S4 Auto Sunroof Leather BBS Alloys FRESH TIMING BELT +++ /// NO RESERVE!

Price: - Item location: Loretto, Minnesota, United States
  • Make: Porsche
  • Model: 928
  • SubModel: S4
  • Trim: S4
  • Year: 1987
  • Mileage: 124,000
  • VIN: WP0JB0924HS861751
  • Color: Red
  • Engine size: 5.0 32 Valve DOHC V8
  • Number of cylinders: 8
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1987 Porsche 928 S4

1987 Porsche 928 S4

Guards Red / Automatic / Leather / Sunroof / 320 HP 32-Valve

VIN# WP0JB0924HS861751

Fresh Major Service ~ Low Opening Bid Price and NO RESERVE

My personal car. It has provided me with several thousand miles of trouble free performance and excellent comfort on cross country adventures, club touring and leisure use. I purchased it in 2011 from a business associate who had a small car collection. In his three years ownership, he drove it only 700 miles; all pleasure driving in-town, never any track use. It is not perfect, but it has presented no major mechanical or electrical issues during this time, and it still looks fantastic.

I love this car, and it's for auction only due to the fact that my present life allows me no time to enjoy it. It sits in the garage too much now, and I let the registration lapse in May. It's way too nice to use as my daily commuter, and I hate the prospect of it gathering dust and cobwebs. With regrets, I offer it to a new home.

The car has just gotten a major service in preparation for sale, including:

NEW Timing Belt with new Idler Pulleys

REBUILT Belt Tensioner (properly adjusted, confirmed by instrument calibration)

NEW Water Pump (customarily done while the timing belt is off)

NEW Radiator Hoses; Coolant Flush w/Extended Life Anti-Freeze

NEW Belts for Alternator, Power Steering, Air Pump

Oil & Filter Change (Mobil 1 & Wix filter)

NEW Air Filter

NEW Spark Plugs (NGK)

NEW ATF: Drain & Fill Transmission & Torque Converter w/correct Dexron

NEW Transmission Filter

NEW Gas Hood Struts

There are NO WARNING LIGHT ISSUES or MYSTERIES on the instrument panel, which are a common source of frustration on these technically complex cars. The engine runs smoothly and quietly. Performance is athletic. There are no smoke issues from the tailpipe, no consumption issues, nor any major leaks to deal with on your garage floor. But there are still things that the next owner may wish to take care of:

Air Conditioning does not work. It blew cold for the previous owner, but never for me. I never made any effort to charge it and have never missed it. The compressor spins freely. The rest of the heating and ventilation system, including the stepper motor and blower, work fine.

Other features needing attention:Hand Brake; Reversing Lights; Shift Quadrant Lights; Headlamp Washers; Remote Hatch Door Release; Interior Courtesy Lamps; Digital Clock does not keep Earth time; LCD Display on the Blaupunkt does not light; Plastic Hinge is broken on one door storage pocket...These are all little things I meant to attack and fix "some day", but never found time, and none of them bugged me very much.

The fuel filter should be good for about 20,000 more miles, and the air pump filter is still too fresh to think of replacing. I can think of no maintenance to do until the next oil change.

ON the ROAD:

Car drives really nicely. It is fast, stable and very comfortable at speed. It can tramline to the right on crowned local roads, but for the most part it tracks very straight on highways, even when applying brakes with hands off the wheel (see video). Wheels were aligned about three thousand miles ago.

Brakes are strong. Pads have life yet and rotors are smooth with no pulsing through the pedal. Sometimes, just before completing a full stop (like in the final two feet of rolling), there is a sensation like the ABS activating on the front calipers. It's odd, but not debilitating, and I ignore it. It occurs only at a walking pace, just on the verge of a full stop. Maybe it's the pads; I just don't know, but I mention it in the interests of full disclosure.

The transmission is excellent, clipping off shifts smoothly around town and crisply on full throttle - exactly as it's supposed to. This is a Mercedes-Benz sourced transmission, and normally starts in second gear, the way it was programmed to do. Flooring the accelerator from a stop, or manually shifting into "2", will accelerate the car in low gear. Its performance is beautifully matched to the engine's torque. I have serviced the transmission every two years (regardless of mileage), and it is very clean inside with fresh ATF and filter.

