1967 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442 Red Convertible Rotisserie Restoration 27 Options

Price: - Item location: Florence, Alabama, United States
  • Make: Oldsmobile
  • Model: 442
  • SubModel: Cutlass Supreme
  • Type: Convertible
  • Year: 1967
  • Mileage: 000042
  • VIN: 338677M176484
  • Color: Red
  • Engine size: 400 C. I. V-8
  • Number of cylinders: 8
  • Power options: Rocket Rally Pac Gauges, Power Top, Power 4 Way Driver Side Bucket Seat, Power Antenna, Power Steering, Power Disc Brakes, Power Windows, Power Seats, Air Conditioning
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: Black
  • Drive side: Left-hand drive
  • Options: Convertible
  • Vehicle Title: Clean
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1967 Oldsmobile 442

1967 Oldsmobile Cutlass 4 4 2

Red Convertible

Possibly the highest optioned 1967 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme 4 4 2 available. Read the entire description to get the full story about this fine Muscle Car.

During the eight year restoration process close attention was given to make sure that every part was a correct matching number item. The alternator, carburetor, water pump, starter, bolt heads, etc. were all checked and confirmed to be correct for the car. It took a lot of time to research this information and then locate the right item but we were intent in our mission. In almost every aspect this truly is a numbers matching car.

Production Totals: The leading authorities on Oldsmobile production totals states that 24,829 cars were built in 1967 with the 4 4 2 option package. Of that number only 3, 080 were convertible models and only 1,185 of the Cutlass Supreme 4 4 2 convertible cars had a four speed transmission!

Correct Paint Code Numbers: When we began our search for a 442 convertible we never dreamed it would be possible to find one that was a true red car. Most of the cars from the sixties were gold, green, blue, etc. Look at the information provided below and notice that the Trim Tag reveals this car is a true Red Convertible.

Engine Matching Number Parts: Here is a sample of the various engine component part numbers. 1) The engine is a 390925 E block with correct Jillian date code. 2) The intake manifold is part number 390390 with a Julian date code of 342 embossed on it; 3) The cylinder heads have a casting part number 394/548 with the "C" designation and the stamping pad has the prefix of "V" and the suffix is "G" and the engine sequential number 215534; 4) The exhaust manifolds are 389269 "X" on the driver side and 389268 "W" on the passenger side; 5) The carburetor part number is 7027156; 6) The water pump is 384786 D1 with a Julian date code of 23; 7) The distributor is 1111179 with a date code of 6K17; 8) The part number on the starter is 1108348 with a 6M8 date code; 9) The harmonic dampener has 382355 stamped on the inside and 382356 stamped on the outside; 10) The pulley on the dampener is 389645 JB; 12) The voltage regulator has part number 1119 515 stamped on the flange with the date code of 7F.

Drive Train Matching Part Numbers: 1) The Bell Housing part number is 9785581; 2) The Muncie transmission has 3884685 on the side cover, 3857584 on the tail shaft and 3885010 on the main case; 3) The rear axle assembly is a 10 bolt anti-spin unit with part number 9783393 on the housing and an L036 date with a TH code stamped on the shaft housing; 4) The brake calipers have 5456008 on the front side and 5455946 on the back side; 5) The Hurst shifter has a date code of 117E1 stamped on the body.

Trim Tag Data: The firewall trim tag provides the following data:

* The build date is 11B which means the car was built at the Oldsmobile plant the second week of November in 1966.

* ST-67-33867 The first "three" in the five numbers means it was built by the General Motors Division (Oldsmobile); the 3867 represents the Body Style as a 1967 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Convertible which was one of the three body styles that the 4 4 2 package was available on (the 4 4 2 cars were available only on the Cutlass Supreme cars).

*TR 970-B Tells that the interior was Black Vinyl

* E 2LG The "L" identifies the hole in the floor pan for a floor mounted transmission shifter and the "G" identifies the use of a floor mounted console.

