1977 Ford Mustang ll Fastback V8 TRUE GRANDMA CAR GARAGE FIND

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This is a beautiful original car unmessed with, has a 302 V8 auto trans it had the heater core go bad in early 1991 and was in ladys garage ever since she passsed away in 2018 and family was cleaning the place out and called me to see if i wanted to buy this mustang story short i did. I put new heater core in and new radiator and all hoses runs and drives awesome !! I put all new brakes all the way around NEW rotors,calipers,pads,drums,wheel cyls, also new wheels and tires to give the look of one I had years ago but sad to say I have way too many cars and trucks and I'm totally out of garage space with new toys I've gotten and need room but not leaving this little gem outside it has NO RUST HOLES ANYWHERE !!!!! All original paint and interior this car is not perfect but really close its a 8 out of 10 if you have ever wanted a nice clean mustang II this is it ! has some surface rust on underneath like any normal old car . Please be real and serious dont waist my time i already listed this car and guy who won it said he never bid on it and i offered for second chance offer two bidders no respose such a wast of time and mone, this car is all original paint and int for 1977 its amazing !!!!