Price: - Item location: Snow Hill, Maryland, United States
  • Make: Porsche
  • Model: 914
  • Trim: 2.6 big bore monster
  • Year: 1976
  • Mileage: 30,000
  • Color: Black
  • Engine size: 2.6
  • Number of cylinders: 4
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Interior color: Black
  • Drive side: Left-hand drive
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1976 Porsche 914 2.6 big bore monster

I am sadly in a position where I must sell all my garage items, you will see by checking my other listings, I am starting to liquidate. I am a PCA member since 1986 and have had many Porsches, but always love the 914 the most. This is a 1976 (low serial number 4762900108) 914 that has been fully converted to a total outlaw auto-x / track car.I bought the car from Sky Motorworks in Florida who was consigning it for the original builder. My intention was to race the car with PCA in the vintage class. I will get back to that in a moment.Let me start from front to back. First, the car is totally stripped of all lights, except for the brake lights. In fact, if it isn't totally necessary, it is GONE. The build quality on the car is very good. It has a set of monoball adjustable camber plates and Koni adjustable shocks. There is a big sway bar that is the through the trunk type with adjustable links. It has been converted to BMW 320i brakes front and back. The hubs are drilled for 5 lugs. The wheels are genuine Fuchs 7 and 8 x 15 with New Hankook Ventus tires.(New to me is 6 heat cycles). I could never get the rear spring rates, but the car is very stiff, very balanced and turns flat as a pancake. All moveable suspension points have been modified with grease fittings. The entire rear has been reinforced with all of the chassis stiffening plates (fully welded). Stainless brake lines with new Hawk Blue pads. There is no glass other than the windshield, but I made plexi storage glass (that fits very well) for the doors and rear window. The roll cage is a safety devices bolt in cage, that has had additional bars added to it and welded to the front and back of the car. The fuel cell is a 10 gallon. It is brand new. The fuel pump is brand new and is in the front trunk area, along with the battery. The engine is a 2.6 big bore monster and the car easily spins the tires in first and second. It is currently set up with a distributor (050) and coil, but there is a full XDI crankfire ignition. I unplugged the crank fire because I went through 2 pointers in about a week and they are 100 bucks a piece. It is all there and comes with a new pointer if you want to use it. It has the 911 cooling fan conversion, new iridium plugs, new high supression wires, rebuilt Weber 44idfs with K and N filters. High performance cam with straight cut cam gears. It has a full equal length header (wrapped) going to a Super Trapp muffler. The trans is a side shift 901 with custom airport gearing and a quaiffe lsd for auto - xing. I will include another side shift 901 with stock gearing. It currently has the stock type shifter with a short shift kit. I bought everything needed to convert it to a gated 915 shifter, so that will be coming with the car. Solid engine and trans mounts. The oil cooler is remote (in the rear trunk and the trunk is drilled for ventilation). I can not stress how tough this car looks, and how abusive the handling is. The hood and deck lid are super lightweight removable fiberglass pieces. Bumpers are back dated with fiberglass coipes also. The engine cover is lightened also drilled pedals, 911 short hood gas pedal, rennsport aluminum foot board. Let's just call the paint - competition level.
When I bought it, it was advertised as having a 2.6 103x74 torque monster engine and fully ready to kick butt in the auto cross world. It came with a pile of 1st place trophies, and pictures of it as a regional champ. Awesome! Well, it showed up and it didn't even run. Let's just say this was the start of my education on XDI ignitions.So let me tell you how I have made this car so much better over the last year. First, I did all the typical stuff to see why it wouldn't start. Fuel - check, Compression - check, Spark - nope, yes, nope, huh? So it turns out the XDI crankfire ignition pointers can be a little finicky. So I get it running but still don't love the XDI. Now I notice some oil leaks, so I drop the engine and trans, put in new ss push rod tubes and seals. Clean the heck out of everything, rebuild the carbs, fix anything that doesn't seem right (new copper exhaust nuts,gaskets, etc) and put the engine back in. Now I put on the coil and distributor and it is WAYYYY better. I put in a brand new Sparco seat and new belts. Totally flush the brake fluid with Motul 600, adjust the brake bias, etc. So off to Summit Point I go for an HPDE. Turns out, airport gears are really low and I can get up to 90 FAST, but that's the redline in 5th. I was going to swap in the other trans for more top end, but now it has to go. Now, I can send any pics you want. I have videos of the car starting, revving, idling, that I can send you. I am a solid mechanic, but I will confess carbs are my weak point. I do not have them 100 percent. There is a bobble in the way upper rpms, that should be easy enough for someone to dial out. I really love this car, but it has to go. Kick butt at the auto -x, or put in the second trans and enjoy the tracks. ZERO LEAKS. I am probably forgetting a lot, so ask questions before bidding. If you bid, be prepared to buy it. I really don't have time to relist this car due to deadbeats. Comes with an extra trans, and extra gear stack and intermediate plate, the stock passenger seat, a Corbeau sport extra driver's seat and what ever other 914 stuff I have in the garage. YES, there is a title, but good luck registering it with no lights (just brake lights) and you would be nuts to try to commute in this car. Mileage unknown. It's As is.