1971 Triumph TR-6 with Factory Hardtop

Price: US $5,377.00 Item location: Damascus, Maryland, United States
  • Make: Triumph
  • Model: TR-6
  • Type: Convertible
  • Year: 1971
  • Mileage: 80,000
  • Color: Red
  • Engine size: 6 Cylinder
  • Drive type: 4 speed
  • Interior color: Black
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1971 Triumph TR-6

1971 Triumph TR6 with Hardtop

Preamble: You are bidding on a previously restored 1971 triumph TR6 with hardtop and soft top. I have owned this car 16 years and acquired it shortly after a previous owner put in a lot of work to make it sweet. I have owned and restored many British cars for the last 44 years and can state that this is a very strong driver that can be acquired for enjoyment or full restoration. To that end I am providing all the evidence you need to make a respectful bid on this car. I have started the bid at the “I’ll just hold it” price. This car will continue to appreciate. Hagerty insurance is $130/yr and historic tags are cheap making it an ideal second car and weekend thrill. I have too many cars for my suburban existence. Let me add for anyone who is not steeped in classic car restoration or ownership the TR6 is THE car to own if you want to tinker. Virtually every part you can think of has been re-manufactured or is still available for this car. The quality of replacement parts through Motorhead generally exceeds OEM grade and used parts and the occasional parts car are widely available.

The Good: Car is very straight no evidence of incidents. Car was restored to a high level about 18 years ago. Has very strong roll bar inside so with hardtop car is very stiff. No sags. The frame is solid the attach points are rust free. I have a box of spares and it appears the previous owner bought everything he could find down to new snaps for trim and brass inlet tubes for the engine. I have OEM hose clamps in a box and old taillight lenses because they were replaced. Engine is VERY strong it had to be rebuilt and rebuilt for performance. It runs best on premium. The car has standard Strombergs rebuilt and tube headers going to dual Borani exhaust still good but surface rust on mufflers. Sounds like a Mustang 5.0 to me. Gearbox shifts great quiet no sign of synchro wear. I replaced the clutch I have a spare disk in “the box” from previous owner. Dash and interior all replaced. Seats good but I’d replace the webbing if driven often. Factory hardtop with ripped headliner otherwise original and complete with a few pepper spots under a window. Convertible top never gets used it’s probably AMCO very high grade and in really good shape. I noticed a strap is broken. Replacement strap in the box. Newish Top Boot. Chrome is generally very good. Rear bumper is a little dusty. Has radio blanked out but there is a British Leyland radio in the box as well as an early pushbutton Panasonic. Also have the interior trim for the speaker installation. But really who needs a radio? All glass good. Most rubber is good to excellent – again all replaced at one time. Brakes should be fine I replaced a few thousand miles back. Tires are excellent Yokohamas a bit over-sized and I keep them soft for a smoother ride. Spare and jack in the trunk. Car has ALWAYS run. I like impress people with the quarter turn start it’s that good. Rebuilt starter. Takes a domestic oil filter 2 new air filters in the box. Has shoulder and lap belts.

The Bad: My friend pointed out that the rear shocks are not absorbing. There is another set in the box condition unknown these can usually be fixed by replacing the fluid. The tach is probably good but the little nylon gear in the distributor needs to be replaced so does not work. Motorhead has it it’s a quick fix. Bought a new cable too. There is a spare tach in the box. The speedo says like 32252 miles. The odometer counts funny so I cannot say what the real miles are. There are 2 additional speedos in the box one says 99999 that’s probably wrong the other says low 80k – that may be right. The rear-end sings a little bit and occasionally it will slap not on every shift or anything but if the car is going to be brought back to like new you could have the rear tightened up. The attach points are all good and the mounts have been replaced. Finally the lights generally work but it is old Lucas and you have to screw around with the rear sockets sometimes to keep the turn signals up. The right fix for those is obviously independent grounds in new sockets wired to clean bullet connectors.

The Ugly: The only thing I am not proud of is the pepper rust on the rocker panels and the break through rust on bottom of the front fenders. I have the new trims for them as well but I did not put them on until I could address that. Look at the picture and make you own opinion. To me this is minor in the big scheme of owning a 45 year old non stored British car. I would NOT replace the rockers it’s not that bad. Whether you let in some metal or clean them up with POR 15 and glass over them is up to the next owner – that’s what I would do if I wasn’t going for Concours. The floors are solid and I coated them in POR 15 16 years ago to make sure they stayed that way. There is also a hole in the rt. rear valence and the trunk lid rear lip is showing signs of moisture damage and old luggage rack hole is popping though and I noticed a little bubble near the headlight on left. Paint is flaking in the crevices of the engine compartment. I know these things the people who love the car in the parking lots never see them.

That’s about all I can say about the car. Always a thrill to drive easy to work on and probably the least expensive classic left. If I could hold it it would gain more than the stock market over the next 10 years. Feel free to send questions. Will not end auction early and I reserve right to cancel bids from low feedback or first time bidders. $500.00 Paypal deposit required within 48 hours of winning. You arrange transportation. I accept Paypal for partial payment. No warranties expressed or implied car is sold for winning price as-is and is consistent with pictures. Payment-in-full prior to pick-up. Happy Bidding!