Price: - Item location: Henderson, Nevada, United States
  • Make: Subaru
  • Model: Brat
  • SubModel: GL 4WD BRAT
  • Type: Standard Cab Pickup
  • Year: 1985
  • Mileage: 80051
  • VIN: JF2AT53B5FE502540
  • Color: Brown
  • Engine size: 1.9 L FLAT 4
  • Number of cylinders: 4
  • Power options: Air Conditioning
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Drive type: 4WD
  • Interior color: Tan
  • Drive side: Left-hand drive
  • Options: 4-Wheel Drive, Sunroof
  • Vehicle Title: Clean
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1985 Subaru GL Brat
Viva Las Vegas Autos Presents...

This absoltely incredible 1985 Subaru GL Brat that's all original, unrestored highly maintained and only 80,051 original miles...BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE...NO RUST! That headline could be just it and the words, "Subaru Brat" and "No Rust" in the same sentence pretty much will hook any serious collector. That's why I bought this little GEM. I spend countless hours combing the internet, neighborhoods and classified ads looking for some of the rarest cars and trucks this side of the Rockies. Yeah, heading further east than that is usually a waste of my time. When I found this Subaru Brat, it was impossible for me not to own it for all the right reasons. Back in October 2019, at the Las Vegas Nevada Mecum Auction, I bought a cream 1984 Subaru GL Brat with 73k miles on it as well. Like most localized auctions, there isn't a lot of time or conditions that allow a buyer to really look over (and under) a car. The 84 Brat showed up in the line up looking pretty nice, almost as nice as this 1985 Brat. But I had no time to thoroughly look it over top to bottom. It just had great curb appeal. Spending five figures for a clean Brat is not unheard of these days, in fact, back in August of 2019, a 1986 Subaru Brat with 56k original miles had just sold for $22000. Shockingly, a 1978 Subaru Brat with 2500 original miles had sold for $46,198 back in December 2018. So, since I have been a fan of the Subaru Brat since 1980 when I owned my first 1978 Brat, I took the bait and held my arm up until I owned the 1984. Drove it back to my shop, excited because it drove so nice, and excited to see just how nice it was underneath and up close. Well, it only took two minutes on the car lift to have the wind sucker punched right out of me. UGH! As nice as the 1984 appeared on the ground, it equally did NOT appear underneath...in fact...from the lower rubber door guards down, the Brat was a shit show of filler masked in black to hide the extensive rust on the lower one quarter of the entire Brat. Now, I have known these Brats since the late 70s. I almost believe they were shipped from Japan with rust already from the factory. Just kidding...but seriously. I should have known better and not just looked at the topside. We sold the 84 with FULL DISCLOSURE on eBay, six months later, another Las Vegas classic dealer has it for sale with no disclosure of rust. The reason for this story about another Subaru Brat is quite simple...this 1985 Subaru GL Brat is RUST FREE! Go ahead and READ THAT AGAIN...RUST FREE! That means in SCT (Serious Collector's Terms) that there is NO Cancerous Rust anywhere on the Brat. No Bubbles of rust hidding underneath paint that migrates far beyond just the bubbles. No Holes of Rust that you can put a pencil through, let alone your arm or foot. I also means, in the case of this car, that there has NOT been any metal work replacing rusted panels or floors. I know this is a lot to take in at this point, but I am NOT talking to the casual Subaru Brat fan that isn't a REAL COLLECTOR! Serious collectors understand the importance of Rust Free. Here you go... Take your time, I did... and stare at the 186 pictures I took that show every inch of this Brat from top tp bottom...plus a few entertaining pictures. Hope you're not offended. I make it a serious business of disclosure both in writ and in images, so there just isn't any questions other than you asking yourself, "How Deep is My Wallet willing to go to own this piece of Automotive History?" Don't let that statement worry you. My reserves are always set so stupid low, that if you don't hit the reserve and garner a chance at winning this Brat, then you really haven't been trying to buy one this nice or followed the market over that last few years. Trust this, I have been selling 100% of all my classic cars over the internet, most right here through eBay for the last 18 years. That would not be the case if I over-priced my inventory. So read on if you are about owning this incredible 1985 Subaru GL Brat.

