1973 Ford F-350 Crew Cab 4WD Long Bed Truck - Very Clean

Price: - Item location: Graham, Washington, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Ford
  • Model: F-350
  • Year: 1973
  • Mileage: 999999
  • VIN: F37HCR63795
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Drive type: 4WD
  • Vehicle Title: Clean
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1973 Ford F-350

This is a 1973 Ford Crew Cab. It came from the factory as a 2wd long box crew that I had converted to 4wd back in 2017. This crew cab truck was one of the most rust-free trucks of this body style that I have ran across (I have photos of all the common area’s that these trucks are known to rust to prove this truckhadzero rust in these areas). Ebay limits the amount of photo’s that I can upload but I do have a lot of photos of this truck prior to, during and after all of the work wasfinished. So, if you would like to see any photos please let me know and I will get them to you.

Please note, this truck was not a frame off restoration as that was not my goal. My goal was to have a very clean daily driver and that is what I ended up with. I would also like to note, that no rust repair was done on this truck as it did not need it. This truck, the floor pans (I can send youphotosof the floor boards with the factory paintand they look like the day it rolled of the factory floor), the drip rails, the cab corners, etc. had zero rust in them. This truck is not 100% perfect; however, it isavery clean truck that looks amazing and has had a lot of time and money invested into it.

Here is some specific info on the truck!

Motor and Drive Train:
•The motor is a 390, 4-barrel carb, headers and dual exhaust. I was told the motor was rebuilt by the previous owner and I see a rebuild tag on the motor; however, I do not have paperwork to prove this and I don't know how many miles are on it so please assume that this motor is not rebuilt and that it is just a good running motor
•The Tranny is the original 2wd C6 transmission
•The Transfer Case is a Divorced NP205
•The Front Axle is a Dana 44 Disc Brake Axle
•The Rear Axle is a Dana 60 Drum Brake Axle
•Factory Power Brakes
•Factory Power Steering; however, the steering box was replaced and converted to the 1978/1979 Power Steering Box when it was converted to 4WD back in 2017 and a 1978/1979 tilt steering column was added at this time.
•A local place converted the truck from 2wd to 4wd for me back around 2017. I supplied them with a 1976 F250 High Boy donor truck and they used the leaf springs, suspension brackets, axles, transfer case, etc. from the donor truck. For this reason, the 73 Crew still has the original frame.

The Body:
•The truck was the closest truck I found to being 100% rust free. The only rust I saw on the truck was on the hood of the truck and it was surface rust. The hood was sanded down to bare metal, treated with a rust prohibitor product called Zero Rust, then epoxy primed prior to any body work being done.
•The entire truck overall was in pretty good shape but it did have a few dent’s and dings
•The body was sanded down and epoxy primed prior to body work (even between the bed and cab)
•Most of the dents were pulled/removed as best as possible and then a 3M filler was used to fine tune the remaining body work
•Once the body work was done, the body was then blocked with 180, 240, 320 grit and then finally it was wet sanded and blocked with 600 grit so the truck overall is pretty darn straight for a daily driver (it’s not show car straight for the record)
•When painted, the body was sealed with a black sealer, then 3 coats of Dark Jade Metallic paint (Factory 70’s Ford Truck Color) and then clear coated. The color of the truck does change with the time of the day/weather as you will see in the photos. On a sunny day that is cloud free the green is very bright and looks amazing. On a cloudy/overcast day the green looks darker which is also amazing and then in the evening the color is very true to its name as it has a very dark jade green/black look to it. I believe this is due to the metallic in the paint but I am not sure. All I know is it looks amazing and I am very happy with it and get a lot of comments on it when I drive it.
•The truck has not been waxed and it has not been cut and buffed since being painted but the paint looks good. If you wanted a more mirror like finish, it could be cut and buffed for this reason and due to a few dents/dings I would rate the paint/body as a 7/8. But then again I also have a new truck and I would rate that as a 8/9 for paint and body just for comparisons as I am pretty picky.
•The truck was painted at an actual shop, in a paint booth as you can see in the photos so it was not done by me, in a carport lol

The Bed:
•The inside of the bed does have dents and signs of wear and tear over the years as it is 47 years old but it is not hammered
•The truck had a set of diamond plate bed caps on the truck and I planned to put them back on as a few of the stake pockets also show signs of being in less than perfect shape; however, I have not put them on yet and I do not plan to as I like how the truck looks without them (If you would like them, I can include them for you)
•I stripped down the inside of the bed to bare metal, sprayed the rust prohibitor over it (Zero Rust) and then used Raptor Liner for the spray on bed liner
•When the bed was off, I stripped the underside of the bed to bare metal, sprayed the rust prohibitor over it (Zero Rust) and then sprayed Raptor Liner on it so it is nice and clean looking

The Frame:
•When the bed was off, due to a slight case of OCD, I wire wheeled the exterior and the inside of the frame and painted it black
•I did not remove the cab, the motor or the tranny so I did the best I could at cleaning up the inside of the frame in that area and painted it but it is not perfect and there is still some grime in there from over 47 years of use it has seen.

The Interior:
•The interior of the truck is in real good shape as it was all replaced after the truck was painted. The color combo of the interior blends very well with the color of the truck
•The truck has new black carpet from ACC
•The headliner is new and is grey in color
•The seats were reupholstered
•The truck has all the factory seat belts
•All new Window seals and felt were installedexcept the wing windows. For this reason, the windows are a little tight when you roll them up and down. I was told this is normal until the felt and anti-rattlers settle in.

The good, the bad the ugly:
•The good: The truck is very clean, runs great and gets a lot of looks. It was almost 100% rust free when I bought it and I have spent a lot of money and time getting it to look this way over the past 4 years. You can get in it, turn the keyand go.
•The bad: The e-brake does not work (It needs a new cable), the side gas tankwas damaged and so I removed it(You can still purchase replacement tanks as all the plumbing and hardware is there) and the truck has a slight vibration around 50-55 ish mph. Not sure why, perhaps the tires are out of balance or need to be rotated but this is a new thing that just started after sitting for a while.
•The Ugly: I planned on doing a diesel conversion to it so that is the reason I did not pull the motor, tranny and transfer caseand paint it up so it looks 'pretty'like the rest of the truck. For this reason, I pressure washed the motor and made sure there was no leaks in it. There are also a few dings/dents in the truck that did not get fixed.

If I was to keep the truck:
•I would do a diesel swap

This is a great truck that is very solid and in great shape. All the hard work and expensive items are already done. You could drive this truck as is or make it nicer if you had the desire, but the foundation work is done. It will be sad to see it go, but its time for someone else to enjoy this truck.

Please don't bid on the truck if you do not intend to purchase it or don't have the funds. It takes time and money to list the truck and to answer all the questions so please be respectful. The Buyer is responsible for all shipping arrangements and cost. I can meet you and or your shipper at my location and will adjust my schedule to work around yours. Payment must be made and the funds must be clear before I release the title and the truck to you and/or your shipper. I would like a $500 deposit via PayPal within 48 hours andfull payment within 7 days.If you are local, I encourage you to come see it with your own eyes. I don't feel you will be disappointed in any way as this is a solid truck and is in great shape. I did my best to be extremely honest and I noted any known issues above and the overall condition. If you need more photos, videos or have any questions please contact me at 2532785410. It really is a nice truck and they are hard to find in this condition.

Thank you for looking and happy bidding!