Price: US $10,000.00
  • Make: Lincoln
  • Model: Mark Series
  • Type: Coupe
  • Year:1972
  • Mileage:97000
  • VIN:2y89a808205
  • Color:Gold
  • Engine size:460
  • Number of cylinders:8
  • Power options:Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Windows, Power Seats
  • Fuel:Gasoline
  • Transmission:Automatic
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: Brown
  • Vehicle Title: Clean
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1972 Lincoln Mark Series

1972 Lincoln Mark IV
I am a classic car collector, andenthusiast. I have written this listing to describe exactly how I see this car. I care about my reputation, and my fruits. Itry to be astransparentas possible, please remember this car is over 50 years.I am not theoriginalowner.
I have had this car about 7 months, I do not know the history on this car, or where it'sbeen. I purchased it in Las Vegas NV.I purchased this car as a classic weekend driver because it has all 4 going for it. This car is rust free, decent looking paint, has nice interior, and a solid drivetrain drive. This is not a perfect car.I have never seen one really old that is. I drive this car once a week a couple miles to the grocery store. I keep this car clean, waxed,garaged and I keepthe fluids up, the battery charged, and the tires aired up.
The engine runs great, starts right up, nice and smooth. Quiet, No blow by,veryresponsive. Doesn'tsmoke. Has been rebuilt a few years ago. The actual miles on the engine are unknown. The wires, spark plugs, cap and rotor appear new. The oil is clean, the air filter could be replaced. Belts and hoses are fair.
The harmonicbalancer, water pump, power steering pump, alternator, ac compressor, are all in good working condition. No funnynoisesor balancing issues or leaks on the accessories.
Fuel system?
The fuel system is in good shape. The fuel tank is clean,thefuel pump and fuel lines are new, along with a newEdelbrockcarburetor.
The transmission shifts great. May have been rebuilt at one time. Looks really clean. Fluid looks and smells great.I'mnot sure when the filter has been changed last.
Charging system and electrical system?
The alternator has been replaced along with the battery cables and the battery. The alternator is working great. No known electrical issues, orparasiticshorts
The climate control system?
The heater and air conditioning do work.However, The AC is COLD howeverInoticedthe ac does have a slow freon leak,I'mnot sure where from and will need to be repaired or recharged every summer. The blower motor works. The heater core is good. The controls that switch the air from the vents to the floor and dash all are working. I can pull a quick vacuum and recharge the ac for you before you buy it. It should hopefully last through the summer.
Radio and 8 track?
The stereo is not working. Not surewhat'swrong with it.
Tires are in fair condition. They have lots of tread but are old and show dry rotting. They will need to be replaced if the car is to be ran on the highway for any distance or driven daily.
Paint and body, and the top?
Has had one repaint, the metallic orange paint job is in fair condition. It Shows some fading, minor orange peel, has a couple small dents and dings, rock chips. The rear bumper is pushed in on the back left corner. The right rear side of the car has some scratches. The front passenger front fender has some scratches. The hood shows where some bird poop sat to long on it and left some imprints.Looks pretty good from 5 feet away. Looks even better from 10 feet away.
The landau top looks good. Not sure ifit'sbeen replaced.
Frame, lines,Bondo, and rust,floorboards and doors?
The frame is nice and straight and rust free,thelines look good. Rust free doors, completely rust-freecar except on the drivers front bottom fender, you can see some minor bubbling through the paint. The front hood hinges need to be adjusted to align just right. But the hood is not dented or dinged. After walking the car with amagnet looking for bondo,the onlyareathemagnetwon'tstick is a small area at the drivers rear quarterpanel, but the repair shows no cracking. Floorboards are all there no rust.
The chrome?
The chrome is all there. However,theback bumper needs to be replaced due to a dent on the drivers rear. The front bumper has some rock chips. The hoodornamentneedsto be replaced. My car cover broke it in high winds. I have JB welded it on for now until areplacementhas beenlocated.
No dash cracks. Shows some wear on the driver's seat and on thedriver'sdoor panel. The headliner sags a bit. The passenger sun visor mirror needs to be re attached.
The glass is all good except a small crack in the windshield.
Engine cooling system?
Theantifreezeis nice and green. The car is notoverheating.However,theradiatoris 50 years old andI'mnot sure when it was serviced last. The fan clutch is good, water pump is good, the thermostat is working but should be changed forpeaceof mind. The hoses are fair.