Aside from the hand brake, the major controls work very well. Except for the reversing lamps, all exterior lighting operates. The powered accessories (sunroof, windows, locks, mirrors and seats) all perform. All three wipers wipe and the squirters squirt. Horn honks. Cruise control switches on and sets on command, but tends to bleed off speed pretty quickly. Instruments light up and work. The ammeter will creep up into the lower part of the red (16V), but I pulled the alternator to have the voltage regulator bench tested and it checked out fine. Since the lights do not pulse extra brightness when this occurs, and the warning lamp doesn't go on, I have not worried about it and I blame the gauge. The battery is strong; held its charge over the winter storage. Oil pressure is always strong, cold or warm. I have always run this car on a steady diet of "real gasoline": Non-oxygenated 91 octane - NO ETHANOL.

PLEASE NOTE:The odometer broke, and I repaired it. Nearly every 928 odo breaks eventually because the junk plastic drive gear disintegrates with age. I drove for about thirty-five hundred miles before repairing it with a new drive gear made of better material. The odometer and trip meter work perfectly now, and should never need attention again, but please consider the actual mileage to be AT LEAST 3500 more than is registered on the odo, or about 124,000 miles.In any case, I cannot substantiate any mileage figure, and this car should be judged purely on its overall condition and performance.

Tires are in nice shape, with deep tread (see photo link). They are correctly sized: 225/50x16 front ; 245/45x16 rear.

I made two memorable long distance adventures to the east coast with this car, and it never missed a beat on either round trip. I would feel comfortable jumping into this car tomorrow and driving it anywhere.


Not a show car, but a very, very presentable 928 that you can be proud to park in any company short of a PCA concourse. There are small touch-up marks on the paint here and there, most notably on the center of the front bumper cap (see photo link for close up) and the faces of the door mirrors. The paint has a beautiful finish on its major surfaces and down low as well. There is no oxidation or fading. There is very little road rash on the low parts of the sills, but some scrapes and a small tear down low on plastic cladding just behind the right front wheel (detail shown photo link). There are minor imperfections here and there, but fewer than is typical for a car of this vintage. I suspect that the front fenders were replaced (serial numbers missing on them), but there is no obvious evidence of any serious damage. Car was repainted once, over a decade ago, and to a truly excellent standard with a mirror finish.

The windshield is excellent, as is all of the glass. It's the original type windshield, with radio antenna inside - a cool feature that helps keeps the car's profile so lean and clean. If there is any pitting, scratches or wiper marks, I cannot find them.

The iconic BBS 'RS' 2-piece wheels were very expensive when new, and the highest German quality available. They were coveted sport-fashion icons in their day, and are still sought after today. These are in nice condition, and today they make a distinctive and desirable, period-correct accessory feature: Gold and silver BBS rims on a Guards Red Porsche is pure 80s chic!

The overall impression is of a very well cared-for machine that most casual observers would never guess is thirty years old.


The inside is very clean and everything is in order. There is some typical wear showing on the steering wheel leather; its stitching is tight and there are no tears or loose edges. Instruments are clear and clean. The leather seats and trim have been well taken care of. There's a three-to-four inch tear in thedriver's seat side bolster, just above the driver's left hip (see photo for close up), and that's really the only thing crying for attention.The back seats look nearly unused. All four seats have kept their form, with great support and no sagging in the cushions. Dashboard top has some heat cracks over top of the instrument pod, and some small cracks along the defrost vents (see photo link). The floor mats, with red-embroidered logos, are in nice shape, with very good, clean black carpets underneath. The parcel shelf beneath the glove-box has a small crease, as if too much pressure had been applied once (visible in photo). There is an aftermarket shift knob that doesn't fit very well; I never liked it, but never got around to getting a proper one either. One of the rear seat sunvisors is missing. The headliner is excellent; clean, no tears, no sags or slop. The luggage area is neat and tidy with nice, clean carpet. Underneath lies the standard equipment collapsible spare tire & air compressor (BOTH are in good working order!), and the wrench for the BBS wheel center caps. The standard tool kit includes jack, lug wrench, spark plug socket, pliers, a variety of wrenches, tow hook and spare belts.

In all, the interior pretty well matches the standard of the exterior.


Clean and solid chassis and exhaust. Porsches have been made with lots of galvanized steel since the mid-70s, and the 928 featured doors, hood, front fenders, and roof panel made from aluminum. No corrosion on this car, and I sincerely doubt it has ever been driven in winter. There are no belly pans: I never had 'em, and after experiencing a completely composed and stable cruise at a sustained 130mph on a deserted interstate, I never missed 'em either!

