1983 Mercedes Benz 300 TD W123 chassis

Price: - Item location: Williamsport, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Mercedes-Benz
  • Model: 300-Series
  • Type: Wagon
  • Year: 1983
  • Mileage: 146,249
  • VIN: WDBAB93A1DN014553
  • Color: Gray
  • Engine size: 3 liter inline 5 cylinder turbo diesel
  • Number of cylinders: 5
  • Power options: Air Conditioning, Power Windows
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: Blue
  • Options: Sunroof
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1983 Mercedes-Benz 300-Series

I am new to EBay so I will try to describe this vehicle as best I can.This is a 1983 Mercedes Benz 300TD wagon.This is the second time I have owned this vehicle.I bought it from a dealer who owns many of these old Mercedes over a decade ago in Chicago, then traded it back to him for another car, and then bought it again two years ago as he still had it around.

I replaced a lot of the usual items that are fixed on these old wagons: rear hatch struts, reverse lights, fuel tank filter, air/oil/fuel filters, glow plugs, injector nozzles (Monark), turbocharger intake seal rings, 3/2 valve vacuum assembly, vacuum check valve, EGR valve, and various old rubber connectors and lines in the engine compartment.

At some point in the vehicle’s history it appears to have been involved in an accident, likely on the driver’s side front.I don’t know this for a fact, but it is easy to surmise from the mild displacement of the front fender relative to the hood when compared to the passenger side.Also, the windshield is not a Mercedes windshield.I do not know the history of the vehicle prior to the previous two owners.Both of those gentlemen were long time Mercedes owners who each had multiple old diesels.

The body has been repainted at some point.There is a spot on the roof where it appears someone tried to buff out the second layer of paint and stopped.The body has expected scattered areas of rust for a car this old from the northern states.When I owned it the first time I had the driver’s side rear fender repaired due to rust, and two years ago I had the passenger side rear fender repaired for the same reason.I also had the driver’s side lower door repaired, as well as the lower rear window of the rear hatch.Epoxy was used to seal the front windshield rubber as this is certainly not the OEM seal and was letting water in.This no longer does this when the car is driven in the rain, but I also keep it garaged when not in use.If you know about these vehicles then you know this is a common problem with aftermarket windshield seals.

There is also a section in the rear passenger side quarter panel window that is rusted and will need attention at some point.Most visible areas of rust were painted with POR 15 where accessible.The driver’s side lower inside door is missing part of the metal guide that holds the rubber door seal in place.My opinion is that this entire door was replaced from another vehicle when the car was in an accident because this door is in worse shape rust-wise than all other doors, but again I have no way of confirming this.The last body shop that worked on this vehicle used the proper Ascot Gray paint code to paint the performed repairs, and as a result the difference between these areas and the general re-paint done years ago are noticeable.I have tried to take pictures that show all of the above-mentioned items, so please view the additional photos and video by using the link below.

The car generally drives well and I have been using it to run errands and take small day trips.I do not drive it daily as I walk to work.I have been working on it every few months as time permits.In my opinion if someone wanted to really fix it up it would at the very least require suspension and brake work, though these currently do not keep the car from being driven without issue.Again, those who know these wagons know that the rear suspension can require some work due to the hydraulic leveling system, and the front suspension could use some attention as well.

The power windows and wipers work.The AC works.Cruise control does not.The old school Becker radio does pull in stations, though I have not tried to play a cassette tape in it and the car has no rear speakers.The original antenna sometimes extends and retracts but mostly is stuck in the position you see in the pictures.This is also a common problem.One dash light is out.The front dome light was removed because the car was draining the battery and would intermittently not start.Apparently this problem was not reproducible at repair shops so someone put a ground cable on the valve cover to the frame.With the dome light removed the car has never had this problem – it has always started for me in the last two and a half years so I really can’t comment on why this would be, except the obvious dome light as the power-draining culprit (again this is a common issue and I would guess the ground strap is not even needed).

It does have a vacuum leak somewhere.The door locks will not hold vacuum pressure over time if the car is not running.

The inside rear hatch was taken apart both to repair rust damage around the window, and to apparently replace the locking mechanism.The interior covers are provided with the car but I never put them back on since they were not in the best condition.The door latch handle was broken off by the guy who repaired the window.The vacuum rear hatch lock actuator does move in and out appropriately when the driver’s door lock is pressed, but it is not hooked up and therefore the rear hatch will not lock at present.

The third row rear facing seats were apparently retro-fitted at some point, since they have third party lap belts installed instead of the three point shoulder seat belts that would have been installed at the factory in a car with the third row seats.They are very functional otherwise and the kids really think they are great.

The rear speaker housing was apparently cut into to mount larger speakers.It is unsightly to say the least.Parts of the interior are in rough shape and I tried to take additional pictures to show this, included in the link below.

The transmission has about a one second pause when shifting into Reverse.It does not do this when shifting into any of the forward gears and shifts well when driving.The last owner said he installed a new driveshaft prior to my buying it back from him.

The sunroof does open though it requires some effort.

I have been driving it periodically and have had no issues.Literally when driving the car to a local parking lot to take pictures to post to EBay, the engine began to make a new clatter I haven’t heard before.I have neither the time nor inclination to chase down what this issue may be. It could be as simple as a valve out of adjustment or a dirty injector or as complicated as a spun bearing.I have no idea and frankly I am glad it did this now instead of after someone bought it.This car has always run well for me.I have included a video of the engine running so that potential buyers can hear what I am hearing.Please watch the video by viewing the Photobucket album at the link below and hear it for yourself!Hopefully this is not catastrophic, but because of this new development I am listing the car with no reserve since whatever value I thought I had in the engine may potentially be gone.The starting bid is less than half of what I paid for the car before everything I added, however I need it out of my garage.

Additionally I have some front seats that I bought to go with the car.They are in very good condition and have always been stored inside.The springs and material are in much better condition than the seats in the car, and feel as though they came out of a low mileage vehicle.I also have multiple rims with tires mounted in various stages of wear.Two of them have brand new snow tires on them.The rear rims mounted on the vehicle are brand new from factory with the factory tires.These tires are obviously very old but I have cruised at 70 mph for extended periods with no issues – though long term the tires should of course be changed.Many of the rims that are not mounted to the car are in very good condition as you can see from the additional pictures. Three of the included Mercedes Star hub covers are the old school metal ones. The rest are plastic.

I have tried to describe this vehicle as clearly as possible so that potential buyers will know what they are getting into.It has always been a good car while I have owned it.The new engine noise is certainly disappointing but I do sometimes go months between driving the car so I’m glad to have heard it before a potential sale.I am selling it because it is our sixth vehicle and my wife wants it outofthe garage. With my new jobI also don’t have the time to devote to making it a nice example as I once thought I would.If you do have the time and know about these old diesels, and think the engine sound is not a deal breaker, then happy bidding.

Always garaged.Title in my name.Sold as is with all the included items with no warranty expressed or implied. Before bidding please view additional photos and video at the following link: