Price: - Item location: Atlanta, Georgia, United States
  • Make: Lamborghini
  • Model: Diablo
  • Type: Convertible
  • Year: 1980
  • Mileage: 15675
  • VIN: RBT07P20050306888
  • Color: Red
  • Engine size: GM 3.8 SCII Supercharged
  • Number of cylinders: V6
  • Transmission: Audi 5-Speed
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: Black/Dark Charcoal
  • Vehicle Title: Clean
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1980 Lamborghini Diablo





  • NAERC (North American Exotic Replica Cars) Body w/Tubular Frame
  • GM 3.8 Liter SC II (Super-Charged) V6 Engine w/Simulated V-12 Cover
  • Audi 5-Speed Manual Transmission
  • LCD Audio/Navigation/Rear Camera
  • 1200-Watt Sony Amplifier
  • Power Windows & Door Locks
  • Air Conditioning Installed (see details below)
  • Many Authentic Lamborgini Parts Throughout
  • Georgia Titled as: 2000 LAMBORGHINI DIABLO
  • Owned by highly-respected ATL Classic Car Enthusiast/Restorer
  • In sum, likely the most eye-catching vehicle you will ever drive…everyone “goes nuts” when they see it!
EBAY LIST NOTE: Car is titled as a 2000 model year, but eBay's post-1981 database does not accommodate Replica Car VINs, so we had to enter "1980" in the listing year field.

INTRODUCTION: Are you in love with the outrageousness of the Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster? If so, you are not alone…many seasoned automotive enthusiasts lose their composure and go “gaga” at the sight of this beautiful beast. But nice examples are invariably well into six digits, and recent listings we have checked go all the way to $700,000. So what’s a non-billionaire collector to do? If you are like the current owner of this beauty, you look for a quality replica.

DIABLO VT ROADSTER & REAR SPOILER HISTORY: As if the introduction of the Diablo series in 1990 was not enough, Lamborghini teased the exotic car world with the unveiling of an open-top Roadster concept at the 1992 Geneva Motor Show. The reception was fantastic, with Lamborghini begging for the car, so in 1995 production of the Diablo VT Roadster began.

Interestingly, the original prototype had no rear spoiler! Many say the car is more beautiful without it, so the decision was made not to mount a rear spoiler on this car.

NAERC FRAME/BODY: The NAERC (North America Exotic Replica Cars) approach to the Diablo VT Roadster replica is highly respected and considered by many to be the “top-shelf” approach. There is a large photo-book (see images at right) that contains a comprehensive look at the thoughtful build of this car. The quality and ruggedness of the NAERC tubular frame components – and faithful body – are very impressive and reassuring. The end result is a much more convincing replica…far more sophisticated than just mounting a fiberglass body onto a Fiero chassis.

IMPORTANT IMAGE NOTES: There are over 100 images, because we want to show you EVERY aspect of this fine classic that we can think of. Please be sure to examine ALL of them. The vast majority will impress you with how nice the car is. But please don’t expect the absolute perfection of a trailered showcar. There is age and use “patina” and the final image section deliberately points out some of the cosmetic flaws that you should expect…most are not very noticeable (and have NO effect on how people “ooh and ahh” at the car) unless you are up-close and looking for them, but they are “there” and we want you to know about them.


EXCELLENT INVESTMENT –With genuine Lamborghini values still very high for the Diablo Roadster, the future looks bright for the quality replicas.

THE FIRST 12 PICTURESwill give you a general overview of this impressive Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster replica. But if you are seriously interested...we suggest that you look at ALL 100+ images because we want you to see EVERYTHING. Simply "scroll down" to see the pictures.

Over 3,000 TRANSACTIONS WITH HAPPY PEOPLE!As of the date of this listing, we've had over 3,000 transactions (both BuyingandSelling) on eBay without a single complaint. One of the keys to our success is to showlargerandmoreimages than almost any other eBay listing...so you canclearlysee what you are getting. We also give a very detailed description of the car...not just a couple sentences like many listings.
QUESTIONS?...after reviewing ALL the images and reading the entire description, please call Jim Murphy if you have any questions: 706-429-7924

REPLICA CAR REALITIES…It has been reported that Lamborghini invested 6-BILLION Lira in the development of Diablo. Then, keep in mind, that even the genuine exotic supercars are infamous for their frequent and expensive repairs!

The designers and builders of replicas do not have even a tiny fraction of those development dollars. So the buyer of this car must accept that owning this car is – in a sense – a constant testing and development project. Fortunately, the GM engine and Audi transmission use relatively inexpensive and easy-to-get parts. But the entire electronic/mechanical assembly is complex with the same tight packaging constraints as a real Lamborghini.

Most importantly, do not buy this replica if you intend to drive it like a real Lamborgini…it is not designed, engineered, or built to perform the same as an exotic supercar. Don’t plan to “dump the clutch” at high RPM as one would in “the real thing”. Treat it more like a boulevard cruiser, take in the scenery and be generous – let people have a moment to take a look! Be realistic…at a savings of anywhere from $100,000+ to $500,000+ “something has to give” and though you “have the look”, you do not have the “innards” required for the performance of a genuine Diablo VT Roadster. It is true that some replica owners drive their cars in such a way as to make you think it performs like “the real thing”, but invariably it is eventually proven that it cannot reliably do so.

