hands and both feet are busy. The automatic transmission is a dream to drive. The "refined choice" of transmissions. We've owned both. In our opinion, there's really no comparison. The auto is by far our favorite. That's one of the reasons that we bought this van. Also, the resale value of an automatic tends to be greater because they are in much higher demand. There are lots of manual transmissions out there. People that are looking for automatic’s are finding them harder to come by.~~ Completely new suspension!! Ball joints, shocks, boots, etc (pics available)~~ Brand new brakes, disks, pads, brake lines, etc (pics available)~~ New wheel bearings as well (pics available)~~The tires are nearly new. They look great lots of tread (look at pics)~~This work should provide you with many years of trouble-free, repair-free (and money free) driving~~The lights all work. Most of the bulbs were replaced. The windshield wipers do their thing. And the horn works properly.~ SMOG …worth reading. MANY states do not require emission inspections for this vehicle given its age and/or the fact that it doesn’t have an OBDII port to connect a smog computer…. but that said some do. And even in the states that do, some counties (even in California) are exempt. South Dakota is one state that doesn’t require smog. AND South Dakota also allows you to keep a vehicle registered in their state and drive it elsewhere….including outside of the USA. Also, the registration fees are very inexpensive. There are tens of thousands of vehicles all over the country and in Mexico that are registered in South Dakota. This vehicle is registered there and if you keep it registered there, you can save money and not have to mess with smog.----- WHAT DOES IT NEED? -----~~ What would I do to it if I was going to keep it? I'd add cruise control. But I'm a huge cruise-control fan. But I also average about 38k miles per year in my other car and I really like using cruise control. But if most of your driving is in town, it might not be of importance to you. Cruise control was a very rare feature. I had one that had it on a van with an automatic transmission and I thought it was awesome. If you want to go all-pro, you can upgrade the tires and wheels at some point. But where the tires are fine. I'd say to wait until you wear out the tires that are on there. Personally, I wouldn't bother with it now but that would be your call… and you'd have plenty of time to decide (at least 3-4 years from now). I do have a set of 16" wheels and BRAND new tires that I'd sell separately. They still need to be drilled out but if you're interested, let me know.—— WHY I'M SELLING -- and -- WHY YOU SHOULD BUY IT~~ First off, this van is being sold far under its value. And I know that. I’ve owned lots of these vans and I know what they are worth. You could literally buy it and re-list it and make money. If you hold on to if for another year or two, you’ll make even more. You can’t lose. These vans are going up in value like crazy!! There are many people who are selling vans that need rust cut out (look for little bubbles under the windows), or they are chipped on the inside doors, parking lot dings, old bumpers, etc. And they are charging the same amount as this one. This is a real steal. You’ll have a great and beautiful van that will go up in value.I have been restoring these vans for a living for many years now. That said, this is anything but a “flip” project. Anyone who is “flipping” vans would not go to this much trouble and spend this much money. They wouldn’t have redone the fabric with this expensive material. They wouldn’t make and install a custom made tent….and they definitely wouldn’t’ paint the inside at all…. and they wouldn’t paint it with a custom color 2-stage PPG paint, etc. This is a professionally fully-restored Westfalia. It looks awesome. You’ll get lots of “thumbs-up’s”~~ Why am I selling it? And why am I selling it below market. Truthfully we were going to keep this one. I looked “high and low” for an automatic because my bride doesn’t like stick shift. I restored it with her in mind. But with the current state of affairs, we need the money more than the van at this point. Hopefully when things recover, we’ll have another one again. If you buy it, you’ll have a great vehicle that will allow you to get out of the house and camp somewhere. We would often take ours to the beach or into the forest for the day just for an extended picnic or picnic dinner and a sunset.~~ It's a 1984. This is one of the earlier water cooled motors and it still has the very desirable metal dash. It doesn't crack and looks A LOT better than the plastic dashes that crack all the time. It also has the metal bumpers which don't crack like the plastic bumpers in the 1988 and newer models. If I could buy any year...it would be a 1984. The earlier ones were air cooled. The newer ones have horrible dashes. The 84 with an updated motor is the winner.----- LOCATION -----~~The van is located in beautiful SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA. I'd be happy to arrange (or help arrange) shipping. Also, you can very easily fly into Santa Barbara and take an Uber. Or you could fly into LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) and take the shuttle bus to SB. And Amtrak comes into downtown SB as well.... Or whatever makes sense to you. I think that I’d rent a car and drive one way to SB and then drive it home.My cell is 8o5 729 56O6