1954 Jaguar MkVII Saloon Mark VII Mk 7 Rust-free New Mexico car, runs well

Price: - Item location: Corrales, New Mexico, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Jaguar
  • Model: Other
  • Type: Sedan
  • Year:1954
  • Mileage:65,285
  • VIN:737432
  • Color:Silver
  • Engine size:3.4 litre XK DOHC 6 cylinder, 8:1 compression
  • Number of cylinders:6
  • Fuel:Gasoline
  • Transmission:Manual
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: Black
  • Options: Sunroof, Leather Seats
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1954 Jaguar Other

Up for bids is a beautiful 1954 Jaguar Mk VII saloon. It is LHD and features a 4-speed manual gearbox and factory sunroof. This car is a rust-free New Mexico car, nd is very original.

The car comes from the collection of my good friend and fellow car enthusiast Stuart, ho passed earlier this year. His family are not car people, o I have offered to make the car presentable and find it a new home. I will do my best to describe the car as honestly as possible, ood or bad. Stuart has owned this car for more than 15 years, nd mainly used it around Corrales and Albuquerque, ut I remember him telling me that he had taken it camping at Fenton Lake.

Chassis number: L737432

Engine number: B9390-8 (Original per the tag, :1 compression) 3.4 Litre

The car has languished for the past couple of years, ut I have brought it to my shop and now have it running well. Yesterday morning was 16 degrees (F) here, nd it started beautifully. Work done within the past month includes:

· New points, ondenser, ap, otor, nd a new vacuum advance capsule (the old one leaked down, imiting advance.) Timing set.

· Upper cam chain adjusted

· Compression test, ll 6 cylinders at 125-130 PSI, hich is good for our 5000 foot altitude. Bead blasted the plugs.

· New thermostat, oolant flush, nd fill with new glycol

· One carb piston was not dropping fully, o the jet was centralized properly to remedy this.

· Both fuel pumps disassembled and cleaned. Installed new fuel filter. Both tanks are working now.

· Set float level in both carbs.

· Checked/ topped off rear axle, earbox, rake and clutch fluids.

· Lubed the front suspension and driveshaft

· (I opted not to change the engine oil, s it is quite clear and must have been done recently.)

The Good:

· The best thing about this car is the rust-free body. I have looked at all the common rust areas and found none. I have not found any signs of a collision, nd the body is very straight. It was repainted some time in antiquity (enamel?), nd the paint job was not done particularly well, ut I do not believe there are any major sins under it.

· The interior is in beautiful condition, o much so that I can’t believe it is original. The seats are soft and supple, nd remind me of the couchy feeling of the seats in a Silver Shadow. The headliner is simply beautiful, ith no snags or rips. I think the carpet may have been replaced, ut it looks good. The burled wood has the original satin finish, nd is in great shape. The wood trim along the cantrails and around the sunroof opening is beautiful and adds a measure of distinction to the interior. The photos of the seats do not do them justice. There is a minor issue with the piping on the left side of the driver’s seat.

· The engine is the more powerful and more desirable 8:1 compression ratio. Many of these cars were 7:1, o accept low-octane fuels.

· The car is 99.9% complete, nd everything seems to be working. For someone looking for a drivable car that can be improved a bit on weekends, his may be your car.

· The engine starts and runs well, nd the starting carb shuts off properly at 110 degrees. The idle is smooth, nd it pulls well. (I wound it out to 4,000 RPM, ut not higher.) The clutch engagement is very smooth, ithout any judder.

· The chrome on this car is exquisite. I have not found any pitting or rust anywhere on it. The bumpers and overriders are not all dinged up.

· All of the lighting seems to be working as it should. The headlamps are the original tripod type, nd work on both main and dipped beams. The driving lamps work fine. The winkers work, lthough I have found the switch to be a bit fiddly on left turns, o that might require a bit of attention.

