1968 SAAB 96 DeLuxe V4 Runs and Drives~ NO RESERVE!

Price: US $0.96 Item location: Loretto, Minnesota, United States
  • Make: Saab
  • Model: 96
  • Trim: DeLuxe V4
  • Year: 1968
  • Mileage: 33,474
  • VIN: 481850
  • Engine size: V4
  • Drive type: FWD
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1968 Saab 96

1968 SAAB 96 DeLuxe V4

VIN# 481850

Offered at No Reserve!

Runs and drives…I have owned and enjoyed this car for a little over a year, and have driven it about 600 miles. It’s been fun and reliable and was a nice, strong runner, until suddenly this summer the transaxle began making an ugly grinding noise. It's been parked since, but I drove it around the block this weekend just to circulate the old boy.First and second gear seem worse, and itsnoisiest under load (like when starting from a dead stop). The car will still drive, although I really don’t want to risk turning ANYTHING in the transaxle at highway speeds right now. The shift linkage is also very sloppy and while the linkage can be adjusted, it needs tightening up or some replacement hardware: First gear can be tough to find, and reverse is particularly tricky. Freewheel works fine.

THE TRANSAXLE WILL NEED to be REPLACED or REBUILT. I suspect the output shaft bearing has failed, but I really do not know. Since “Li’l Sven” is not eligible for the Affordable Care Act, exploratory surgery has not been performed. I also don’t have garage space for it this winter, and I can’t bear to see it stored outdoors for the season, so off it goes. Hopefully to a good home where proper care and feeding of SAABs is understood and practiced.

The motor was reportedly rebuilt, and it does run strong and rev sweetly. It has used no oil over the mileage I’ve done, and the car doesn’t smoke. It’s tough to start from cold, and the throttle response is a bit rough just off idle: My guess is a weak accelerator pump, and a carb rebuild would likely work wonders (or a new Weber, which seems to be the default choice). Warm starts are fast and easy. The German Ford V4 is a really gutsy, lively and tough little motor.

The steering is light and reasonably tight. The brakes are firm and effective. Car goes down the road very well, and before the transaxle issue it was comfortable cruising at 65 mph. The speedo is surprisingly accurate, too! The odometer and reset-able trip odometer work fine. I cannot substantiate the overall mileage in any way (insert your favorite digit before the first number on the odo – your guess is as good as mine).

The interior is quite ragged, as all the pics will prove, but the headliner for some reason is really good. All gauges work, and they all illuminate at night. The fuel gauge jumps about a bit, until it gets down to around a quarter tank, (the fuel tank itself looks like either a new replacement or restored, so maybe the float for sender unit was not set correctly). Clock ticks, but does not keep correct time. The beautiful VDO tach and 120 mph speedo are special to the DeLuxe and Monte Carlo models, and the tach is a really nice thing to have with the V4. Wipers are inoperable (bad wiper motor, which I never got around to replacing). Blower motor works quietly on both speeds. All exterior lighting works.

Did I hear a voice in the back of the room ask about rust?Well, sure, boy, this is a SAAB 96! Of course ya got rust, and in all the typical places. It’s not the worst you’ve ever seen…but it’s far from the best. The driver’s side seat belt anchor near the door opening pulled out of the floor, put it that way. I took a lot of photos of underneath so you can see everything for yourself: Please see photo link below for best view of everything.

The driver’s door has two broken bolt heads on one hinge, and the door itself latches but rattles going over bumps (again, see photo).

There is a tub of extra parts, including extra hubcaps, and some new spark plug wires thatI never installed (no issue with the ones on the car, but they do not match and it just bugged me). There is an NOS muffler from Sweden; a good spare (although the muffler and entire exhaust from the manifold back were pretty new when I got the car, and it has a nice mellow sound). There is also a set of very cool driving lamps that I bought for this car, but never installed. They are sealed-beam spot-lamp units with yellow lenses (a very unusual combination) with excellent chrome housings. Both lamps work. I think they are so perfect for this car that they simply must stay with it.

So whaddaya do with a car like this?I know I make the car sound like a basket case; it’s not, but I want to give full disclosure so there are no surprises for the next driver. There’s too much goodness here to think of parting it out. A rebuilt trans and reconnoitered shift linkage would make this a nice, viable driver again. The car is very presentable looking and never fails to provoke enthusiastic comments from SAABists and regular folk alike. Weld up the rust and the seams, quick-n-dirty like, and it would make a super fun vintage rally car.





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