1991 Mazda RX7 GXL Coupe, Crystal White, 5 Speed, Meticulously Maintained!!!

Price: US $4,500.00 Item location: Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Mazda
  • Model: RX-7
  • SubModel: GXL
  • Type: Coupe
  • Trim: GXL
  • Year: 1991
  • Mileage: 374,981
  • VIN: JM1FC3313M0906222
  • Color: Crystal White
  • Engine size: 13B 2 Rotor
  • Number of cylinders: 2 Rotor
  • Power options: Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Windows
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: Black / Charcoal
  • Options: AM/FM Radio, Premium Speakers, Audio Amplier, Hi Fequency Tweeters, Cassette Player, CD Player, Leather Seats, Sunroof
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1991 Mazda RX-7 GXL

Up for sale is my 1991 Mazda RX7 GXL, as some of you may know, If you have seen some of my other ads. I have been stationed here in Norfolk, Virginia for the past 4 years, of those 4 years, almost 800 days of that time frame has been spent with me as a prisoner at sea to Davey Jones, doing my job to service my country and protecting this great nation one salty day at a time. Well those days are finally behind me, now, my wife and I are getting ready to PCS back home within the next few months. With that being said of the 4 cars that we own we are not going to be taking all of them home with us so we are going to have to let at least one of them go. That one unfortunately has to be my beautiful 1991 Mazda RX7 Series 5 FC.
This car, despite the high mileage 374,000 has been meticulously maintained by all the previous owners, especially, myself included I take a great deal of pride in my work, It really is the Navy way, and I have absolute confidence in my ability as a mechanic and my training to troubleshoot and fix just about anything electrically and mechanically, this especially includes all things cars and computers. A re manufactured engine (not re-built) was installed around 60K miles ago, and yes, I have all the documentation and paperwork to go with it. The car has passed Virginia State Inspection without a hitch, the guys who had conducted the inspection had commented that even despite the high mileage that this was one of the cleanest, and best maintained RX7s they have ever seen. Mentioning that even 100K miles RX7s that come in look like garbage with rust and awful torn interiors and junk everywhere and gunky engine bays. They asked me how it was done, I told them that it was a group effort. Of all previous owners just making sure that the car was taken cared of like it was supposed to have been, Luckily all of the owners were adults and not children, and proper adults who knew responsibility and the value of money that if you take care of your belongings they will take care of you. Still they were shocked to see a car with this many miles in 10x better of condition than vehicles with even a 3rd of the mileage.
CarFax is Provided in the Pictures, I have nothing to hide. This car is truly a gem and will bring a smile to anyone's face.
Its a lesson folks. Mileage isn't everything, its all about ownership. Those that take pride in the ownership of their vehicles are the ones that keep their cars on the road the longest, looking the best, and yes this car snaps necks left and right wherever I go.
Moving forward. There is an expansive. Now I mean an expansive list of work that has been done to the car, I have a binder full of receipts, I have bank statements, However instead of going into too much detail I will do my best to abridge and summarize the highlights as much as possible. To give you a general idea of where it currently stands.
* 1991 Mazda RX7 GXL Crystal White - Painted by a Local Mom and Pop shop here in Virginia Beach called Quick Time Auto Body, no Maaco Paint, no nasty big
wig companies, Support your Local small business! Absolutely Gorgeous work done by great honest people!!!
* Re-manufactured Engine has about 60K miles on it now, I have always run 0.5 oz of Idemitsu Premix / gal of fuel upon fillup.
* 375000 miles on a meticulously maintained chassis, Clean title with no accidents however it is however branded EML or (Exceeds Mechanical Limits) due to not many
rotary vehicles on the road being documented as having reached that high on the original chassis, Even the people at the DMV were surprised as it was the first time and
the only one registered in system that had one.
