1975 Pontiac Grand Lemans Safari Station Wagon

Price: - Item location: Great Falls, Montana, United States
  • Make: Pontiac
  • Model: Le Mans
  • Type: Wagon
  • Year: 1975
  • Mileage: 16327
  • Vehicle Title: Clean
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1975 Pontiac Le Mans

1975 Pontiac GrandLemans Safari STATION WAGON
For sale privately, by private owner.
RELISTED... again. Guys, please... This'll probably be the 4th time I've been stood up by an insincere winning bidder.
  • Please, please... DON'T write to me with 10 messages expressing how you love the car and how genuine you are about giving it a great home, then immediately stop once you win the auction and not reply to any requests.
  • I also do not want to hear from anyone telling me "if your winning buyer fails for any reason, please let me know because I missed the end of the auction and am so upset with myself". Then, when I write.... no reply.

This 1975 Pontiac Grand Lemans Safari Station Wagon has just over 16,000 original miles. It is impeccable in every regard. Nothing has been touched. There has been no touch-up's. This is the REAL DEAL, 100% factory original. Rear cargo area never used, rear seat only sat on 4 times. No marks, no blemishes anywhere, It is absolutely in as-new condition. INCREDIBLY RARE timecapsule 1970's station wagon.
While every other wagon was used to haul kids, groceries, sports gear, luggage, vacation items, lumber, and take happy families on vacations across the country... This one was put away and cherished. The rear seat has been used 4x, and the cargo area never! This is an absolute 1-of-a-kind irreplaceable find for any wagonenthusiast.
If you are sceptical about this car, I invite you to send a professional vintage car appraiser to put 3rd party eyes upon it. I will supply a list of locals you can choose from. IF he gives you information that differs from my description... I WILL PAY FOR THE INSPECTION. I don't think any other seller on eBay will back their words to this degree.
This car is absolutely a jewel. Nothing else besides battery has ever been touched. Included with the car is a decent sized file of provenance for documentation. I've appraised the car and it consistently gets valued in the 30k range, rising yearly.
We are selling this and our cherished 1970 Buick GS455. Both have been forever stored together. Recently, we found our newly finished garage isn't quite as large andaccommodating as originally expected. Moving will be in weeks. The decision to sell these 2 incredible cars is much more difficult for myself and my wife than I can express. I ask that anyone bidding or inquiring be as sincere and genuine as we are with this decision.
Car is located in Calgary AlbertaCanada. I knoweBay says Montana but it does not have provision for people with multiple residences. The car will ship from Calgary Alberta. Please do not ask where it is located... It is Calgary Alberta Canada.
This car was imported from the US in 1996. Title has been in Canada since but can be transferred back no problem. Shipping and delivery will be arranged by my wife and is no problem either. The car is absolutely free of any restrictions. It is antique status, domestic build, and (in all likelihood) returning home to the USA.

The border closure applies to personal travel ONLY...not shipments or deliveries.

Review our feedback please.....Each is for a 40+ year old vehicle!

During our 4 year tenure on eBay, we've figured out2 very important things arecommunicationandprocedure. We have a little procedure. Our little procedure focuses on communication. It goes as follows:
  • After auction, we ask for your buyer's information.
    • You supply.
  • We fill in transfer papers and scan/send to you.
    • You confirm spelling and information correct.
  • You go to your bank, and send funds.
    • We validate receipt.
  • We begin on shipping,
    • ...keeping you informed every step..
  • You receive your fabulous wagon.

We're not interested in Paypal or deposits...

I don't care for deposits. If you want this car, you know the value of what you're looking at. If you are bidding, please be serious as I am and understand our adherence to this little system/procedure. It's to help both of us. If, for any reason, you cannot adhere to this procedure, please let us know BEFORE BIDDING. OR,....IF YOU HAVE ZERO FEEDBACK OR ARE NEW TO EBAY YOU MUST CONTACT ME BEFORE BIDDING.Otherwise, I will cancel your bid.

DELIVERY:...to most states and destinations is in the $1500+ range. Please keep that in mind. Budget for at least this amount. Texas and Florida, and other far southeastern states, are obviously a bit more at minimum $2250-ish. Any required inspections, certifications, registrations, paperwork, or anything else are the buyer's responsibility. I don't know the rules in each particular state so, am selling as per Alberta rules. My wife has become pretty good at setting up shipping and, is happy to assist. Rest is up to you. Payment is by bank transfer, US account to US account. As stated, I don't ask for Paypal. Once payment is received, everything else is ready to proceed from there. I believe putting this car unreserved will easily make up for any shipping costs. Somebody is likely to get a heck of a deal.

CALLS:Even a long-winded description like mine is bound to miss a few details. If you'd like to speak over the phone, I'm happy to hear from you. Please write and we'll make arrangements.

If you are fromOVERSEAS,please know we have shipped long distances several times. We are happy to assist. Since beginning to narrow down ourinadvertent collection a couple years ago, we've sold to England, France, Germany, Holland, Slovenia, as well as theMiddle East and New Zealand. If it says anything about what kind of sellers we are... We have sold 6 (six !!) to one gentleman alone in Holland, 2 to another, and 2 to one fellow in England.
Please don't forget, I'm so sure about this car that I am offering to pay for inspection if there's any justifiable reason not to buy.I'm quite certain there's not many any other persons selling a vintage car on eBay willing to do that. And, well...... Ibelieve that covers everything.
Good luck & HAPPY BIDDING.
I cannot state strongly enough (!!!) the condition and originality of this car.
Nothing has ever been touched, touched-up, or been subject of "touching". Some comments have been made online by armchair experts about this car. There is zero, and I mean ZERO, evidence of a single nut, bolt, or screw on this car ever being touched. Anyone would be crazy to reposition the lights in the grill from current. They are where they were, where they have always been, and where they were placed by the factory. Touching anything on this car, besides the tires/wheels, would be destroying the integrity of it's originality. This car a very special piece. We had several wagons but were never quite satisfied and searched high and low to find the BEST of the best vintage wagon for our little collection. If the odometer on this car read 6,000 miles, I would not be surprised. It is THAT NICE. The rear seat has never been used (with exception of 4x) and rear cargo area never (except to bring the original tires/wheels back from tire shop in bags). I openly invited anyone genuine and sincere to send an accredited professional to come and provide expert assessment and testimony. My guarantee was that, if my description is not 100% accurate, that I'd pay. Nobody has taken me up on this. This car will win 1st place in every survivor category judging. Goal was to collect trophies and plaques. Time, change of priorities, and loss of enthusiasm, have come in the way. You cannot restore a car to this kind of original condition. Restored cars are everywhere. More and more, the focus on collecting is becoming truly untouched and pristine originals; It's the high bar in this hobby.