1985 Wartburg 353 German Eastern European Eastern bloc DDR Classis Antic Vintage

Price: US $6,500.00 Item location: Miami, Florida, United States
  • Make: Other Makes
  • Model: Wartburg 353
  • SubModel: 353
  • Type: Sedan
  • Trim: Florida Clean Title in hand
  • Year: 1985
  • Mileage: 24,200
  • VIN: 00000000000000000
  • Color: Beige
  • Engine size: 3 Cylinder 2 Stroke 1000cc
  • Number of cylinders: 3
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Drive type: FWD
  • Interior color: Brown
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1985 Other Makes Wartburg 353 Florida Clean Title in hand


VIN# 2007997


The Wartburg 353 was produced from 1966 to 1988, becoming the model with the longest-ever production run. During its lifetime it saw several changes and improvements, the most recognizable of these coming in 1985 with a front facelif, slightly different layout around the engine block and a new carburetor.

The Wartburg 353 was the creation of the former GermanBMWproduction facilities (calledEMWunderSovietoccupation). It was based on a 1938 design, and powered by an engine with only seven major moving parts,crankshaftincluded.

Popular saying among owners hence that one drives a car but only maintains a motorcycle.

Domestically, it was used for government transportation, sometimes as apolice car. Delivery of consumer builds often could take ten to fifteen years.!

Like otherEastern Europeancars, it was known for its low price and comparatively well-equipped design. Because of its forward center of gravity and front-wheel drive, the car had specific road handling, sometimes displaying significant under steer, especially in wet conditions.( Unfortunately I had a couple of times enjoying it in rain, but once you know it pretty easy to do the donuts with it )

The Wartburg 353 was very agile for its time, powered by a 1-litre displacement, 3-cylinder unit that took almost two decades to refine. While developing about 55-57bhp (depending on the carburetor type)its two-stroke engine design provided more than 100 N/m of torque (106 N/m in the last version). Typical figure for quite larger four-stroke engine at that time, it accelerated the less than a ton vehicle pretty decently even by modern standards. The transmission was equipped with afreewheel, obviating the need to use the clutch between gears. This turned out so popular with owners that it has become almost symbolic for a 353, along with the gear stick on the steering column. Designed as a fuel efficiency measure and as means of protecting the engine from oil starvation, the device disabledengine braking; the car effectively coasted whenever the throttle was released. Drivers had the option of turning the freewheel off through a switch under the steering column to benefit from engine braking. Useful since the front brakes were prone to overheating andfading. However, most drivers never disabled the freewheel, because it made shifting gears significantly easier and smoother, though not quicker. I have to tell you, I loved the freewheel option, going down on a long section on a highway you let the car just rol, engine is idling and you are doing top spee, FUN !

It is notable that even today the 353s are customized for reaching speeds well about 200km/h (125mph), whereas the original design called for critical speed of 150–155km/h and 12 seconds to accelerate to 100km/h (62mph), which was dealt with in second gear due to the high-rev engine.

The 353 was an immediate success throughout the Eastern bloc, and with good reason; for approximately the same price, it significantly outperformed Soviet vehicles of its class in almost every aspect: safety, drag, acceleration, top speed, fuel efficiency, ergonomics, handling, ease of use, maintenance, trunk and inner space, off-road capability, and even dynamics, despite its less powerful engine.

The Wartburg 353 was commonly nicknamed "Trustworthy Hans" or "Farty Hans" by owners due to its durability and copious exhaust emissions, especially when cold and/or over oiled. Noteworthy characteristics of the model are: simple design, dependability, occasional and cheap maintenance, strong chassis-based car frame, front-wheel drive, rear wheel ABS regulator, a 525-litre trunk, innovative electronic gauges fitted after 1983. Disadvantages in terms of passengers' comfort are well known too: lack of any sound dampers led to significant engine feedback in the coupe which itself was in turn very boomy and reverberating, leading to another nickname, "The Barrel". This left very few Wartburgs equipped with stereo because it was not possible to enjoy that at volumes most people do, over the engine noise. Suspension provided for sensibly different handling and comfort when the car was empty over when it was carrying passengers and luggage. Owners' accounts are that both control and smoothness went better the more the car was loaded.

I remember my Mom loved my Wartburg because of the huge trunk spac, Also funny to keep the engine always revving like you want to race all the time but NO ! You are just looking for some torque and it only comes if you rev it, and revving it comes with a huge old school two stroke engine smoke .

The other thing was - because the big trunk and interior space it was really hard to put your hands on one of them, very popular for small business owners .

It was water cooled so the heater function worked also good combine with the big interior space and it was my favorite dating car.


We recently got this All Original Wartburg 353 in our inventory.

Due to the original owner kept the car in a garage and maintained it regularly the the whole car is in great-great original shap, We had nothing to do on it.

Our test drive showed that the car is in excellent driving condition.

The original paint is still in very good condition

Please check pictures for the true original condition on this East German time capsule .

The interior is close to original perfect condition. It came already with the updated gauges on the dashboard . The interior even smells like original

The car has a tow hitch if you want to pull your Jet Ski .

Come check it and take it for a Test Drive !

Take your 2 stroke Big Body Beige Freerunning Wartburg and have lots of Fun with it .