1924 Buick 24-44 Sport Roadster - Rare Trunkback Body - Great Old Restoration

Price: US $10,433.00 Item location: Augusta, Georgia, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Buick
  • Model: Sport Roadster
  • Type: Roadster with Weather Equipment
  • Year: 1924
  • Mileage: 65,346
  • VIN: 1112710
  • Color: Blue/Black Fenders
  • Engine size: 255 Cubic Inch OHV I-6
  • Number of cylinders: 6
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: 3-Speed Manual Transmission
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: Tan Leatherette
  • Options: Convertible
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1924 Buick Sport Roadster

1924 Buick 24-44 Sport Roadster

One Family Ownership for Over Fifty Years - Restored in Early 1960s From A Solid Survivor
Reportedly One of Seven 24-44 Trunkback Roadsters Built - Possibly The Only Extant Example
Effectively Off The Road and Stored Since 1984 - Just Recommissioned and Serviced For Use
A Powerful Mid-Twenties Big Six with Four Wheel Brakes, Good Power and Road Speed!

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Incredibly solid from front to back, this 1924 Buick 24-44 Big Six Sport Roadster was rescued from an estate last year in West Virginia. It was in good solid condition but was not operational in a number of respects; the ignition system was shorted out and the fuel system was a solid mess from tank forward... typical for a car stuck in decades-long storage. Furthermore, just about every freeze plug on the engine was rusted out and leaking plus many other issues. We put the car on the back burner for a few months until we realized that were creating our own barn find if the dust that accumulated on this car was anything to go by - and finally got around to the freeze plugs, ignition and fuel system service the car so desperately needed along with fresh fluids and lubricants all the way through.

According to the paperwork we have with the car, prior owner Mr. William P. Feamster owned a body shop in Lewisburg, West Virginia and likely bought this car in late 1959 or early 1960 for the princely sum of $350. He wrote to the service manager of Buick in Flint, MI about this time requesting any information he could acquire and received a response along with a 1925 owners manual as they were all out of 1924 books, color charts or other information pertaining to this car! On the back of this letter, he kept a tally of some of the materials and parts that went into his restoration. Pictures of this documentation as well as the title issued to Feamster in 1963 are below.

Mr. Feamster refinished the entire car in blue lacquer with black enamel used on the fenders (per his shopping list). The black enamel has held up somewhat better than the blue lacquer - lacquer paint shrinks from the moment it is applied and sooner or later will get a bit crackly. While presentable at a distance, the body has plenty of character in its 50+ year old finish. Feamster also rechromed the radiator shell but left the majority of the original nickel on the headlamp surrounds, door handles et.c. alone. Again, this car was likely in really great shape when he started - today, one would leave the car in 'survivor' condition.

Panel fit is excellent throughout with no evidence that Feamster used body filler or replaced any of the woodwork in the body. Both doors shut easily with a click. The rear trunk opens just as nicely.

Part of our servicing recently involved sending the fuel tank out to Gas Tank Renu for a relining. Even the float-actuated level gauge works. Trust me to look at it, I ran out of gas shortly after taking these photos putting the car back in my showroom!

The car rides on four Lester 32x4" reproduction blackwall tires. They are remarkably crack-free including the spare on the rear but I would recommend renewing tubes and tires prior to any long touring.

Original cloissone badge and taillight - and the last WV license plate.

The top operates and fits very well for being as old as it is - pictures of it up along with (and without) the side curtains fitted follow below.

I think that most of the trim on the car from the running board material and edging to lamp rims and 3 out of 4 hubcaps, wind wings and even the Buick logo Moto-Meter are original to the car or at least new old stock.

As above, the top goes up easily (recommend having a friend help, it's not a Miata) and fits well.

With optional weather equipment fitted

I did not snap everything down so the side curtains are still a bit wrinkly

The car is very elegant with its top on!

The little flap in the driver's side curtain is handy for paying a toll as you cannot just remove the curtain from inside the car.

While you won't be as dry in this car with the weather equipment as you would in a modern Buick convertible, it's a bit drier in there in case of inclement weather than it would be wide open!

With the top back down, a look inside.

Both door panels have these useful little inner flap pockets.

The original walnut steering wheel is in gorgeous condition with no cracks or separation. The hand throttle and timing controls work fluidly.

