1994 Ford Probe GT Plus - Wild Orchid Edition

Price: US $2,400.00 Item location: Redmond, Oregon, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Ford
  • Model: Probe
  • SubModel: Wild Orchid Special Edition
  • Type: Coupe
  • Trim: Wild Orchid Special Edition
  • Year: 1994
  • Mileage: 141,600
  • VIN: 1zvlt22b8r5140695
  • Color: Purple
  • Engine size: 2.5l V6
  • Number of cylinders: 6
  • Power options: Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Windows, Power Seats
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Drive type: FWD
  • Interior color: Black
  • Safety options: Driver Airbag, Passenger Airbag
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1994 Ford Probe Wild Orchid Special Edition

Note about eBay: I am placing this vehicle on eBay because someone out there who knows Ford Probes will realize what this is: the *** GT Plus - Wild Orchid Edition ***. If you follow Ford forums, you know it is rare as a hens tooth. This one is as solid as you will find. The value of these cars bottomed last year, and are starting to go up substantially, as are many collectible Japanese cars. A special edition Probe GTS sold this week for $10,500 in Portland, Oregon (that was just a minor cosmetic edition). Now for the details...
About the Ford Probe
The Ford Probe GT is built on the Mazda MX6 platform, with Mazda engine, and body by Ford. It is said the Ford Probe is 60% Mazda and 40% Ford on top of it. They are known for reliability and good fuel economy.
The GT is the high end version of the Ford Probe lineup - their top of the line Probe, and this is a very rare GT PLUS Wild Orchid Edition made only this year. It has a V6 motor on top of a 5 speed transmission. They are beautiful cars restored. That was my intention with this, my second Ford Probe, but I have another restoration project driving me crazy and I don't really have the time to complete this one until Winter or beyond. So I've got this one for sale now, so you have the summer to enjoy it.
Probes feature flip up headlights, like the old Corvettes and Ferrari's but all these cars had to do away with that feature for safety concerns (mainly goring pedestrians). They have a wonderful low slung sports car stance - low to the ground, and wonderful panoramic, high-visibility glass around the sides. They have a full featured (for 1994) driving cabin, with a center column slightly canted toward the driver.
It has a hatchback design for easy hauling of larger items, and a removable deck lid to cover the contents for security.
About this Ford Probe
This Ford Probe is one I searched high and low for. It is the rare Wild Orchid edition. It is a metallic plum color, that is stunningly gorgeous with a good paint job. It also has a unique interior for this model to match the "Island" theme, but not overdone.
First, the car has just 141k miles on it. Virtually everything works on this car (except for some notes below), including the remote key lock, and every parking light. The interior looks darned near new. There is a slight amount of wear on the driver seat lumbar, but you would barely notice it. The back carpet has some slight wear, but barely visible. It is just a very comfortable car to drive. It also has cruise control, fog lights, pop up headlights, rear defroster, rear wiper, 5 speed manual transmission, map lights, power seats, power windows, power door locks, remote hatch release, remote fuel door release, etc. All work!
I will say this about the motor - it runs very well. It doesn't use oil, and it has a good amount of pickup. The GT, while faster than the regular Probe, doesn't give you the sense it is lightening quick. You can get onto an on ramp and into traffic with no problem, but you're not going to be racing Corvettes or Porches with it. In fact, I would take advantage of this sound motor by not racing it. If you race an engine with 140k on it, you're probably going to blow it if you drive the crap out of it. If you want a fun engine to drive, and feel it pick up nicely, you're going to love it. It drives straight, and has a Magnaflow exhaust and cold air intake, so the sound of the car is amaaaaazing. It is a head turner, but not obnoxious like those Honda's you hear with their farty exhausts. (no offense if you have one<g>)
It drives 90 miles an hour with no worries. I'm sure it is much faster. Factory new, they were rated by some reviews as 134 mph cars, and he suspension is certainly there to support it. Redline is around 7,000, as I recall, but you don't need half that to have fun. It is a very torquey engine, and even at 2,500 rpm, it is moving pretty fast. And therein is why this is such a fuel efficient car. I haven't done a lot of testing for mileage, but I drove to Salem a couple times and got between 25 to 27 mph, which isn't bad for such a performance engine. The engine idles a little low, I think, but should be easily adjustable.