* The Mechanical Oil Pump is brand new
* Full Tune up including Spark Plugs, NGK Ignition Wires, Leading / Trailing Coil Pack, Oxygen Senso, Fuel Filter
* Fresh Oil Change using Eneos 5w-30 Fully Synthetic Oil from Japan with K&N 1010 filter
* Fresh Transmission Flush using Eneos Gear Oil from Japan 75W-90
* Fresh Differential Flush using Eneos Gear Oil from Japan 75W-90
* Almost new High Capacity/High Performance Fluidyne Radiator - Just Flushed and Refilled
* Power Steering Fluid Flushed and Refilled
* Power Steering Rack and Pinion System has been replaced with a brand new unit, of course documented in binder of receipts
* Ball Joint, Bushings, Steering linkages all inspected and given clean bill of health post steering install
* All Belts have been replaced utilizing high quality GATES brand belts
* Brand new 130 Amp Alternator (53% more Amperage) than the Factory 70AMP alternator giving you flexibility should you decide to add components in the future
* K&N Drop in Air Filter
* Full Racing Beat Exhaust System / Header / Presilencer / Y-Pipe to Dual Exhaust all with new Exhaust Hangers
* Header has a Blanket to contain excess heat, Not wrapped (wrapping causes premature deterioration of the steel)
* Brand New Wagner Ceramic Brake Pads with new Hardware all around
* Performance Drilled/Slotted Brake Rotors (FRONT)
* Performance Slotted Brake Rotors (REAR)
* Stainless Steel Brake, Oil cooler, and Clutch Lines
* Act Street Clutch
* Atkins Shifter Rebuild Kit
* Re-Amemiya 400G Shift Knob
* Oem Factory Shift Series 5 Shift Knob in Beautiful Condition
* New Steel Gunmetal Lug Nuts and Wheel Locks
* Installed Brand new Primary Injectors, Secondary Injectors are fine and have a flow sheet to provide sample data
* Brand New Goodyear Eagle Sport AST 205/55/16
* Interior has no cracks on the dash, is in beautiful shape
* I have a custom installed interior involving velour custom fit seat covers and a matching seat belt cover, shift boot, and e-brake boot combination from redline goods.
All in a dark charcoal/grey/black them. The interior is absolutely gorgeous and has received a lot of praise.
* The factory head unit is installed and works perfectly I have however upgraded all the speaker with premium Kenwood speakers in the doors that have tweeters as
well as hi fidelity Pioneer speakers in the fronts and in the rear speaker towers and the audio sounds terrific. The radio works fantastic. The antenna goes up and down
like should and receives great reception. I dont have any cassettes or audio CDs to try out but I am sure they work just fine. Typically people would want to swap out
the factory head unit anyway for something more modern but I was quite happy with just listening to the radio.
* The AC works great and is NICE and COOL, I wish I could tell you it was ICE COLD however that would be a lie, and an honest sailor does not lie. Reasoning behind
this is, I have gone to 2 (two) different AC specialist shops in the area, Both shops have pressure tested the AC system and were very impressed to see is can hold more
than 100 PSI within the factory pipes. However, the system has currently been converted to R134 due to what is at this moment readily available in the market. The shops
in this area; none of them carry the correct refrigerant to maximize the efficiency of the late model style AC compressor that came with these RX7s, and you need to use
actual R12. R134 will only blow cool, not ice cold like when the system is using R-12 like how its designed. The AC system does not leak under any circumstances and
the compressor turns on and off like it should, its just that the cooling capabilities with R134 are underwhelming in comparison to R-12. So there you have it.
The AC works 100, as well as the Heat, which also works 100% but if you would like to stay super chilly and not cool during the Summer. According to the AC specialist
you have to ..
A. First, Evacuate the system since R134 was added, Ensure that every bit of the R134 is gone before you attempt to refill with r12
B. At the shop with the "Real R-12 refrigerant (Not easy to find, its very old) they will have to fill it with around 10.5 OZ which is what the sticker on the driver's side firewall
says and that should yield about 30 PSI or so of pressure)
C. Thats it, the R-12 should last pretty much forever, is what the AC specialist said, its a much better product than 134.
* Lastly included with the car is a Greddy E-Manage Ultimate tuning computer that is secured underneath the passenger seat and the USB cable to access the system can be found
in the arm rest box. This system is fully installed and ready to go. Currently at the moment the car is running a factory base map with only a slight tune from Greddy's
Recommended lists however you can do so much more with this given the time and if you have access to a dyno. A laptop will be provided that has the software licensed to it
as well as the original software CD and the instruction manual as well as the certificate of authenticity.
