Prototype Factory Engineering Car (1of1) Interior--1969 Pontiac Trans Am #9723

Price: US $75,000.00 Item location: Manteca, California, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Pontiac
  • Model: Trans Am
  • SubModel: Prototype Factory Design Car
  • Trim: Deluxe Bright Chrome
  • Year: 1969
  • Mileage: 43,000
  • VIN: 223379N106952
  • Engine size: 455 H.O.
  • Power options: Air Conditioning, Power Windows
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Options: Fold Down Rear Seats, Electronic Deck Lid Release, Power Remote Mirror, Leather Interior, Factory Air Suspension, Formula Steering Wheel, Sports Rallye Shifter, Leather Seats
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1969 Pontiac Trans Am Prototype Factory Design Car

* 1969 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am ( 1 of 1 ) Design Car GM Factory Leather Interior & High Resiliency Foam Bucket Seats w/ GM #8738440
* 1 of 1 Leather Interior and Buckets Seats that were produced with High Resiliency Foam that have GM #8738440 cast into the foam
- The Seats also have been stamped with --- WINGS DOWN FIREBIRD --with part # 231PMD9---
- GOOGLE-- 231PMD9-- you will be able to see pictures of the seats & stamp as well as the part #s
the results will lead you to a thread weir i was looking to see if there were any other seats & interior
that are similair to the the interior in my 1969 .
- That forum is the clear authority in F-Body seeing as it has 100ks of F-Body owners ( there's pictures of GM catalogs ; Part #s ; and other factory installed parts & there part #s for 1969)
- GM# 8738440 appear in a GM Catalog dated July 1969,w denotation *( New Part Initial Catalog)
- This interior and seats are the only known type in existence even though the GM Catalog shows them as a new part they were never put into production until 1973.
-You can research this data if you query "Automotive Cushioning through the Ages" page 30
-The vehicle your bidding is very unique. It has many General Motors part # that are ( 1 of 1)
although the part #s appear in
*General Motors parts Camaro Master Parts Catalog no. 721A printed in July 1969 *
(which happens to be the same month the car was manufactured)
--Before we get any further let me tell you about the ( B/W ) factory picture of my Design Car.--
--So we can be clear about the fact & faction that has been put out by a small group that originally tried to scam me out of this car.
-- These clowns who publish there blasphemy on the web based strictly on there own opinions and for self gain, nbsp; have had to move there Web Domain because a legitimate Company did not want there presence associated with them in any way shape or form !
-- This small group has had to move there forum now to some off the wall Web Domain due to the possibilty of litigation which the legitimate company wanted no part of!
-- All the GM part #s on this 1969 Design Car can be researched if use search them on GOOGLE--
-- GM PARTS WIKI is also another great choice it will use the actual General Motors Parts Catalog from 1969 year to present, You will be able to view the actual printed material GM published that month and year.
-- Google search the term 1969 Test Car 9723 or any of the GM part #s my car was born with and you can see the factual data published by General Motors in 1969 -1970.
Now back to the B/W photo . I stumbled upon the photo 6 years ago while researching the engine code, ront sway ba, owl ta, etc .
Below the photo it read " Whereabouts of this car are unknown"
The picture appears to be similar in body style to all 1969 Pontiac Firebirds to most peopl, xcept on my car I had noticed that the rear quarter on Passenger Side was slightly different except that it matched the B/W photo passenger side EXACTLY with out a doubt .
So I contact this clown he tells me to send photo,
I do after exchanging emails and part data about the car he then tells me it is not the car, ut since Im looking to sell it he would be willing to buy it!
--Immediately I become suspicious after a few days of asking him are sure its not the car will you give me the VIN of the car in the B/W photo. He again insists it is not the car but fails to give me the VIN.
A few days passed and I decide let me research some more so I go back to original article-- ( Gone he has removed picture of the car completely from sit, his is strange i contact him again he still insists on trying to scam me, he gives no factual numeric data---
I tell him why would one rear quarter be changed on my car and it happens to match the B/W photo exact.. ride heigh, ,contou, ,Cibie Highbeams .. and this is the best part I did not realize till the last day we spoke on the phone.. he says " The seats match but thats about it"
"the seats what " Thats when I realized thanks to this guy with out a doubt the cars "whereabouts are known".
I just have happened to found it!
*So feel free to research any part # yourself I encourage it, ou will find many threads discussing these part # you will see the photos and catalogs I have found as well as photos and overlays of my car .
Please GOOGLE all the info and read all the threads and you decide if its the car - if you still are in doubt come view the the car with your own eye, ook over inside out.
Not only will it be easy to see the validity of the factory options it will also be easy to see that it is with out a doubt in the world the car I know it i, and you will know it is as well. I have nothing to hide or fake you can touc, test, o what ever it is you like to disprove the facts because as everyone is aware of its impossible to disprove the truth and fake the facts!!
Below is a quick summary of what i have found and the part # cast into various components of the car.
--If you have questions or want to loo, se, nspect the car please feel free to contact me---
-Designed Mid year by GM in Fremont Ca. after being shipped from Norwoo, Ohio . Car arrived at General Motors in Fremont,Ca. by rail car 2nd week of July 1969.-
General Motors was facing the possibility that their new body design for all F-Body (Camaro,Firebird) automobiles might not be able to release until 1971.
