1954 Ford F-100 Short Bed Pickup

Price: US $7,500.00 Item location: West Jordan, Utah, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Ford
  • Model: F-100
  • Type: Standard Cab Pickup
  • Year:1954
  • Mileage:55725
  • VIN:UTP07397
  • Vehicle Title: Clean
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1954 Ford F-100

1954 Ford short bed pickup sheet metal on a late 1960 to middle 1970’s Ford f100 twin I beam frame. Please read entire description. This is some of the best sheet metal I have ever seen. This truck came from the desert area of Nevada. The owners said it along with other cars and old machinery was left by the previous owners when they bought the ranch in 2016. They did not have a title and the vin tag was gone off the glove box door. I did the footwork and had Utah state issue a vin number. I then did all the necessary work to have the state issue a title. It is titled as a 1954 ford F100 pickup. The TITLE IS CLEAR AND CLEAN and in my name which i will sign over to the new owner. . When I found the truck the front fenders, radiator support, grille and valance assembly were moved forward from the cab about 2 feet. hood was off. The bed was on blocks and the rear fenders were in it. Looks like they were building brackets to mount the cab and bed to the frame. Front cab mounts are done, back of cab is sitting on wood blocks. I have put it back together with a minimum of fasteners. Just enough to see what the complete truck looks like. None of the sheet metal is bolted to the frame. I will strap and secure it to the frame for safe shipping. THE CAB - Roof is smooth and straight. I cannot see any dents, it doesn’t look like it has ever had any body work done on it. The drip rails are straight and have some very minor surface rust. They Are very solid. The back of the cab is very straight and I can’t see where any body work has ever been done on it. The seam between the roof and cab is solid with no rust. The cowl, vent and cowl side panels are straight with no rust and do not look like they have ever been repaired. Cowl vent opens and closes good. The firewall has been trimmed to put a different steering column in. Not a good job it will need to be cleaned up. Original instrument cluster, original heater. Dash is perfect with no extra holes or any sign of ever being repaired. The floor is really nice with no rust. Has a ¾ inch hole drilled just in front of the driver’s seat would be, no idea why. All the seams are solid with no rust. Both door hinge pillars are straight with no rust. The sill panels are solid and straight with no rust. There is a small rust out on both rear cab corners, probably go up about 2 inches. The inside corners are good. Pinchweld on the back of the cab has been cut in two places and needs to be welded. The cab mounts and braces are solid with no rust. Both doors open and close smoothly. The windows roll up and down smoothly. I took the door inspection plates off. The driver’s door has two small screw holes just below the wing window that were filled and four small holes on the upper and front part of the window frame. Looks like it had west coast mirrors at one time. Other than that I cannot see where the door has ever been repaired. There is a small dent towards the bottom about 4 inches long. There is no rust in the door that I can find. the hinges work smoothly and are tight. The passenger door also opens and closes smoothly and window rolls up and down smoothly. Hinges are tight and work great. Can’t tell from outside but when I had inspection plates off the doors with a flashlight I found the passenger door has a small area about halfway up about 6 inches from the front that has been repaired. Looks like it was about 3 inches around. Also had the west coast mirror holes filled. This door also is completely rust free. The vent glass has delamination and side windows on both doors are starting. The driver’s side glass has a small crack on the lower rear but it is very usable. The WINDSHEILD IS FOMCO and looks like it only has a couple hundred miles on it, it is really nice. Has a couple of maybe pencil lead or smaller size chips. It has some delamination on the driver’s side but it is very slight. The rubber needs replaced. Back glass is good with some delamination. . Don’t know if I can send it but I have a video of opening the doors rolling the windows down and back up and closing the doors. A lot of restored trucks don’t work as smooth as these. FRONT SHEET METAL Right fender has no rust. It had a small hole 3/8 inch drilled on the top front that has been filled. (you can see it with a flashlight looking underneath) No other body work that I can find. It is very straight. The wheel well lip has no damage or cracks and is almost perfect. Left fender has no rust. Also had the small hole that was filled. The wheel well lip has no damage it is almost perfect. It has a small dent about 6 inches long on the front looks like they tried to pop it out. Both inner fenders have no rust but have been cut off on the bottom, looks like to fit it to the other frame. If you are not going original they would clean up nicely. The radiator support is nice with no damage. Both side panels are excellent. The grille is really nice with two small dents that need to be filed smooth. Does not look like it has ever been repaired. The valance panel is almost perfect and also has never had any work on it. The hood was off the truck and it does need work but is very repairable. Looks like it has some filler in it in spots. Looks like the spotwelds broke that hold the brace for the hood hinges and they used bolts to hold it together., also one of the hood mount nuts and the hood mount bolts are missing so I can't bolt the hood on. THE BED – Sides are really nice with some small dents. The front panel had a piece of plywood against it and is in good condition with some minor dents. The right top rail has 3 tie downs that are bolted to it and has a couple smaller holes that need to be filled. It does need some minor repair but is very straight. The left side top rail is a little nicer and also has the tie downs bolted to it (3 tie downs 2 ¼ holes on each tie down). It also needs some minor repair. All four stake pockets are very straight. The small filler panels on the rear need some minor repair. The front lower filler panels need to be replaced. Looks like the bed was set on the front filler panels and they were damaged they also have been cut. The rear panel is straight. All the supports are in excellent condition. The bed strips and wood need replaced. It had really nice tailgate but some DIRTBAG stole it so no tailgate. THERE IS NO RUSTOUT on the bed or the stake pockets. REAR FENDERS -- Right fender is almost perfect with no sign of ever having any bodywork done on it Wheel well lip is perfect. Has a small rust out area on the front edge where the running boards bolt to it. Left fender has a rust repair on the front edge where the running board bolts to it. The wheel well lip is almost perfect. It has had some bodywork and has filler in it. Running boards are very nice and very repairable, probably less time fixing them than making aftermarket fit. The running board mounts are in great condition and have the gas tank straps. THE FRAME It looks like late 60’s to middle 1970’s Ford F100 twin I beam. The rear axle is Ford, E brake cables have been cut. No engine, no transmission, or driveline, no radiator, no gas tank. It’s a roller. The steering box is frozen, you steer it by pushing or pulling on the front wheels. Lug pattern is 5 on 5 ½ . Wheels are really nice and tires are decent. No part of the sheet metal is bolted to the frame. Looks like they were building mounts for the cab, front and bed when they just quit and put the truck away. The frame is probably very usable with a little work. If you have a truck that needs much bodywork I would use this and sell my junk. You can spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars fixing rust and bad bodywork. I have over 150 photos of this truck and have thoroughly checked every inch and tried to describe it as best I can, but I am sure I have missed some things. Every time I walk around this truck I am amazed at the condition of the body. If you have questions or want want more photos please ask. PAYMENT- $500.00 immediate Paypal nonrefundable. Balance by wire transfer or cash on pickup within 7 days unless other arrangements are made.SHIPPING will be the responsibility of the buyer. I can help load. I can also store for 30 days if paid in full. Because it is already on my trailer delivery may be an option. Email me for specifics. Again, this truck is sold WITH A CLEAR CLEAN UTAH TITLE