Restored 1962 Chevrolet Corvair 2 Door 900 Coupe

Price: US $7,557.00 Item location: Post Falls, Idaho, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Chevrolet
  • Model: Corvair
  • Type: 2 Door Coupe
  • Trim: Monza 900 Trim level
  • Year: 1962
  • Mileage: 75,961
  • Color: Original Roman Red repaint
  • Engine size: 164 C.U. flat 6
  • Number of cylinders: 6
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Drive type: 4 speed
  • Interior color: Red
  • Safety options: 3 point shoulder harness seat belts Front Buckets, Color Keyed lap belts - Rear Seats
  • Options: Day/Night rear view mirror, 4 speed Transmission, Drivers side mirror, 2 speed windshield wipers, Monza 900 Trim package, Bucket Seats
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1962 Chevrolet Corvair

1962 Chevrolet Corvair Monza

“Flicka” is For Sale

“Made in 1962” “Restored - 2015”

History of the car:

I purchased this car from the PO in August of 2008. The purchase story is a story in itself. Since I had a 1962 red Monza Coupe in high school, nd it was that car my wife then girlfriend learned to drive in, e decided to look for a Corvair exactly like the original car.

Two weeks later my wife called and said she had found a car called “Flicka” on Craigslist, t was close, 3 hour drive, nd we should go look at it.

While checking out the car and driving it, e found that the owner, lady 63 years old, ot the car almost new on her 16th birthday. It had been purchased by a schoolteacher who decided she could not make the payments, nd sold it with few miles and only 2 months old. The PO said that she named the car Flicka, ecause in her native Swedish language, hat could be interpreted as “First Love’. She drove the car to 64,000 miles over 47 years, nd decided to sell it because it was not being used. A requirement of the sale was that I had to restore the car. I have done so, nd unfortunately, ow need to sell it.We negotiated an acceptable price and drove the car 228 miles to home in Hauser, daho.

My wife thought that since the car looked good, here would not be much to do

to get it restored, ight? WRONG! It was 46 years old then!

The Restoration adventure began!

I did get the rest of that season and the next driving season driving the car until the engine started to lose power, nd the fan bearing started to go out. When I took the top cover off, found the cam covered in hundreds of rusty pits from sitting, nd the forward three cam lobes were worn flat on top.

The restoration has been a 6 year journey that has required the removal, leaning, eplacement of parts, ubrication, djustment, estoration and painting of just about every part of the car accept for the paint on the exterior body and some interior parts.

The car has a repaint on it that was done in 1993 using the original PPG color Roman Red. It is in excellent condition and has always been garaged since repaint. While it is glossy and shiny with that wet water look that reflects everything around it. There are a few blemishes the size of a pencil eraser that have happened over the years and have not gotten any worse in the 7 years I have had the car.

The car has been in a dry desert environment most of it’s life and all of it’s life since repaint. Cleanup for corrosion revealed only minor surface rust where metal had been exposed, hich has been neutralized and repainted.

Now that the restoration is virtually complete, drive the car routinely when the weather is nice. It is never driven on wet, nowy or gravel roads and is put away in the fall with a fresh oil change. It is kept under a car cover most of the time, ven at home.

Restoration Log By Area of work

Engine and transaxle

1. Transmission: Completedis-assembly, leaning, nspection and reassembly with new seals and gaskets C184. Wear patterns were found typical of a transmission with 64,000 miles on it and required no parts replacement. New Backup switch C5364.

Differential: Completedis-assembly, leaning, nspection and reassembly/adjustment with new seals and gaskets C187A. Wear on ring and pinion and bearings typical for a 64,000 mile differential and no parts required replacement. Set backlash to factory specs. GL-4 rated Brad Penn 80-90 gear oil is installed.

Engine: Original engine to the car.

Completetear-down/restoration completed in May 2011 at 69,000 miles.

o Convert engine to a 64-110.

o 8409 late model crank.

o New Clark’s crank gear C786C, ey C5858, asket C786A.

o New rod and Federal Mogul main bearings.

o Late model reconditioned rods and new piston pins.

o 64-69 style Egge custom cast .030 over pistons.

o 64 style .030 over bore cylinders.

o 64 style .030 over chrome Piston Rings.

o Isky 270 camshaft with new cam gear.

o New deep dimple Elgin lifters.

o Dave Hebert performance heads.