They pulled the car your bidding on due to it being highly optione, and the fact it incorporated the Trans Am Running Gears
General Motors was looking at trying to give the car a subtle change that they could pass to the public as new body since the public was expecting one for 1970
-MFG plate- Found in the trunk wheel well-- Buyer and I can visit the DMV office here and they will verify that the tags issued to the plate were legitimately issued by California DMV to General Motors- this will validate any questions the buyer might have as to the silly fact that it somehow might be a novelty plate!
* 1 of 1 Leather Interior and Buckets Seats that were produced with High Resiliency Foam that have GM #8738440 cast into the foam & Wings Down Firebird w/ 231PMD9 stamped onto the foam underneath the leather seat cover.
- These seats with GM# 8738440 appear in a GM Catalog dated July 1969, ith a denotation *( New Part Initial Catalog,
- This interior and seats are the only known type in existence even though the GM Catalog shows them as a new part they were never put into production until 1973.
-You can research this data if you query "Automotive Cushioning through the Ages" page 30 of that article written by experts in automotive interior design you will find the fact that in Sept 1969 the High Resiliency Foam was introduced in a few Pontiac Firebirds /Camaros Bucket Seating.
It was not until 1973 that GM switched to this material in every car they made and continues to be the leading standard in automotive seating material!
-If you like to query the 1of 1 interior just google any of the items i have highlighted in Red .
*The dual snorkel air-cleaner is also unique and bears a unique GM# and there has not been another
dual snorkel air-cleaner yet to date that is identical or that shares the same GM part #.
*Another unique item is prototype Teneco part #78740 Monroe Max Air Shocks Race suspension .Verified by Teneco Monroe as the 40th pair of Max Air shocks produced by - Monroe (7) 1968 (8) July (7) unit #40(40); (78740).
*The steering wheel is also a prototype for future formula wheels .Made in Italy by Person`al of Italy, br>---This wheel is 1 of 2 known to exist .The others in Existence appear on a 1968 Ferrari .-----
*It also retains the Cibie Highbeam Headlamps you see in the b/w pictur, dated 1968.
--Interesting note here is Bill Mitchell had a solid red 1of 1 Trans Am made in 1973 that engineers used Cibie High beams as wel, hat 1973 Trans Am was also a (1o1) and it too had rear quarters changed by GM
*The Engine is a preproduction 455 H.O. ; The term High Output was chosen over Ram Air due to California's tightening emissions control.
-Since the majority of the nations auto sales would occur in California, It makes complete sense why the big automaker tailored to the states strict regulations.
-The engine is a W.S. engine cod, ith a 9790071 casting, 16 Heads.
*Attached to the these heads are factory installed Tri Y free flow Headers*
- The vin on the engine consists of only 5 characters- 28Z11
Some other options factory installed are
* Adjustable Air Ride Control
* Power Windows ;
*Electronic Trunk Release ;
*Power Remote Mirror ;
*Rallye Sport Shifter with Center Console
*Automatic Temperature Control A/C ;
*Deluxe Chrome Interior Trim
I have had this car for almost 8 years . I have driven this car less than 1k miles. It runs flawless and rides perfect.
In 2009 I did take the car to Sacramento Raceway and Race it one time down there 1/4 mile Drag strip.
I would of liked to raced it more except after my first pass I drove down a little road still shaking with adrenaline.
I dont know if it was because that was the 1st time I have ever had the chance to drive a car standing u, at-least that is how it seemed when i realized i was completely standing on my feet as much as one can be with the throttle flat on my foot at the end of the rac, or if it was because I was focused on the lite, he BMW M3 that I thought was originally next to me since I was in the far lan, did happen to see him again as I had to turn around quite aways down the track he exited 1st and I seen he pulled up to a small guard shack and he was handed a piece of paper. So as the BMW M3 pulled away I slowed for the building in front of me a lady handed me a ticket as i Idled slowly past her.
On the paper it read winne, K that was cool. As I read further it showed a R/T i assumed meant reaction to the the lit, hich it was the best on the night they had informed me late, bunch of zeros something like 35.
Near the bottom it read Final Time 12.22 at 114 mph .
So I am eager to pull up to my friends I came with as I d, I am also getting back in line . I'm talking to them and a track official or worker approaches me and wants the ticket i just got . I hand him the paper and he writes on my window 12.22, o I'm like whatever It will wash off. As some friends and I cha, I see a group of track employees 3 total walking toward me . The track official who helped me line up early says hey " I got good news & Bad news " . He then says good news you got a really fast ca, Thanks.
Then he says "You have to have a helmet anytime you have a car that runs the 1/4 mile in under 14 seconds or
you cant race "
So thats the one and only time I have driven the car over 45 mp, lso one other thing I noticed the car would foul plugs every so often and wouldnt start.
I kept changing plugs about every 6 to 7 months , I was driving the car about 1 time every 2 months just for a few miles then back to the garage.
About a year ago I was thinking of going back to Sacramento Raceway and I borrowed a helmet from my friend and we went to Exxon to get full tank of Gas . I hand my friend $100 cash to pay and I got a call from my Girlfrien, while I am distracted by the unfortunate she is telling me I realize he is filling the car with 91 which is like damn near $6 in California as i look back he is at like $80 .
So here I am with some of the worst new I have ever heard and now I have no money to eat. Anyways I tell him we cant g, y GF dad is in the hospital.
I still have 3 or 4 gallons of that 91 octane and the car runs even better .I drive it once a month since then and it has yet to foul plugs . So I think it prefers the top grade fuel, that's the only issue with this magnificent powerful machine.
I will post some more info in the next few days . I really do not want to sell the car however I have to deal with some unfortunate circumstances.
Thank you