I think this is the original linoleum on the floorboards. The locking gearshift works on the same key as the ignition lockout.

A master cutout switch is on the firewall, passenger's side. The long plunger to the right of the foot throttle is the starter pinion.

Original instruments work with the exception of the speedometer which likely has a stripped gear or cable, we have not investigated. Charging and oil pressure gauges are sticky but work (you'll note the amps gauge is stuck from running earlier). Oil pressure is terrific when warm, we are running SAE 40 in the engine and 140 in the gearbox and rear end.

It's safe to assume that the interior retrim was done when Feamster did his light restoration in the 1960s. He retained the side curtain storage compartment behind the seat back, this is spacious as is the rear trunk.

Door panel pocket as seen on the driver's side.

This is the original trunk latch key that goes in the deep hole in the bodywork.

As inserted in the lid.

Likely the original Fisher body wood in the decking of the trunk.

I believe this woodwork is all original to Fisher body in 1924.

The tools with the car include a rim clamp, tire irons, a hub nut spanner and a few other items - also, a new Brunswick fan and water pump belt.

The top is in great shape and includes the original glass rear window. I assume it's from the 1960s.

All four wheels are solid, the wood appears to be crack-free, the tires are older as mentioned before; shown above from right rear counterclockwise to left rear seen above.

Into the engine compartment. The freeze plugs below the manifolds were changed as were two on the front of the block. The carburetor was cleaned and put back together, the vacuum tank could not be made to flow properly and was bypassed for a Carter 6V fuel pump and pressure regulator for the purposes of making the car run properly. Ideally, the carburetor should go to a specialist as the needle and seat is a bit worn out and will occasionally flood the carburetor if the pump is left on at low throttle, we've done all we can do. The car runs and drives fine in the meantime.

You'll notice a new exhaust downpipe here, the car has an entirely new exhaust that exits under the rear bumper rather than just mid-way under the car.

These were not easy to get to even with the fan pivot removed! But they're done and nothing to worry about for a long time to come - the old ones rusted away! We did not have any Buick green and did not see the sense in repainting the entire engine as it still presents well with its 50+ year old cosmetic restoration.

Original Harrison honeycomb radiator flows well and does not appear to leak!

Back when Harrison was Harrison Radiator Corporation of Lockport, Minnesota - long before the Delco-Harrison of years to come.

The right-hand side of the engine, water pump is nice and dry - Mr. Feamster put a new packing gland in it long ago and I think we regreased it. Combination starter/generator/ignition all works as it should, cap and rotor are practically brand new.

Original valve clearance plate

Engine number 1158658 does not match the chassis number but I'm not sure it's supposed to, confirmed per period books I have.

Chassis number 1112710 is the one on the title you will receive, this is on the outer frame rail, driver's front, brake cable in foreground.

Original body tag on firewall, engine compartment, RH side.

Casting date on the intake manifold was 9-26-1923.

Underneath the engine, note new exhaust system in this and the next four photos. Yes, there's the odd drip here and there as old cars are wont to leak some! This car really doesn't leave nearly as much on the ground as most cars of this period...

The fuel tank is not leaking, the coating is fresh on the exterior of the tank but not overly detailed. Note Carter 6V pump mounted to inner frame rail.

The aforementioned letter from Buick to Mr. Feamster in February of 1960.

Title from 1963!

Last registration from 1983 noting the 1963 title, a new plate only as he registered it as an Antique Vehicle. His son said it was shown last in 1984 and then was likely laid up.


This Buick is being sold by a licensed and bonded dealer of fine used automobiles located in Augusta (where this car is located) and Savannah, Georgia. Please understand that this is an unusual 92 year old vintage car hand-built by men and not gods - and is thus sold as-is, where-is with no implied or stated warranty or guarantee; please be realistic about your expectations (i.e., if you expect it to run, start and drive like a late model used car, buy one of those instead). As stated above in the listing, we have made a significant effort over the last number of months to correct issues that we found with the car - and with said effort now believe it to be in extremely good health based on many years of experience with other sports, classic and unusual cars of all types over many years.

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Please note that this car will be sold on reassigned 1963 West Virginia title, however, if you'd like, we can legally sell you this car on Bill of Sale along with a VIN verification as Georgia does not issue titles for cars made prior to 1962 even if one is received. This way, you can preserve the 1963 title if you choose. Contact me if you have questions about this.

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