1967 Corvette Coupe 427/390 4 speed A/C Black Leather Lynndale Blue - Unrestored

Price: - Item location: Petaluma, California, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Chevrolet
  • Model: Corvette
  • Type: Coupe
  • Trim: Black Leather
  • Year: 1967
  • Mileage: 57,830
  • Color: Lynndale Blue
  • Engine size: 427/390hp
  • Number of cylinders: eight
  • Power options: Air Conditioning
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: Black
  • Options: Leather Seats
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1967 Chevrolet Corvette

Not Quite a Barn Find, ore of a side yard rescue…


It is with great hesitation that I offer my 1967 Corvette for sale. Family health issues prompt me to do so (along with offering some of my other vehicles), ut this potential sale is a one-time offering that will most likely end as soon as I come to my senses. The car will either be sold or taken off the market. This is my pride and joy, nd I can’t believe I’m even considering selling it.

There are dozens of ’67 Corvettes for sale every day for every budget. Coupes and Roadsters, /B and B/B, lane jane to highly optioned, asket cases, urvivors and fully restored versions in any color you want. If you are looking at my car than you most likely already know about 1967 Corvettes, o I won’t try and educate you about them with generalities the way many other ads tend to do.

I will say that you won’t find many like mine. Maybe one in the same color (like the gorgeous restored B/B Coupe currently offered at more than twice my price), erhaps with the same options (although a B/B A/C car is fairly rare), ossibly an unhit body as well (which could be challenging to validate once the car has been restored), tc…

Out of all the Corvettes and Muscle cars I have owned and/or restored, nd all the shows I have gone to over decades, his car by far attracts more attention than any other. If a faded old Corvette (that you can actually drive) appeals to you, inding a genuine unrestored un-fluffed car can be difficult. Don’t get me wrong - there are some beautiful unrestored survivors out there for sale, n much better preserved condition than this one, ut even those don’t seem to draw the crowds like this car does (maybe they are too nice?).

Now for some details about this car:

This Corvette rolled off the assembly line on Monday February 13th, 967 and was first delivered to Madisons Chevrolet in Scottsdale Arizona (per the NCRS shipping data report). Sometime in 1969 the car made its way to Novato California (and was issued the current black plates), here it remained until it moved to my house in Petaluma in 2012. I first saw this car back in the ‘70’s (when I was still a teenager) and it was the first Big Block Midyear Corvette that I had the pleasure of seeing. It took over 35 years of persistent pestering (or is that harassment?) on my part before the previous owner finally decided to allow me the privilege of being the next caretaker of this classic vehicle.

So the owner history appears to be as follows:

Unknown original owner: 1967 – 1969 / MM: 1969 -1973 / RL: 1973 – 2012 / CC (me): 2012 – present.

In 1972, M replaced the original short block with a Chevrolet warranty replacement block, however most of the other parts are still original) and it has remained under the hood of this car ever since. MM told me earlier this year that the original engine was not damaged, ut he wanted more horsepower. That means the original born with engine could still be out there somewhere and possibly in good usable condition, f that is something that appeals to you. Side exhaust was added during the 1st two years of its life, hen removed by RL due to the excessive noise, nd then re-installed by me once I acquired the car (since I enjoy the loud sound). RL also removed some of the A/C components, any of which were given to me when I acquired the car.

The car sat dormant for a couple of decades prompted by a leaking gas tank. As you can see, t didn’t live a pampered life stashed away in a garage, ut resided out in the elements, sually covered with a plastic tarp for some protection. The paint might be old and very faded, ut the body is solid and has never been damaged or in an accident (which is amazing).

To bring the car back to life, freshened up some of the mechanical and safety items, ut have tried my best to keep everything as original as possible. The maiden voyage for this car after resurrection was to the Peggy Sue Car Show/Cruise in Santa Rosa in 2013, nd it performed unbelievably well.

The next adventure involved taking it to Laguna Seca for the Monterey Historic races in 2013, o participate in the 60th anniversary of the Corvette gathering. Even though this car was literally surrounded by dozens of beautifully restored Midyears, his worn out wonder managed to attract bigger crowds who thoroughly enjoyed seeing this unrestored classic.