* 5V This is one of the key identifications as these codes revealed the car had the 4 4 2 option package.

* R-2 Indicates the paint color was "Spanish Red" with a black soft top.

VIN Plate Information: The breakdown of the VIN number is as follows:

* The first "three" in the five numbers means it was built by the General Motors Division (Oldsmobile); the 3867 represents the Body Style as a 1967 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Convertible which was one of the three body styles that the 4 4 2 package was available on (the 4 4 2 cars were available only on the Cutlass Supreme cars).

* The sixth digit ("7") represents the last number of the year of the car (e.g. 1967)

* The letter "M" identifies that the car was built in the Lansing, Michigan plant.

* The final numbers are the GM Plant sequential build numbers

Body Restoration Process: No expense, time or effort was spared in taking this classic car back to showroom condition. A local body shop who specializes in working on old classic cars was chosen because of his previous work on our other cars (He has painted nine other vehicles for us).

We began with a full disassembly of the vehicle taking the body off the frame, removing each component of the chassis, taking out every interior component, etc. Parts were bagged and tagged to assist later in the reassembly of the car. Literally, every single "nut and bolt" of the car body was removed so that when it was taken to the body shop it was a bare shell. This was NOT a "frame up" restoration where a quick paint job was put on a running, driving car.

After the body was removed all sheet metal work was completed whereby any previous body work, damage or rust was repaired or replaced. At that point the entire body shell had good metal panels all over and no significant body filler was used. The paint on the entire car was stripped down to bare metal to allow us to see what needed attention. The right rear quarter panel was replaced with a rust free solid panel from a donor car.

To achieve the highest quality of restoration we chose to do a frame off rotisserie method for the body work. The body shell was mounted on a rotisserie machine to enable the body shop to roll the body over and finish underneath. The bottom of the floor pan looks as spectacular as the exterior of the car! At this point the inner fenders, inside of the trunk, firewall, body tub, floor pans, etc. were all painted since easy access was possible.

The chassis received the same attention. Every suspension part was removed, cleaned individually and painted. This included the coil springs, "A" arms, trailing arms, rear axle, sway bars, drive shaft, etc. Every individual component was restored. Nothing on the chassis was given a quick coat of spray paint and sent on its way. Each part was disassembled and fully restored before it was installed back on the car. The chassis received a thick coat of the high quality "Chassis Frame' paint to make sure the luster remained long after the restoration process was over.

Interior Restoration: Complete attention was given to making sure the level of quality of the interior was equal to the efforts given to the exterior of the car. New seat covers, carpet, door panels, etc. were all installed. The plastic dash bezel was sent off to a plating company that specializes in chrome plating plastic parts. A new after market dash pad was installed. The metal seat aprons were media blasted and painted with the correct paint to retain the texture look from the factory. Even the seat belts are original date coded.

Exterior Trim Restoration: Every single piece of bright work was re-plated, restored, or replaced. All of the stainless wheel opening moldings and body side moldings were individually polished; the front and rear bumpers were triple chrome plated by one of the nation's premiere plating shop; the headlight bezels were fully restored; the rear trunk panel trim was restored and painted with the correct flat black paint; tail light bezels were sent off to a plating service that specializes in pot metal plating; the lower hood trim molding was restored; exterior door handles were plated by the chrome shop; etc. The exterior trim of the car is breath taking as it shines like it did when it left the show room floor.

To illustrate the degree of the restoration process let me point out how we approached the simple task of the hub caps. As you can see the car is equipped with Simulated Wire Hub Caps which are a huge challenge when it comes to restoring or even cleaning. We knew this car deserved the finest details so we disassembled the entire hub cap and cleaned each piece individually (the center dish, each wire spoke, the outer ring, the center cap, etc.) It was a tedious process and required lots of hours but it was what this fine car deserved. This is merely one small example of how each component of this car received our best efforts. No short cuts were taken and nothing was overlooked.

