Lamborghini countach replica kit car. Project car. 5000s corvette motor. Porsche

Price: - Item location: Fairfax Station, Virginia, United States
  • Condition: New
  • Make: Lamborghini
  • Model: Countach
  • Year: 1900
  • Mileage: 0
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1900 Lamborghini Countach

Being re-listed due to a deadbeat kenbroseb who was the original buyer / seller
I just had the rear end redone to support the weight of the v8 over the normal 4 cal most people put into it. THIS IS NOT A FIERO IN ANY WAY, HAPE OR FORM... Frame was built from a pro shop and they installed the drivetrain and did most of the work.
Put year as 1900 since no VIN
For sale is a cool project my son started. He just went into service for 4 more years overseas so he says let it go. When finished this will be like a expensive sports car. It has corvette all aluminum motor and porsche tranny. Chassis was custom made by a professional shop. The hard part is done but will need more work to make complete. Steering, rakes, tc. Has new tires and rims...245/45/zr17 and rears are 315/35/zr17. This is a project car that though not in beginning stages, t is a ways to go before you hit the gas pedal and fry the tires. It has c5 brakes, ubs, pindles and control arms. Corvette rack and pinion steering with c5 brake setup. Billet aluminum ls adapter plate with new clutch, lywheel and pressure plate. 2 custom 15 gallon gallon aluminum gas tanks behind the seats that need finished. Corvette petals. There are a few boxes of parts and extra parts Looks like wiring harness, rakes, rackets, ights, tc.As far as glass, here is a brand new curved windshield and that's it. He actually was going to make a convertible out of it and glass the doors in so you could just jump in. Kinda like a cobra I guess. Where's its at now you can decide where you want to go with it. A very believable countach or make something no one has seen. I took pictures. What you see is what you get. All the body parts are there. If your unsure of something or have a question please ask. I'll do my best to answer. I believe this is is supposed to be a replica of a 1988 5000s. I told my son to write everything down for me but you know how that goes. We did kinda go over what he had into it so far and it's in the 30's. the body kit is very well made. Very thick. On average probably 1/4 inch thick and more.
The body is sitting on chassis by temporary supports. It seems solid to me and you should have no problem in hauling it home. It really can't move that much. I would guess it would take 4 or 5 guys working together to lift it back off or some kind of hoist system. The motor is from a used vette. He bought from a salvaged 2000 that had 35k miles on it. I have some receipts that got ruined by rain but it says that was 6500.00. The biggest skill sets I see needed are finishing the fabrication of chassis for supports, inges, tc but if you weld it should be no problem. Everything is pretty much custom on something like this and has to be fitted or made. It has porshe tranny because they are made for rear drive settings. It has a steering wheel but no column. Sky is really the limit on this thing and where you want to go with it. I would think a lot has to do with yours or if you have friends that work on cars skill levels. If you been watching countach's they keep getting higher and higher. That means this will be worth more and more because who has 4-5 hundred thousand for real thing. Anyway I wish I knew more other than what I've researched about this or had been around when this was being made but he was out of state. And my son really didn't say to much. I think it hurts him that its selling.
- kenbroseb