Price: US $12,500.00 Item location: Orlando, Florida, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Other Makes
  • Model: VAZ 2101
  • Type: Sedan
  • Trim: SEDAN
  • Year: 1977
  • Mileage: 39,000
  • VIN: 2496965
  • Color: White
  • Engine size: 1198сс
  • Number of cylinders: 4
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: Red
  • Options: Leather Seats
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1977 Other Makes VAZ 2101

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The VAZ-2101, commonly nicknamed "Zhiguli" and "Kopeyka" (for the smallest coin in the kopeyka), is a compact sedan car (small class, passenger car, model 1 in Soviet classification) produced by the Soviet manufacturer AvtoVAZ and introduced in 1970, the company's first product. The 2101 is a re-engineered version of the Fiat 124 produced under license from Fiat and tailored for the nations of the Eastern Bloc, but was widely exported to the West. The main differences between the VAZ-2101 and the Fiat 124 are the use of thicker gauge steel for the body shell,drum brakeson the rear wheels in place of disc brakes, and a bespoke engine.

Good day, you are looking at this beautiful LADA 2101, made in 1977. Considering amazing condition of an almost 40 years old car it is definitely rare and a special find. It has only 39 000 miles. Original records are included. No corrosion, just a few spots of light rust on the jack stand support rail on the bottom of the car. The millage is low, the car was in the small village all its life, plus owning a car back then was something special, therefore my family didn’t drive it that often. Even nowadays my father prefers to use public transportation in the winter time and spring, because there is a lot of snow, dirt and salt on the roads. Sometimes it’s very cold and you can’t even start the engine. Usually the cars stays in the garage till next summer. I believe that the millage is true, mechanic condition also proves it, we’ll get there soon.

Sometimes I have a problem locking the driver door using my key, it is because there was alarm system added to the system, so remote control locks the driver door instead of the key, as well as all other doors. Come on guys, this car is from Russia, everybody has an alarm system and dash cam installed in their cars!!!

The body is in great shape 9+ out of 10, and paint is 9 out of 10. The car has never been in an accident. All panels and paint are original 100% to the best of knowledge. There are few paint peelings: in the engine compartment, door jams and trunk back right corner, under the front bumper (stone chips) and bottom corners. Don’t be surprised, in 70s most of roads in USSR were gravel, that’s why there are some stone chips on the front of the car even with such low millage. The tops of left and right front fenders have some very light dents, probably from leaning on them while engine maintenance, but the side panels around the wheels are perfect, like new. The back right fender has a few multiple dents right around the bumper connection. The back bumper on the right side has a small spot with chrome peeled off, but no rust or corrosion. The left back fender has a few hardly seen grey marks, probably the paint is very thin there, and some primer color is coming out. The same spot is on the driver door. That’s pretty much it. You might notice that my story has more negative details than positive, but I’m trying to describe everything I know. I’m a classic car enthusiast and I would rather personally prefer to buy a car with some paint imperfections than a nicely looking one on the pictures, fully painted with tons of bondo underneath the paint, that sooner or later becomes a big surprise and a problem. Remember, painted cars are at least twice cheaper on classic auctions than the ones with original paint and some imperfections on it. The value of my Lada 2101 is in the originality and amazing condition for that year. It would be hard to imagine a 40 years old car look any better.

Now we are moving inside. The door jams and hinges are in amazing clean condition. Leather is like new, no cracks, no color fading, and no signs of previous restoration. That’s amazing. Leather on door is in the same condition as on the seats. All options are in operable condition. You have the pump button to spray water on the windshield. Wipers are working fine, instrument cluster light button works as it should. The steering wheel is original, like new, along with the instrument cluster keeps the classic atmosphere. On the right side of the steering wheel you’ve got the fuel flow adjuster and the cigarette lighter. Both are working as they should. The shift knob shifts the gears like new with cool click feeling. It is actually an original FIAT 124 transmission. The clutch is very responsive, feels like new!!! Don’t forget, we are talking about 40 years old car, that’s amazing. The parking brake is super stiff.

I have original maintenance book, a proof of compulsory factory check ups in 1978 and 1980. There is also original receipt from 1995, providing the details of the general mechanic check up, that used to be necessary to renew the registration and a few repairs were performed at the same location. The receipt has:

  • Steering check

  • steering adjustment

  • clutch stretch

  • adjustment of valves

  • ignition setting

  • adjustment of the fuel float

  • idling adjustment

  • electric wires check

  • oil and fuel filter change

  • oil change

Breaks, oil, fuel and air filters have been changed recently. I will provide you with the set of new oil, air and fuel filters for future maintenance. I will also provide the buyer with the certified translation of original documents upon request, if you can’t read Russian. All of these books and recepts are very unique. The engine looks the same it looked back in late 70’s.All components are original. Most of them have “MADE IN USSR” marks or original stickers. If you have seen other cars of that era, you can say, those stickers are 100% old, they are not replicas. The engine has no leaks and very clean. A few hoses were replaced back in the days, but its just another proof that the car had been taken care of.

I bet you won’t find the car like this in the future. Such cars in original condition, with original paint and amazing engine, in such mechanical condition cost tons of money on classic auctions. I’ve been to classic show Cars&Coffee in Orlando in June, and people were very interested in my car. I get a lot of thumbs up driving it.

Again mechanically the car is well preserved. Accelerates well, brakes good, no vibrations at all. That’s amazing. Steering wheel feel is matching the feel of the classic cars of that era. There is no radio or a/c, so we don’t need discuss that. Minimal amount of electric elements, simplicity of the drivetrain makes this car super reliable. Simply, there is nothing to fail, if the oil is new, coolant level is normal and you don’t push the car to its limits.Light weight and rear wheel drive makes you feel comfortable on mud and grass.

There are no leaks at all!!! This is just breath taking!!! We are talking about 40 years old car!!!

Underneath the car there is no corrosion at all, there is light rust in places, made especially for the car jack. The exhaust pipe was changed at some point, looks very neat. The springs in the back are white like new, brake elements have no corrosion. Shaft and all suspension elements have no corrosion ether. This proves that the car is 100% garage kept.

Every detail in this car is a piece of history; it is an antique in every aspect. The tires are more than 30 years old, it has factory’s “made in USSR” stamp. As you know, the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, and the model was produced till 1988. The tires can’t be younger than that, that is why they alone are a unique find!!! The original tool brief-bags are unique as well. The tools are also marked “Made in USSR”, they might be 40 years old too!!!

Everything in this car is a museum showpiece, you are getting it all!!! Isn’t it a terrific deal if you collect classics?

lada 2101