1970 Plymouth Sixpack Shaker 4speed Cuda 440+6 V-code N96 Barracuda Hemi Orange!

Price: US $49,500.00 Item location: Southold, New York, United States
  • Make: Plymouth
  • Model: Barracuda
  • Year: 1970
  • Mileage: 19010
  • VIN: BS23V0E124xxx
  • Color: HEMI Orange
  • Engine size: 440+6
  • Interior color: White
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1970 Plymouth Barracuda

Gentlemen, It has taken me many sleepless nights and countless internal arguments to come to the decision to put this Cuda up for sale.
The Cuda. They're some cars when you come across them in life that stop you in your tracks, cars that make your brain spin, cars that make you shift parts and assets in your life in order to bring home, this car gave me those emotions. What you see here is my 70 Sixpack, 4spd, SHAKER, Hemi Orange CUDA loaded with all the options that every collector drools over. I know all you Mopar aficionados have already scanned the fender tag before you've read this description but I'll spell it out to the collectors who may not be in tune with option codes.
  • 440+6 engine, The Sixpack shouldn't need introduction, just understand its BOSS
  • Shaker Hood, this is a big deal, this rare option elevates any Cuda into a even higher bracket of collectability.
  • Pistol Grip HEMI (crashbox) Four speed, because if you ain't grabbing gears...
  • Track Pack, option package that gave this Cuda the indestructible Dana 60 rear, Hemi Suspension, Max cooling and more..
  • High impact HEMI Orange color, one of the most desirable colors.
  • White Bucket seat interior, rare complimentary color option
  • Rallye Dash, c-mon who really wants a Muscle Car without a four speed and a Tach, oddly enough I come across many many Cuda's without this option
  • AM / 8-Track Radio, the most expensive radio you could order your 70 Cuda with.
  • Road Lamps, they look so damn cool
  • Rimblow Woodgrain wheel, the sexiest steering wheel to ever come off the Mopar assembly line, EVER
  • Rear wing, why not? the guy already had expensive taste why not just put it over the top with this option. many, many more super desirable option codes...take a look!
The short list above has already put this Cuda into the upper tier of the collector car world but it gets better. First, the word "original" and "Rust Free" has been twisted and contorted by used car crooks to the point where I feel I need to clarify. When I say "original" I mean the BORN WITH on the assembly line component. This Cuda has what very few cars can claim. This car wears the born with ORIGINAL body panels (valance and header were missing when I bought car). Shaker Hood (which is stunning, not a pit to be found), Fenders, doors, decklid, wing....all the original panels that the car rolled off the assembly line with. This car was converted to a race car four decades ago and has lived a secluded life in a arid High Desert garage for decades. Try to find rust on this car and you'll have a very hard time. I'm not saying the metal is flawless because these cars didn't leave the assembly line flawless but this cars' metal is so exceptionally clean its stunning. I sanded some of the primer off to show glory under the skirt. I don't want to come across as conceited but I've owned / own many exceptional cars and have been in the collector car circles for decades, I've seen a lot, when I take a look at this Cuda I still cant believe that this cars metal is as nice as it is. As they say pictures save a thousand words. I pulled the car out of storage and brought to my home for these pics. I Know I should of taken more pictures but the day I took these I feel subliminally I didnt want to sell the car. If I may tell you about the items not pictured:
  • Complete Rallye Dash assembly, some of the finest condition original parts you'll find. In my opinion doesn't not need restoration.
  • n.o.m. F440 HP engine. disassembled but complete with sixpack specific original intake, date coded correct carbs and balancer.
  • Hemi four speed, 18 spline 1970 unit, disassembled, Nos rebuild parts collected, correct bellhousing, flywheel..
  • Pistol Grip: My God the born with pistol grip is almost as nice as the NOS one I bought for my Challenger. Shift rods still have paint dabs from assem line
  • The nicest meticulously, professionally, 100 point OE type restored grille assembly you'll ever see. I couldn't take it out of the box, its too nice. Original born with grill and bezels are included but will need restoration.
  • Dana 60, the cleanest, low mile original rear end I've ever seen. could almost wipe the original paint with wd-40 and put it on the show circuit this rear B.O.M for 4:10 E-body dated mid/late 70 (8.75" currently in car included as well)
  • Shaker: Original bubble fully OEM restored, Adapter plate is the original rare "inverted nut" type that I'm told was only in production for a week before assembly line caught it, NOS base plate, NOS lid, Original 440+6 emblems are amazing.
  • AM/ 8-track w/ correct bezel. Detail it and install, chrome is again amazing
  • Road Lamps, OEM part numbered, brand new in box w/ NOS bulbs
  • Bumpers, Original born with bumpers, Chrome is shockingly nice I'd have a tough time to decide whether keep as or send out for re-chrome.
  • NOS fan shroud, Original Track Pack engine fan/hub could use cosmetic resto
  • Born with seats, Frames, foam, tracks all superb. Seat covers themselves will need replacement.
  • Much Much more, Truck loads more. If you have a question on whether I have a certain part just ask, chance is I have two or more.
  • The two biggest expenses you'll have to make for the parts inventory is the correct Radiator and getting Original dash pad recovered.
This car is a Blue Chip Collector car with the pedigree people dream of. Fender tag matches door tag that matches VIN plate that matches body numbers. Cars of this pedigree will always, always appreciate in value, its been proven for 50 years. Real Sixpack, Shaker 4spd Cudas like this sell for over $130K restored, and climbing! You'll be one of the exclusive few who can claim ownership of such a car.
For one to find a Sixpack Cuda project is by itself a rare find, to find a Sixpack Shaker Cuda Project is a day you'll never forget, to find a Sixpack, Shaker, 4spd, High impact, Rallye dash, white bucket, AM/ 8-track car, Road Lamp, Rimblow, Rear Wing...Cuda in this condition.Congratulations gentlemen you are looking at a Unicorn, you'll never find another Cuda project like this again. You'll be talking about this car for the next two decades remembering the day you stumbled across this Cuda on Ebay.
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and God Bless.