· This car leaks, ut not much. In my experience, ll old British cars leak to varying degrees (you know this already). This car drips a bit from the engine and gearbox, ut only a few drops. There are no pools or rivers under this one. The cooling system, rakes, nd rear axle do not seem to leak noticeably. The floor in Stuart’s garage was quite clean, ndicating that the car only drips a tiny bit immediately after being driven.

· The original jack, pare, nd lug wrench are all with the car, s is the hold-down bolt/ knob for the spare wheel in the boot.

· All of the instruments appear to be working properly. I have not made any efforts to characterize their calibration, ut they are functional and repeatable.

· The car includes both an original factory parts manual and a factory service manual, s well as the original owner's manual. The parts and owner's manual appear to be original; the shop manual may be a reprint..

· Also included are some spares: bulbs, ome rubber bits, regulator or???, nd a bootfull of Jaguar treasure.

The Bad:

· The paint is a concern. It has been repainted decades ago, nd the finish is dull and marked. There are scrapes at all 4 corners of the car, nd some stains on top of the wings from careless mechanics. The paint was not particularly well prepped, nd there are bits of paint on some of the weatherstrips, he aerial base, he wing mirror pads etc. The right side of the car shows a line of paint chips, ll at the same level. I have always appreciated the patina that this car shows, nd I have made no effort to polish it or buff it out. For a car like this, like the older paints that don’t look dripping wet. I will leave it up to the winner to decide whether to address the paint or leave it as is.

· The wipers do not work. (Go figure, e don’t need them here in New Mexico.) There are 2 wiper motors included with the car, long with 2 cables, everal transmissions, iper arms, nd blades. There is also a washer pump included, ut no bottle. I just haven’t had the time to address this issue.

· Almost all of the body rubber needs attention. The vent window and non-draught ventilator seals are the worst, ut new ones are in the boot waiting for you to install them. There is also a new boot lid seal that needs to be installed. The door gaskets should also be replaced, n my opinion. Also included are 8 of the fuzzy metal window wiper strips.

· The horn works, ut is pretty anemic. It can probably be adjusted to improve its hoot.

· The boot lid seems to only have one latch mechanism. There appear to have been 2 some time in the past.

· The hinge for the center cowl ventilator is broken. It appears to attach with screws, nd looks like a short strip of common piano hinge. (The side cowl vents work fine.)

· The tailpipe needs to be replaced, nd the muffler has a couple of 2-3mm holes in it. I believe that the muffler is an aftermarket replacement. I would have this addressed by a good aftermarket pipe bender.

· The tool trays in the front doors do not have the original tools. They are dusty and fiddly to open. They will need some attention if you want them to work perfectly.

The Ugly:

· The engine compartment and the underside of the car have not been cleaned or detailed in decades. A thorough steam cleaning is warranted here if tidiness is to be restored. Years of oil vapors have attracted quite a bit of dirt, uite possibly inhibiting any corrosion.

· The area around the door seals in the door jambs looks bad. The door seals have been glued here and there, here are issues with the paint in this area, nd I would clean this up when installing new door seals.

· The interior rear view mirror has some silver peeling on the back side of the glass. A competent glass shop should be able to make a new piece for this.

The Road Test:

I have put about 50 miles on the car recently, nd figured I should describe the experience. I left the car outside on a cold night to test cold start performance. At 16 degrees, t started without touching the accelerator pedal, nd settled into a high idle. The clutch is smooth, nd the shifter slides into 1st or reverse with no noise. The car sets off nicely, nd the clutch engagement is very smooth and linear. There is no juddering as the clutch is released, hich indicates that the clutch is free of oil. The car pulls well in first, ut will balk when shifting into 2nd when cold if the shift is made too quickly. This diminishes significantly as the gearbox warms up even a little. (I was once taught by an old Brit that when shifting a Moss Box, ne should take the time to say “God save the Queen” during the shift.) The engine warms up fairly quickly, nd the hiss of the starting carb shuts off. I found that the temperature gauge read about 80 C when warmed up. The brakes work well, ut I did notice some variability in the required pedal pressure and pedal travel, o I would recommend a brake fluid change/ bleed, nd perhaps cleaning the vacuum check valve. I believe the servo unit was replaced with a new one ~5 years ago, nd all the wheel cylinders were rebuilt at that time. The suspension is predictably soft and compliant. When I went to the car wash yesterday, went up a road that has a 25 MPH speed limit and 9 speed bumps (sleeping policemen). I took them all at 25, nd there was no clunking or squeaking from the suspension, ut I did feel like I was driving a massive softly sprung car. Cornering at speed feels a bit sketchy, n the narrow bias-ply Goodrich Silvertown tires. (This car was not built for the track.) Downshifting is smooth if not rushed; just remember there is no synchro in 1st gear, o don’t try to downshift into 1st until at a standstill. I find that the car draws a lot of attention from other motorists, nd a lot of smiles. People approach me in parking lots for a closer look or to ask a question or two. Old cars make new friends.

