Price: - Item location: College Park, Maryland, United States
  • Make: Ford
  • Model: Econoline Van
  • Type: Cargo Van
  • Trim: E100
  • Year: 1963
  • Mileage: 5
  • VIN: 3017412023
  • Color: Blue
  • Engine size: 170 CID Six
  • Number of cylinders: 6
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: White
  • Drive side: Left-hand drive
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1963 Ford Econoline Van E100

1963 Ford Econoline E100 Cargo Van Std. Wheelbase 170 CID,3spd.Transmission 99 CENT STARTING BID WITH SENSIBLE RESERVE!!! SPARE PARTS INCLUDED!!!
This van has been stored on residential property for about 5 years. Van drove to spot it is parked on and was a daily driver prior to that time.NO REPAIRS were needed or scheduled causing its parking!All mechanical and electrical systems functioned well including brakes, trans, engine,steering, cooling system,lights, wipers.heat and defrost.All glass is intact and mostly original except for the passenger door glass which is included but not installed.Passenger door window winder assemblies are complete and operational.Wing vents are intact with aftermarket latches installed.Glass seals where applicable are intact! No wiper arcs in windshield.Door weatherstrips are largely gone. Weatherstrip kits have recently become available for Econolines. All locks and ignition cylinder are in place with corresponding keys included.Unlike many early Econolines, this one has relatively minor rust issues in part to having been literally coated in and out with a heavy red oxide primer. The[vaguely] Ford Blue paint was NON professionally applied.Pink accent foolishness looked good in the Eighties, less so now. No extra charge for rear window sticker art................All emblems are in place. Black paint on them can be removed and emblems MAY clean upPictures will show the areas needing attention as far as MINOR dent and rust repair. This van does not have the usual heavily bondo coated nose so common to the first-gen Econolines. There is however, old damage to the right side of the nose panel at the headlight/grille area.Unfortunately, there are no pictures of the underside due to it being parked on a non paved surface. there is no way I have to jack it up as I do not have a garage style jack with which to elevate the vehicle.There are no alterations to the frame assembly from stock.The forward side door appears to have been replaced some time in the past. Otherwise, the rest of the doors seem to be original to the van.There is NOT the large area of rocker rust out one sees so often in vehicles from the East Coast. Again, the liberal use of the red oxide primer seems to have been beneficial.The floors are intact front to back with some small areas of rust through at the front door sills and drivers floor area. Again, pictures tell the story.The cargo floor area was once covered in plywood and fastened with short deck screws, hence small random screw holes are apparent in the floor. The roof and sides have never been cut for roof vents, portholes, sunroofs except for a small hole at the rear of the front roof stamped area[early vans have two, front and rear] for what was a CB ortwo way radio antenna. That hole has always been plugged with a correct "police car style" rubber plug.All of the roof and interior side reinforcements are in place and have not been cut.Pictures show a variety of items currently in the cargo area.ONLY ITEMS SPECIFIC TO THE VAN WILL BE INCLUDED IN THE SALE!!!!ALL NON VAN ITEMS WILL BE REMOVED PRIOR TO SALE!!!!The seats are non original. The highly popular low back Econoline seats also used in the Fairlane Thunderbolts, factory race optioned Galaxies, F/X Comet Cyclones, etc. were trashed years ago.GONE. Yes, I'm sorry too.................The seating was converted to Dodge Caravan seats utilizing both the Caravan tracks AND the original Econoline tracks by using thick marine plywood as an intermediate mounting surface.The speedometer worked when parked as well as the aftermarket gauges mounted on the dash along with the instrument cluster lights and dome lights. Fuel gauge did NOT work.Actual mileage is unknown, but somewhere in excess of slightly over 100K. Older vehicles did NOT have "million mile" odometers The heater controls and engine compartment mounted manual choke were in working order retaining their original knobs.The engine compartment lid is fully functional along with its original prop and latches.The dash was cut out for an aftermarket radio by a previous owner. I don't see evidence of a resized OEM radio cutout. The van may have been a "Radio Delete" model.The glove box liner is still in place and not ripped up,the glove box door retains it's original lock cylinder and, I believe, a matching key.Ash tray and lighter well are in place and were in working order.O.E.M rear view mirror remains along with single speed wiper control, wiper transmission and wiper motor,worked with correct "wiper park" at glass bottom.Headlight switch and ignition lock assembly worked prior to being parked.All lighting and lenses are in place with accompanying wiring working prior to being parked.Shift assembly appears to have been replaced with a post 1968 shift lever, and possibly the shift tube also.Turn signal lever is from a later Ford product.Steering wheel is from a 1979 Fairmont. The horn contact is mounted on the steering column brace and worked when parked. I DO NOT have the O.E.M steering wheel or horn ring/button.Mechanically, the 170 inch Six ran well with no excessive consumption prior to being parked, the water pump and generator were recent replacements prior to the van being parked.The starting was not ever excessively cold natured at all as some period Ford products can be.Heating performance in cold weather driving was accentuated by ambient heat from engine compartment with no exhaust leakage at all.Ford did not overly insulate the engine compartment on the early vans.Conversely, warm weather travel does require all door glass to be open, floor vents open and the lost art of wing vent position optimizing to be applied.The "Cal Custom/Mr Gasket" air cleaner was installed by a previous owner, I do have an OEM air cleaner which is included with the van.All engine compartment wiring appears intact along with battery cables leading back to the under-seat original battery box complete with lid and functioning latchesTransmission always shifted well in all forward gears with no issues in reverse. Clutch felt fine.Brake linings were fairly new before parked and pull-up emergency brake was functional.Brakes are currently non functional likely to rubber parts deterioration.Exhaust and cooling systems were fully functional prior to van being parked.Front tires were recent replacements before parked, rear tires were low mileage take offs.Tires may or may not hold air- I do not have an air compressor.HUB CAPS AND TRIM RINGS AS SHOWN ON RIMS ARE NOT INCLUDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.RIMS AND TIRES ONLY AS SHOWN ARE INCLUDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The Manual steering was functional with the usual "Ford Mystery Steer" one comes to love as you two hand these things most of the time up and down the road.The Rear end/driveline operated without issue and air shocks mounted on the rear suspension were functional when parked.There is no alterations to the frame assembly or floors other than as noted.I invite and encourage any inspection by prospective buyers or agents and will answer any questions as best as possible.
