MGB 1971 Chrome Bumper

Price: US $12,499.99 Item location: Bloomingburg, Ohio, United States
  • Make: MG
  • Model: MGB
  • Type: Convertible
  • Year: 1971
  • Mileage: 61,000
  • VIN: GHN5UB227318G
  • Color: Orange
  • Engine size: 4 cylinder
  • Number of cylinders: 4
  • Power options: Really? I dont think so...none of the above!
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: 4 Speed manual
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: Black
  • Drive side: Left-hand drive
  • Safety options: None LOL 1970 has basic seat belts
  • Options: CD Player, Convertible
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1971 MG MGB

1971 Chrome bumper MGB. 61,000 original miles. Clear title. Matching numbers car. This was my late mothers car. My dad currently owns it but I am taking care of the sale for him. He's in his 70's now and he's too old to deal with the car or buyers. That said, here's what we have...if you are wanting a nice MGB, dont over look this one!

The car is titled a 1971 (actually assembled 11/70) and a rag top. Parts get tired looking just from age when they are 47 years old and there's wear and tear just from normal useage. I told dad IMO it needs more work than it appears to need however, I can make it nice again. His intent at that time was to get it looking good and drive it but now he's getting too old to do that. It was 3 years ago that I got started on it so I guess I took too long to do it up LOL BUT it always takes longer than you think when it comes to old cars. You think looking at it....OK, the interior needs fixing hard can it be...and it looks easy in your mind BUT actually doing it is a whole different ball game LOL! A month later you have it looking good but you thought it could be done in a day or 2. My point is he's too old to enjoy the car now and I have my Ferrari...I simply dont have time for more than one fun toy. I used to have a fleet of vintage cars...and when you have too many you cant enjoy any of them. I want 1 and only 1 and I have picked the Ferrari. This MGB is a real nice looking car and Id love to have it for myself LOL HOWEVER, as I said...Ive done the have too many cars thing and its just more than I wanna deal with. Im getting older too and 1 is about all I have time for.

The interior did look tired in the MGB so it got all new carpet, seat covers and door panels. The '71 used the plastic small silly pull handles that dont work very well and like to break, it got real arm rests/door pulls installed. Its a matter of taste and they are original MGB armrests BUT the '71 didnt have them. I think they came off a 1974.

The radio/CD player works and it has a pair of Cambridge speakers in the rear...pricey speakers, they sound really good and are self enclosed.

This car runs great. The engine doesnt tick or smoke and both carbs have been cleaned and adjusted for balanced air draw on both carbs using a unisync air flow meter. Both carb pistons rise at the same time and fall quickly. At ldle the ball is right in the middle on both carbs using the unisync. I have the air filters off in the pic but it has a nice set of OEM air cleaners that will come on it with new filters. I just had them off to do some carb tweeking. There is a pic of them so you can see I have them. The response is good on the carbs, they are SU's and very easy to work on. About the most simple design ever made and they work well. With a Unisync and a screw driver you can really get them running nice! The accelerator cable is new. The choke cable is new also and works but you dont need it. Even cold it starts with a bump of the key. It has a new electric fuel pump that is not original and a new fuel filter has just been installed at the tank.

The tranny and clutch are good. The brakes are good. The steering is tight and responsive. It has coil over shocks on the rear.

Both bumpers looked 50 years old so I got new front and rear bumpers. Both over riders are new also. All the side chrome is new too. So the chrome is pretty much perfect on all those parts. The tires needed replaced and new ones were installed in July 2018. It also got a new battery at that time. The wheels looked tired so the OEM wheels got reconditioned before the new tires went on the car THEN new center caps, beauty rings and valve stems were put on. The wheels look real nice!

All the lights work right down to the matching Lucas Head lights! The OEM horns both work as do the turn signals and the hazzard switch. The 3 wind shield wipers have new blades and the washer pump is new. All the gauges work as do the dash lights and the heater fan motor.