I’ve only had this car at a handful of car shows, nd have won “Best of Show” awards at two of them – one of which was an all Corvette car show! The number one comment I constantly get wherever I go is: “whatever you do – DON’T restore this car!”

It’s an absolute pleasure to drive and cruises down the road pretty darn well for still having the original suspension (although I did replace the shocks and tires). It runs very well but does have a little exhaust “sputter” at idle (probably a carboned up or slightly burnt exhaust valve). I’ll continue to tinker on it, ut have no plans to transform it into yet another restored Corvette that can’t be driven.

Here are some additional details about the car:

Tank sticker – it’s a horrible story that is my fault: The tank sticker was physically still on the gas tank when I picked up the car in 2012, ut was lost on my drive home (only 20 minutes away). The gas tank was partially unmounted (due to the tank leak) and was hanging lower than normal so it allowed the wind to blow the sticker off. After getting home and discovering that it was gone, spent the next few hours scouring the highway looking for that small piece of paper, ut to no avail. At least I got to see it for a few minutes (through the gas filler opening) when I loaded the car on to my trailer.

It has a replacement block, ut original close ratio trans and 3.36 posi rear diff.

Paint: back in the 70’s, L had a friend paint the car (at least most of the exterior) and change the stripes to what you see now. The door jambs and under hood areas are original paint, nd possibly some of the exterior, ut it’s hard to tell in some areas.

Original suspension, teering and brake components (calipers cleaned but not sleeved or painted), epro master cylinder (original had been replaced earlier)

Original glass except for windshield (which was accidentally cracked by spraying cold water on a very hot car).

Original paint on the (five) DC rally wheels, riginal jack assembly.

Headlight assemblies: I removed the original headlight motors and cleaned them and they work fine. The buckets are frozen open and have been that way for decades. The actual headlights are all T-3’s and still work.

Unrestored interior (except front carpet I believe). Headliner has shrunk. Gauges all work except battery. Horns work. Radio worked for a while then died. Clock doesn’t work. Odometer doesn’t work so not sure of the true original mileage.

Distributor is a ’66 dated points system. The T.I system must have been removed within the first two years of ownership, ased on discussions with MM who said he didn’t remember having TI on the car. The factory amplifier holes are still on the front fenderwell, he harness ground wire was cut off and is still attached to the radiator support, he harness clip under the hood latch is there, nd the firewall ballast resistor hole (for non-TI cars) has never been used.

For you Corvette aficionados who like production option quantities and ECL codes, his car was originally equipped as follows:

1967 Coupe (production was 8,504)

977 AA Lynndale Blue paint (dark blue -1381 made)

402 AA Black Leather interior (1601 total – for all five colors of leather).

L36 427-390HP (3,832)

M21 Close ratio 4 speed (7,789 - ECL AA – with L36)

A01 Tinted Glass – all windows (1,995 – ECL AB – Coupe with A/C)

C60 Air conditioning (408 examples - ECL BB – Coupe with L36 and manual trans)

G81 Positraction 3.36 ratio (2,235 – ECL KA – with L36)

J50 Power Brakes (260 – ECL FA – L36 with manual trans and A/C)

K66 Transistorized Ignition System (224 – ECL AC – L36 with A/C)

N44 Power Steering (1,027 - ECL AH – L36 with A/C)

QB1 Redwall tires (4, 30 – ECL AA)

U69 AM/FM radio

Some final notes:

Feel free to ask questions and I’ll respond as quickly as possible. In person inspections are highly recommended and it can be put up on a car lift at my home for closer viewing.

Car can be safely stored here for a period of time, ut sale must be completed and $$ transferred promptly or sale will be considered cancelled.

FYI – obviously this is an old unrestored car, o there is no warranty on any part of it. I’ve had great luck cruising it for the last few years, ut something is bound to act up on it sooner or later. Just keep that in mind before considering ownership of this vehicle.

Please – Serious buyers only that already have the funds to complete the purchase. No dealers or offers to help me sell my car, nd no trade deals.