The Hazards and turn signals, horn, headlights highbeam, and running lights, brake lights, reverse lights, interior lights and dash lights andcruisecontrol, windshieldwipers and clock?
The turn signals are not working, the switch in the column needs to be replaced,thehazards work, the headlights and running lights work, brake lights work, reverse lights work. Horn does not work. Interior lights work dash lights work. Thecruisecontrol is not working.I'mnot sure if all the dash indicator lights work. I have never seen the temp light come on, the sure track brake light goes on and off. The windshield wipers do not work. The cartier clock is not working.
The gauges, dash lights and speedometer?
The fuel gauge is not working. Speedometer is not working. THE ODOMETER IS NOT WORKING. Actual miles on the car are unknown.
The brakes?
The brakes on the car are fair. It stops OK. The pedal feels a bit mushy It will need to have the brakes servicedlikely a new master cylinder, and front lines and pads. Maybe even a sticking caliper. Not sure as Ihaven'tchecked them out. But they will need to be addressed before any extensive, or highway driving.I'mnot sure of the pad life left, or the last time they were serviced. The car pulls to the left. Not sure ifit'sa stickingcaliperor an alignment maybe both?
The reardeferentialis quiet. No leaks observed. Not sure when the last service was, or the condition of the fluid inside.
The front and rear suspension andalignment?
The shocks and tie rods, ball joints, and control arm bushings are old but are still in fair working condition. No clunking or bouncing or play in the wheel or the ball joints. The tires are solid on the car, no play. The power steering gear box is good, no play or leaks. The car does pull and will need analignment. The Steering column coupler rubber bushing is showing cracking and will need to be replaced soon.
Window regulators and electric window motors and switches?
Thedriver'swindow goes up and down great. The passenger side is a little slow. The rear windows slide but are slow and they struggle. The window motors all work except the sunroof. The switches work
The sunroof is not working. Not surewhat'swrong.
Exhaust system?
The entire exhaust system is brand new. Straight pipes into flow masters. Sounds like a hot rod Lincoln.
This car leaks a little oil. Nothing crazy.
Motor mounts body mounts transmission mounts?
The motor mounts are good as are theTransmissonmounts. Body mounts are good. No noises.
The u joints appear to be quiet no clunking. Carrier bearing appears to be good. No balancing issues. Nice and quiet. I do not know the age of the u joints. Like any old car they are amaintenanceitem that has to be watched.
Trunk condition, spare tire and jack? manuals?
The trunk is in clean goodcondition, no leaks the spare tire jack and manuals are all included.
Weather stripping and window seals and trunk seals and engine heat cover directly under the hood?
The weather stripping and window seals and trunk seal on this car look pretty good. The passenger door could use a new seal but no leaks anywhere. The hood heat cover is intact and in good shape.
Emergency brake?
The emergency brake works.
The headlights go up and down as they should.
Door locks, trunk lock, power locks, glove box, and door handles?
The door locks work, trunk lock works, the power door locks work as well. Thedriver'sinterior door handle is broken. The glove box is nice, opens and closes no issues.
All the seatbelts are functional and clean.
Power seats?
Both drivers and passenger front power seats are operable.
Comes with two sets of keys. Clean NV title.
This car is completelyoriginalexcept the hub caps, and the carburetor. The hub caps are from a younger Lincoln
This is a great classic driver. Starts right up, no funnynoises, sounds great, solid heavy car, classy car, best looking of the mark IV before the bumpers changed more classic looking. The sound of the 460 big block engine roaring down the road and the smell of a carburetor. Driving down the road with 10 feet of hood in front of you while sitting in a lazy boy in a massive landyacht floating down the road with your family worry free to the drive through in a car that represents America in the 1970's. Thats what this car represents to me. Real classic American steel car from the 70's this is whatAmericancars were all about. Made back when bigger was always better.

Please email me with any questions or concerns. Thanks for looking.
All inspections are welcome. The sale of this car is final. No refunds or returns. I will not beresponsiblefor anyrepairs, nor any warranty applied. I havedescribedthis vehicle to the best of my knowledge, the buyer isresponsiblefor conductingtheir own duediligence, and the buyer isresponsiblefor allaccruedshipping charges from 86441.