1969 Mustang 428 SCJ Ram Air Mach 1 MCA National Thoroughbred For Sale

Price: US $99,995.00 Item location: Norfolk, Virginia, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Ford
  • Model: Mustang
  • SubModel: MCA National Thoroughbred Winner
  • Type: Coupe
  • Trim: Thoroughbred
  • Year: 1969
  • Mileage: 106,117
  • VIN: 9T02R197302
  • Color: Green
  • Engine size: 428 SCJ Ram Air
  • Number of cylinders: 8
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: Black
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1969 Ford Mustang MCA National Thoroughbred Winner

1969 Mustang 428 SCJ Ram Air Mach 1
MCA National Thoroughbred Winner
Very Rare & Impossible to Duplicate..
Contact Michael For More Information 631-339-0399

1969 Mustang 428 SCJ Ram Air Mach 1

(MCA National Thoroughbred)

Owned & Restored by Joe Sikora, author of the "1969 Mustang Cobra Jet Engine Reference Manual"

First Time This Exceptional Vehicle Is Being Offered For Sale

Joe Sikora’s Mustang Club of AmericaAward Winning 1969 Mustang Ram Air 428 Super Cobra Jet Mach 1


From the Finest Blood of a Pure Lineage Unique to the Mustang Club of America, the Thoroughbred Class is exclusive to museum quality restorations. The subtlety that sets these cars above the best of the best in any Concours class is their absence of ALL reproduction parts. Only date code correct, original and New Old Stock parts, are permitted for cars competing in this class. From the Mustang Club of America Judging Standard, V01.11.11.2011:

Division IV – Thoroughbred 1964 ½ – 1992

  • Restored or Original with correct era parts
  • Date code on the parts used must be on or before the manufacture date of the car Absolutely no reproduction parts allowed
  • Date codes on parts must be on or before car's manufacture date.

This Black Jade, Ram Air 428 Super Cobra Jet Mach I, is one of a handful of cars to earn the prestigious Mustang Club of America award. Ford production records indicate the Mach 1 was delivered to Garden Spot Motors, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, May 26, 1969. Joe Sikora, M C A member since 1979 and author of the 1969 Mustang Cobra Jet Engine Reference Manual, has owned the Super Cobra Jet longer than all of its previous owners combined.

Sikora stumbled on the car in Boyertown, Pennsylvania in 1987- fifty miles from the original selling dealership. Its odometer had only clocked one hundred six thousand six hundred miles. With a stable full of other Cobra Jets and a list of award winning restorations behind him, He originally intended to drive the car. The combination of the Super Cobra Jet’s low mileage, his love for its original Blade Jade paint, and the contrast of its radio delete and automatic transmission with its luxury and high performance options slowly won him over. Sikora decided to make THIS car his masterpiece.

Restored the way they were…not the way we would have liked them to be.

The Super Cobra Jet Mach 1 was painstakingly detailed with a collection of parts impossible to duplicate today. Attesting to the breathtaking detail of restoration, MCA judges Wes Alford and Dave Zimmerman awarded the Super Cobra Jet, the Mustang Club of America Thoroughbred award at its first show in 1997. Re-certified three years later by gold card judge Wes Alford, and President Charles Hampton, the Mach 1 was retired from the show circuit. The Super Cobra Jet has not been driven since 1987 and has remained in climate-controlled storage in Sikora’s private collection to today.

Specifications: Two-Time Mustang Club of America (MCA) Thoroughbred. Absolutely NO Reproduction Parts; Only Date Code Correct/NOS Parts Allowed In This Class...

Owned & Restored by Joe Sikora, Author of the 1969 Mustang Cobra Jet Engine Reference Manual.

Purchased in 1987 fifty miles from the original selling dealership. Sikora has owned the Super Cobra Jet longer than all of its previous owners combined.

Detailed with a collection of rare NOS and original parts impossible to duplicate today:

  • All original and new old stock Ford sheet metal, Bumpers, Trim and Stripes
  • The glass & weatherstrip
  • Date code correct Engine, Transmission and Differential
  • Complete Thermactor system
  • Original Battery, Hoses, Belts and Spark plug wires
  • Exhaust, Steering and Suspension
  • Original upholstery, Carpet, Door panels, Dash, & Seat belts
  • Headlights, Bulbs
  • Even assembly line color-coded fuses
  • The Mach 1’s production buck tag is still intact on the right hand fender drip rail.

