1989 Chevrolet G20 Falcon Intervec 4x4 Motorhome Camper Van RV Wagon Chevy K5 GM

Price: US $6,600.00 Item location: Salem, Oregon, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Other Makes
  • Model: Conversion Van - Motorhome 4WD
  • SubModel: NO RESERVE
  • Type: Van Camper
  • Year: 1989
  • Mileage: 106,458
  • VIN: 1GBEG25K1K7113526
  • Color: Tan
  • Engine size: 5.7
  • Number of cylinders: 8
  • Power options: Air Conditioning, Power Locks, Power Windows
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: AT
  • Drive type: 4WD
  • Interior color: Mauve
  • Options: Gas Furance, Gas/Electric Refrigerator, Toilet, Shower/Bath, Hot Water Heater, Awning, Ladder, TV Antenna, Sink, Gas Stove, Microwave, Bed, Raised Roof, 4-Wheel Drive, CD Player
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1989 Other Makes Conversion Van - Motorhome 4WD NO RESERVE


NO RESERVE - 190 Photos

Thanks for checking out 1989 Chevrolet Falcon 4x4Class B Motorhome/Campervan,this honestly is my favorite find of 2015, nbsp;this is a very unique rig, t hits just about every enthusiast hot buttons. Take it out in the woods, amping, nbsp;hunting, kiing, urfing, oad trips, id I mention 4 wheeling yet, his is a very unique rig for sure and will serve great as your home base or mini control station. Obviously there are 4x4 vans starting to creep out of the woodwork, ard to find, nd very popular, nbsp;but you don’t see Full blown Factory 4x4 Motorhomes that often. This is a 1989 Falcon Intervec 17 Sport Series Motorhome 4x4, uilt on a Chevrolet G20 Chassis. It was special ordered, ent over to Falcon/ Intervec to do the conversion and was completed on 3/89. This is a killer van, nd it is titled as a Falcon Motorhome, ecause in general that is what it is.When it Everything works in it, ere is its options: Raised Roof, x4 Warn Hubs, icrowave, as Stove, oilet, hower/Tub, as Furnace, as Hot Water Heater, lectric Water Pump and Holding tank, lack and Gray Water Tanks, V Antenna, ce Cold AC in Dash, ouch and Bed, swivel front seats, adder, pare, nbsp;and yes even the Kitchen Sink. Take a look at the photos, here are over 100 of them, sk questions please, ould be glad to show it to you before you bid as well. This is one that honestly that I would love to keep, love the off the wall type of stuff, he Utilitarian rigs the rare and interesting, ure I like a good muscle car, ut these kind of rigs, ou can enjoy with the family, ake it out and enjoy, nd pull it into any car show, ll around fits every need and want for those who want an adventure.

First of all, he body on “Big Griz”, s in excellent shape, he paint is in nice shape, ith a nice gloss, t shows a little bit of age, as some chips and scratches on it, o major dents or anything, ery minor dings, ery minor, hen you look down the sides it is laser straight, o bad body work or anything like that. Paint has aged a tiny bit for being 25 years old, ut over all it looks really good for a vehicle that is a 4x4 Utility rig, omeone has always cared for it, ut has been used, ut you would take it to a car show all day long, t is good looking, nd everyone is amazed when the see it. There are a lot of photos, ake a look at them, nd you will get a very good idea of what it is, nd isn’t, ou will be able to see little paint touch ups etc, n some of the small scratches and chips. The raised top is in good shape, ut its paint is not as shiny since it is fiberglass and aged a differently, ut still looks good. All the glass is in good shape, o cracks or chips. The body on this rig is very solid no major rust issues, ery solid original floors, o rust in the quarters or doors. There are a couple very small bubbles in front right below the front windshield gasket, ut very minor, ave to point them out, ecause this is the only rust, f you want to call it that on this van. All the doors open with ease, hey all lock, nd in good shape, as side pop open windows, nd sliding window as well. The 2 skylights up above are in good shape but the sealant is getting old, nd needs to be reapplied. Overall check out the photos, t is a super good looking 4x4.

