Price: US $1,775.00 Item location: Middleburg, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: GMC
  • Model: Other
  • Type: Standard Cab Pickup
  • Year: 1956
  • Mileage: 50,387
  • VIN: 102 8P X4542
  • Color: Black
  • Engine size: 317 ci v8
  • Number of cylinders: 8
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Drive type: rwd
  • Interior color: Black
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1956 GMC Other

I am pleased to present to you This is a very unique 1956 gmc 100 series truck. It is a deluxe BIG BACK window cab and also a "long bed" and a factory numbers matching very rare optional 317 gmc V8 engine.
First also, I want to tell you a little bit about myself to separate me from the latest rat rod truck craze, here everybody is just slapping rusty unsafe trucks together and getting "stupid" money for them. Truck's where nothing works, o turn signals, tc. I have been an industrial maintenance technician for my entire working life and so many of my skills such as welding, esigning, tc spill over from that professional background into my real passion- designing, uilding, nd restoring, ustom cars, rucks, nd motorcycles. I have built several of these trucks now and got them down to a science and building another as we speak for a customer and friend . You can view my trusting feedback where I have restored and sold upwards to 100 motorcycles and a few cars and trucks all over the country and even shipped to Japan. I think what separates me from others is in my attention to detail and a real passion for what I do. I treat every single job or build as if it were my own. I have several classics of my own and starting buying these trucks a few years ago. I have been sick of seeing some of these backyard jobs out there, nd thought, am going to build a very cool, ne of a kind truck, here every single thing will work like it should and contain modern running gear and safety features that a vehicle should have. Not to mention, ne of a kind styling and a look that will be timeless. I compare this truck to those that you see on popular garage TV shows where they are getting 100K for them and their product is nothing more than this, ther than they can pull out thousands of dollars worth of shiny new bolt-on parts. Even though, have a ton of hours in this truck and a fair amount of money, wanted to build something awesome that the average guy could afford to drive and enjoy. I am a very humble, assionate, ar guy, ho really put a lot of engineering, hought, ime and money into this truck to make it stand out and be dependable and affordable. So that's a little about me and my two cents, ow on to the truck! And my descriptions can get pretty in depth but thats how i like it so you know as much as possible in detail. This paragraph i use when i list my custom built resto mod trucks with included picture, just reuse it to tell you a little about me. ....i have included a picture of the ones i have built you may seen before specializing in the the 47-54 first series chevys. i bought this 1956 gmc with same plan til i learned how rare this truck actually is i couldnt do it !!! i will explain story belo, hen condition of all systems and new parts. . thanks for looking and bidding...
So i bought this truck with my good friend Freddy as we were planning on buiding another high end resto mod in a different year than i usually do until i got this truck home and did some research i thought it was just and older fix up where someone got tired of the ol 6 cylinder and put a pontiac v8 in with some cool old aluminum slot, ainted it black, ut the old 3 speed column shift to the floor and had themselves a cool hot rod truck 40 years ago...well i was wrong, urns out this is a very rare mostly original rare optioned truck. I found this truck after it has been in dry storage for the last 30 year, he previous owner had passed away left to his son who had zero interest in so it was stored at the grandfathers house out of the weather, ain and sun for the past 30 years...the truck only has 50k miles on as well cause of this. So upon my research i come to find this is a factory numbers matching V, ong bed 1/2 ton with big back window....3 very rare items. Especially the engine, ost of these trucks and chevy apaches had a inline 6 cylinder in them. the v8 came out in 1955 and was also a option in the chevy, ut gmc's were special ordered with a rare pontiac engine which was considered an upgrade. gmc marketed these engines as thier own and added 1 cubic inch to the size in every year to the pontiac numbers... strange i know.... so in 55 is was a pontiac 286 which they called a gmc 287 and this was a 316 which they called a "gmc 317" and then in 57 they offered a 347 pontiac which was called a gmc 348....increasing in power and size each year. this engine in this truck is rated at a 190 gross hp and 156 net right on the vin tag which think about it was alot of power in 195, lot more than 350 chevys in stock trucks 25 years later.
Gmc trucks were also lower in production numbers to begin with than the chevy apaches and received more high end ornate items as this front grille and bumper looking like a caddy from the era and different gauges then the apaches. So this truck vin decodes to a truck built in 1956 at the pontia, ichigan plant (go figure) with optional v8 engine and rare 1/2 ton long wheelbase with big back window. we even checked the casting numbers on the intake and exhaust manifolds and they are all 1956.
So this is why we went through a extensive what i would call " reconditioning" of this truck and of course some restoration too but wanted to bring her back with every system mechanically and such so the truck could be driven and enjoyed as is, ot resto moded. this truck with a real restoration is worth a lot of money and has great bones and minimal rust if one so desires i just dont have time with the custom builds going on. Or drive as is and enjoy, here has to be someone out there who had one of these and wanted another, ere it is a rare find, o not miss it. We have brought her back to life in a great running drivin, topping state that one could enjoy as is and take to local cruises, here will not be another there like it !! Even on internet searches i could only find a few of these trucks with this engine and they sold for huge money (restored) and i found NONE with long bed and big back window combo .
We did go a little more overboard in engine compartment to nice cosmetic details and frame and such painting. The new parts on this truck some were not easy to find and alot of time and money went into to get it here, ut we are die hard car guys who have a love and passion for classics and not out to get rich, ust make a few dimes on it for our labor and have someone else enjoy. This truck was repainted some 40 years ago, ooks good from 20 feet away but has its share of scratches, cuffs and small dings, o major dents or rust, ome minor filler i found above headlight, ommon and lower rear portion of front fenders. the trucks oem color would have been turquiose with a white top, hey did leave the top white. So please read details below on condition and new parts.
Frame cleaned up, erfectly rust free, ust surface stuff then painted satin blac, ntire frame and wheel wells etc.
Entire brake system rebuilt with new parts....New wheel cylinders, ront and rear
New rubber brake lines and master cylinder
shocks looked new
steering works fine, ell like a 56 truck or a bus....ha
original 3 speed on the tree was converted over back then to a 3 speed on the floor with original trans and cool old hurst indy shifter.
Bumpers have their share of scratches, few dings in front bullet on passenger side front one and a few other minor dings in front bumper/grille combo but all there and not rusted or beat to heck it could be rechromed for sure which is another good thing cause you wont find these babys in aftermarket ! same with emblems all there and pretty nice with some pock marks in them but not terrible. front hood emblem is very rare and impossible to find. rear bumper again shws it age some shine some dull but straight.. center upper piece in grille which could be made its just a filler panel does have some rust on underside and it was painted silver at some point. All deluxe stainless trim around windows looks nice. windows overall are nice especially big back one with some minor flaws but not foggy at all !! drivers side vent glass is cracked but all there. side door glass is nice overall and windows roll up and down fine. pass. side door glass has some scratches as well as windshield from bad wipers over the years...some may buff out, one are too deep. mirrors were added and factory holes are there with plugs unless bigger mirrors were option too ? some minor rust on mirror bolts and antanae and oh yea radio does work !!
Entire body of truck is 95 percent solid with as mentioned there was some old body work above the headlights, inor, he lower rear portion of front fenders has filler i can see. The bed is really nice as well as rear fenders.Looks like someone may have had some tool boxes or something at one time as there is a few holes drilled on bedsides. some minor pitting above mini running boards on bed sides. the wood and strips in bed is in great shape, ome stains but solid. Tailgate is good and solid again with some dings. Also have a set of side boards that go in stake pocket, just liked without, hey will go with truck if you desire. inner runnings boards have a few spots that were fixed it looks like, nderside of all looks great. lower drivers has some rust underneath inside edge but not that bad at all, ll around windows looks great, loor had a few small rust holes we put new metal in there and seam sealed and painted the whole floor top and bottom. someone put radio in dash where old package tray used to be but original radio hole is there and un touched. rest of dash look great, teel door panels look great. weatherstripping could be replaced at some time but all there. seals around windows still look good. Overall nice body for a 60 year old truck and im sure alot better than most.
floor was fixed in a few minor spots as mentioned then painted. we figured we would let new owner decide on carpet., oes have some vintage gmc original mats in it...
Original bench seat was kept as found, ad some tears where you sit, e covered up with black tape for now, gain cause new owner may want diff color etc. rest of seat is nice.
all original looking gauges, ith all the vitals except amp meter looks to be replaced and i dont them anyway i feel dangerous, o i unhooked. oi, uel and temp all work like they should, intage sun tach reads the rpms and dash lights work along with turn signals, rake lights etc, igh low beams and dash indicator for that and turn sigs.. we did add all new wiring to rear lights as it was ratty and went through a bunch of the rest to ensure it all works. Only thing engine was missing was generator, ctually looked like they were ready to convert over when truck was parked but generator was lost so we added a vintage alternator to be more dependable with custom brackets and had it all rebuilt with new stator and all....this is a 12 volt system. Also has a new battery. We did however leave the original regultor and rectifier right where they belong, o if you wanna go back to generator for more original it is all there.
Has oem steering wheel in oem color but horn cap is missing...but horn does work if you touch wire !
rebuilt headlight switch so interior dome light works with it and got new dome light cover. Even the cigarette lighter works.
Original 1956 heater, nd defroster all works as it should as well as old vacuum wipers !!!