  • -Certified as a Thoroughbred at its first show (1997 MCA Grand National, Virginia Beach, VA)
  • -Retired from the show circuit in 2000 and has remained in climate-controlled to today
  • -106117 original miles on the odometer. Driven exactly 0 miles since 1987
  • -New Jersey Built Car -Black Jade Exterior / Black Interior
    • -Unique Combination of Luxury & High Performance Options:
      • Mach 1 Sports Roof Package
      • 428 Super Cobra Jet Ram Air Engine
      • C6 Automatic Transmission
      • 391 Traction-Loc Differential
      • Radiator Mounted Engine Oil Cooler
      • Power Steering (With Cooler)
      • Power Disc Brakes
      • NO Radio (Radio Delete)
      • Convenience Group With Tinted Glass and Under Dash Map & Parking Brake Warning Lights
      • -Original Engine Compartment Buick Tag & Driver’s Door ID Plate
      • -Ford Production Certification & Original Dealership Memorabilia
      • -Meticulous Documentation of Restoration
VIN is 9T02R197302. The engine compartment buck tag picture shows the first five digits and the all important "R"
Copy of the Mach's Ford production record, 30 year old title, "Marti report" and "nostalgic window sticker recreation" this Mach 1 is "one of ONE":
  • 299,036 69 Mustangs 131, 819 were non-Shelby Sportsroofs
  • 10,130 had 428 ram air engines
  • 4,275 had automatic transmissions
  • 527 were painted Black Jade
  • 416 had Black Mach 1 bucket seats
  • 86 had Super CJ engines
  • 65 had 3:91 traction lock differentials
  • 43 power steering and disc brakes
  • 22 had tinted glass
  • 14 had AM radios
  • 5 had the Visibility Group
  • 2 had oil and amp gages
  • Only ONE of the had a standard rear seat
The Mach 1 Comes with ORIGINAL:
  • Visor Starting Instruction Card
  • Owners Manual
  • Sales Brochure
  • Performance Buyer's Guide
  • No-Spin Differential Operation & Service Manuals
  • Warranty Card with Embossed VIN plate and Warranty Fact Book
  • New Car Issued Glove Box Litter Bag & Emergency Windshield Placard
  • Vintage PA Temporary License Plate
  • 1969 State inspection Sticker
  • License Topper, Matchbook & Ashtray from Original Selling Dealership
HD Video:https://youtu.be/rrdQcTmpSbc

100+ Photos: https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=FE009A89D8110378!105&authkey=!AOnj53CFlxsC-w0&ithint=folder%2c

For Sale by Owner, Located in Norfolk, VA

Contact Michael For More Information 631-339-0399

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Very, Very Rare & Unique....

All the Numbers Broken Down:



radio delete plate

parking brake warning light

Rim Blow steering wheel

fuses, color coded

emergency flasher, Tungsol 552

dimmer switch, Autolite

brake light switch, Autolite

turn signal switch, Autolite

wiper switch, Fomoco, C9

headlight switch, Autolite, C9

heater core hose clamps, 1/68

owner's manual (second printing, Jan 69)/ plastic sleeve/ cardboard jacket

visor starting instructions

warranty brochure/card

sales brochures



Rim Blow horn switch

pedal pads & trim

turn signal lever

turn signal flasher, Tungsol 224

keys (dealer punch cut from lock code)


Original heater core, Fomoco C9ZE A, 9FB



tire pressure decal

door panels

door panel cups

door front W/S blocks


window cranks/ knobs

exterior handles and buttons

door glass blowout clips

door glass rear edge W/S channel

door/body opening W/S

door perimeter W/S

door glass rear edge W/S

door beltline W/S, outer

door bottom W/S (driver's; pass replacement w original screws)

Warranty Plate Codes: SN 9T02R197302

Body 63C (sportsroof, Mach I )

Color C5 (Black jade w black hood)

Trim 3A (Mach I, black knitted vinyl)

Date 05E (May 5)

DSO 16 (Philadelphia)

Axle V (3.91: 1, locking)

Trans U (C-6)



brake fluid, silicone

proportioning valve sticking (switch disconnected)


battery, Autolite

battery tray, group 27

battery heat shield, group 27, C7ZB B

cables: engine ground, FEV A

starter, C6AF B

positive, C7ZF A

radiator, C8ZE S1, 9CA date

radiator cap, Autolite, chrome

radiator brackets, upper/ lower

washer box, C9ZF, April 9, 1969 date

horns; drivers, 9C25B date (hi note)/pass, 9D8C date (lo note)

horn brace

horn siamese wire, C9DB A

steering box, SMB K, 8K11B date

brake booster, 6945 (6586 per MPC)

master cylinder cap

wiper motor, C9ZF C, Dec 12, 1968 date

heater motor shield

heater hose, Autolite yellow stripe

service spec decal

solenoid, C9AF A, heavy duty


voltage regulator, C8TF A

negative battery cable, DOOF D

radiator shroud

radiator support to hood lip seal

hood pins/ lanyards


original master cylinder



Dist-vac valve, stuck; ported vacuum only

Intake boss repaired (front left)