Viva Las Vegas Autos Specifications...
Year: 1985 VIN: JF2AT53B5FE502540
Make: Subaru Model: Brat GL
Style: 4x4 Truck Miles: 80,051
Exterior: Crest Brown Metallic (569) Interior: Biege Cloth & Vinyl Bucket Seats
Engine Specs: Flat Four 1.8L 1781cc 73hp Transmission: Manual 4-Speed

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The exterior of this 1985 Subaru GL Brat is truely the most remarkable aspect of this vehicle. I can't emphasize enough how common it is to see these Brats riddled with rust. Looking like swiss cheese with mold. The sheet metal on this Brat is all original with no Bondo or dent repairs. It was repainted in its original Crest Brown Metallic color and shows great, but not like it just came out of the factory. I just installed a factory full stripe and "Brat" Targa decal set.Some of the pictures in this presentation you will see without the stripes since those were taken a few months ago before the stripes were ordered. The pictures are completely honest and don't hide anything from top to bottom. It look as great as it does in the pictures. I also found and replaced a driver's side corner clear parking lamp since the original one was broken. The front bumper turn signal on the drivers side has a cracked lens, but it has repaired. The front right rubber bumper guard is dented underneath and possibly could be heated and remolded to it's original shape. Those items are the only damaged items on the exterior. The small dents, scuffs and dings on the painted surface are all very superficial and most could probably be removed with a paintless dent repair. The glass, including the windshield is all original and in excellent condition. The trim, both rubber and chrome is all in great condition around the car. The original wheels have been completely refinished and look great with the chrome trim rings now. The truck bed is in excellent physical condition but painted poorly. The rear seats are in perfect condition and the original seat belts are there too...although, the retractable center belts do not pull out. I removed one and it was full of debris causing it to lock up. Probably easier to replace them than to repair them. The Pure Gold can be found underneath the Brat. Straight Rust Free Metal Everywhere. If you have ever been under a vintage Subaru of any model, a rust free example is a rarity to say the least. Seeing it without rust was pure joy. All there and the only alteration found underneath was a modern electric fuel pump. Some seepage is present, but no major leaks either. For a serious collector, the Rust Free condition will be your most important buying decision. Proof is in the Pictures so take the time to look at them.


The interior of this 1985 Subaru GL Brat is also fantastic for being a 35 year old original interior. In fact, the only thing in need of restoration inside is the dash pad. I did look online to see if they make the full overlays but they don't anymore. Dashes can be restored as long as you have one to work with and it's all there. Aside from dash, the interior is in exceptional condition. No rips, tears or damage. The blemishes inside are extremely minor. The door handle surrounds are rough but not broken. The visor clips are broken. The radio does not turn on and the fuse seems to be fine. I am not a radio specialist but I am sure it might be a simple fix. The carpets are in excellent original condition and the interior really shows that 80k original miles were highly maintained to keep it in the condition you see here...Exceptional!


This 1985 Subaru GL Brat has its original drivetrain that has been maintained and serviced extremely well. The vehicle starts, runs and performs excellent. Recent services have been done and it shows in how nice it performs. New tires all the way around about two years ago and less than 500 miles on them. The brake pads appear to be at least 50% or better. We have also posted the service records that came with the car too. We also did a full check and performance check of the 4WD system and it funstions flawlessly. The clutch works great and solidly shifts as it should. There are no mechanical issues known at this time. The compressiona and performance would give anyone confidence to drive this Brat anywhere they choose. I recently took this Brat off-road on a serious off-road test and took video. I was absolutely amazed how this Brat performed in extreme terrian for a car/truck with 13" wheels and a hill that was at least a 35 degree angle if not even steeper than that. I really didn't count on it making it but it did. Watch the second video. Drove up the hill with one hand holding my recording camera. Should have recorded it with my professional gear. Sometimes I wish I could keep some of the great classic I find, and this is one of those I would love to keep...for all sorts of great reasons. These Brats have become a CULT CLASSIC. It's no wonder to me why they have. Hopefully you are going to be that lucky owner that gets to show off this little gem.