3 angle valve job completed.

New Clark’s tuftrided intake C3020P and exhaust valves C3022P hand

lapped to seats with new keepers C1389 and C1390 and Teflon Intake

seals C5857A.

FC rotators on exhaust valves.

Guide dimensions new specs.

Port and polish to intake and exhaust ports.

Port and polish intake log at carb flanges.

Head fin’s deflashed.

o Oil Cooler chemically cleaned and reverse flushed

o New Clark’s 140 exhaust manifolds installed new with dual exhaust, ew hardware and donuts. C370R, 369R

o OTTO Custom length push rods. See OTTO-8

o Clark’s roller rockers C9402 and C9295 rocker arm Studs

o Clark’s aluminum valve covers C7229

o Clark’s Engine cover C5593BG with new fan bearings and Clark’s high lock bolt kit C3979

o OTTO wrapped fan belt installed C8704

o Powder-Coated 64 magnesium fan with a NOS powder-coated fan pulley

o New bearings in the Fan Idler pulley C8181

o New (not rebuilt) Clark’s harmonic balancer C9871A

o Powder coated tin and air cleaners original satin black

o New engine to heater ducts, &R C386R

o New molded fresh air to Heater boot at firewall C10064

o Fresh overhauls on Wolf Enterprises premium ’65 carbs C557 Kits

o Carb SS hardware kits C5021

o Clark’s throttle return springs C1916

o Clark’s float control springs C1834

o Metal ball and seat fuel inlet valves C3799

o Roger Parent 110 Ball Bearing Throttle shaft kit

o Recent fuel pump C3403, ilter C11576, ressure regulator C6516, oses, lamps and lines C2330

o New oil pump gears, elief valve and heavy duty spring, 1395T, 1800

o 63 amp internally regulated alternator and associated wiring with a NOS 64 cooling fan

o Dale dual bushing 64-110 distributer with Pertronix II and Flame Thrower coil with new NAPA cap and rotor

o Seth Emerson 8mm spark plug wires

o Overhauled starter with new bushings, rushes and turned commentator and new solenoid C8178 Kit

o Installed a Clark’s starter relay kit, 2056R

o New positive + to starter cable C2272, ew weaved battery ground to body and engine C2269B, ew copper static leads engine to body C435RL

o Replaced temp switch C438R, il pressure switch C484 and body to braided engine wiring harness C7872, nd Starter Harness C2266

o Replaced body to engine tin seals C389A

o Cleaned, epaired, e-taped and secured aft body harness

o Repaired the HRPT connections at the firewall

o Rewired the coil wire, dded NAPA resistance block, oved coil to rear body member to keep it cooler

4. Clutch: Bolted Dale Flywheel installed, lutch disc and pressure plate replaced. Throw out bearing replaced. Clutch fork replaced. Flywheel to crankshaft bolts replaced. C1143. Clark’s retainer ring installed C1564R.

Body and Interior work

POR-15 coating in battery box area and some small places under drivers floor.

Replaced all headlamps C9300R. Clark’s Headlight Bezels C228R, 229R.

Replaced rear taillight housing retainers C7558. Cleaned and redid grounds for the light housings.

Replaced L/H drivers mirror with Clark’s Repro Bowtie unit. C8997.

Replaced steering box with Clark’s overhauled unit C10864.

Clean/Polish “Corvair” emblem on the hood.

Installed NOS trim “flags” on the hood.

Installed NOS L & R Louvers behind rear glass,

Installed NOS front façade emblem and L & R trim pieces,

Installed repro Corvair 900 emblems behind L & R front wheels C72.

Very Rare NOS stainless steel door sill plates w/Fisher body tags

installed. There has been 1 NOS set for sale since 2008. I got them

and they are on the car.

Seats restored with new foam C10805 and new seat covers using Clark’s

Kit with NOS GM fabric in original 62 color and pattern using original

seat buttons C6185HRA. Clark’s color keyed cardboard installed.

Clark’s Interior side panels using NOS GM vinyl fabric in original color

embossed in original pattern C6307HRA, 6308HRA .

Installed a NOS Grant 60’s wood steering wheel with Red Chevy

bowtie horn button and a matching antique walnut gear shift

knob in correct shift pattern.

