1966 Land Rover SIIA 109 Martin Walter Dormobie Camper Conversion

Price: - Item location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Land Rover
  • Model: Other
  • Year: 1966
  • Mileage: 71,000
  • VIN: 26206292
  • Color: marine blue aluminum
  • Engine size: 2.3 L 4 cyl
  • Drive type: 4WD
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1966 Land Rover Other

1966 Land Rover 109 Station Wagon with Martin Walter Dormobile Conversion (from new)

My wife and I reached a compromise whereby I remove this from our yard and I get to stay Married. Now I am looking for somebody to take over this unique project with the time, money and Spousal Approval…

What we have here is an unusual Land Rover. It was purchased by a Doctor from Lillooet, BC to use on a Round-the-world Honeymoon trip. He purchased the vehicle in England and drove it to South Africa, and back to BC Canada. The stickerfor the Kruger Game park in South Africa is still in the window!

The Martin Walter Corporation of Folkstone, Kent, England manufactured camper conversions on various vehicles including the VW Bus and Bedford Van but they are probably best known for their Land Rover conversions. These were sold through Land Rover dealers from the late 1950's to the early 1970's. Not inexpensive, the price of the Dormobile conversion in 1962 in the USA was $5,280 vs. $3,925 for the Land Rover Station Wagon itself. The ‘standard’ Dormobile included the pop-up roof with tent, top bunk beds, ‘Dormatic’ seating that folded into beds, a propane Stove, Sink, Closet, water containers and drapes.A new company, Dormobile Ltd. was more recently set up to sell spare parts to these vehicles, and they manufacture accurate reproductions of most of the unique parts for this vehicle.

Vehicle Information

Land Rover Serial #: 262-06292 Suffix ‘C’

This is a Series 2A, and the ‘C’ suffix was Introduced in August 1965. Key modifications were an all new plastic steering wheel fixed to the steering column on a tapered spline. It was the last suffix that was Positive Earth, as the ‘D’ Suffix went to Negative Earth in May 1967.

Engine Serial #: 252-84342 H

Correct for Chassis.

Dormobile Serial#: U31078.7.626

‘626’ denotes a vehicle based on the 109” Land Rover Station Wagon. Production estimates number about 750 for the Land Rover Series 2A 4 door Station wagon, and about 1000 for all Land Rovers variants converted at the Martin Walter Factory between 1961 and 1975.

Vehicle Condition:

As you can seefrom the photos the vehicle iscompletely shot and needseverything. It appears to have been parked in the early 1990's with a differential problem, and has sat since then. Those with some experience with restoring Land Rovers will be interestedin the following:

-Frame: Definitely serviceable, the only area that needs attention is the rear crossmember which although generally solid,has a couple of medium sized holes in it. I don't believe you need to replace the entire crossmember. I've poked around it enoughwith a screwdriverandbelieve that patches can be welded in without affecting the structural integrity. The rest of the chassis, includingthe outriggers just have a layer of surface rust.

-Bulkhead: Mostly excellent, apart from the floor boards which are shot. This is common and there are several companies that sell galvanized replacements which can be easily installed. If there is additional welding requiredit would beminor. Base of the bulkhead is excellent as is the top rail.

-Aluminum body: typically battered, though not modified. Mostlyoriginal paint fading to bare aluminum. LHS rear quarter looks to be the only place the vehicle every had paint work. Front fender hit with something pretty solid and round ?, and will need to be replaced.

-Engine: Turns freely

-Gearbox: unknown

-Rear Axle: Replacement Diff supplied, but is not installed, nor are driveshafts andpropshafts or rear brakes.

-Front Axle: Wheels turn freely.

-Interior: All seat coverings, cots, curtains, and rooftop tent need replacement

-Glass: Rear quarter glass missing, Camper top glass skylights removed but included

-Instrumentation: all original

-Modifications to vehicle: None apart from the addition of an electric fuel pump.

Ihave taken over 200 photographs of the vehicle and posted them to my Flicker page. There is analbum for this car, and also analbum for a large quantity of NOS parts, which could be negotiated forseparately. And there is analbum for Land Rover used parts, which is a disassembled late 1960's 2A 88". I am willing to either sell the Dormobile alone, or sell it with some or all of the spare parts. The auction is for the Dormobile alone though.

FLICKER ADDRESS: flickr.com/photos/55027262@N06/albums

This could be a very interesting and collectible vehicle when finished. We are now seeing relatively high prices paid for nice Rover restorations, so recovering you investment is no longer delusional (as it was 10 years ago and which I learned the hard way). With only about 1000 Dormobiles ever made, and probably none that had something resembling an easy life, this is likely a rare opportunity. It also hasn't been butchered, modified, 'improved' etc. meaning that you will not have to be re-doing somebody else's shoddy work.

Please have a look at the Flickralbums with the detailed photos,and let me know if you have anyquestions.