The paint looks decent. Shiney and very presentable. The window weather stripping and wing vent door seals are new. The under hood padding is new. As with any paint job one can find flaws if you wanna be nit picky so Im not going to elaborate on the paint. Its shiney and very nice looking IMO. I have not used a microscope to look at the surface but it looks great to me. I have a Ferrari also and the paint on it has more issues than this MGB. Both are very nice cars however, if you drive them they dont stay show room perfect. We do however keep our nice cars inside and we dont drive them in bad weather. You can if YOU want to but IMO the Ferrari engine would get wet in a good down pour...and the MGB top is water proof NOT water tight LOL. IF the carpets get wet...and the pad under them gets wet...they stay wet a LONG time. That will ruin the floors in one of these. Leave the top down by accident and let it rain in the car and youd better plan on taking the seats out and letting everything dry...or in a year or may have floor board issues. It doesnt take long and why a lot of them are wasted.

The floors in this car are solid. We had new ones put in it. I have a pic of them so you can see whats under the carpet but the new floors got painted then the correct sound material kit was applied to the floors. Then the padding was installed...then the new carpet. It rides quiet with low road noise for a rag top vintage car. The trunk is clean looking and a good spare tire resides in the trunk.

The OEM muffler was replaced with a free flow Ferrari muffler. The OEM muffler comes with it if you prefer that sounds so much better with this one LOL!! Its a matter of taste but I like to hear the engine sing a little...not to the point of anoyingly obnoxious but so you know you are in a sports car not a VW bug. No offense intended if you like bugs :-) they are cool too but dont sound very good IMO LOL.

The soft top is not new but looks good and no problems with it. The windows are clear and overall the top looks good. It has the original soft top cover and also the OEM tonnue cover and the bars that go into the top hinge holders. New lift a dot studs installed to secure the covers. It has the OEM factory wooden handled jack. Also included but you shouldnt "NEED" them with a new battery but you get jumper cables with the car. These MGB's originally had two 6 volt batteries. This car has one new (July 2018) 12volt battery.

As I said this is my elderly fathers car. Ive done my best to objectively detail what I know about the car so you know what you are buying. My goal isnt to over or under estimate the car but give a fair assessment of what I think it is. You are welcome to come see the car if youd like and make your own judgements. Just let me know and we can arrange that. With what he paid for the car, all the new parts AND what it cost to have some of the work done....he has a lot invested in this car...not to mention the many hours of work that I did on it for him. Its a pretty nice MGB that gets compliments when ever someone sees it. The asking price is below what he has in it and is below NADA. However, he IS wanting to sell it so he will entertain any reasonable offers. You can find one cheaper but it wont have new everything...time takes its toll on things. New bumpers and over riders alone cost $750 bucks, add in an all new interior for another $1500 (not including installation), a grand for new floors, $600 for new tires and a new battery plus a few 100 to have the wheels redone and all the other $30-$50 parts you need to redo one of these cars and you can see how quick and easy it is to get a lot of money wrapped up in one. Make sure you are comparing apples to apples when you buy one. To get that new look, you NEED new parts and they arent cheap to buy them and in many cases arent easy to install. Theres 2 ways to look at old cars and Ive done it both ways...BUT you can buy it done and spend a little more OR keep spending money and time making it nicer and wind up spending more in the long run PLUS you have to do all the work!

I know of nothing wrong with the car and Id feel OK driving it just about anywhere but due to the nature of any vintage machinery there is no warranty expressed or implied of any kind. I feel confident the car wont give you any problems it hasnt for us however, how the car does for the long haul after it leaves here will depend a lot on how YOU treat it and take care of it. Its a very easy car to maintain but as with any sports car you do need to keep the oil changed and tweek things sometimes for optimal performance.

Its a fun good running car...ready for some top down driving! Just needs you in the drivers seat!

The buyer is responsible for all shipping arrangements and any shipping cost. If the car is being shipped I will ensure the shipper has access to the car on the date provided to me by the buyer.