Price: US $31.00 Item location: Pleasanton, California, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Mini
  • Model: Classic Mini
  • Trim: 2 Door
  • Year: 1971
  • Mileage: 3,050
  • VIN: 137017
  • Color: VERDE CHIARO (Light Green)
  • Engine size: 998cc
  • Number of cylinders: 4
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: 4 SPEED
  • Drive type: FWD
  • Interior color: Black
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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Striking Italian Innocenti Mini
1971 MINI Innocenti MK3
Rare "Luxury” Version of the Mini - The Italian Version
A Very Original Rust Free Innocenti MK3 Finished in
Factory "Verde Chiari” (Light Green) / Black
Recent Mechanical Freshening...A Lovely, Unique Mini!
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Innocenti Summary
Frankly, we were Mini enthusiasts well before these cars were appreciated for their unique appearance, great history, performance and sheer ‽fun factor.” We have owned and sold more Mini's (of all types from full race cars to totally stock examples) in the last 30 years than we can count…literally. We love the cars and personally own a 1967 Cooper "S” that has been in our own collection for over 20 years. We like to think we not only understand the cars, but know the good from the bad, and In the case of the Mini Innocenti, appreciate the uniqueness and difference in quality of these cars vs. the base, lesser optioned Mini.
As with virtually all of our vehicles, this car comes to us from a discriminating auto enthusiast / collector that we have known for years and have helped sell his high end collectible vehicles. When he sought out a Mini, no ordinary car would do and he scoured the marketplace for an Innocenti. He learned about this Mini and was immediately attracted to the unique color and the overall solid,
When the cars previous owner purchased the Innocenti over 13 years ago, it became part of his collection and was used regularly, but sparingly. When we acquired the car we had a British car repair specialist evaluate the car and make the necessary repairs to address several issues associated with limited use. Specifically, the following repairs were completed within the past 100 miles:
- Replacement of tires that were beginning to show crazing from age with Yokohama A008 high quality tires
- New brakes front and rear
- New rear wheel cylinders
- New brake hose
- Fresh brake fluid and bleed
- New from left CV joint boot kit
- New tie rod bushings
- Tune-up
- Replacement spark plug wires
- Safety inspection
The Mini is fitted with the factory correct Rostyle wheels (recently restored) and freshly installed Yokohama A008 tires that give the car a nice stance and are slightly larger than stock but fit perfectly.
The Mini left the factory in "Verde Chiari” (Light Green) and remains in this lovely color that was produced for the Italian market. The car appears to have had one complete re-paint and the paint is very high gloss, with very good panel fit including the doors, front hood and rear "boot.” At the time of the re-paint, any bodywork needs were addressed and the car shows no signs of exterior rust of floor pan damage. The one flaw in the paint is an area on the driver's side door that shows a crack in the paint. Since the car has not had partial touch-up or repainting since it received the benefit of a total respray, we have not addressed this imperfection since we did not want to get into painting what is a nice overall paint job.
While much of the exterior trim, rubber components and other parts are original, they show very nicely and are reflective of the care that the Innocenti has received over the course of many years. The roof is painted a contrasting black to match the interior (as produced by the factory) and, while the paint shows very well in the photos, there are some minor flaws in the roof paint. Again, we think that painting this portion of the car would detract from its originality and believe that the patina adds to the appeal of the car. Should the new owner choose to repaint the roof, this could be done very inexpensively as there are clear demarcations for the roof that separate the body/roof color.
Exterior badging is complete including the ‽Innocenti” badge on the left rear boot of the car and the "MiniCooper” script on the right rear of the car. Lenses appear to be original and all are in good condition. Exterior rubber trim, while original, shows well as do the other exterior items including the matching mirrors on both side of the car, stainless bumpers and other exterior bright-work.
The interior is certainly an upgrade over the base Mini's produced in the UK. While the interior appears to be largely original, it remains in excellent condition. Front & rear seats are free from significant wear, and retain the improved style heavy vinyl material used in the Italian Innocenti's. The seats fold forward as designed for easy access to the rear seats and reveal excellent front and rear carpet. The front seats have become slightly soft from years of use but do not show significant sagging or rips, tears, or stains. The car is fitted with front factory 3-point seat belts.
