Kaiser Willys 1964 Jeep CJ5 with Custom Chevy 350 Engine

Price: US $1.00 Item location: Glen Ridge, New Jersey, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Jeep
  • Model: CJ
  • Type: Convertible
  • Year: 1964
  • Mileage: 0
  • VIN: 57548162696
  • Color: Yellow
  • Engine size: chevy 350
  • Number of cylinders: 8
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Drive type: 4WD
  • Options: 4-Wheel Drive
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1964 Jeep CJ

Kaiser Willys Jeep CJ5 1964 with Chevy 350
A classic CJ5 with rip roaring power, this CJ5 is a unique hot rod with the raw beauty of an old school Kaiser/Willys CJ5. Purchased, driven, and enjoyed as a fun daily driver, the Jeep is still gorgeous but not practical for a growing family. Hopefully the winning bidder will also enjoy this Jeep and appreciate the classic CJ5 styling blended with a serious hot rod.
Engine (Chevy 350, 4 barrel Holley Carb, mild cam, electronic ignition)
The engine is a Chevy 350 with a 4 barrel holley carburetor, aluminum radiator, electric cooling fan, mechanical Holley Fuel Pump, mechanical water pump, and based on the amazing sound, we are guessing the original builder decided to install both lifters and a mild camshaft. While crate 350s are common, this particular build has a very deep throaty sound coupled with lots of low end torque.
As far as the mechanical performance of the engine, the oil pressure is good, head gasket solid, and no signs of any issues with the rods, cylinders, ring, cam, or fly wheel. The weak link has always been ignition and that 4 barrel Holley Carb. We added a full MSD ignition with a multispark system, which cleaned up the performance quite a bit especially when starting. In 2013, we retired the Jeep to our garage and just short trips to keep things running with intention of either sending the Holley to be rebuilt or just starting fresh with a replacement. The fuel bowls tend to overflow, thus the engine is running far too rich and flooding on starts. In getting the Jeep ready for Ebay, we stopped by our local mechanic shop for a second opinion and he confirmed the carb as the source of the issue.
The exhaust features Hooker Headers and Pypes M80s Glasspack/baffles for a good balance between the hot rod sound and flow. The motor mounts appear to be in good condition with no cracks or signs of failure.
While living in Arizona for a few months, we swapped out the radiator and belt driven fan in 2012 for an electric fan to cool the engine down when parked or between trips. With time constraints, I only had a chance to make 1 radiator mount up top. For safety and security, I would recommend adding 2 more to the top as well as revisiting the bottom mounts especially if you intend to go off road.

Drivetrain and Transmission (Manual 4spd, manual 4 wheel drive transfer case)

The Jeep rolls with a 4spd manual transmission that is in good working order and shifts through the gears without issue. I cannot find a tag or numbering the transmission in order to identify the make and model. The shift pattern is a standard H with reverse being left (towards driver) and down (back). We have used the 4 wheel drive on several occasions, so the transfer case is working. I cannot recall if there is a 4 wheel high and 4 wheel low. Like most of the older jeeps, a little rocking back and forth was required to get into 4 wheel.

The previous owner mounted the 350 low to keep the driveshaft, transfer case, and transmission angles in range. I have no issues with busted U-Joints or other problems related to the drive line.

Suspension, Brakes, Steering (manual disc brakes front, drum rear)(manual steering)(Tires 33x12.50)

We upgraded the manual brakes from drum to disc in the front to get a bit more stopping power. To tighten up the steering, we swapped out the steering box for a lower ratio and went with a longer Pitman Arm to remove some of the twitchy feeling. Finally, a steering damper was added to diminish road input and keep the jeep going straight. Before driving, I would check all connections and make sure the steering shaft, arm, and all components are tight and roadworthy. After the upgrades the steering was acceptable for lower speed highway driving in a 50 year old jeep. When it comes to old jeeps and road handling, there are always lists of improvements to explore. The steering wheel does sit at an angle while driving as the steering shaft, box, and arm were not perfectly aligned, however the jeep does drive straight and doesn’t pull in any direction.

Overall the suspension, shackles, frame, shock, and other suspension parts appear to be in good working order with only minor surface rust.

The stock tires are BF Goodrich 33x12.50s and appear to be in good shape. Also I'm not sure if the axles are stock or were upgraded when the previous owner did his restoration.


Being that this jeep has very little electrical systems, everything is wired with a patch work of wires and in-line fuses. We lost the key and wired a temporary ignition switch to start the jeep. A kill switch was added to shut off all electrical power for safety and security. The basic gauges (Temp, Oil Pressure, Volts, RPM, and speed are in working condition. The gasoline gauge is not working and the tank is rather small, so frequent fill ups are required. Headlights, Brakelights, and Turn Signals are wired, but the front lights are not connected as the aluminum radiator blocks the large bulky connectors and requires a lower profile solution. Since we don’t drive the Jeep at night, I never bothered to wire the slide on type electrical connectors. The windshield wipers are not wired and there is no servo in place.

Our plan was to install a basic wire-harness from Painless or EZ-Wire and simply take an afternoon to rewire the jeep in an organized logical way with all appropriate fuses and wire gauges.

Frame, Body, Overall Condition

Overall the frame and tub are in good condition with just a few minor areas where the paint is bubbling and some surface rust has just started to take hold in a few small spots along the sides. The seats are ok, but could use a new cover as they older and the material is thinning. The floor boards are solid with no holes or rust. The back floor was finished with a strong sheet of diamond plated steel. There is custom roll bar along with 4 point racing seat belts for added safety.

I have not been happy with the placement of the fuel tank relative to the exhaust or rubber fuel lines. For safety and performance, I had intended on move the tank or the exhaust, running metal lines, and going with an electric fuel pump using a return line set up. Before driving, I would definitely recommend and suggest a through review of exhaust components and fuel components to make sure spacing is correct and meets safe standards.


The Jeep was purchased over Ebay Motors in April 2009 and used as a daily driver from 2009 – 2012. During those years, we complete several of the upgrades and projects. In 2012, this Jeep was driven 450 miles from New Mexico to Scottsdale, AZ without issue. As business improved post recession, we had little time to devote to working on the jeep and eventually trailered it in Nov 2013 to a garage in NJ for safe keeping. From time to time the Jeep has been started and driven around the block to keep the oil moving and the engine in functional condition.

Currently the Jeep starts and runs, however the flooding carburetor results in stalling, rough idling, and sometimes frustrating starting when the weather is humid. In order to be immediate drivable over a long distance, the carb should be tuned or replaced and checking all bolts, wires, and fasteners is essential for safety.

The title is clear and in hand. Obviously, the jeep does not come with a warranty.

If there is little or no interest in this auction, I will most likely keep the Jeep, replace the Holley, rewire with a harness, and sell locally. For those Ebayers in my area of Northern NJ (07028), feel free to give us a call for local viewing and test driving. Input from all Ebayers and Jeep enthusiasts is always welcome. Feel free to call our business phone 575.737.8521 with questions, but do keep in mind I am more of a dedicated tinkerer and not a mechanic.

To see the Jeep being driven, please review my YouTube View at:


The video was filmed Saturday Sept 17th and posted today Sept 20th.

Thanks for stopping by.. RJ

**Disclosure. I'm selling this vehicle as a private seller and am not a licensed mechanic or dealer. I have tried my best to disclose and summarize all aspects of this Jeep as best as possible, however a thorough inspection from a licensed shop or mechanic should be mandatory before operating any vehicle. The Jeep being sold here is being transferred in "as is" condition.