This vehicle is titled in Maryland as "Historic" meaning it is NOT subject to emission inspection nor purchase inspection prior to tagging as "Historic"Check your state's specific regulations regarding tagging/titling of vintage vehicles and any attendant restrictions for older vehicles!
CALIFORNIA BUYERS-This is a "49 State" vehicle" in that it does NOT have ANY smog/PCV equipment as originally sold.Check for regulations pertaining to retrofitting air quality equipment.
If you are new to antique vehicle driving, these vans are rather unrefined even compared to the second generation Econoline that appeared in 1968.BUT, for those who want a more engaged driving experience and, not in the least, looks of surprise, admiration, "WTF!" shout outs and especially the ever popular spousal looks of utter disgust, this 1963 Econoline may be just your cup of tea OR your ticket out of the house.............................FULL DISCLOSURE DEPARTMENT:READ CAREFULLY-This truck is parked on a non paved surface in the rear of a residence,as such,DIRECT ACCESS right up to the vehicle rear is possible but any towing/push or pulling vehicle you use or hire to assist in moving the van if you wish to utilize a tow/push/pull vehicle right from the van's parking spot must ALSO be able to clear the roof of a carport which you will have to bring it through due to height clearance issues.The van drove through the carport to its parking spot,so there is no issue with clearance of the van at ITS NORMAL RIDE HEIGHT with all FOUR OF ITS wheels on ground.FLAT TOWING/PULLING/PUSHING THE VAN USING A SECOND VEHICLE THAT DOES NOT EXCEED THE VAN'S RIDE HEIGHT WILL WORK!!!!!It is IMPERATIVE that you come prepared with the tools, equipment, ability and or assistance to move the vehicle to the point it can clear the carport roof BEFORE it can be placed on any trailer,flatbed,tow truck that would cause the vehicle combination to exceed the roof clearance of the carport!!At that point, a paved concrete driveway is available for vehicle staging and loading.
Clear MD. title and all keys will be given at time of removal and payment in full for the van. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!SERIOUS BIDDERS-PROSPECTIVE PURCHASERS can contact me to see the location and in person inspection of the vehicle and site logistics.LOTS TO THINK ABOUT!!!!! -
Look at recent early Econoline sales in the marketplace, these things are topping 3K plus in any condition. Restored examples pull even more.The fastest growing segment of the vintage vehicle market these days is that of light trucks and commercial vehicles.Early Econolines have always been popular and they are relatively easy to bring back to any desired level of completeness or originality.
This little van was a daily driver for quite a few years before being parked basically due to having too many vehicle choices.We took beach trips in it with no issues on the highway although certainly it was never the fastest thing on I-95.Good times................It even hauled all of the furniture that was moved into the house it is parked at!This van deserves a good home and a second chance to run the roads again. Time constraints, imminent future relocation and other responsibilities force my decision to sell it.[not] Good times...........
ANY AND ALL ECONOLINE VAN SPECIFIC EXTRA PARTS I HAVE WILL BE INCLUDED IN THE SALE!Please dont ask for itemized lists of spares, whatever I have will go with it.BUTAGAIN -NOT EVERYTHING CURRENTLY STORED IN THE VAN AS SHOWN IN THE INTERIOR SHOTS IS INCLUDED!!Non van related items will be removed allowing complete access to see the floor surfaces.WHEEL COVERS AND TRIM RINGS ARE NOT INCLUDED !!! THEY WERE SOLD!!!! SORRY.The rims are believed to be stock with no issues other than that pink paint!!!
Thanks for looking AND reading! Maybe this is your dream truck. Maybe Mrs. You may see it differently! Or not. Either way, I hope it[and/or you] finds a good home!!!!!!!!!!!