Price: US $19,995.00 Item location: Saint Cloud, Minnesota, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Nissan
  • Model: 300ZX
  • Type: Convertible
  • Year: 1993
  • Mileage: 103,646
  • VIN: JN1RZ27H7PX001784
  • Options: Convertible
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1993 Nissan 300ZX



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For sale is my very rare 1993 Nisan 300ZX Twin Turbo convertible (1 of only 1511 convertibles imported for the North American market - more on that below). The car is red with a black convertible top (the top is in great condition), and new black leather seats. It has a 5 speed manual transmission. The car has 103k miles on it.

I flew out to San Diego, California and purchased this car from the original owner about 14 years ago. The car is stored every winter, so the car has not ever been driven in the snow. And because the car has never seen road salt, there is not even the slightest trace of rust or corrosion anywhere on this car.

This car gets driven very sparingly. Typically only 500-1,000 miles per year, and only when the weather is nice. The rest of the time it sits covered in the garage. So when you see a date listed for when the engine was rebuilt, when the car was painted, or other things, please consider that. Even though it was 5 1/2 years ago when the car was painted, and 7 1/2 years ago when the engine was rebuilt, the car has been driven less than 5,000 miles since then. So the engine and paint are still almost new.

The engine was removed, bored out, & totally rebuilt in 2010 (list of parts used & more details on that below).

The car was repainted in the spring 2012. This is a very high quality paint job. It was painted with all of the best materials available (DuPont primer, Chroma Base, and their best clear coat - I forget the model numbers). The car body was totally dismantled for this paint job. All trim, moldings, wheels, and everything else was removed from the car. What couldn't be removed (like the engine and interior) was covered with plastic, and/or paper All of the body panels were removed and painted off of the car. Because of that, you will see no paint lines anywhere, and there is no over spray on the trim or anywhere else. And because everything was removed from the car, the insides of the doors, door jams, trunk, as well as the bottom side of the trunk and hood were also painted. I can show you as many pictures as you want to see from when the car was disassembled for paint. But the last 2 pictures are 2 of them. That will give you a pretty good idea of what I mean when I say that the car body was totally disassembled for paint!

The car was just wet sanded and buffed in August 2018. The paint is better than when the car was new, it's as smooth as glass, and it looks incredible! To compliment the paint, I just replaced the windshield moldings and the door glass moldings with brand new ones. I'm sure that sounds like it would cost very little. But those 4 moldings cost over $300.

When the car was painted, it also received brand new floor mats and custom leather seats. The new leather was made by Interior Innovations. The seats are made with black leather everywhere. There is no vinyl on these seats. Even the sides and back are leather. I had a black "Z" embroidered on the seat backs. And since the car is red, I had the seats made with red stitching instead of the original black stitching. It is a very subtle detail, but the red stitching really compliments the car well. It also matches the leather shifter handle, & the leather parking brake boot, which also both have red stitching.

CAR HISTORY ------------------------------------------------------------

This car was originally purchased brand new in Hawaii. When the car was 2 or 3 years old, the owner moved to California. He loved this car, so he had it shipped over and it moved with him. I flew out to San Diego and purchased the car from the original owner about 14 years ago. So the car has only had 2 owners. The car has never been in an accident of any kind.

They made 89,156 Z32 300zx's total (all body styles) between 1990 and 1999 (cars were only imported to the USA until 1996). These 90-99 300zx's are called the Z32. Only 3,846 Z32 convertibles were made for the global market. So only 4.3% of all of the 300zx Z32's were convertibles. And of the 3,846 convertibles that were made, only 1,511 of them were imported to North America. So convertible Z32's are an extremely rare car! As you may be aware, convertibles were not available in the USA with the twin turbocharged engine. So this car was converted to a twin turbo. Of the 1511 convertibles that were imported to North America, there were perhaps a couple dozen cars that have the twin turbo engine. The only ones that exist are the ones that were owned by people who were willing to spend $10,000-$15,000 or more (depending on what upgrades were done) to have the car converted. (Obviously it can be done for less if you are doing all of the work yourself). Because of the rarity and condition of this car, and because these Z32 300zx's are now between 23-29 years old, they are becoming collectible cars and the nice ones are rapidly appreciating in value. Especially the twin turbo cars, and the convertibles. If you ever watch the Barrett-Jackson classic car auctions on tv, something they are constantly saying is "If the top goes down, the price goes up". Which means that with classic cars, the convertibles are usually worth more. So now is a good time to buy one of these rare convertibles, while the prices are still fairly reasonable.