* Finally, I have a lot of extra goodies I can include for the buyer of the auction if they would like them, I have various parts and extras, You can contact me for more info as
I cannot guarantee them with the sale but If you would like what I have on hand I would be more than happy to give them to you free of charge, and believer me I have a
lot of extra goodies.
That's about all I could think of that is directly pertinent. I have plenty more information If you have any questions please feel free to text me. I have a ton more info I can provide you with, Contact me at any time.
Like everything else I've had for sale, I am not a store or a dealer of any sort. I am only an enthusiast looking to offload a lot of my extra belongings before my family's big move 2800 miles back home to San Diego, California. With that being said, The car will be sold as-is, with no warranty. I do the best I can with maintenance, and like I said I am staking my reputation as a mechanic and my pride as a sailor on how well i take care and service my vehicles so the car really is turn key and ready for a new home. This is currently my daily driver and I have zero issues with it minus all the attention is harbors left and right lol. Aside from being sold as-is, Shipping will be up to the buyer, or if you are nearby enough you are welcome to come by and pick it up and drive it home. Lastly, Upon winning of the auction or using the buy it now feature a deposit of $300 dollars will be required immediately via paypal, with the remainder of the balance due within 72 hours (3 days) of the closing of the auction. The remainder of the payment will be accepted in the form of a certified cashiers check from a bank; proven legitimate with a copy of a valid receipt from the same bank which must reflect the time stamp and date in which the check was drafted, or a loan check from a bank following the same instructions as the latter with all the same receipt verification's in place.
There have been a string of scammers on eBay that would attempt to purchase a vehicle on eBay and use fraudulent means like fake checks or cash, to try and take advantage of innocent people and basically steal their property leaving them with essentially something that has the value of nothing more than an I.O.U; with no honest or moral intention behind it.
This may seem like a hassle for payment but if the Navy has taught me anything, especially about being safe with your belongings. Albeit I am home in safe soil, and not in a foreign country. We are taught to get a record of everything in writing, always have a receipt, and never make a transaction under the assumption that the other person has your best interests in mind. This is to ensure that both parties assets are kept safe and everyone can be happy. If you wish to contribute an idea towards how to work payment out, I am always willing to listen and work with others. So long as you are serious I am always willing to lend my ear to work on a solution.
Thank you so very much for your interest, if you have any questions please feel free to let us know
Chris (858) 397-4441 (!!!!!!!!!TEXT PLEASE!!!!!!!) If you wish to talk to me, Please ask if its a good time to talk via !!!!!!!!TEXT!!!!!!!! first thanks in advance! TEXT is BEST!!!!
****Update on Payment: Was asked if I was willing to accept payment in the form of Paypal for the balance of the vehicle if the auction was won, or if the winner used the buy it now feature. I think Paypal will be fine as a source of payment so long as the funds are from a legitimate source, by legitimate source that means the funding should come from your your personal bank account, a personal credit card, or your personal paypal credit account if you have one. With that being said. There are further ramifications to using this method of payment as in order for me to receive my funds and have them cleared you would have to have the vehicle marked as shipped making things complicated. But should you wish to work things out like this I am open to helping you if this is the means of payment you would like to use. ****
****Update on Offers: Was asked if the auction could be changed to the format with the "Best Offer" feature. I think leaving the auction as it sits is just fine. However, If you would like to provide an offer for the vehicle, all you need to do is contact me via TEXT message on my cell phone and we can go from there. I wont be able to change the format of the auction, but this gives people the flexibility who do have an offer in mind to provide said offer even though the feature is not available on the listing of the auction page. Hopefully that helps. If anyone else has any questions please feel free to let us know. ****
****Update on Autocheck Number of Owners: Was asked if the Autocheck number of Owners was correct. The quick and easy Answer to that is "NO." There has not been "8 Owners" The autocheck information is inaccurate and is probably basing that information due to each re-registration under the last owner and the DMV re-issuing the title, despite it being clean, as having "Exceeded Mechanical Limits" - Thus autocheck is seeing that information and is triggering that as a flag for a "New Owner" - Tracing the history of the Carfax I provided which is far more accurate. I, The Current Owner, am the Fifth (5th) Owner of this great gem of an RX7. Whomever will be the lucky winner of the auction will be the 6th owner. ****

On Jun-06-16 at 00:16:49 PDT, seller added the following information:

