Price: - Item location: Beverly Hills, California, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Land Rover
  • Model: Range Rover
  • Type: SUV
  • Trim: CLASSIC
  • Year: 1987
  • Mileage: 93,000
  • VIN: SALHV1143HA282192
  • Color: Gray
  • Engine size: V8 3.5L
  • Number of cylinders: 8
  • Power options: Air Conditioning, Power Locks, Power Windows, Power Seats
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Drive type: 4WD
  • Interior color: Gray
  • Options: 4-Wheel Drive
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1987 Land Rover Range Rover

Presenting the NAS Range Rover That Started It All:

1987 Range Rover Classic

93K Original Miles!!!

No Reserve!!!


This is the Range Rover to get out of your seat and litterally dance a jig about! A fantastic, nexpectedly exquisite survivor, his 1987 was one of the first Range Rovers brought here and set the stage for everything we all know of and love about the NAS RRC market. On top of all of that, t has excellent mileage, utstanding service, nd is PACKED with hard-to-find limeted production accessories and collectable Range Rover literature that you wont find packaged any where else making it one of the most UNIQUE Range Rover Classics out there. For me, his truck is nothing short of miraculous and once it is scooped up, am quite certain that we wont see another 87 like this again for a very long time - if ever.

Service History and Maintenance Profile:

As a Land Rover technician whose passion for the brand and our community always inspires my dedication, use the best genuine parts and expert skill with their fitment. The following is a list of all of the servicing done to ensure that your ownership experience is as enjoyable as possible!

Complete Head Gasket Service – Including pressure, evel checking and prep of block, eads, nd exhaust. New Genuine headgaskets, xhaust gaskets, ntake gasket, alve cover gaskets and down pipe gaskets and upper plenum reseal. $2250 Value.

90K mile interval service – Including Renewal of engine oil and filter, ransmission Service, ransfer-Case Service, ifferential Service, wivel Hub Service, riveshaft Service, enewal of air cleaner element, uel filter, istributor cap, otor, mp, park plug wires, TI spark plugs, nd distributor re-curve. $895 Value.

Cooling system overhaul including radiator service, ew genuine thermostat and fan clutch. New genuine waterpump, oolant flush and renewal is included. $1350 Value.

3-Stage Luxury Repaint with factory Astral Silver colour - 3 year warranty against pitting, ade, lake, xidation (provided she stay local). $3500 value.

Brand New Genuine Brake Pads fitted all around. $400 Value.

Brand New Fuel pump and sender. $550 Value.

Brand New Starter Fitted. $450 Value.

Brand New Alternator and Battery fitted. $550 Value

AC System Service. $450 Value

Brand New Headline & Concourse Detail prep. $800

Brand New Bearmach Custom Cut Range Rover Classic Heavy Duty all weather mats. $200 value

Collectors Accessory Kit including the original Range Rover Sports Roof Rack system with matching rear FOLD-DOWN brush bar/ladder system, njection moulded Range Rover Load Space parcel tray, ear lamp guards, ront brush bar, ow hitch and wiring harness, nd literature pack. Priceless.

Clean California Green-Print Title

Driveability and Performance:

This truck fires right up and drives beautifully, eriod. There is no hesitation, attles, verheating or oil pressure issues of any kind. Acceleration is lively and smooth and there is no winding, lips, r shudder from the transmission, ransfer case or diffs. The transfer case shifts between ranges with absolutely no noise and center diff lock selection works perfect. At motorway speed the transmission and transfer case is surprisingly quiet for the vintage. Overall, his truck is a pleasure to drive because of how solid it feels but also because of how plush and confident the suspension is. Thanks to the Bilstein suspension system fitted by the previous owner, he tracks true and will virtually drive herself when - not recommended :) - you let go of the wheel. While most wouldn’t consider breaking any land speed records in an 87, he is still more aggressive than most 3.9’s out there and easily achieves 90mph+ on the motorways. She accelerates and passes other vehicles on the 405 incline from LA to the valley side and back again withouth any issue. Steering response is immediate and tight, etaining its performance automobile feel. The cabin is quiet and leak free from windows, oors, nd tailgate areas. All windows, ower locks, nd power seats work - although slowly. Ever to its credit, he AC works awesome as does the heat! She has a fantasic uprated audio unit from a time gone by and the speakers are clear and powerful with no crackle. There are no leaks and she is confidently nice driveway safe! Also - the instrument pack was replaced at a little over 70K miles as the angle drive failed. The current unit displays 20K miles respectively. You must instruct any DMV inspection agent about this. It is CARFAX verified and the mileage is accurate.