Crank pulley bolt stripped, silver paint ID

Original or NOS as Listed Below

Engine blockC6ME, 5M8 cast date, 5M14 assembly date

Dipstick /tubeC7OE A, NOS

Motor mountsFomoco, driver's DIZA CA/ pass C8ZA A

RodsLemans, NOS capscrew bolts


CounterweightC9ZE A

DamperC8AE C

Crank pulleyC8AE D, NOS

Windage trayC9ZZ A, NOS

Oil panFomoco

Oil cooler/ linesoriginal

upper bracketC9ZE A

lower bracketC9ZE A

block adapterC9OE A (NOS gasket)

Timing coverC8AE B, 68, SCJ pointer

HeadsC8OE N, driver's 9B11/ pass 9C10 date

Rockers1.76 ratio adjustable, NOS (see documentation)

Valve coversC9ZZ B, ribbed Al, NOS, chrome plate bolts

Oil filler capchrome, Autolite

Exhaust manifoldsdriver’s C8OE B, 8-19-68 date/ pass C8OE B ?D? (original spacer/ bolts)

Lift hooksdriver's C8OE B/ pass no ID

Water pumpC9AE A, rebuilt, 9B27 date

Water pump pulleyS (C8AE D)

Fan clutchC9ZE B

Fan BladeC9ZE E

AlternatorC9AF B, w pink spacer

Alternator bracketC8AE B

DistributorC8OF J, Autolite white boot coil lead, 9C3 date

StarterC8AF A, 8K11C date

Fuel pumpX, Carter #4441

Thermactor system

supply tubesoriginal


injector tubesoriginal

canisterC8OE C, 11-14-67 date

canister bracketC8AE A

pumpfunctional, natural spacer, 7L221 date (221st day of 1967)

pump bracketno ID (C8AE B per MPC)

pump pulleyC8AE A

pump/alt bracketC8AE A

check valvesFomoco

Intake manifoldC7AE F (early CJ Al; see documentation)

BaffleC6AZ D

Thermostat housingC8AE A

CarbC9AF N, 9BC date (tag)/ 923 date (airhorn)

rebuild kitNOS (Holley)

spacer platebakelite, 0.28" tk, NOS gaskets

air horn gasketNOS

throttle bracketoriginal

wing nuttwo dimples

Fresh air intake system

Shaker assembly original, w choke bleeder temperature control valve

"S" tube/bracketoriginal

heat riser/ bracketoriginal

inner lid/wingnutoriginal

"cobra jet"NOS, pin type

snoutoriginal, functional w engine emission decal, C8OE B

manifold bracketoriginal

hood sealC9ZF C, NOS

vacuum motor311 date


reservoir assyHBA BF IF 9B 8C, Fomoco


bracketC7AA B, aluminum

coolerC8OA A

Alternator beltsNOS C6AE M, 1-68 date (JB 414)

P/S beltC9OE D1, 4-68 date (JC 433)

Thermactor beltNOS C9PZ D, 1-69 date (JB 341)

ThermostatC5AE D, 192

Temp sender250 8B (SW 552)

Oil sender#90 (SW 852)

Engine harnessoriginal

Dist vac valveC8AE A, 5H68 date (DY 126)

PCV systemoriginal valve adapter, manifold tube, fittings, clamps

valveC8OE B, (EV 45) (C7OZ A, EV 42 tag)

grommetC7AE A, NOS

Fuel filterC7OE A, NOS (FG 19)

Air filterC7SF A, NOS (FA 41)

Oil FilterCIAZ A, NOS, 41170 date (FL 1)

Installed w late Ford gasket; original in NOS filter box

CoilFAC 12029 A, 9ACC date

Coil bracketC

Vacuum advance12378, 6, NOS

PointsFomoco (DP 12)

RotorAutolite (DR 5)

CondenserC5AF A, NOS (DC 13A)

CapAutolite (DH 6)

WiresAutolite, 4Q69 date

PlugsNOS (BF 32)

Heater hoseAutolite, yellow stripe

Heater hose clampsWitek

bypass hose4/68 date

pump hose2/69 date

intake hose1/68 date

Heater hose strapaluminum, wide style

Radiator hoseupper, C5AZ G (part #), C9ZE E (ID), NOS/ lower C9ZE D (ID), NOS

Vacuum hoseMX

Vacuum hose strapbrass

Thermactor hoses

pump to diverterC8AE A

diverter to checkdriver's C8OE 9C433 B/pass C8OE F

Thermactor ClampsWitek, numbered

PCV hoseyellow stripe/ribs

P/B booster hoseoriginal

Choke bleeder temperature control valve hose, C9OF 9J592 A, orange hi temp silicone, NOS

