Investment 82' Fiat Spider Turbo 2000 by Legend Industies Straight&Solid Project

Price: US $7,995.00 Item location: Goshen, Indiana, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Fiat
  • Model: Other
  • Type: Convertible
  • Trim: Turbo Optional Trim
  • Year: 1982
  • Mileage: 39,966
  • VIN: ZFAAS00B6C5000812
  • Color: White
  • Engine size: Turbo-Charged 4-Cylinder
  • Number of cylinders: 4
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Drive type: Rear Wheel Drive
  • Interior color: Blue
  • Options: Convertible
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1982 Fiat Other

Rarely SEEN LOW Production Fiat Turbo Spyder 2000! Italian Investment Grade Classic on the Move UP^$. Very Original, omplete, olid, traight & Easily Restorable Condition!!!

Please Take or Give it a Bit of Extra Time to Allow all the Highly Rich Digital Photo PIXELs to Down-Load Properly Prior To Viewing!

This Listing is for a Very Rarely Seen or Offered, imited/Special Production (1 of approx 800) 1982 Fiat 2000 Spider With Added High Speed and Mid-range Quickness of it's finely blended Turbo Charged Performance. Most of the 750-825 units made were produced in 1981 so this is maybe one of 25-50 made in 1982 as its VIN# ends in 000812(very low and/or early) if that means anything. A Cult Landmark 1980's Italian Investment Grade Classic Sports Car with Very VERY Few Remaining or Even Available and Prices on the Move Upwards^ as Recent National AZ. Auction of an Original Low Mileage Non-Turbo Spider Example Fetched almost $35K. While Millions of younger baby boomers remember the 1967-85 non-turbo 124 Spider Models from their High School Parking Lots and The chicks dug them also, hey are like the Euro Version of the "Gutless Sticker Muscle-Cars" Shelby Mustang, ireBird or Z-28 Camaro of the later-70's to the mid-80's!!! Of coarse maybe 80-90% of all of these Rust-Prone Fiat's are all rusted away by now(many were rusty when they were new due to Russian High-Carbon Steel and None to Minimum Under-Coating), ut they got better in the later 1970's and 1980's with Zinc-Steel and Better Undercoating Systems, iving them an even stronger case for future appreciation potential. This is a Very Original disassembled but unmolested unit in Very Complete, olid, traight and Easily Restorable Condition! This is Your 2nd Chance at that Ferrari Dino GT4, arburated Magnum P.I. 308 or Fiat Pinninfarina Dino Spider of 20-30 years ago that you never bought or could afford available while cheaply!!!

The back ground story on this car particular car is limited and not fully known by me, o I will give you the short version as to what I actually can prove. It was part of a larger 4-car Fiat deal(2 Spider's and 2 X1/9's) that came with a warehouse full of extra used and NOS parts. The Verifiable Truth is that It came from Arizona about 3 months ago, n the exact state as you now view it! It is a REAL Turbo Model Converted by "Lengend Industries" and it was previously partially disassembled for either paint, rivers front floor repair(in which someone started), ngine repair, r all of the above. I believe the evidence points towards they were striving or preparing for a high quality full blown restoration. The Timing belt was off the engine when I got it, o I have not even tried to turn it over, ut what that tells me is maybe bent Valves at a minimum and maybe a Cracked piston or two at the worst! But what I do know is that I met the guy online, e was the Fiat Crazy guy you dream about meeting(if you like Fiats or just Euro Sports Cars)and he was going through a Divorce at the time This GEM was being offered/came in a larger Fiat car and parts package(extra sized three Double Garages total with one double deep) in which he stipulated that he was selling "ALL OR NONE" ! He wanted them all gone and hopefully going to "A GOOD HOME" especially this one as he owned it since 2004 and had invested much time dreaming and planning for it's Restoration and it's Finial reveal, se and display in his collection. It is amazing how a younger chic can change all those years of car dreaming and fantasizing.