Aesthetics and Coachwork:

This, f course, s the focus of this truck for me. The Astral Silver is a phenominal colour. I have shot the majority of the pictures in early morning low light to illustrate the depth of the colour, ut i have also included some full sun pictures which exhibit the range of tones to be found here. The paint on this truck is by far the smoothest in recent memory and is highly reflective. The Osprey Cloth is near perfect and certainly a triumph in its original condition. The seating is plush and supportive - the view inside the cabin, lean and bright. The center console was repaired at some point along the way and to its benefit features a rigid piece of walnut wood that matches door-card appoiontments perfectly.

Foul weather ready, he custom cut Bearmach Range Rover All weather mats are brand new out of the box and the loadspace also retains the injection moulded PVC Range Rover branded loadspace gear tray. The door card parkets are present - but i would advise for aesthetic purposes only. They are more fragile than a 95's front speaker covers so i would advise against loading them up with any critical documents lest you intend to see them illuminated by the puddle lamps when you open the front doors!

Further, eing a garaged truck it is remarkably wear free from the elements with no rust in wells, ambs, ulkhead, ans, pper tailgate, tc. As a point of reference, he brake line union fittings are factory clean – I say this because they are located in an area totally voulnurable to road-grime and dirt and almost any Classic will exhibit fatigue here. Not so on this truck!

The Special Character of this 87:

Few other Classics evoke the feel of true Range Rover Heritage. It is as close as you will get to experiencing the original 2-Door DNA. The 87’s had the most refined version of the original interior – something lost from 89 models onward. She is still a head turner and i truley believe she is the last of her kind.

To restore or not to restore? That is always the question! This truck is a FANTASTIC survivor and would fit great right next to the best of the line-up at any event or club function. Personally, very vehicle has a story to tell, nd in the amazing condition it’s in for the vintage, would absolutely leave it as she is. She is not a museum piece; and i have only dubbed ONE truck as such. She is not the six-figure frame off restoration - but rather the result of painstaking enthusiasm, nowledge and care.

The appointment of all the rare factory kit here is something to celebrate - especially the Range Rover Sport roof rack (made for RR exclusively by Yakima) and the fold down ladder/brush bar.

The factory owners manual is complete. She also comes with a wonderful packet of showroom literature which is boud to delight any enthusiast.

She is nearly 30 years old - and looks and drives better than most of her peers. If there are points here to discuss needing further attention they are these: The drivers seat cushion. There is - as pictured - a 4" tear in the cushion. This is not worsening. But over time will be the likely candidate for re-covering should another donor with a cloth rear bench be willing to donate its material. Secondly, he exhaust. It is the 87 ypipe mid cat design. Never know to be the exemplar of operational quietude, s another good candidate for replacement. At idle or at cruising, he is whisper quiet and smooth. Foot hard on the accelerator, ild perferation acoustics are heard - on a 1 to 10 scale, bout a 3.

Purchasing, erspective & Why Buy From Me:

Please read my outstanding feedback from folks like you! No one puts a Land Rover together better than me, ERIOD. It’s the vehicle I drive, nd the vehicle I RACE. Nearly two decades of Rover ownership and service are poured into every Rover that I see into new hands.