The dash is a highlight of the Innocenti including the gauges that are marked in Italian. They add a touch of quality and are fully functional as are wipers, lights and other electrical items including the interior light mounted in the center of the headliner. Door panels are excellent with original pulls, locks and window winders. They are free from damage and have never had speakers installed.
All glass is original to the car and includes the original factory markings. The rear "side-lights” open to improve ventilation as with Cooper "S” cars.
The photos tell the story relative to the interior (and exterior, for that matter) and show the originality and condition of the Innocenti.
We see unique and specialty cars every day but we must say that this particular car has attracted considerable attention from the visitors to our showroom. Those who are not familiar with the Innocenti are impressed with the Innocenti's "upgrades” and think the color is classic Italian!
This Mini Innocenti is an absolute joy to drive. The car has been 100% reliable and trouble free and is a joy to drive. It starts immediately when cold using the manual choke, and also when it is up to normal operating temperature. The car warms up quickly and does not hesitate, stumble and has excellent power.
The "vital signs” are displayed on the complete complement of Innocenti Italian gauges (Note: Italian gauge lettering) and all read well within acceptable ranges. Specifically, the oil pressure ("Olio”) reads in the middle / high position on the dial, the "Ampere” gauge indicates a fully functioning charging system, and the "Benzina” (Fuel) gauge accurately reflects the level of gas and the "Acqua” gauge (Temperature) remains below 90. The gauges are very attractive, simple white on black background manufactured by Veglia. The tachometer is fully functional and, if we are not mistaken, this is the only series of Mini that came with a factory tachometer.
The Mini runs and drives very well and accelerates strongly through all 4 gears. The larger Innocenti engine (a Cooper engine by Spec.) allows the Mini to be driven at speeds well in excess of posted limits (not that we encourage that kind of activity unless, of course, you are on an approved off road circuit) without the strain or "buzziness” often times experienced with small 850cc displacement engined Mini's. The car shifts well and all of the syncromesh gears are fully functional when going up or down the shift pattern. The Mini does not smoke, or have any drive-line noise.
With the recent braking system work, the car stops straight and sure and the emergency brake holds the car. The brakes are front disc, as on the Mini Cooper ‽S.” The Innocenti car steers straight, stops well, and is a pleasure to drive, especially on the "twisties.”
When it comes to the electrical system, everything works as it should. Specifically, the lights, wipers, turn signals, tail lights and brake lights are functional. Even the factory back-up lights work! The car has rear defroster lines but we do not know if they are in working order. However, the heater and fan are also operational. When the doors are opened the interior light comes on as it should.
• This Innocenti is properly titled as a 1971 and the car carries a clear, transferable California title.
• The car is currently licensed and registered in California with a clear, transferable s title.
• The engine (block) number appears to be original and is unaltered. The # is 9FJ-XE-H9561, a twin carbureted factory Mini Innocenti engine
• The cars VIN number is properly stamped on the right hand side (passenger) flitch panel (forward).
We must first admit that we have a personal bias for what has become known as the "Classic Mini's.” In our day (You know when you had to walk miles to school in the snow, etc.!) There was only one Mini and it was a classic…. even back then! These cars are great fun, have a great history and put a smile on your face (and everyone's) each time you get behind the wheel. Mini's have been owned by everyone from Clint Eastwood to Steve McQueen along with a wide range of celebrities and automobile enthusiasts. They have racing history dating back to their introduction in the late 1959 and have always been known as "Giant Killers” beating significantly higher horsepower / higher performance cars on challenging road race circuits.
We've been fortunate enough to have owned virtually all of the Mini variants over the years including basic Mini 850's, Cooper's, Cooper "S” cars, Mini Mokes, and even a customized convertible Mini. In fact, we have owned our personal 1967 Mini Cooper "S” for over 20 years. However, over the course of over 25 years of Mini ownership, this is only our second Innocenti and I must say; we remain impressed. While the car was essentially the same car as the UK version, Innocenti made considerable developments and refinements to the Mini over the years. The "Innos” increased comfort and drivability, improved interiors and charming exterior trim.
