Price: - Item location: Helena, Montana, United States
  • Make: International Harvester
  • Model: 1310 Stock Truck
  • SubModel: Dually
  • Trim: Standard cab
  • Year:1971
  • Mileage:87,805
  • VIN:113301HI01007
  • Color:Orange
  • Engine size:304 V8
  • Number of cylinders:8
  • Fuel:Gasoline
  • Transmission:Manual
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: Orange
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1971 International Harvester 1310 Stock Truck Dually

Here is a nice old International in a hard to find configuration. There are thousands of pickups and big trucks of this vintage in the IHC line still around but there were very few of these sold new; virtually none to be found in Montana and I would guess it is the same elsewhere 45 years down the road like we are now. This was bought new by a small farmer/rancher near Fairfield, Montana who probably had no use for a big truck, probably needed to haul some seed in the spring and some calves and grain to the elevator in the fall. It has been driven less than 2,000 miles a year from new 45 years ago and it shows that it was not used a lot and pretty well taken care of. It would have been the top of the line in two wheel drive one tons when it was new, 304 V8, 4 speed, power steering, radio, just about every option you could get on an International at that time. It shows 87,805 miles today, I have no doubt that is correct, the guy I bought it from had known this truck for years and bought it several years ago to haul seed and his lambs to the livestock market in Great Falls. He said he only put about 3,000 miles on it all the years he had it. I believe he bought it from the original owner.
I bought it about 6 weeks ago with the intention of replacing the floor in the box and the windshield and using it to haul fertilizer and seed in the spring and a few calves to the auction in the fall. I've had a little change in plans as I found a 1976 Ford one ton with 32,000 actual miles on it and it has a hoist, which the IHC does not. I paid a lot of money for the Ford but it is ready to go with no work needed and I don't have time to work on an old truck this fall and especially don't have time to build a hoist for one and get it installed. So this is going down the road.
It has -- as near as I know from the previous owner -- always been a running, driving truck, regularly maintained, licensed and insured. As time goes by, more and more old trucks end up getting parked in the back lot until somebody decides they want to get it running. That usually takes some work and some money. Not this one. The battery in it was pretty weak so I put a new battery in it after a few weeks, the brakes are fine, most all the lights work including the cab clearance lights, the alternator charges, the gas gauge works, etc. We drove it home with no problems. I think you could drive it anywhere in the US if you kept it under 60, it drives nice, the power steering works, the transmission doesn't have any more howl than any IHC transmission of the 60's or 70's and the little things like the heater and windshield wipers work like they should. Now, all of that said, it is 45 years old and is not perfect. The floor in the box, especially the front corners, is going to have to have some work before you can haul cows in it. The wood is warped and looks soft. Both doors have dents in them from the mirrors. The windshield is cracked. The top is pretty wavy, probably from the guy in the box with the cows crawling out over the front (or maybe getting tossed out) by a cow who had lost her sense of humor while being loaded. There is a little rusted through spot in the back of the passenger side cab corner. The Knapheid plaque on the back is rusted through. The rest of the box has very little rust and is as straight as any 45 year old box you've ever seen. Just a little wave in the stock rack at the top on one side. Gas tank does not appear to leak and the gauge works. Radiator and overflow tank do not leak as far as we can tell, no leaks on the engine or power steering other than the usual from something this old.
I know I will get questions about the floor boards. They look solid with minimal rust but I did not crawl under and check from below and did not rip up the original floor mats to check. I will try to do that next time I am at the ranch, send me a question and I will direct you to a site with more photos or at least more info.
I have only driven it a few miles so I can't make much of a guarantee on how much oil it burns or doesn't burn but it runs smooth, starts right up and doesn't smoke after that first little puff all the 304/345's have. These engines are usually good for a couple hundred thousand trouble free so I'm thinking this one has a lot of life left. The front tires are better than fair but probably not exactly good, the back tires should be good for all the miles you will ever put on this.
Like Yogi Says, For people who like this kind of thing, this is the kind of thing they like!! If you like old Internationals, you'll like this one. Fly or drive in, drive it back home, stop at every IHC collector along the way, all the antique stores and flea markets, hit a few threshing bees and farm shows and you will be the hit of the fall season. Plenty of room to haul whatever you buy and it has a receiver hitch on the back so you can buy a trailer or bring along a tow bar if you drive; hook your Scout or whatever behind it and head for home.
I've already had second thoughts about spending more money on the 76 Ford and selling this one but as I said, I just don't have time to work on it and I'm needing a truck this fall. I've had International trucks for 50 years and feel almost guilty about selling this one and buying a Ford but I did it so I'm going to do it.
Bid early, bid high, bid often!!!!
Thanks for the interest, send me a question if you have one.
Now the business part. $500 via paypal down as soon as it sells, either high bidder or buy it now, balance by cash or acceptable check within 7 days. Truck doesn't leave until my bank is happy with the payment. If you want to come pick it up and pay with green Ben Franklins it needs to be within that 7 days or you need to call me and make arrangements. I would like to have it gone within a couple weeks of the end of the listing, there are a lot of companies that haul out of here, you can usually ship to anywhere in the US for $1000 or less from Montana but shipping is your deal. I will meet the hauler and help him load but I'm not the hauler and I'm not free storage for the winter. After a couple weeks it will go to secure storage on your dime. Then you can leave it as long as you want.
Where you gonna buy a truck this nice for this little money??? Right here. Usable truck ready to go down the road, show truck with a polish job and a pretty rare model that will give you hours and hours of BS material at the coffee shop or at the International Shows. No Chevy, Ford or Dodge can do that for you!!