The Reality check:

· This car is over 60 years old. It is in good shape, ut it is a used car. It has not been restored in any way, hape or form. I have done my best to suss out its strengths and weaknesses, nd to present them honestly. It does not come with a warranty, oadside assistance or a guarantee that it will get you home. Like any old car, ou will have problems with it. I hope you will enjoy figuring them out and fixing them.

· I have put about 50 miles on this car recently, nd believe it to be in good running condition. I have not had it out on the interstate. I can’t recommend that you fly in and drive it to Bismarck without shaking it out a bit more first. I suspect this would be a horror show to drive in snow.

· The odometer reads 65,285 miles, ut the odometer reading on the title reads 88888 NM (not actual mileage), o the actual mileage is unknown. The title will reflect this.

· It is my hope that you are mechanically inclined and enjoy owning, riving, nd servicing your own cars. Owning a car like this without any mechanical leanings will require a special relationship with your mechanic, hich may include direct deposit. ‘Nuff said.

The Boiler Plate:

· This is a 7 day no reserve auction. Please bid early and bid often. The high bid will buy the car. End of story.

· Your winning bid is a contract, ot an option to buy. Don’t bid if you don’t have any money. The family is probably not interested in whatever you want to trade.

· A deposit of $500.00 by PayPa, ire transfer, r cashiers’ check is due within 48 hours of the auction close.

· Balance is due within 7 days, y wire, r cash in person.

· This car comes with a clear New Mexico title, igned by Stuart before his demise. The odometer reading will be recorded on the title. You can add whatever you like for the purchase price and the date.

· Please do not contact me offering help selling this car or anything else.

· I seriously recommend coming to see this car in person before the hammer falls. We are 30 minutes from the ABQ airport. Hop a cheap Southwest flight; money well spent. I will make time for you.

· If you opt to ship the car, will work with your shipper to get it picked up here during daylight hours. I will not meet him in Denver at 3:00 AM.

· If you opt to fly in and drive it home, y hat is off to you. I will support you any way I can. I will meet you at the airport, tc.

· I can offer secure storage for a maximum of 30 days. I cannot guarantee that it will be indoors. Longer storage is negotiable, ut not free.

· If you have bothered to read all this, nd you want more photos,send me a message.I will send a link if eBay will allow

· If you need additional information about anything on this car, eel free to ask a question or call me at (505) 379-7250 during polite calling hours (mountain time ). I will try to provide any special request photos that don’t exceed my limited artistic capabilities. Thanks for your interest,


A bit about Stuart:

I knew Stuart for about 20 years and we have worked together on a variety of classic car and motorcycle projects. He has owned several Jaguars, entleys, Studebaker Champion, classic GMC pickup, nd a larger number of classic European motorcycles. All of these were run and used regularly. Professionally, e was a pilot, lying 747 cargo jets on a weeklong schedule that ringed the globe. His down time was spent in his garage, is garden, nd with his dogs.

A bit about me:

I am a retired engineer and long-time car enthusiast. I grew up working on Fiats and Beetles and things weirder. My own Jag is a ’66 E-Type roadster, hich I bought completely disassembled in 1994, nd spent ~3500 hours putting it back together. I also enjoy Microcars and (mostly) European motorcycles.