Buck Tag Code:


7 05 E 63C 3A

9TO2R197302 C DK GR M



Engine ID Tag Code:

428 69 6

9E 419T


Block bored 30 over; reciprocating assembly balanced

Cam, Ford Motorsport

Lifters, Ford Motorsport

Pushrods, Ford Motorsport

Oil pump, Mellings, M57HV

Pump drive, Ford Motorsport

Timing Chain, Musky, double roller

Pistons, TRW, L2303, forged, 30 over, flat top

Rings, moly

Bearings, Michigan 77, 10/10

Heads, 74.0 - 76.5 cc

Valve guides, knurled/ replacement seals

Rocker oil flow restrictors

Carb secondary jets, #82


Original iron intake manifold, C8OE C, 9A13 date

Original PS pump & reservoir C8AA A

Original oil pump drive

NOS alternator belts (C3VY B/ C4AE H1, 1-68 date/C5TE D1, 3-67 date. JB 430)

NOS engine harness

NOS points

NOS condenser

NOS vlace stem seals, C4TZ J



Paint, basecoat/ clear (Diamont D2038)


headlights, Fomoco Tungsol

-A bulbs, yellow paint

parking lamp lens, SAE 69

back up lens (early thin style)

bumpers; front, 8293 69M9/ rear, M968 1283

rims: driver's front, 8MM

pass front, 9MB

driver's rear, 8MM

pass rear, 9MF

spare, 9MB

tires: driver's front Y4A092

pass front, Y4A302 (blem)

driver's rear, Y4A343

pass rear, Y4A092

glass: driver's door, 4J (block)

driver’s quarter, 2J (block)

pass door, 9C (script)

pass quarter, 9B (script)

rear window, 8J (script)

grill, Fomoco

shaker trim ring/brackets

sport mirrors/gaskets


Windshield, Carlite, 6J


seal, headlight extension to fender/ qp extension to body

front and rear valences

taillight panel

trunk beam

driver's inner/ outer wheelhouses & trunk floor

grille trim panels

grille trim panel moldings

grille ornament

headlight bezels, low beam and high beam

parking lights

side marker lights and bezels, front/rear

quarter window moldings

quarter panel emblems

rocker moldings

gas cap

taillight lens

decklid letters (“M U S T A N G"withpins)

stripe kit (originaldarkgold color; have spares)

wiper blade refills, Trico

wheel trim rings

wheel center caps


NOS stripe kit

NOS inspection sticker (color copy on car)

NOS thick style back up light lens

Original Ford display car tag “It’s The Going Thing”





kick panels

seat upholstery

seat backs

console pad

console shift plate

console ashtray (rear)

console wiring harnes

rear quarter trim panels

sail panels

package tray

Safety Belt Date Codes

Harnesses Robbins R 303 17 69

Belts Hamill H 303 52 68

Receivers " H 303 38 68 (driver's)

" 52 68 (pass)

Belts (rear) " 102 38 68

Receivers(rear) " 102 23 68


sill moldings

shifter handle

console ashtray (front)

sunvisor rubber tips

quarter trim panel lights


Key Codes: FA-13141 (ignition)/FB-54143 (glove box/trunk)




Servo, C8OP A, R

tailshaft, C8OP A, iron, A71 date

valve body, CA

kick down linkage

shift linkage, C7ZZ A


torque converter

mount, Fomoco, C8ZA F/G

rear cooler line

modulator vacuum line

modulator vacuum hose, modulator to line/ line to engine

speedometer cable, C9ZF G

speedometer speed reducer, C8ZF A

neutral safety switch, Autolite






traction lok, 3.91: 1 axle ratio

N case carrier, 9C26 date

pinion housing, B8



linkage seal

tailshaft seal

pan gasket, late Ford

pump shaft seal/ o-ring/ gasket and rings

tailshaft bushing/ housing to case gasket

modulator, Motorcraft (TM-2)

Transmission ID Tag Code:



Differential ID Tag Code:


3L91 9 982A


NOS Vacuum modulator, Fomoco, C4AZ B



fuel filler neck hose

trunk mat

tank underlayment

wheel well cardboard insert

harness tie wrap

wheelhouse windlace

felt spare tire protector

jack, A

jack decal

jack handle

jacking instruction decal

safety cert decal


spare tire/ rim, no size polyglas

headlight adjusters, bag

deck lid gasket

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