Engine/Drive train,etc
original 317 V8 Engine was drained of all its fluids then flushed then ran then drained again and filled with new oil and filter. The entire engine bay then was freshened up as you can see and painted with satin black paint and engine was cleaned and painted with high grade ceramic correct orange paint and new decals applied to valve covers as factory. Rochester 2 je, barrel Carburetor was all rebuilt with all new parts. It is manual choke but we did not add cable, t starts right up. It already had a small elec fuel pump with mechanical delete, o we left as so just replaced with newer holley small elec pump mounted on front of intake and is on toggle in truck. works great. New chrome air cleaner was added as oem one was mia. Engine was also stripped of all its old rubber hoses and replaced with all new and all new anti freeze. All new fuel line was run from brand new fuel tank and brand sending unit. all new heater hoses, ew belt, ll new exhaust from y pipe back with flowmaster style new muffler, ounds great. all new brake parts as mentioned and bled and bled again and adjusted to work perfect, o pulling left or right, ctually work quite awesome for 4 wheel drum brakes now. New spark plugs, ires etc. the engine did develop a small exhaust manifold leak at block you can hear, ut i gotta move on, t will be easy to replace if it bothers you and cheap. This truck has sat in my shop for weeks after being hot and cold and driven and it has no oil leaks or water leaks which amazes me. It does even have the original radiator which we also flushed and had had a repair in front some years ago, ut no leaks and cools awesome... the rear pinion front seal does have a small drip. i also got another oil filter for new owner as after it is ran a few miles i would change oil one more time since it sat so so long, hats just me. The engine does have tiny bit a smoke when running, ut hey again she has not run in a long time and i think it will clear up as i have seen many times before when rings seat better again etc, ruck runs very cool and engine is super quiet. The clutch works just fine grabs well shifts fine but throw out bearing is rather noisy at idle and when pushing pedal, gain this truck sat for a long time so it may go away with some miles and or replace then if it bothers you, ont be too hard in this truck. the clutch itself is very strong. The 3 speed tranny works as it should.
Has very cool vintage 6 lug aluminum slots as you see which are also very rare and even in 5 lug i have seen just these wheels sell for 1,000 bucks sometimes. look good on truck though but just a thought if you go back to are also old g-70's and have some life left tread wise, f course some dry cracks from age but hold air just fine and goes down the road pretty nice for a 60 year old truck. stops real nice, uns real nice..
In summation this truck is a one of a kind truck that turns a lot of heads and will bring MANY years of enjoyment, hile remaining in style, or many years to come, ith so many rare options it is also a very good investment and if restored someday it is worth a lot, ust check out nada and you know those prices are low compared to auctions for classics. And then of course it would also make solid truck for a resto mod if you choose to go that way, ut dont tell me if your gonna...ha. Our reserve is very fair on this truck, gain just want to recoup money spent and a little for labor, encourage you to check out stated values and try to find another truck with these options yet which nada dont even list anyway... it is truly unique, o not miss.
Please i alway, lways have people ask how much to end auction etc on my trucks and i always say i am open to offers and NEVER hear back from 99.9 percent . This is not a gam, ts my lively hood so if you are serious about an offer as i reserve the right to sell local as well, lease when you message me include a number to save us all time and we can go from there, orst i can say is n, est is yes or counter, o harm....
Thanks a lot for your interest and support.
Also if interested in custom built truck as seen in last pi, essage me.
and a few can be seen at my you tube channel carter customs
i will be adding video of you tube link hopefully 7-8-15, ts already late and everything is slow !! pics have taking forever just to load i usually like my listings on at 8 pm and its 11 !! thanks
Clear title which is notarized for new buyer to simplify pick-up, hen you take to your town to complete
Of course it will not need anything, ut I have not had a chance to get truck inspected.
as with any used vehicle, t is being sold as is, here is, ith no warranty.
$200.00 deposit required within 24 hours of auction's end through Paypal, hen due to possible scams I have had in the past, will only take a direct bank to bank wire transfer for the remaining balance, orry to all you honest people and transfer will need verified before truck leaves my premises. Truck is to be payed in full within 7 days of auction end. Only other option would be all cash for the remaining balance.
Truck is for pick-up only in Middleburg, a 17842 Snyder County
Would like truck picked up within 7 days of auction end, f you are from out of state and would like to have it shipped, will be happy to help, ut I would like you to have all of this arranged ahead of time within my time frame and I just have to drive truck onto carrier.
Please, erious bidders only. must have at least 5 positive feedback and if you cant afford or can not come throug, efrain from bidding, his is not a game like some think. This truck has had several very serious offers on it already but i said i wanted to put on ebay to give the most people the chance to own this beauty, ut do reserve the right to sell locally. Very fair modest reserve, o do not miss this timeless one of a kind truck you always desired.