One of the aspects of the exterior restoration process that brought the most satisfaction to us was the utilization of one of the finest Automotive Upholstery shops in the country to install the convertible soft top fabric kit. Several of my car buddies have commented that they have never seen a soft top that fit as well as this one does. There are no wrinkles or bubbles in the fabric and the inside area looks just as spectacular. Over $2,000.00 was allocated to this part of the project when other shops were charging a few hundred dollars. The type of fabric is correct, the fit is terrific and the power top mechanism works like a charm. The top moves up and down with ease and folds into the storage area perfectly. There is also a brand new tonneau cover provided with the purchase of the car that has never been installed on the car.

Drive Train Rebuilding: Three components were addressed (engine, transmission and rear axle). The engine was completely disassembled and rebuilt by an experienced engine builder. The block was bored and the crank remains on standard. Every single internal part that is normally replaced in a regular engine build was replaced (new pistons, rings, bearings, oil pump, camshaft, lifters, etc.) Over $3000.00 alone was spent in the internal building of the engine, not counting the parts that are bolted on or the installation of the engine back in the car. For example, we even went to the trouble of finding and installing the "Green Ring" R-44" A/C spark plugs. That's how much "attention to detail" driven we were on this car!

The transmission was removed and sent to a Transmission shop that is owned by a gentleman who has been building classic cars for over 40 years. We knew he would know something about how to build a Muncie transmission. He fully disassembled the transmission, checked all internal components, replaced all synchronizers and any worn part, installed new seals and bearings, etc. When he finished we had a new Four Speed transmission that would match up to the engine well.

When an inspection of the rear axle was done by a local suspension shop it was determined that the gears, bearings and axles were in excellent condition and no disassembly would be required. The housing was given a fresh coat of paint and all new internal brake parts were installed (wheel cylinders, brake shoes, springs, levers, etc.).

Firewall & Engine Bay: Our goal was to be able to raise the hood and be able to recall 1967 when we visited the Oldsmobile dealership and peeked under the hood of a new car. The appearance was as important to us as having the correct parts in the engine bay. All of the bolt-on pieces have the factory correct part numbers and date codes (mounting brackets, alternator, carburetor, etc.) The air cleaner top was also plated by the chrome shop. The power brake booster was sent off to a brake part specialist who internally restored the booster and also finished it in the correct cad plating system like the factory specs.

Look over the photos of the engine bay and notice the GM part number stamped on the upper radiator hose, look at the decals that were installed on the upper radiator support, notice the new engine wiring harness with the correct wire colors and connectors, observe the correct engine paint color, see the flat black paint on the inner fenders, look at the original Delco Remy voltage regulator on the firewall, find the Harrison decal on the air conditioner heater box, look on the passenger side of the radiator and notice the triangular windshield washer fluid refill bottle, etc. Every thing under the hood loudly says, "Attention to Details" even to the casual observer.

Vehicle Option List: Without a doubt, this is likely the most heavily optioned 1967 Cutlass 442 car in the country! How many cars from that era have you ever seen that featured 27 Factory options?

Let me be clear and NOT misrepresent anything about this car. This specific vehicle did not leave the factory with all of these options. Over the last 15 years we have located, purchased, restored and installed a lot of these options from other donor cars. Let me also be clear: every single option on this car is a Factory option. None of them are after-market units. Over time we have searched the four corners of the earth to find some of these rare options and added them to this car. At this point this car perhaps has the most extensive list of rare and special options ever seen on a Cutlass Supreme 4 4 2 model.