The engine compartment is clean and stock looking, though it could use some obvious paint detail on the top of the engine. The front tow hooks have bends from bumping immovable objects, but could be straightened. Neither the finned alloy oil pan nor the exhaust system show any scrapes or damage. Panel fit is fine, and the door jams and door bottoms have bright, clean paint. There is no rust at all on this car. Lots of photos underneath on the photo link below.


A beautiful, and now classic, Porsche model that is finally getting the attention it deserves. The 928 is a very durable, capable and high-quality adult sports car. It was a true advancement over GT cars that came before it, and still impresses with towering strength, refinement and ability. The S4 model improved upon its predecessors with a full 320 horses from the 5-liter, 32-valve alloy V8 (for the first time as powerful in the USA as the "Euro-spec" cars). Just as importantly, the S4 also came with an updated version of the 4-speed automatic trans. Subtle styling improvements for 1987 complete the picture and visually separate the S4 from the less powerful earlier 928s.

This S4 has been pampered and is a very nicely preserved example that should give many years of strong performance with little trouble. I have done all I can to help ensure that, and I have described this car as well as I know how. If I missed any detail that you'd like to know about or see, please let me know. I will answer quickly and honestly.


150 Pictures, Over/Under/Sideways/Down (copy & paste into your browser)https://flic.kr/s/aHsm9cV9Si

SEE and HEAR it RUN:

Vid#1: My wife holds on in the back seat as we go around the block(copy & paste into your browser) https://youtu.be/Mq2JL7T02Xk

Vid#2: A walk around the car and a look under the hood (copy & paste into your browser)https://youtu.be/d6EbrTeQTXs


And Now... if You're Serious About Bidding, Please Read....

The Fine Print:

GOOD LUCK! Please bid to the value this vehicle may hold for you. Please feel free to ask questions or add comments. Please ask questions BEFORE you bid. I will respond quickly and honestly. This vehicle is parked in Independence, Minnesota 55357, about thirty minutes west of downtown Minneapolis. Inspections are invited and encouraged!

CONDITIONS: Winning this auction constitutes a legal and binding agreement between the Buyer, and the Seller, the terms of which you accept when you enter your bid(s). Please bid sincerely and sensibly. Zero-feedback bidders must contact me first before bidding to establish some level of seriousness-of-intent. It's nothing personal, just business: We, and many others, have been stung on eBay Motors by too many dead-beat auction winners.
Vehicle is sold "As-Is and Where-Is". No warranty is expressed, implied or offered. Seller cannot and will not take any responsibility for this car after it leaves the premises.

PAYMENT: Buyer must make a $500 DEPOSIT by PayPal within 24 hours of the Auction Close. The Deposit will secure the Deal for both Buyer and Seller. Failure to make Deposit within 24 hours will risk Cancellation of the Sale at Discretion of the Seller. BALANCE MUST BE PAID within 3 BUSINESS DAYS of sale by SECURE PAYMENT. Accepting US FUNDS via WIRE TRANSFER, CERTIFIED BANK CHECK, or CASH at PICK-UP. Deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE except under circumstances which may be deemed fair and appropriate by the Seller, and decided on a case-by-case basis.
Deposit will be payable to this eBay Seller, via PayPal, and the final balance will be made directly by wire transfer (preferred), certified bank check, or cash at pick up, after which CLEAR TITLE will be sent to the Buyer.

WE CANNOT ACCEPT THE FULL PAYMENT via PayPal - ONLY the DEPOSIT to secure the sale!

TRANSPORT: Buyer is responsible for all transportation arrangements and costs. This vehicle is parked in Independence, Minnesota 55357 about thirty minutes west of downtown Minneapolis. We do not offer quotes on shipping. Fast, competitive shipping quotes are a few keystrokes away on eBay and on Google. If you like, we will be happy to recommend some preferred carriers with whom we have had direct experience. ALL EXPORT SALE DETAILS MUST BE ARRANGED by the BUYER.

We are happy to work with any vehicle transport company you send, and we are happy to cooperate with overseas expediters in terms of delivering documents, etc.

STORAGE: While the Auction Winner sorts out pick-up or transport arrangements, Seller can offer, free of charge, dry indoor storage for up to 30 days after auction termination. Longer periods can be arranged at extra cost if necessary. Seller cannot accept any liability during this storage period.


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