New headliner C4506 and dome light assy. Note: There is a small tear off the right

shoulder harness mount bolt, xpertly seamed together by my wife.

New Clark’s Repro Tuxedo carpet and floor mats installed C1475T, 7281T, 7282T.

Installed 3 point front seat belts and rear lap belts.

Original sun visors cleaned, e-laced and vinyl paint. They look new.

Cleaned, orrosion protected, amp; sound deadened interior floor and back wall.

Installed new accelerator pedal, rake and clutch rubber pads.

Inspected all cables and pulleys under the dash and in the tunnel.

Cleaned the underbelly of the unibody car and corrosion proofed.

Removed cleaned, epainted, eplaced seals and reinstalled heater chamber.

Installed new Clark’s rear crossmember to body cushions C733A, 733B, 733C, nbsp; C733D.

Powder Coated all front and rear suspension parts in Cardinal Red.

Installed new bushings in front and rear suspension.

Installed new springs Front C1659R, ear C3026R, ed Ryder Shocks Front C2832,

Rear C2832R, S Bolt kit C1091, ie rods and ball joints.

Removed, leaned, ainted and reinstalled gas tank with new fuel sender C846, uel

strainer sock C261, uel lines and clamps. Cleaned and painted holding strap, nd

replaced worn felt with new. Used new stainless steel J bolts C1494 to secure tank.

Inspected axle shafts, leaned and painted; Clark’s bearings have 6K miles on them

(replaced in 2008) and are like new.

Installed new U-joints C3463 and inspected axle yokes.

Installed new front wheel bearings, aces C317, 319 and seals C319A.

Cleaned brake lines, eplacing corroded ones in the car’s front, 11206, 11207.

Installed all new Master Cylinder C1195R, rake hoses C330, 331R,

brake cylinders C889, 889A, 890, 891 and brake shoes C3639.

Replaced the aft emergency brake cable C1376R. Silicone brake fluid used.

Brake Drums are powder coated and like new dimensionally.

Has original day/night interior mirror.

Repaired glove box door trim.

Original AM push button radio works great.

Triple Chrome Plated front and rear bumpers.

Straighten/clean original rear 62 grill.

Wheels: 14” x 6” 4 inch back space Wheel Vintiques wheels powder

coated cardinal Red.

· Tires: Calli tire and Wheel: Fronts: 185 75R14 with 1”+ wide whitewall modern Radial tire.

· Rears: 205 70R14 With 1”+ wide whitewall modern Radial tire

· Hubcaps and trim rings: Wheel Vintiques Retro SS Chevy style

What is left to do? Drive the car.

I will continue to work on the car and may have some or all of

these completed at the time of the sale.

1. Minor cleanup and re-splatter the trunk area.

2. Clean up and treat minor rust in trunk gasket area, nd install new trunk gasket.

(I have the gasket already)

3. Replace all 4 door hinges. (I have three NOS and a bushing kit for the fourth)

4. Replace the door seals. (I have the door seals and cleaning kit)

5. Replace the vent window seals. (I have the seal kit from Clarks)

6. Minor body work below front bumper. Clarks has a part for $114.30.

Interested parties are encouraged to request further information or pictures.

It is encouraged to view the car before purchase. The car is advertised as accurately as possible.

Payment options: Cash, ank Check, ire transfer.

Payment must be made and payment confirmed in my account by my bank prior to delivery to the new owneror to a delivery service.


On Jul-01-15 at 21:20:40 PDT, eller added the following information:

Update: At the request of a bidder I have added three more pictures, wo of the trunk area and one of the lower front of the car to show the damage to the lower cowl area. The trunk needs a thorough cleaning and some minor rust treatment, hen re-spatter. Clark's has a sheet metal piece for about $115.00 that can be welded/bonded from the bumper down to provide a paintable straight lower cowl.

On Jul-03-15 at 18:02:47 PDT, eller added the following information:

Update: Clarification on the paint condition: I am clay cleaning the paint today. to remove all contaminants.It will be fully carnuba waxed when that is complete. I wanted to clarify although this paint is in excellant condition, t is 20 years old and since the car was driven on a limited basis by the PO and by me, here are the usual resultant rock chips here and there that happen. I have touched upthose places and most are hard to find. You have to look hard to find them even at 2 feet away.