VIN Breakdown
JF2AT53B5 FE502540
E (11th Digit) 1985
JF2 Fuji Heavy Industries, Japan
AT53B5F 2 door GL Brat 1.8L
502540 Sequential Production Number

Valuation Guidelines

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Walkaround & Test Drive - YouTube.


Doug Williams



Viva Las Vegas Autos Note from the Owner...

I am a “used car dealer” but before that, I’m an automobile enthusiast. I love original, rare and high quality modified vintage and modern cars. Over the past 18 years I’ve been in business, I have come to appreciate an expanding selection of high-demand, high value vehicles as well. I specialize in and I am always on the lookout for cars and trucks that were cherished by their previous owners.
I have an experienced eye for quality and I’ve discovered that my preferred buyers can instantly discern such a vehicle and I have therefore, built my business and reputation around finding these kinds of cars for this type of customer. Super low miles and/or gentle ownership are strict requirements but a car must do something for me on a personal level if there is any hope of convincing you, the buyer, that this is an above average, exceptional vehicle. If nothing about the car excites me, it probably won’t do much for you either and I would soon be out of business.

With just four employees and no sales people, I realize how unusual a “dealership” like mine may be at a first glance. It has taken great care and effort to create such an organization and often, an unusually high investment in a particular car we are about to list. To sell the best it is critical to have a trusted expert in my corner. First we do an exhaustive 130 point inspection on each and every vehicle and hope nothing escapes our methodical investigation. Experience has shown that everything I spend making a car truly “right” will come back to me not only with a higher selling price, but a happy customer that says good things about Collector's Dream Cars. Moreover, it allows us to describe the car with ease and confidence, something that simply is not possible unless we think it is true. If major issues are found or the cost of fixing the car the way it should be makes it too expensive to sell, my choice is an easy one. I simply absorb a few hundred dollars loss for my trouble and sell it at auction so you don’t get a headache over the vehicle.

After the vehicle is fully checked over and made whole at any level it needs to be, we researches its history, documents, documenting originality and authenticity. Historical significance, rarity, special features, possible modifications, and much more are used to accurately describe the vehicle with integrity and honesty. Most important for the potential buyer are the 100 to 200 high resolution pictures that I take myself. The pricey equipment I use would be right at home in the hands of the very best professional photographers and I’ve developed a logical format that walks you around the entire vehicle with close-up shots of every square inch. I provide detailed views of the interior, under the hood and then put it on a lift to show the undercarriage and confirm that the beauty of the car you are considering is not merely skin deep. Even our detailers are enthusiastic about the cars they meticulously clean. Reconditioning can sometimes take several days as we do all that we can within reason to get our vehicles in tip top condition visually and cosmetically. We do Way more than just a cheap detail. Our details are more like refurbishing to as close to new as we can possibly get our vehicles.

Usually, I’ll also include a high definition video that shows the car doing its thing. If it’s a fast car, we film it going fast. If it’s a 4x4 you’ll see it crawling up a hill. In every case you will hear things like a rumbling exhaust, working sound system and watch gauges operation as well.

No “dealer,” on-line or in the real world, takes it to this level. No other seller or organization provides you, the buyer, with so much information. I do this because it is the only way I can convince a person; often a world away, unable to touch or feel their purchase that my vehicle is for real and what I say is an honest assessment. All the above is necessary for me to stay in business while keeping integrity intact. I want every buyer to be happy and I need glowing feedback on eBay. To accomplish that I need satisfied customers that are as thrilled with their purchase as I was when I bought it.

If you have any questions at all, please call me on my cell at: 702-353-7500. If your inquiry is sincere and your offer is serious, you’ll find me the most accommodating business partner you’ve ever dealt with. If you call or e-mail asking for my reserve or “what is my bottom line” I will be looking for ways to politely end the conversation. Until you are ready to actually make an offer, I will happily quote you a liberal suggested retail price – a number we both know will not buy the car so, don’t waste your time, or mine. I am after all, a “used car dealer.”​​​​​​​

Viva Las Vegas Autos Terms of Sale...