The Innocenti offered a number of upgraded features including larger engines, upgraded interiors, full instrumentation dash boards, attractive badging and other desirable enhancements. From an outward appearance the cars retained the charm of the early Mini's along with the excellent handling characteristics that made the cars famous. However, from a drivability / performance perspective the cars were much more fun to drive than a base Mini and with the same power-plant as a Mini Cooper ‽S” offered wonderful performance and handling.
The Innocenti assembled Italian Minis were put on the market in November 1965, as the Innocenti Mini 850. Later versions had 998cc engines; including, the up-market 1001, and a 998 Cooper. Innocenti produced a model called the Mk 3.
By February 1970, the Innocenti's had adopted a roll up window different from the English version that incorporated a fixed quarter light window. By October 1970, the quarter light windows were redesigned to open much like those on the Australia and South African cars; however, the window assemblies are not interchangeable. The opening quarter light was not available in all markets, Germany, for example.
Like cars in other markets, the Innocenti's changed more away from their English brethren as time went on. The boot lid shape was different. Interiors changed dramatically and usually for the better, with more gauges and more comfortable seats. Exterior trim varied, especially the grilles, and switches and electrical fittings in general were unlike English cars.
Mechanically, the Innocenti's remained much like the English cars, more so than with interior and exterior appointments. It is interesting to note, however, that the 998 Innocenti Coopers used the larger Cooper S brakes instead of the English Cooper type brakes.
The description under several of the photographs on our listing will provide additional information relative to the differences (improvements) between the ‽regular Mini” and the Innocenti.
Like Minis built and assembled in other countries, owners of Innocenti's need to immerse themselves into the sources of information available; especially, the Internet. With the many differences it is important to know what can be obtained through normal Mini suppliers (almost all mechanical bits, for instance), and what is going to take some digging to find (for example, gauges and electrical items).
- We have a number of additional, detailed photographs but are not allowed to show the URL on eBay. Please contact us and we will gladly direct you to the site.
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- The information contained in this description is believed to be accurate but, in some instances, has been provided by the cars previous owner or other sources. As a result, we are unable to guarantee the accuracy of the information. We encourage verification of ‽numbers” and significant data contained in this listing prior to the purchase of any collector vehicle that you are considering. We also encourage inspections prior to the end of the auction.
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Body Type / Style:Coupe
Exterior Color:"Verde Chiari" (Light Green)
Interior Color:Black
Transmission: 4-Speed (Floor)

California Lic & Reg
Dual Side Mirrors
Exempt from CA Smog
Factory Bucket Seats
Factory Gauges
Factory Spare
Heater / Defroster
Incredible "Survivor"
Locking Fuel Cap
Matching Numbers Engine
Meets All USA Standards
Original Jack & Tools
Original Transmission
Runs / Drives Very Well

The Cars Actual Color
Excellent Panel Fit
Excuse the glare!
Not "Washed Out" as it Appears
Function Door/Boot Locks
Factory Side Markers
Locking Gas Cap
Nice Lenses
Correct Fender Trim
Nice Exterior Chrome / Trim
Not Faded...Shows Crack in Paint
Original Factory Glass
Factory Windshield w/ Markings
Original Windshield Wipers
Cooper "S" Style Windows
Front "Inno" Badges
Factory Restored Wheels
Newly Added A008 Yokohama's
Matching Paint Mirrors
Improved Door Handles
Traditional Boot Lid
Carello Headlights!
A Really Nice Italian Touch
All Innocenti Badging
Original Window Markings
Very Clean Door Jambs
Lovely Upgraded "Inno" Interior
Seats Fold Forward for Access
Hardly Used..All Orig.
Locking Doors
Improved Factory Wheel
Full Instrumentation
VERY Cool!
Clean, Well Kept
Emergency Reflectors
Spare Wheel / Newer Battery
TOTALLY Rust Free Trunk
No Accident Damage
Factolry Correct Verde Chiaro
Strong Engine
No Front End Damage
Recent Mechanical Work
Clean - No Exterior Rust
Body Reoairs Made When Repainted
Wheels Not Yet Restored
New Tires Now Mounted
Old Tires Shown in Photo
No Signs of Rust
Orig. Hydrolastic Suspension
Solid Undercarriage
Buddy...Human Relations V.P.

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