1978 Datsun Nissan Dolphin RV Camer Housecar Motorhome Glamping Vintage Small

Price: US $2,200.00 Item location: Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Datsun
  • Model: RV Camper Motorhome Housecar
  • SubModel: Dolphin brand camper
  • Type: RV Camper
  • Trim: camper
  • Year: 1978
  • Mileage: 82,000
  • VIN: EHL620321102
  • Color: white
  • Engine size: 2.0
  • Number of cylinders: 4
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: Brown
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1978 Datsun RV Camper Motorhome Housecar Dolphin brand camper

Hello, this is a rare 1978 Datsun Dolphin RV Housecar. Real cool, and cute, only weights 4100 pounds, I took it over the scales to test that. I bought it with the plans of restoring it, and started, but don't have the time now, due to a new job. The cab interior is in good shape, no cracks on the dash, no tears in the seats, probably due to both the low miles, as well as having the cabover camper shield the interior from the sunlight and the UV rays.
This is what I have done so far to it:
Two new batteries, one for the camper, one for the vehicle, it has a dual battery system under the hood, the front battery is for the truck, the rear battery runs to the camper and lights and such, both are charged by a relay mounted to the secondary battery box
New Alternator, higher output than stock, I got the information for this from "datsun" internet threads and such, mounted a Datsun 200 SX alternator to get a higher amp output, due to two batterys.
Removed and disposed of the tires, they were ten years old, unsafe at that age, although they looked almost brand new, and had very deep tread, I didn't want them blowing out on anyone.
All new brakes, the right rear cylinder was leaking, and had gotten brake fluid on the pad, so replaced the both rear cylinders, new brake pads, also replaced the master cylinder, replaced all the rubber lines (old and cracked), and even had the shop replace the front calipers to be on the safe side. All the work was done at the Larry Miller college campus, this was two hundred dollars worth of parts alone.
Replaced the fan belt
Worked on the wiring both in the camper and the lighting, it would not pass safety inspection due to things like brake and turn lights, so my brother repaired all of that,he also worked on the wiring inside the camper.
Cleaned out and removed some of the "wallpaper", that they had put on the cabinets
threw out the foam rubber cushions that they had for the bed, old and beat up
It passed the Utah State Emissions test, and had failed inspection due to the leaky brake and some of the lights, but everything is repaired, and now passed the safety inspection, I have it licensed in the state of Utah with "vintage plates," now...
I had the fuel filter replaced, it had sat for at least a couple of years, figured that the gas was old in it, I didn't drain the tank, and the gas seems to flow fine, so it's not totally gone bad, I also added some sea foam to help it clean out the lines and carb and such
What it still needs (list):
there is some kind of goofy "swamp cooler?" unit over the bed, I have no idea if it works, and the shroud broke anyway, I have a three x three sheet of aluminum to fix that opening, or you can replace it with an AC unit.
The roof vent over the kitchen area is broken, I bought a new vent, both top and bottom parts on ebay, that needs to be installed, it's about a 14x14 opening
The truck origionally came with extra wide rims on the rear, 245 60 14 tires, maybe to mimic "duallys" (the federal government banned the use of duallys on these mini RVs, I found that on the web). It had skinny like 215 70 14s on the front, origional datsun rims, and oem dog cap hubcaps. I though that the camper weighed more, so I got some 6 x 5.5 rims in 15 inch, and put on some 235 75 15s, it raises it up quite a bit, they fit but if you turn the wheel to far, they will rub on the front inside the wheel well. I've done further research and I should have used 215 60 15s, those are about the same diameter as the stock 14s that came wiht it
could use a stereo installed, I can throw on in on the package deal.
The camper interior needs paneling work in spots. There is some water and other torn damage (in the front right corner of the bed area) on the paneling/walls, it could use new cushions, I have a foam rubber mattress with a top on it, and a futon/firm mattress to go with it, I also have some brown couch cushions for the kitchen table bench seats, you can buy cushions on ebay, I suggest either camper cushions or dog cushioins to fit the kitchen area, they are small and the ones I have work, but you might want an exact fit.
The stove is older, the chrome? "finish" has some patina/corrosion/rust on it. you can refinish it, or replace it, it is the smaller 17 inch tall one, I found one on a local website for a hundred and fifty dollars, but it was an hour's drive away, and I missed out on it. I'd put a microwave in the oven area, and a new burner top on it, The fridge and stove seem intact, the bathroom/toilet area is in pretty good shape.
The exterior of the cab body is intact and in good shape, looks like no accidents, there are a few rust spots, if you wanted, you could replace the left fender, unless you are a good welder, there is one spot about four inches round on the front left fender.
It will start, but it's cold, sometime you need to prime the carb, I bought a kit to rebuild it, seems that the 'accelerator pump' doesn't work
Now, not sure if this works in ebay, but I might trade it for something like a toyota, or honda car or truck, or maybe a van