It's becoming very difficult to find 300ZX Z32's for sale that are in excellent condition. And if you want a nice twin turbo convertible, that is even more rare. A nice twin turbo convertible may only come up for sale somewhere in the USA just once a year. So if you are interested, don't procrastinate.

CAR UPGRADES ------------------------------------------------------------

The twin turbo conversion was completed in the spring of '07. The conversion was done from an imported '92 JDM front clip with 57k miles. I imported this front clip myself straight from Japan, which took 2 months to arrive via ship and train. After the donor front clip arrived, TT conversion was completed and the first round of upgrades was done, the car was dynoed at 455 HP at the rear wheels. That's about 550 engine HP. The car has not been on the dyno again since the engine was rebuilt and some more upgrades were done. But since the engine is almost new and some upgrades were done when the engine was rebuilt, my best guess is that it now has somewhere in the range of 500-525 HP at the rear wheels. Which is around 600-630 HP at the engine's flywheel. With that much power, this car will burn the tires off when you are going 55 mph on the highway.

The car was repainted in the spring of 2012

Z1 short throw shifter

Kaixen HID Xenon headlight conversion

Custom made dual 10" subwoofer box mounted under convertible top. It has 2 Pioneer subwoofers mounted in it with a 600 watt Kicker Amp running them. As you can probably imagine, there is not much space back there under the convertible top. So an awesome box was custom made to take advantage of every square inch that was available, And mounted in the box are special subs made to put in locations that don't have a lot of mounting depth available.

An Alpine 30x2 watt amp that is mounted under the passenger seat runs the front door speakers. I forget what brand and model the door speakers are, but they are high quality 2 way speakers. And there are separate Pioneer soft dome tweeters that are custom mounted on the front, upper part of the door panels.

A brand new Sony MEX-M100BT head unit was just installed in September 2018. It has a removable face, CD, USB & 3.5 mm inputs. It also has blue tooth. So both you and your passenger can connect your phone to the stereo wirelessly for playing the music you have stored on your phone, listening to Pandora and other streaming music, phone conversations, etc. It has a built in microphone for speaking on hands free calls. And the conversation also gets broadcast through the cars speakers via bluetooth, when you choose to use that feature. This is a marine-rated unit. So it has an ultra bright display that can be easily seen even with the top down in direct sunlight. Yet it automatically dims the display when you turn on the headlights. So it won't blind you at night. Because it is a marine-rated unit, the removable face plate is sealed. So you don't need to be concerned with it getting wet, or with dust getting inside the display.

The tail lights were upgraded in August of 2018 with brand new JDM '99 spec OEM tail lights with the clear turn signal lenses. The stock turn signal lenses were amber, and the clear ones look MUCH better! The matching '99 spec JDM center "reverse light panel" was also upgraded at the same time. The "300ZX" in the center of this panel is red, which looks great on a red car. If you are unfamiliar with what "99 spec" means, those tail light panels were only available on the 1999 Nissan 300zx in Japan. The '97-'99 300zx was not imported into the USA. So the only cars that have those tail lights are the ones on '99 300zx's in Japan, and the ones whose owners went out and purchased and installed them on their cars. While I was at it, I also replaced the 3rd brake panel with a brand new OEM one. That's the long, narrow plastic panel directly above the tail lights. With age, that panel tends to fade and turn from black to a reddish color. And that panel also tends to crack. So the new panel in that location looks great! So everything back there is brand new and is in perfect condition! Those 4 pieces were around $750.

ENGINE/TRANSMISSION ------------------------------------------------------------

Engine Rebuilt April 2010

Bored .020 over

Wiseco forged pistons

ARP rod bolts

ACL race series main & rod bearings

A pair of matched Jim Wolf Technology Sport 700BB ball bearing turbos (Modified Garrett GT28RS/GT2860RS turbos). The left (drivers side) chra was replaced in April 2010. Not because it went bad, but because it had a few small chips in the fins. And at the same time, the turbo housings were changed from .86 A/R to .64 A/R housings for faster spool up. The right (passenger side) chra was replaced in the spring of 2017. The chra is the center housing and rotating assembly, which is all of the moving parts inside of the turbo. When you replace the chra, it essentially means that the turbo is brand new again except for the housings, which never go bad. The chra's cost about $800 per turbo.

