1982 Volvo 240 wagon DIESEL- with VEG OIL conversion! Now runs on both fuels!

Price: US $1,495.00 Item location: Pittsfield, Massachusetts, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Volvo
  • Model: 240
  • SubModel: 245 (station wagon)
  • Type: Wagon
  • Year: 1982
  • Mileage: 265,018
  • VIN: YV1AX7758C1402559
  • Color: Brown
  • Engine size: 2.4 Liter 6 cylander OEM Volvo (VW) D-24 non-turbo
  • Number of cylinders: 6
  • Power options: Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Windows
  • Fuel: BOTH diesel & straight vegetable oil
  • Transmission: 5 speed standard with overdrive button on shifter
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: Tan/Black
  • Options: Roof rack, Conversion to dual fuel- SVO, biodiesel, & diesel, Cassette Player
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1982 Volvo 240 245 (station wagon)

PLEASE CALL show contact info ANYTIME 24/7 with questions or to arrange a sale meeting!
I am in Pittsfield, A and free to meet you here to buy the car any day or time you'd like.
Optional delivery anywhere in lower 48 states after purchase for an additional fee covering actual driving costs and return transportation after re-registered with your license plates, r you can pickup yourself immediately in Pittsfield, assachusetts upon payment.
1982 Volvo 245 DL (240 station wagon) DIESEL standard transmission with 5 speed overdrive with dual-fuel diesel-Straight Vegetable Oil conversion;
Unique car. 34 year old brown exterior factory paint with tan leather and tan/black interior trim. Replacement dark grey cloth front seats are in excellent condition. Miraculously unbroken plastic OEM tan replacement door pockets! 2011 replacement OEM Volvo D24 non-turbo engine also includes recent new head gasket, eater blower motor, low plugs, il change, nd windshield wiper mechanism repair. Starts instantly; runs, hifts, nd drives perfectly. 35-40 mpg; has achieved 52 mpg on flat cross-country highway trips at lower speeds with previous engine (available in parts section below). Transmission has typical button on shifter top for switching between 4th and 5th gear/overdrive (which works). 185-70-14 tire tread is good; typically corroding aluminum alloy wheels with matching full size spare. Rear studdable tires, ll with excellent tread; nearly new. Custom SVO conversion and onboard UCO (used cooking oil) filtration system with extra 20 gallon metal custom tank in passenger's side of wagon (size of a large duffel bag). 130 amp alternator upgrade supports additional SVO electrics (OEM 55 amp alternator available in spare parts below) of heated hose/wand to liquefy all oils in any weather. After market trim-matched fabric dash cover covers the usual dash crack(s). Some pokes in white ceiling liner. OEM Volvo-branded front and rear winter floor mats. Custom dash water temp and oil gauges replace center heater louvers. Standard diesel engine block heater. Optional custom split rear seatbacks included if wanted. Some wires may need re-connection after car sat for more than 2 years recently, nd/or other attention needed caused by being stored. Otherwise, verything works exactly as described here.
Although it starts quickly and runs well, ith nearly normal average power for a typical Volvo diesel (we know, s we've owned 7 of this model diesels!), he engine puts out what I consider excessive blue smoke, uggesting either replacement rings installed by the buyer or to have its engine swapped with our available excellent-running low mileage 70,000 miles Volvo D-24 non-turbo engine: the exact duplicate of the station wagon's engine, aving been salvaged by us from a superbly running 1982 Volvo diesel sedan our company owned, ut had to salvage because of body damage/rust. This engine is priced/packaged below to accommodate this single issue and should allow this wagon to run for many years into the future; install when and if needed.
Otherwise, really nice car, nd still starts, runs, nd handles great as is! We would PREFER the buyer of the station wagon to also purchase at least our excellent engine with the car for your future use years from now since the engines are extremely rare. We're asking just $300 for the excellent engine and will deliver the engine free to you or your shop locally nearby Western Massachusetts, r deliver anywhere in the lower 48 states with pre-payment of actual round-trip fuel cost at 10 mpg for our pickup truck. You could also pay us to ship by commercial carrier (likely cheapest, asiest, astest, nd safest option).
