1952 VW Beetle Deluxe Split Window Sedan Restored

Price: - Item location: Aguanga, California, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Volkswagen
  • Model: Beetle - Classic
  • Type: sedan
  • Trim: Deluxe
  • Year: 1952
  • Mileage: 87,255
  • Color: green
  • Engine size: 4cyl
  • Number of cylinders: 4
  • Transmission: manual
  • Drive type: 2wd
  • Interior color: tan
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1952 Volkswagen Beetle - Classic

1952 VW Split Window Deluxe Sedan For Sale @ Oldbug.com
1952 VW Deluxe Split Window Beetle Sedan For Sale
There is really nothing quite like a good split Beetle.
The reactions you get with a split are so much stronger than that of any other model, t is truly the icon
that started it all, nd the simplicity and beauty of the design is a major reason that these are highly sought after.
The rarity factor as well is a big part of it...the older cars were build in far smaller numbers than during the later years.
This example is about as iconic as you can get... a 52 Deluxe with the crotch cooler vents
and in the extremely tasty pastel green color.
The crotch coolers are a short production item, rom 51-2 and on Deluxe models.
They work quite well actually too...getting a little breeze in the lower part of the interior on a hot day is nice!
This car was restored in Finland a few years back and came to the US not long ago.
It is a very clean car inside and out. I would not call it perfect, ut it sure shows well.
There are a lot of fine details on the early cars that the true purists go nuts on.
As production increased and refinements were made on the fly, here are a lot of details to chase if you
really want to restore a car letter perfect to a production date.
It is very hard to do it perfect and parts for these early cars are not easy to find these days, ven in Europe.
Restorers have to do the best with what they have available and that is the case with this car.
There are a lot of small details that are not "perfect" when it comes to the authenticity, ut its as close as they could get.
An example of this is the hood handle here...an original could not be found, o they went with a little newer one.
The fun part about this is that as an owner you can spend a little time chasing these details as you see fit.
Hunt down an original aluminum handle, olish it up and swap it out...small details that make an impact with the total package.
The headlights have a yellow tint bulb which gives the light a fantastic glow.
The interior is very nice on this car as well, eautiful colors
Such a great looking car!
The "Popes Nose" license plate light, he small glass taillights and the grooved chrome bumpers with painted details.
Nice fit and finish to the car overall, aint looks great, ody is nice and smooth.
For the purist detail chasers, his car does have replacement fenders and front hood, he rear apron too has been replaced at some point.
99% of the world out there will never see the differences.
The color of this split is truly my favorite...such a great creamy green.
The offset of the cream on the wheels compliment it very well.
Grooved semaphores are functional.
The car has pop out rear windows as well which is a not often seen detail on an early car.
These are reproduction windows, ut they do have the same smooth frame design as the originals did
but are chrome plated steel rather than aluminum.
The pop outs have an external piano style hinge and very long latches that allow for them to be opened
far further than the originals.
This is the "money shot" here...
The Split Beetles are hotter than ever these days and we have seen sharp value increases
in the past few years. I don't see them slowing down any time soon either!
Grooved handles and the proper cloth materials inside...
Wheels are the correct 16" steel wheels with excellent bias ply tires.
These 16" wheels are really tough to find these days and are getting quite expensive...
finding a split with them on it is a big bonus, ay have been swapped over the years to 15" wheels
as tires are much easier and cheaper to find than the 16's
The steering wheel does show some wear and minor cracking.
Seats are done in the right early materials and stitch pattern.
The padding is a bit softer than the originals if you want to get picky about something,
but the condition and the look is excellent.
Rear seat done as well and is super clean
Headliner is very smooth and well fit.
There originally was a dome light right over the top of the rear windows that is not present.
The factory hole for it is there under the material and
fitting one once you found it would be a simple task.
Carpet is a nice square weave like original.
Proper rubber floor mats in place.
Here you can see the steering wheel in a bit more detail.
Minor aging, ot offensive, ut this is a detail you could take on and restore
at some point if you wanted to continue the quest to get it as nice as possible.
The original key switch has been swapped for a newer one, ut the starter button under the dash is functional.
The pull knob under the semaphore switch is hooked up to the headlights.
Another "picky picky" detail for those that want to chase them...the dash pod panels have been painted a bright white
...they should be an off white/ivory.
Door panels are in nice shape
Under the front hood is clean and tidy.
The correct flat fuel tank with the large diameter fuel cap
The trunk has been fitted with a carpet liner, riginally it would have been a pressed cardboard type panel.
Front spare tire well is clean but close inspection does show signs of metal work being done at some point.
Crawling around the deep corners of this car it is obvious that there was some metal replaced during the restoration.
Being a European delivery ca, ust damage is commonplace.
Everything was attended to to cut out and replace any affected metal, ut if you know what to look for
you can see some signs of the repairs in here and in the fenderwells.
Wiring is clean
Proper early front apron
Original body tag and body number.
Windshield wipers are later replacements,
The originals had a very thin wire arm and are pretty tough to find.
This would be another simple small part to swap at some point whenever you find a pair.
The rear apron has been replaced with a later design, he original would have had a different
stamping design to the latching area.
The engine room looks very clean and proper.
The engine has the correct early carburetor and seamed fan shroud.
The cyclone air cleaner is also era correct as is the flat top distributor cap.
The transmission is still the original crash box, on synchromesh unit.
The clutch and steering are good as are the brakes...it is a nice driver.
Its nice and clean underneath
Floorpans are solid and clean.
The screws poking through are from poorly installed seat belt mounts (if you can believe that)
I shake my head at that move...but it is an easy one to put right.
Very nice!
I like the freshly cad plated body mount hardware.
Front axle is clean.
Love those skinny wheels!
Case number for those that dare to look it up.
This is not the original numbers matching engine to the car, t appears to be quite a bit later,
but it does look the part quite well.
The base of the cyclone air cleaner is buggered up a bit so it is held in place with a rubber sleeve.
The voltage regulator is an interesting one...it has roughly the original D shape to the body but
sits up a bit higher and has the wire bail on top...never seen one of these before.
Rear luggage area is clea, he luggage rails are here.
Shift knob is cool.
Love that solid early hood emblem!
In closing this is a very respectable example of a desirable Split Beetle sedan.
Its not perfect, ut it shows very well and sits proud and proper.
Great year, reat model, reat color and a reasonable reserve price.
Don't miss your chance
Place your bids!
The values on these have been climbing rapidly!
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