I have had this on a few road trips and it is great to drive on curves with its low profile tires, tight suspension and straight handling. It is just always fun to drive this car, and I would have no trouble going on a long road trip with it.
As mentioned, it has a Magnaflow exhaust, suspension work has been done to make it hug corners like it's on rails, it has low profile tires with good tread, the wheels are five star and look just about new (no curb rash that I can easily see). Wheels are silver in color and look good on the car. A cold air intake has been installed, and headers added too, but in that process, air conditioning was deleted to both make room and add power. It has a new battery.
The clutch was apparently adjusted when I got it and nice and low to the floor, and should be good to go for quite some time. There are no problems with the transmission that I can tell. The whole drive train runs strong. I truly haven't looked under the car, but as tight as it handles, I assume A arms and all have been updated.
Paint should be redone eventually as it has some hazing in areas, but nothing that would cause car to rust without it. It actually looks pretty good from normal distances. I have an estimate on it of $1300 for a high end guy. I just haven't pulled the trigger on it because I can't make money on the car if I do it. If I have it painted, I would keep it. There are areas of paint that look like new, and you can tell from the firey plumb color, this is a gorgeous car when repainted. A previous owner painted the top mat black. That's the biggest thing I would want to get rid of, but they probably thought it looked cool. The paint on the hood could probably be buffed out to look better. A previous owner painted some of the engine parts, like the valve covers. It is obnoxious looking to me, but not a big deal with the hood down. Definitely a very usable car with the paint the way it is and it still gets looks.
Included with the car are a trunk - load of parts - over $500 of parts, most new. I have installed some of them, right down to a new oil dip stick to match the one that should have been there. I have a brand new mirror, brand new tail light for one that is cracked but still working. I have brand new OEM floor mats (all parts are OEM). I have new struts for the rear hatch. I started to put them on, but didn't have anyone to help me hold it, so the old ones are off and the new ones partly on. One of the flip up lights looks like a bondo specialist from Somalia worked on it, so I bought a brand new one. The guy who would paint the car said he could put on all these parts.
Specific things I know it needs, aside from parts that I've included (easy fixes):
- It should have the hatch seal replaced. It leaks a little water when it rains hard (which it doesn't in Central Oregon). It does not smell or appear anyone has smoked in the car. BTW, there is NO rust on this car.
- The air conditioning was deleted in order to get the cold air intake and headers into the engine bay.
- There is no face plate for the stereo (looks like someone put a $129 Kenwood or Pioneer in it, but it never came with the car). Personally, I have enjoyed listening to the beautiful exhaust notes.
- While the battery is new, it needs a new battery pan and means to hold it in place.
- The back struts for the hatchback need to be installed (I bought them, and they are included, but I didn't have anyone to help me do that). You can still open the back, but you better have a 4x4 to hold it open. Install the struts and you'll be fine.
- The parking brake cable needs to be reattached. I've been driving it with no parking brake, and leaving it in gear, and it's fine. I wouldn't park it on a steep hill that way. But it's an easy fix.
- The passenger side door handle release inside the car needs a stronger spring to return into position but you probably would be months before you noticed it. It has no adverse affect, and doesn't even look wrong. Just noting it.
- I would clean up the engine bay a little. Could use a good cleaning. While it doesn't leak oil, I might replace the valve cover gaskets just for the heck of it.
- Sometimes when it has been warmed up, it idles a little slow, but that's an easy fix. (It is a screw that you can adjust on the throttle body, and I will include the Ford Probe Haynes Book to help you with these fixes).
- There is a little wear spot on the back carpet behind the drivers seat. Hard to notice.
- There is a little wear on the driver seat side, but it is very minor (using upholstery spray on either, would hide it).
- The rear view mirror needs to be reattached. I didn't do it because it has been too hot to apply the tape, and frankly, I like the view without it. The mirror is included.
- Note that the roof is painted a black krackle color.
If you require specific images, please let me know and I will do my best to supply them to you.
I am looking for someone who will drive it often, restore it over time, and not just drive the piss out of it.
I have a clear title in my safe, and require payment by cash or bank check from a local bank. Tags were just renewed and good until 2017. I am looking for someone who knows the value of this special edition Probe, and I am not anxious to sell it.