Normally you might see a "loaded" car have air conditioning, power steering and power brakes with one or two of the rare options added. This vehicle has them all! Look at this list of factory options included with this fine classic car:

* A01 Tinted Windows

* A02 Tinted Windshield

* A-31 Power Side Windows

* A-39 Deluxe seat belts, front and rear

* A-41 Four way power seat

* A-51 Strato bucket seats

* A-70 Reclining strato bucket seat backrest

* A-82 Dual headrest

* A-91 Power trunk lid latch

* B-32 Auxiliary front floor mats

* B-33 Auxiliary rear floor mats

* C-60 Factory Air Conditioning

* D-33 Remote control OS mirror

* D-55 Sports console

* G80 Anti Spin Axle

* G-88 Performance rear axle 3.91

* J-50 Power brakes

* J-52 Power disc brakes

* L-78 4-4-2 Performance Package

* M-20 Manual four speed

* N-30 Deluxe Steering Wheel

* N-33 Tilt away steering column

* N-40 Power steering

* N-95 Wheels simulated wire 14"

* U-21 Rocket Rallye Pac

* U-75 Power radio antenna, rear

* Y72 Heavy Duty Engine Cooling Equipment

Additional Restoration Items: Some of the "smaller" items that received our attention included: a) the power antenna assembly was sent to a restoration specialist for complete restoration; b) the wiper motor was sent to a wiper motor specialist for complete restoration; c) the Hurst shifter was sent to the finest shifter restorer in the country for complete disassembly and rebuilding; d) a brand new radiator core was installed by our local shop; e) a brand new power top motor and cylinders were purchased from the leading source of convertible top parts in America; f) a brand new air conditioner compressor was installed; g) the correct 14" steel wheels that are necessary for disc brakes and 14" tires were located, purchased and installed; h) the period correct red line tires were bought from Coker tires; i) correct factory type decals were placed in all of the appropriate places; j) every single piece of weatherstripping is brand new with not one single piece overlooked.

Documents & Photos: My family will verify that one of my "faults" is my meticulous attention to retaining records so the next owner of this fine classic car will be thrilled to know that a complete history of the restoration process has been retained in TWO huge three inch notebooks. There is over 5" thickness of receipts, photos, documentation, etc. The entire restoration process was captured in photos and every single (and I mean EVERY one) receipt has been placed in the binder in chronological order to document the steps and to record the accruing cost of the process. All of this will be transferred to the new owner.

Transfer Of Title: According to an affidavit from our local License Commissioner "the state of Alabama did not title motor vehicles until 1975. At that time they began to title 1975 model vehicles. However, no vehicles older than 1975 can be titled. It would be impossible to obtain an Alabama title for any vehicle prior to 1975."

The ownership of the vehicle will be transferred to the purchaser by an Alabama "Bill Of Sale" only. No title exists for this car and none will be provided.

Mileage: When the dash cluster was refurbished the decision was made to "zero" out the odometer so that the car would reflect the time it began life again. Only 42 miles have been recorded since the completion of the restoration process.

Warranty: There is no warranty expressed or implied with this listing or for this car. It is being sold "As-Is, Where Is" with not warranty available. Any potential buyer is welcome to inspect the vehicle prior to purchase.

Shipping Services: This vehicle is being offered for sale through the eBay network under the terms of no shipping service is provided with the sale. The buyer has no obligation to ship the vehicle and is not responsible for any fees related to the shipping or delivery of the vehicle to the new owner. The buyer will assist with the loading of the vehicle and will give some referrals for shipping services locally.

Defects: There are a few negligible items that are either inoperative or need some TLC. Our desire is to be transparent with this listing and to disclose all information. The only things we are knowledgeable of that need further consideration are: 1) the tachometer is inoperative and we are not sure if it is a fuse, wire, transmitter, etc.; 2) Freon needs to be added to the air conditioner system as R-12 was not installed when the car was restored; 3) There is a small fluid leak in the steering system (perhaps the gear box or steering pump. To the best of our knowledge these are the only things that might need additional attention.

Photos: There are almost 100 photos of the car provided in the listing. Be sure to locate them in the description section. We have provided lots of photos of the exterior, the interior, the engine compartment, the trunk area, underneath, etc. Some of the photos of the chassis were taken with the zoom feature of the camera and show every little detail so please overlook the water spots and blemishes that are not normally seen by the naked eye. We want every potential buyer to be able to "inspect" the car through technological options since it may not be possible for you to personally inspect the vehicle.