***Update on Message from eBay member Concerned with Validity of my Status "Claiming" to be a Sailor: eBay Member Uwetetzlaff-2008, made the remark the I am a "Seller not Sailor." I take that remark very offensively, and no, I do not have a sense of humor, and no, I cannot take a joke. For those of you that have never served, especially those who have not served on board a US Navy Warship; you cannot understand, nor fathom what life is like being out to sea working around the clock. If you think working an 8 hour day is tiring, try working 18. If you think getting 6 hours of sleep a night is too little, try thinking that 6 hours of sleep a night is a privilege, if you get to sleep at night, in your rack, you'll be lucky if you get to sleep during the day in one of your spaces if there aren't and drills or GQs going on, but let's not forget about watch, the Navy is always on watch, oh, and the terrible food. The terrible terrible food. Oh and I've been to several countries, and yes. I have seen the world, but it is true, the world is mostly water. So no thrill there. Anyhow My response to Uwetetzlaff-2008 below - If anyone else has similar concerns please feel free to let me know, you are more than welcome to contact me on my cellphone at anytime. Sonar Techs do not sleep, I am used to it, trust me, I won't be offended.
[No. Sailor, not seller, is indeed correct and I find offense that you should message this as a question therefore I feel it is appropriate to publicly share your concerns with the community about the validity of my claims. Last time I checked I still wake up every morning, be where I'm supposed to be, when I'm supposed to be there, muster when in have to muster, do the things I need to do, and give instructions to others as they need given.
I don't have the need to prove anything about my service to anyone, those who have served, or those who are still serving like myself already know without having a need to say or do anything without words or actions, it is just a "known," akin to another "sense" if you will.
Anyhow, I find your remark extremely distasteful, rude, and entirely uncalled for. If you would like to speak to me, you are more than welcome to contact me by phone. My telephone number is provided in the listing for ALL to utilize. I do ask that you "TEXT' first, I am "Busy" like I said.
Very Respectfully
Liang-Ayangco, Christian G. STG2(SW)
^ Or do you need to see my CAC Card to verify that? Rather, Would you like me to login into NSIPS so you can view my ESR? How about my last Advancement profile sheet? If you would like to know I was frocked STG2 27MAY2013.
I hope this answers your questions. If anything further, please keep my military service and these auctions as separate ordeals. You are more than welcome to contact me via "Text" if you have any other further questions. ]
From: uwetetzlaff-2008
To: mitchieliang
Subject: uwetetzlaff-2008 has sent a question about item #282058974190, ending on Jun-10-16 06:19:15 PDT - Mazda: RX-7 GXL
Sent Date: Jun-05-16 20:47:16 PDT
Dear mitchieliang,
Seller not sailor
- uwetetzlaff-2008

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****Update on Conversation from Potential Anonymous Bidder about Pricing: Was asked by an anonymous potential bidder about how I came up with the figure for my "Buy it Now" price. After discussing it with said potential bidder I explained to him/her that the figure was based off of what I would pay for a clean example of this vehicle if I was to look at it in comparison to what else was available on eBay and than I dropped the price accordingly because I knew most people would look at "mileage," and unless they were well versed mechanically, this in most cases would deter many potential buyers or welcome, had I offered the feature of "best offer" too many "low ball" offers.
Needless to say the potential bidder was actually quite impressed at my reasoning and I mentioned to him/her that I did spend a lot of time at the "University of Google" despite actually receiving my Bachelors of Science degree in Kinesiology, which has nothing to do with either cars, technology, nor statistics and pricing in this case, very jokingly.