This vehicle is safely stored in our beautiful climate controlled showroom in Boulder City, Nevada. We are just 25 minutes from Las Vegas International Airport (McCarran) and welcome the opportunity to meet the winning bidder there and drive them to our facility for vehicle delivery. We have years of experience with vehicle shipping, nationwide and across the globe. We stand ready to help with whatever arrangements are necessary at the buyers request and expense. This vehicle will not be delivered or released for shipment until complete payment is received and all funds have cleared.

Third party, pre-purchase vehicle inspections are welcome BEFORE the auction ends. We are happy to answer questions about this vehicle and resolve any concerns you may have BEFORE YOU BID and BEFORE THE AUCTION ENDS . . . THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. If you are in the Las Vegas area, we invite you to stop by for a demonstration.

A $1000 non-refundable partial payment must be received 24 hours from the end of this auction. NO Exceptions! We prefer bank to bank wire transfers for all funds including deposits but we may accept credit cards or PayPal if necessary.

Full payment must be received within four (3) business days of the end of auction. Cashiers-check, direct deposit or cash in person are acceptable but BANK to BANK WIRE TRANSFER IS PREFERRED for US winners and required for all winning bidders outside the United States. Loan checks can be accepted only after prior approval from the owner, Doug Williams. M/Os will NEVER be accepted. CHECKS IN ANY FORM MUST BE CLEARED as CASHABLE FUNDS before delivery of any item.

Free and clear title is in seller's possession and will be transferred upon payment in full and accepted delivery of the automobile. By Nevada State Law, Dealers have up to 30 days to delivery titles due to auction and floorline title housing.

Important: Winning bidders for automobile transactions are not obligated to purchase nor is the seller obligated to sell to any winning bidder according to eBay's policies, see (pages.ebay.com/help/policies/non-binding-bid.html). Bidders that win an auction and then do not pay, spoil the integrity of the eBay experience and cause sellers to incur additional costs and losses due to the non-paying bidders negligence and disregard for honest dealings. If you win this auction and we collect your non-refundable deposit via credit card, Paypal or any other means, you agree to waive your right to claim your deposit back with any arbitration to your bank, credit card issuer or PayPal.

If you do not intend to complete this purchase, DO NOT BID.

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We want to have a very positive experience on eBay, just like you do. Don't use eBay as your playground to bid without responsibility or commitment. eBay's auction system promotes irresponsible bidders because there is no accountability whatsoever as there is for sellers. Most bidders never have any real intention to complete any transaction but we do as responsible sellers, so don't play irresponsibly online, we don't.

We will happily do whatever is required to assist a legitimate bidder that intends to purchase the vehicle with their transaction.

This vehicle is sold AS-IS, with no warranty. This is not a new vehicle, it is used. A used vehicle will have normal wear and tear congruent to its age and/or mileage. This vehicle may have dings, scratches or other indications of use because it has been used. Terms such as "perfection," "flawless" or "mint" may not be subjective but all other descriptions are.

When you bid, you understand and agree to these terms.

Please call Doug @ 702-353-7500 with ANY questions. Email: doug@vivalasvegasautos.com

Sales tax, Smog and title fees may be applicable to Nevada residents. A Document Fee of 350.00 and Dealer Handling Fee of $150.00 will be added to the closing auction price. An Optional 15 Day Drive Away Permit is available for $18.25. New eBay bidders with (0) feedback or international bidders must make contact by email or phone at least 2 hours before bidding. We reserve the right to cancel bids if necessary to protect our clients.

Research for this ad was done with all due diligence toward an accurate presentation of the facts. All information herein represents our sincere effort to be correct. If we have made any obvious errors or provided information later found to be inaccurate, it is still your responsibility to inspect the pictures for verification. Descriptive words like "perfect" or "flawless" are subjective opinions because nothing is perfect; flaws are inevitable. If you question what you see, feel free to inspect our vehicles in person or by a professional inspection service strictly prior to the close of this auction. Post auction inspections are unacceptable and we reserve the right to sell to the follow up bidder immediately.

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