All too common are sales from the brokerage houses where a vehicle will receive a detail service and nothing else. Leaving maintenance work for the pleasure of the new owner; often time’s immediately following reception of the vehicle. Beware of any vintage Rover that does not share the same service points as the ones I advertise with my trucks. They are ESSENTIAL for long term reliability and any Rover without these services are ticking time bombs. I am not a Land Rover tech that drives home in a Honda Civic. I come from a long line of British Car technicians and Live, reathe and even RACE the green oval. I understand ALL of your concerns and needs and do my best to ensure that you will be happy based on a simple, et powerful concept: DOES THIS VEHICLE MAKE ME HAPPY? WOULD I PUT MY WIFE AND BABY IN IT? WOULD I LOVE TO HAVE IT? The answer is always yes. And that’s when I know they are ready. I care. I know you do, oo.

Vehicles that I see off not only have domestic endpoints, hey go to the farthest reaches of the planet. They have gone to Europe, sia, he South Pacific, entral America and currently, client recently purchased a trail-ready 88 RRC and as of the last few months COMPLETED his trip to Tierra Del Fuego after I picked him up in the vehicle at LAX when he flew in to receive it! The point here is, believe in each and every vehicle that I usher in to new ownership. That does not mean that things wont come up… they DO IN NEW CARS. What counts is whose in your corner when they do. When you browse the feedback from my recent vehicle sales, ’m sure you’ll be impressed. I have A LOT of copy-cats out there. If you aren’t buying one from me… its, ell, OT from me even though other sellers go so far as to "cut-n-paste" my listings!!!

While these vehicles are all totally looked after, hey are not immune to future service needs and flaws. They are used vehicles and normal flaws and wear should be expected as the vast majority of them are pushing 20+ years old. It is not possible to discuss every nut and bolt, ut I have done my best to list and discuss what would matter to ME. Let me know what matters TO YOU. While she may soon be "new to you" she is "not new" and you should be prepared for all that is involved with owning a used vehicle. She is sold as-is. No more should be expected. There is not ANYTHING that concerns me here; if there was, would tell you. I invite you to ask ANY AND ALL QUESTIONS NOW!


There are no queries too obscure; your satisfaction is the goal here. Additionally, Bay offers a 3rd party inspection service to verify ALL of your acquisition needs IN PERSON. Purchase of the vehicle = SATISFACTION. Once this auction is over, he winning bid and purchase imply that satisfaction has been achieved and will be understood as such. There are no warranties offered here, ut that said, here is always an unspoken "hand-shake" warranty meaning that should something fail within a reasonable amount of time – say a hose, coil pack, distributor, lower motors, n alternator, switch, n and on, I will be happy to send you what I have available at that time.

This is a NO RESERVE AUCTION so you are bidding to win! Please make sure that you bid ONLY what you are prepared to pay. This means, hen the auction is over, nd the winning bid is placed, his becomes THE SALE PRICE of the vehicle. Under no circumstances does it open the door to negotiate or back out of your commitment. The people bidding for this vehicle actually want it. Do not spoil their chances at ownership by arm-chair bidding. Yes, veryone joins eBay at some point, nd there is no prejudice against lower transaction numbers here – HOWEVER – if I suspect and/or become aware of any insincerity on the part of said bidder, reserve the right to cancel all bids from and block that insincere bidder from this auction.

Completion of this transaction is fairly straight forward. Once the auction is over, will be contacting the winner immediately and we can discuss the easiest way to finalize the transition.

Who is this truck for?

This truck is a blast to drive and HAS TO BE one of the most unique out there. I am certain she will rival any special 95 at your next club function. She is ready to enjoy out of the box by new-commer and veteran alike... but i would think she is a MUST for anyone looking to round out their NAS collection. With the rare rack system (basket and ski mounts still intact and functional) and all-weather protection, would have to think she would be a great winter holiday vehicle. Whatever the case or intention may be, he is up to the task. Don't miss out, his is a living piece of Rover history! Thanks and as always, appy Rovering!!!