With that being said, Since the Best Offer feature is not available, said Potential Bidder requested to become a Potential Buyer and placed an "Offer" on the Table, after discussion with the now Potential Buyer, I have opted to make accommodations to lower the "Buy it Now" price to essentially match the "Reserve Bid" Price to a certain degree, which was a large bulk of our discussion as what was asked was what was the lowest I would be willing to let the car go for.
However, I have told the potential buyer that I cannot favor one individuals offer over the interest of others as this is supposed to be a fair auction. Therefore the much lower "Buy it Now" offer will be available to everyone, and the same bidding/eBay principles will still apply that first come, first serve.
I told the potential buyer when it comes to things like this, "It is not about the money, It is about the people" - I, personally, prefer that everyone is treated equally and given the same respect, and in this case, this includes the same opportunity, I do not wish to afford one person any more advantage to something than any other person just because of something like money. Money should not be what determines one person's advantage in life, Money should never be the advantage, money is just a tool, an object for trade.
Hopefully this helps anyone that has had similar concerns. The pricing for the auction should be updated very shortly and should reflect very closely to what the potential buyer and I had discussed. If you have any questions please feel free to text me at any time. I am more than happy to help.
Chris (858) 397-4441 *Text Please*

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****Update on Mileage of Vehicle: So I have been asked this question on forums, facebook, through eBay cold calls. What about the mileage? Well everyone? What about the mileage? Is it that unnatural to have a vehicle that is 25 years old have 375,000 miles on the chassis? In my opinion, No. It isn't. This car was owned, like it was supposed to be owned, and it was driven like it was supposed to be driven, "It was "DRIVEN." By that I mean it was driven no more than your average vehicle that you may find today.
Let's all do some math shall we? I have always been very good at math.
Last time I checked the year is 2016. I have for sale a vehicle manufactured in 1991. That's a difference of 25 Years!
Next step. Division! So the car currently has 375,054 miles on the chassis, roughly 60,000 miles on the motor. (Motor has only been replaced once!)
This equates to.... Hmmm.. roughly 15,000 miles a year! Or 1,250 Miles a month! Looking at the engine that's 2,400 miles a year! or 200 Miles a month! What!!!! No way an enthusiast drives 200 miles a month! Sounds Suspect!
1250 miles a month in normal "Non-Math" terms roughly translates into Commuting to work + Getting Groceries + Going to Car Meets + Having that Weekend Cruise to enjoy your Ride + Just Driving to get something to eat!
Now that we have done some math. Does the mileage seem all that farfetched to anyone? Is it entirely impossible to see an RX7 driven daily like your neighbors' very boring Toyota Corolla, or the working man's undying Ford F-150 truck?
Like I said, My car may have more mileage than a lot of other RX7s on the road but that means in order to get it that far the car has to be "Driven," and in order to drive an RX7 it has to be "Maintained," and in order to maintain and RX7 you need to spend "Money" to keep it on the road, and obviously, if you can't see it from the pictures, you may need your eyes check because there has obviously been "Money Very Well Spent" to keep this RX7 on the road running strong"
If any of you fail to see this because of mileage numbers I am afraid that this is probably too much of a "Turn Key" car for you to handle and you are probably better off looking at the other RX7's that have no history disclosed no, documentation, no Carfax, and owners blatantly putting up as little information as possible, whereas I am throwing everything out in the open.
If this doesn't answer every single question that remains, I don't know what else will. If my RX7 doesn't sell this ONE TIME on eBay. I will not be "Re-Listing" It again, I will not waste my time on non-serious buyers who are ill committed to a purchase after I have laid bare every single aspect and detail about this vehicle. I will only bid them good luck finding one in better shape with half or even a third the mileage.
Finally, The Reserve Price is $4000 dollars. I will not sell it for less than that. So there are 2 options. Either "Buy it Now" with confidence or "2" Keep Bidding up to 4000 in hopes to maybe save yourself a few hundred dollars. The people that have seen this car personally have said it is worth every penny, but unfortunately people here local in Virginia never have any money. Go Figure. Which is why I listed it on eBay.
Thank you all for your interest.
If you have any last and final questions please feel free to text me at (858) 397-4441