Finally, please understand that this car is a replica…not an exact clone. It has been made to look as authentic as resources would allow…right down to many nameplates, stickers, etc. But the frame, drivetrain, and virtually all mechanical and electrical components are not Lamborghini parts…nor is it all-wheel drive as an authentic VT would be. The “targa” top must also be unlocked and moved manually.

CURRENT OWNER DETAILS/OPERATIONAL REPORT: the current owner is a well-known senior collector and fellow member of a long-standing Atlanta-based car club. He has owned over 100 cars, including a 1965 Porsche Carrera Sunroof Coupe, Mercedes 280SL once owned by Farrah Fawcett, 1962 Porsche Twin Grille Super 90, “James Dean” type Porsche Spyder (likely worth $1million+ today), and a 1962 Thunderbird Sports Roadster that was displayed at the Ford Rotunda in Dearborn. I mention his past ownership of these cars not to be boastful in any way…but to make the point that of ALL these cars, I never saw him as excited about getting a car as he was about obtaining this Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster replica!

When the Diablo VT was delivered to him in 2016, he immediately took it out on the highway (at legal speeds, believe it or not) and was impressed with how well it drove, and especially how strong the brakes were. Then, he spent a lot of time over these past four years in his shop looking over things that he felt he could improve. Both seats were re-covered in leather, he installed the LCD Audio/Nav unit, a new HVAC control unit was installed, etc. And then, just recently – at 81 years of age – he required heart surgery. Though he is doing well, recuperation has not allowed him to recharge/test the Air Conditioner or drive the car extensively for further testing (though it performed well for the brief drive to the photoshoot).

During the photoshoot for this listing, all external lights, the horn, power windows/locks, and audio/nav system were tested and were operational. The engine started instantly and has a stable cool idle at about 900 RPM. We noted a small valve cover leak. Also, please know that the scissor-doors are heavy - and though they did “stand up” for the photoshoot – they can come down unexpectedly so we do not recommend leaving them in the upright position for any period of time.

ODOMETER NOTE: at the time of listing on eBay, the odometer reads 15,675.2. This mileage is believed correct, but cannot be guaranteed or warranted as the current owner is not the original owner or builder of the car.

PAYMENT TERMS: A $500 non-refundable deposit via PayPal is due immediately upon the listing’s end. Balance payment is due within 3-business days of auction's end via Bank to Bank wire transfer.

PICK-UP DATE…must be no later than MAY 28!

INTERNATIONAL BIDDERSare welcome, but MUST adhere to the SAME Payment Terms detailed above and also make all arrangements for the pick-up and importation of the Vehicle into the Buyer's country.
ABOUT ME:I am an avid Classic Car enthusiast. After retiring from 30 years of Sales & Marketing in a Global 100 company, I began buying and selling Classic Cars and Collectibles as a collector and for friends and clients. This classic exotic replica belongs to a close friend and fellow member of the Atlanta chapter of VTCI.
Please Note:as of this date, we have had over 3,000 eBay transactions with 100% Positive Feedback...this includes the sale of many Classic Cars to Buyers all over the world, including Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Australia, Russia, Canada, Japan and throughout the United States.
IMPORTANT DOCUMENT, TITLE & CONDITION OF SALE REMARKS:Bill of Sale (with no known liens), and Georgia Title will be provided to the Buyer.

NOTE: Perhaps the biggest contribution that the current owner made to this Diablo Roadster VT replica was to have it fully prepared to pass Georgia’s inspection and be awarded a Georgia Title, as the car had not been previously titled. It is now titled as a 2000 Lamborghini Diablo 2-Door. Other notations (common to titled replica cars) are: “Assembled” and “Court Order” under “Title Brand”, and a note that “This title was issued on the basis of a surety bond and may be subject to undisclosed liens, security interests, salvage, odometer reading discrepancy, or other conditions”.

This Vehicle is sold strictly as-shown and on a final as-is basis without any warranties expressed or implied due to age. Even the very best-built exotic replica cars will require additional maintenance and service - often without warning. Therefore, please expect to continue - as the new owner and caretaker of this Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster replica - to perform additional maintenance and repairs. We hope that you are able to enjoy the Diablo without the need for an immediate repair - but understand that this indeed could be found necessary. As seasoned exotic replica car enthusiasts and collectors know, every time you start (or attempt to start) an exotic replica is a new experience...it could be a wonderful ride, or a new repair to undertake. That is the nature of the hobby, and this replica should not be purchased if you are not prepared for this reality. In sum, it is not expected to be nearly as finicky or expensive to repair as “the real thing”, but it is not quite like having a bullet-proof Toyota in a “Diablo suit” either!

We have presented the car accurately to the best of our ability, but oversights are possible. Therefore -beforethe auction's end - bidders are welcome to examine the vehicle in person. All sales are final.

Because this car was primarily displayed vs. driven - and is untested for long trips - we recommend that it be transported to its new locale.

We remind you to be sure to review ALL the images and ALL the captions for this classic, on the rightbecause - in addition to this description - they relate


I accept the following forms of payment:
  • Please see description write-up for Payment Terms

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