1982 Volvo 245 diesel wagon running as is with additional rare excellent running future replacement engine: $1,895 obo.
A clfailed organization and forced liquidation means we want to sell our vehicles sooner rather than later and have reduced our prices to be very reasonable and a great deal for any serious buyer, o no reasonable offer refused!
Includes full tank of diesel fuel in main 16 gallon tank if you pickup in Pittsfield, A, n any case, n extra OEM diesel fuel filter (for under-hood startup tank) and Puralator Premier oil filter. Noting from the numerous questions from curious folks every time I refill the under-hood diesel startup fuel tank, erious inquiries only please.
Prices are lowered to accommodate any needed future repair of blue-tinted exhaust smoke and make the car an excellent deal for any truly interested buyer who wants an inexpensive running car that has reduced emissions and a long life ahead of it with arrested minor rust and an otherwise solid metal body. Will package discounts with additional Volvo diesel parts/accessories shown below.
Over $2,500 in custom specialized SVO conversion parts installed in car itself including:
--- Custom 20 gallon metal third fuel tank in passenger's side of wagon. Connected to custom onboard UCO filtration system designed for cold climates: includes custom clear 12 foot specialty suction hose (rated for suction and up to 150 degrees F without collapsing; unique: this particular plastic clear hose no longer manufactured) for included $150 basic farm-supply style 5-10 gallon per minute diesel fuel transfer pump, ith wand tip of custom hose fabricated with three 12-volt powered VegTherm Mega electrical heaters at tip (90 amps total) designed to instantly melt solidified UCO in cold climates before sucking into onboard instant filtration system (dual clear-housing inline stainless steel 70 micron filters, ne/both replaceable with standard 10 micron paper filter for additional filtration). Reversible transfer pump for use with installed ball pipe valves inline to pump filtered oil to any tank/container including into main OEM fuel tank conventionally. Filtration system deposits the oil filtered onboard directly into the custom 20 gallon metal fuel tank bolted in wagon passenger's side. Second standard 12 foot black rubber fuel transfer hose with fuel filling handle/nozzle for fuel transfers to main/other tanks included; Second mini transfer pump installed on 20 gallon wagon tank for regular 2 gpm fuel transfers from it direct to OEM main tank via dash switch (disconnected electrical installed but currently not in use; 3/8” fuel hose connection remains to top of OEM fuel tank). With replacement fuel caps and installation of a new tank vent, utomatic gravity feed between wagon and OEM tank designed/possible.
--- Pollock fuel selector valve for in-cab switching between main heated veg and start-up diesel tanks;
coolant heated OEM customized fuel tank with all fuel and coolant connections exclusively through fuel tank's normal top (tank itself was NOT cut into as is in most other heated fuel tank conversions so it's stock replaceable as needed useful in rust-prone winter salt areas) without need to re-cut and re-weld any needed tank replacement (from future rust, ccidents, ents, r pokes);
--- Dual coolant/electric heated Davco fuel filter with clear/viewable fuel level/quality using easily replaceable 10 micron filters available at trucking supply shops; includes proprietary fuel filter wrench;
--- Tank-to-engine coolant-heated fuel line within the hot outbound coolant line for best heating veg oil when in use from main OEM tank;
--- Automatic 12-volt low battery shutdown for overnight electric portion of Davco fuel filter heater (no dead battery due to fuel filter use);
--- VegTherm Mega 30 watt inline electric fuel line heater (dash switched) just prior to fuel entering OEM Bosch diesel fuel injection lift pump (injection pump also recently serviced);
--- Electric fuel line heaters (dash switched) along metal fuel distribution rails from Bosch pump to actual fuel injectors (6 cylinder standard Volvo D24 diesel engine designed by VW) useful for additional fuel line heat and/or liquifying solidified fuel after cool-down/overnight;
--- 2.5 gallon "startup" diesel fuel tank under hood suitable for several dozen startups/cool-downs when driving on SVO/UCO in main OEM custom heated tank (5-10 minutes for coolant to assist warming the electric fuel heaters and flushing SVO prior to cool-down: manual electronic dash switched, ot automated);
--- Total fuel capacity 37 gallons; estimated diesel cruising range of about 1,500 miles without refueling makes for excellent regional trips using single-source high quality UCO as I did;
--- Wagon body spent 1982-2005 in Maryland, uffering some rust; since 2005 slowed oxidation significantly on steel by sealing/undercoating: no major rust since; existing rust in usual spots: spare tire LR wheel well, loor under rear seat, mall bubbling of OEM brown paint near exterior trim moldings/doors; otherwise very solid frame and body with no major dents other than a few minor paint/bumper scuffs;
--- Car has holes drilled for mounting both trailer hitch behind for towing and hardware for being towed from the front, uch as behind an RV or by tow bar from another vehicle; trips in this way towed easily with excellent stability; rear includes 4 standard flat 4-connector tow lighting; lower plastic front spoilers cut for these attachments as well; RF lower spoiler cut a little poorly cosmetically.
