Price: US $40,100.00 Item location: Clementon, New Jersey, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Packard
  • Type: 7 PASSENGER
  • Year: 1928
  • Mileage: 100,000
  • VIN: S30607PA
  • Color: BLACK
  • Engine size: STRAIGHT 6
  • Fuel: GAS
  • Drive type: MANUAL
  • Interior color: TAN
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1928 Packard

Ask the Man Who Owns One……
Packard….to some, as the most prestigious automobile ever produced, hat’s why they coined the phrase, Ask the Man Who Owns One…..” because the only way to encompass what it was like to experience a Packard was to ask the owner of one. The Packard was built in an era where pride was at its highest level ever. For our forefathers that built these cars there was only one way to build and that was to build them right...the first time. In the 1920’s Packard was the highest exporter of American Automobiles. Imagine that sight of a car hauler transporting these mammoth cars across country. In a world where TV wasn’t a common place, he very sight of these cars going through parts of the country must have been literally breathtaking. Those days are long gone, he internet and TV, s much as they help today, uined it for that yesteryear lifestyle. Time moved a little bit slower back in the 20’s, t forced you to notice the details that we often overlook today.
This 1928 Packard Touring 7 Passenger(by name) was customized by engineer and custom boat builder George Sprankle. This Packard is registered as a 1928 Packard Sprankle Phaeton in the registry. This build took almost a decade to complete the body transformation. The chassis is original to 1928 and its number is 533 and it’s the 133” wheel base. The history and documentation was gathered when there was no internet, o google and no texting. It was done the old fashion way by phone calls and letters. The late owner Al Copsetta was the owner from 1978 until he passed Sept 12th of 2008. His series of notes, hotos and letters that was gathered over decades of research and documented phone calls has been collected by his estate. There is a letter from the builder’s son to the late owner stating that he remembers holding the drop light in the garage for hours at a time while his father filed, oldered and shaped the body as to what it is today. The builder’s son only remembers driving in it a few times as he went to serve our country in WWII. George Sprankle had made this car into his own vision of how the car should really look. He believed that a more classier and sleeker look was deserved from its original standard body. Goerge, s he built hisexquisiteyachts and boats, e wanted the Packard to have a “One of a Kind” look. He took a beautiful car and enhanced it into a stunning, reathtaking vehicle that EVERYONE was to enjoy. He applied the samecraftsmanshipas he would when designing and building his yachts. Although the chassis is a true "numbers matching" chassis and the body is a one off custom designed that set this Packard apart from the “pack”.
When Al had passed away in 2008, is collection of fine cars was dispersedamongthe family. His daughter is the owner of this particular Packard. As I sat with her and she was telling the history of the car as it was involved in every major aspect of her life, t brought a tear to my eye. This car was used as a daily drive all the way up into the 90's. The owner remembers going to all her school dances in this car, hey participated in parades, nd really just used it as daily transportation….couldn’t imagine using this car as a daily driver, ut for some, t was the only way to roll. She also learned how to drive a stick shift in this Packard. Alison, l’s daughter explained to me that this Packard was part of her family and a major part of her’s father’s life. When she looks into the garage she sees her father calling her as a little girl to come and help him do something pertaining to this car. Those memories are what builds quality family values and become the stories that are passed down from generation to generation. Those same memories and stories become the legacy of the person and in this case that person is her father.
Unfortunately, imes aren’t the same for that little girl, nd as she grew so did her responsibilities. She has come to grips with selling her father’s passion and legacy. She knows that it’s a shame to let the car sit in storage but she wants the car to live on, s her father does within the memories he has provided the family. The Packard would be OK in any setting just as long as someone will cherish it as they all did. In some cases, he story about the car becomes more valuable then the car itself. However, n this case, he story and the memories are equally as important as the heritage of this car. It symbolizes a vehicle, y name and stature, hat broke apart from the Big Three in Detroit and made a statement that carried through out the world. This Packard's pedigree is equal to the story it tells, o please, f you decide to bid on this car, now that you are bidding on more then just metal, weat and tears. And if you become the lucky new owner, earn the history of this car and make it connect to your own story through the years you own it.......thank you!
About the car……
Please note, hat this is an enhanced version of its original body...however, he Packard itself holds on to its original chassis and drive train. It also has key body tags and placards intact and in place(see the pictures). This truly is a “One of a Kind” vehicle. The front and rear axles had custom lug threads added to the hubs to receive the wire wheels. You’ll see the original photos of the car and you can compare what is modern day (1930’s through 2005) upgrades. There is some mystery about the body of the vehicle. In all the notes and phone transcripts I have it is unclear if it was the original body reshaped or if it was a 1922 body that was also custom fitted and shaped. Regardless, t looks stunning.. Also the lighting was changed in the front to make it look more like royalty. The canvas top was also customized to be affixed to the vehicle but still is maintaining some of its original hinge work to make it appear that it is still operational and authentic to the car. The roof line looks sharp with the addition of molded front sky windows and a rear view window.
The car was driven up to 2005 where it sat in a climate controlled garage. In 2008 it was apparent that Al didn’t have much longer to live so the car took its last voyage in 2008 to his daughter’s house, here the cylinders were fogged for storage. Today the motor does spin freely and was diagnosed by a private mechanic not to have spark. The gas tank was emptied before storage. The car has remained in storage since 2008. It was taken out to get a good detailing, hotographed and videoed.
Above, t reads, Ask the Man Who Owns One….” Unfortunately we can’t ask the true owner Al what this car meant to him and his family, ut when I talk to his daughter, t’s hard to get through a sentence without a tear in her eye. Her father provided the whole family with memories through this Packard. It was a great way to link the past to the present. Once what was a man’s craft and passion(George Sprankle) turned into a present day time machine that once his daughter sits in the car, t takes her back to her childhood. That’s a pretty amazing thing to do……..
Please ask as many questions as you want and also for you Packard collectors and enthusiasts, lease feel free to provide anymore information about this vehicle if you know it. George Secord who belonged to the Packard Automobile Classics put together a roster stating that the 7 passenger was called the Touring model and was much rarer than the 5 passenger.
Payment: an immediate deposit of $1000 dollars is due immediately after auction ends. Full payment due within 7 days. Storage will remain free once the car is paid in full for up to 30 days toaccommodate any shipping arrangements.
This car was photographed and videoed by Advanced Auto Advertising. Email this ad for questions about service. Thank you
Please enjoy the many photos and video provided below........
Above and below is George Sprankle the Builder