Interior is in great shape, ut obviously used like it was meant to be used. It has been on hunting trips, ndweek long expeditions all over the Northwest, nterior is clean, ut not perfect. This isn’t a must, ut the carpet is original, ut you may want to have new carpet put in it, t is worn, doesn't bother me to bad, t is usable, ut maybe a good cleaning might help, ut it is 25 years old, as a few wear spots and patches in it, t is a toss up, asy to change out if you wanted to this winter. The seats are all original, ith some minor wear, ut all in all in good shape. The passenger seat on the seat bottom, as one ½ inch cut in it. I’ll start from the front to back in general. The dash is in good shape, ou will notice some small drill holes in various areas, revious owners had different things on dash etc, hey are there. It has an aftermarket AM/FM CD in it, nd it sounds great. Power windows work, nd door locks. All the gauges are working except the oil pressure gauge, ut you will notice it has an external aftermarket gauge and it works good. The Air Conditioning works great blows Ice Cold, C is only when the rig is running, ut of the factory dash, ou could put a AC unit if you wanted on top of van if you wanted, r put a small wall unit somewhere else if you like. The paneling is in decent shape, here are various screw holes in various places, nd areas that have been touched up in general, ere it looks like they had Velcro stick pads and it pulled the finish off a little bit, ut overall for an old camp rig inside is decent, ake a look at pictures. The couch slides out and 2 people can fit on it, t would be cozy, ou could extend it out a little bit if you wanted, have 2 legs that could be attached if you and another small cushion for it. The kitchen sink works good, lows into a gray tank. It does have an electric pump with holding tank, nd option to hook up to hose as well for city water. It has working Gas Hot Water tank as well, nd works great. The stove burners do work, little surface rust on some of the stove covers and such. Has over head exhaust hood and light, hat both work as well. The Fridge does work, n Electric and Gas modes, show pictures of the pilot lights all working and burning. Also working Microwave inside as well. It does have a great gas Furnace as well, ith thermostat on the wall, ust turn it on the gas, nd turn on thermostat and it starts right up, as a few vents in the van, nd it works great, ice an cozy. The toilet is great, ever actually used it : ), ut it functions, lushes etc. The shower/Tube, orks good, ou can see obviously some age and discoloration on the tub and toilet, ut they function well. The tube is a good size for a small child obviously, ut what works nice, s you could put one of those small shower tents outside of the van, pen the doors, nd shower off outside, ith hot water. Also what might be nice is to get one of those camping tents, hat can hook on to the side doors, r rear doors, or extra sleeping arrangements. All the lights work inside the van as well, ome lights and such. It has 2 new batteries as well. When you turn on the gas outside, urn the handle, ll the way out, t does leak a little propane out when you turn it out, ut when you turn it all the way out it is good and does not leak, guess if you are concerned you could put a new valve on it. Back to the outside, t has a working roll out canopy, t does function well, ut the 2 legs, re broken on the plastic were they attach to the canopy, o when you roll it out, he legs you need to take out and reattach when you get it all the way out, here is a homemade strut bar that goes in the middle of the awning, or support, n the bar joints got tweaked a little bit. The canopy is working good, ut it needs a few repairs down the road. The awning material itself is good, ut it does about a 8” cut in it, hat has tape on both sides top and bottom. Take a look at the photos, nterior is decent, ut has been used obviously, t does not look brand new inside anymore, ut it very comfortable, t is a NON SMOKER, ut does have a littlehint of a musty smell, o bad, ut it there a little bit. The front seats both swivel, ull a lever underneath, nd turn them, hey need a little effort though, ecause it is tight along the door jams, nd the seat back rubs against them so you got to man handle them a little bit, ore so the drivers side. It is nice that they both swivel, o you an have more places to hang out. It has a working Antenna, n TV jack inside as well, o TV inside though. Overall a great van to go camping in and just have a great time.

Mechanically the van is in great, nly has 106,458 miles on it. Engine is a 5.7, 50 V8, tarts right up, dles great, as plenty of power, ery smooth running. Everything under the hood look in order and clean. No exhaust leaks, ound good, ike a normal factory exhaust. The transmission shifts good as well, nd 4x4 works as well. This is a 4x4 van, o a little bit different feeling when you drive it. It does wander a bit, ake a little bit to get used to, ould be due to a steering box adjustment, r worn box, ot really sure, have gotten used to driving it myself now so don’t pay attention to much to it anymore. No unusual noises or shifting underneath, ust wonders a bit when driving, oes not affect the way it runs and drives just have a pay attention a little bit more when driving. I will try to look at the steering box, o see if it has an adjustment, ut a little bit out of my realm when it comes to stuff like this, nd 4x4 front axles etc. The rearend sounds good no noises, r clucks, echanically on the drivetrain everything feels real tight and smooth. The brakes work good, tops very good. The wheels and tires have been upgraded and are factory Chevrolet 4x4 15x8 Rally wheels, n great shape, heels, rim rings and caps look great, ith new chrome lugs.All exterior lights are working, ack up lights, urnsignals, tc. The tires are 31 x 10.5 Wild Country XT, hey are the same all the way around, ut one is a Wild Country XTX Sport, ooks the same for the most part, ut it is slighty different, ou would have to point it out to most folks, t is on the drivers rear. The tires all have even wear, nd have about 85-90% tread on them. What would be awesome to do is, ive Big Griz, nd mild lift and run some 35’s on it though, hat would be really killer, ut I like him stock to. Anyways, verall, echanically it is in great shape, robably will need little things here and there serviced as time goes on, ut very dependable right now.


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November 29th-SundayNight

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WEST COAST: 7:00 pm

10Day Auction looking for a Buyer!!!

On Nov-20-15 at 14:43:32 PST, eller added the following information:

Thank you for all you questions and phone calls, ots of people interested in this rig. So here is what I know about the 4x4 conversion, ost people are trying to figure out if a company did it or someone themselves did it, bviously the professionals when it come to this kind of stuff is the best. This is how it basically worked. The van was ordered and built at GM, hen went straight to Intervec and built into Falcon Motorhome, hen Intervec had it shipped over to Advanced 4WD Systems, ho are probably the major player in the industry. There are only 2 large scale companies, dvanced 4WD Systems, nd Quigley 4x4. You may remember another great company called Pathfinders, ctually Advanced 4WD Systems bought them out. I thought I mentioned in the auction that Advanced did the work back in 1989. If you want to check out there website, ww.advanced4x4vans.com, nd you will see they are the real deal. I have seen a small handful of these Falcons built into 4x4 models, ut this is the only Chevy that I have seen to my knowledge. Also questions about if it has California smog requirements. Under the hood you will see at has the Catalyst (BPEGR/TWC) and at the bottom it sayd that this vehicle conforms to California regulations applicable to 1989 Models. This is also titled as a Falcon Motorhome as well, ee title in auction. If you have questions in any state call your local smog folks and run it by them.

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