AMS exhaust manifolds

Alloy Toyz 3", 5 bolt downpipes

3" custom exhaust system w/Random Technology high flow catalytic converters & Flowmaster race series mufflers

Power Enterprise 850cc fuel injectors. They were just removed to get ultrasonically cleaned & flow tested in July 2018.

Ported & Machined lower plenum with bosses cut for new style fuel rails

New style oem fuel rails

Upgraded Z1 side mount intercoolers

Upgraded Z1 Stainless steel intercooler hard pipes

Ash-Spec ECU with 2 custom programs for the cars options (1 program for 92 octane pump fuel & 1 program for race fuel). There is a toggle switch on the side of the ecu that you flip if you want to run race fuel for more power. I am told that if you run race fuel, flip that switch, and increase the boost, that adds about 50 HP.

Walbro hi flow fuel pump (new summer 2017)

Selin dual maf translator with 2 Airflow meters

Doolz dual pop intake with 2 JWT pop charger reusable/cleanable air cleaners

JWT performance street clutch & pressure plate - A very smooth clutch!

ASP under drive pulley

Stainless steel clutch line

Greddy Profec B Spec 2 boost controller

The intake plenum was painted the same color as the body.

The previous transmission had the typical 4th gear grind that is fairly common to 300zx's. So I replaced it with a perfect working transmission in August of 2018. Now the 4th gear grind is gone and it shifts like butter! The transmission was filled with Red Line MT90, which is the best oil there is for these transmissions.

REAR DIFFERENTIAL ------------------------------------------------------------

This car, being a twin turbo conversion, is going to have better acceleration than a factory twin turbo car. That's because the rear differential in the non-turbo cars has a gear ratio of 4.08. The factory twin turbo cars have a rear differential ratio of 3.692. So a factory twin turbo car with the 3.692 differential in it would need at least another 100 HP to have the same acceleration as a car like this one, with the 4.08 differential.

Cars with this differential are said to go 150 mph at 6900 rpm, which is where the factory red line is and where the cars rev limiter is set. In the Ash-Spec engine management program, that rev limiter was raised to 7400 rpm. Because over the years, it has been determined that 7400 is a safe rpm for this engine to rev to. So although I have never came anywhere close to driving this car that speed, I would imagine that the cars top speed is somewhere in the 170-175 mph range now.

COOLING/BRAKES ------------------------------------------------------------

Champion "3 row" all aluminum radiator. It has about twice the cooling capacity of the stock radiator.

Drilled/slotted brake rotors with Stop Tech brake pads

TIRES & WHEELS ------------------------------------------------------------

Front Tires: Pirelli Cinturato P7. Size 225/45R17 (94H). Tread depth 9/32" (90% tread left)

Rear Tires: Michelin Pilot Sport AS3. Size 245/40ZR17. Tread depth 8/32" (80% tread left)

Wheels: Hikaliline Racing Wheels (Volk GT-AV reproductions), size 17x8.

OPTIONS ------------------------------------------------------------

The car has all of the options that you would expect it to have, like:

Air Conditioning

Cruise Control

Power Windows

Power Locks

Power Mirrors

Power Seat

Power Steering (recent new steering pump and rack installed)

ABS Brakes

Drivers Side Airbag

Bluetooth CD Stereo

Leather Seats

I have the original titanium key, the red valet key, and the owners manual that the car came with.

As you can see from all of the information above, a lot of time, money, and effort went into making this car what it is. The price of the car is $19,995. If you went out and purchased a decent convertible 300zx, I bet it would cost you about twice as much to build this same car. And it would take you several hundred hours to do it. The car has a clean title with no liens.If you are not local and you are considering flying in for the car, let me know and we can discuss the possibility of an airport pickup. If you send me your name and number and let me know when is a good time to call, I would be happy to call you to discuss the car and tell you whatever you would like to know. My area code is 320. So if you ask me to call and you see an unfamiliar number come across your caller id with that area code, please don't ignore it.

If you are interested in seeing the car, I am on Hwy 10 in St Cloud, Mn.

There will be no joy rides. I am happy to show the car most anytime. And I would also be happy to take any serious potential buyers out for a drive in the car so you can see how it runs, drives, and performs (weather permitting - it will not be going out for a test drive in the rain or when the roads are wet). However you will not be driving it yourself unless you can show me that you have the money to purchase the car, or you can show me that you have an approved loan (meaning you are welcome to look at it, and I will take you out for a drive in the car with me driving. But you will not be driving it yourself, unless you can show me that you have the means to buy it). If you have any questions or if you would like to set up a time to see the car, please let me know.

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