--- Wagon designed with 110-volt electricity in rear trunk and under passenger's seat for use with onboard power inverter under passenger's seat, nd second automotive battery behind it (both previously installed, ow removed, ut all wiring remains for easy re-installation of either/both if you purchase these).
Prices shown are guesses as to the new/used/retail values, nd not asking prices. Just make an offer to bundle with the car or separately as you prefer.
We're not trying to profit; we're trying to offer rare useful parts to the new owner of this sweet station wagon!
--- Used complete D-24 non-turbo engines:
(1) runs better than any Volvo diesel passenger car engine we've ever had after owning over a half-dozen of these cars! From 1982 Volvo 240 sedan with about 70,000 miles on that engine, an very little as a second car by the previous owner who lived in the desert. We removed it from our sedan that rusted out and had to be salvaged after being driven for too long back in New England during winters;
(1) runs, ut poorly since damaged, nd with all accessory hoses/brackets/devices (damaged-rod OEM engine from our station wagon prior to it's replacement 4 years ago after this engine ran through a monsoon flooded street in Tucson in 2011. We drove it cross-country after the damage, o it runs, but needs 1 new piston rod to be back up to specs); retail estimate damaged engine $200, ndamaged excellent running low-miles engine $700; make offer
--- 4 spare OEM Bosch diesel injection pumps (1 running complete, not running but complete; 1 complete but disassembled); retail estimate new $3,000, sed/serviced/running $250 each, sed/non-running $50; make offer
--- 2 spare OEM Volvo D24 heads (one planed and confirmed pressure tested by diesel shop with paperwork verification; other removed from good running D24 engine); retail estimate $300 each; make offer
--- Specialty fabricated coolant-heated 25 gallon fuel tank, esigned to fit snugly as high-topped replacement of Volvo 240 rear seat bottom for additional cross-country trips on sole-source UCO from home; adds additional fuel capacity (also useful for filling up at cheape$t diesel stations in region!); custom retail cost new $300; used retail value $200?; make offer
--- Front hardware for Volvo 240 to be towed by RV or other vehicle; retail estimate new $200; make offer
--- Previously installed 1,500 watt power inverter with your new extra standard 49-series or H8 series battery; retail estimate new about $100; make offer
--- OEM Volvo automatic A46 (diesel) 240 transmission from conversion of our 1982 Volvo diesel wagon (fits all 1981-1987 Volvo 240/740 diesel powered common D-24 engine sedans/wagons) to standard transmission; shifted perfectly upon removal during conversion; includes automatic shifter, inkage, hifter and throttle cables; retail estimate used $700; also additional automatic transmission oil pan; make offer
--- Numerous other miscellaneous OEM Volvo/ Volvo diesel parts optionally available: brake rotors, riginal 55 watt OEM alternator, EM A/C compressor, oses/relays/switches/nuts/bolts/moldings/trim, xtra hood, ear & side window glass, agon trunk "third seat", rake master cylinder, alve cover, alve cover and engine oil pan gaskets (new, nopened), hilton repair manual (only commercial non-Volvo service manual including diesel Volvos), tc: our company has owned 7 Volvo 240/740 diesels.
Thanks! We hope to hear from you soon!
-Jay King, br>Trustee
Research Associates Trust
(413) 222-3084 anytime 24/7