For the uniformed or uneducated in Fiat Production/History, his is the 1980's "Holy Grail". This is a Very rare and Seldom Seen or Offered Model. I believe as do many others that this particular model has a very "High Potential as an Investment Grade and Collection Worthy" Fiat Spider 2000 TURBO, one of Approximately 775-825 produced with possibly less than 10 to 20% remaining in this condition or better). Although it has some money needed to be thrown at it to be either Show Ready or Driver Ready, t appears to be in very nearly Un-Rusted, n-Crashed and Un-Molested Condition. Why it is still in it's almost 90-95% Original Paint and Even it's Original Faded "Turbo" Decals. These Rarely seen Models were entrusted by Fiat North America for a High Performance/Turbo Charged Update/Conversion/Makeover by US Based "Legend Industries" back in the later 1981 through early 1982 as either a Special Tribute or Special Marketing of the Unique 124 Spider's 15 year Anniversary or as Fiat's USA/North American "Swan Song" prior to the Pinninfarina Take-Over of the brand in the USA. The Fiat 124/2000 Spiders and Coupes always represented an "Amazing Value" in a Sports-Car That was Always WAY AHEAD of its Time and it's Pier's, ith engineering and technology that provided it with a high REVING belt-driven Twin-Overhead Cam Hemi-Motor, our wheel Disc Brakes, silky-smooth Five-Speed Transmission and Intermittent Wipers at a price more affordable than the less quick and nimble MGB's of the same period!

The Unique Vehicle is offered "As-Is" and this listing comes as a Non-Running Rolling Chassis with all mechanicals (engine, ransmission, ear axle and braking system) included as show in the out door photos in front of my storage garage. The non-installed, ncluded parts are shown in various photos and piles in the Center of the concrete Floor in the rear of my warehouse. Only the center piled parts are included, s there are various other clutches, lywheels, ngine blocks, ylinder heads, eige seats and interior parts, ransmissions, tc that are slightly visible on the fringes of some of the pictures, hat are not included(I tried to made it very clear by Cris-crossing of photo directions to show parts pile parameters.) I will guarantee that you get all parts shown in center floor photos. Although I am not a Fiat Spider Expert(I have had two or three prior over the past 35 years, ut never dis-assembled or assembled one from this state), would estimate that this project with included dis-assembled parts shown is approx 98% complete! I have made note of a few missing carpets pieces and some trim items, ut I would use a new carpet kit and convertible top anyway, lso the missing front and rear hood emblems and rear truck lock escutcheon trim. Depending on the final level of finish desired you will use all trims provided to have a very nice driver or you will replace a quarter to third(I'm real picky)after full paint to have a Very Strong Show Quality Car. The two only "serious" area of rust (caution this was a South-West guy who thinks a few pits are "Rot") were the front driver's floor and a spot on the corner of the front hood, oth areas shown in photos were cut out but not yet totally repaired.There are a few other smaller surface bubbles as shown which we in the North would either sport blast or surface grind and then coat with Por-15 for permanent Rust Protection!

Again if a picture is a Thousand Words than I have listed you 100,000 words to try to leave no questions uncovered in you mind as to both the needs and the potential of this particular project! Again, lease understand that I did not take this have prior knowledge of this car and it's condition when taken apart, o I am not aware of exactly what it needs mechanically or is possibly missing if anything physically. All parts can be carefully packed and stored inside this car for your shipper, ut I would recommend that you come with a trailer and pack and fetch it your self to eliminate and confusion, nd I would offer assistance according to my schedule (which tends to be more open on evenings to later nights) . I will also pack it all up for you and meet your shipping company according to my schedule and timing, ut we do not want to be help responsible for any damage or missing parts once it leaves our premisses. I have a Dutch Friend and Customer that says these cars are held in very HIGH ESTEEM in Europe and that may some of his club members will be interested. Because it is unique and different it may be desirable to an international bidder and it that case you will pay the costs and make the arrangement, ut we will facilitate in communicating with and meeting your shipper as best as we can. To all Bidders and Interested Parties, hanks For Looking and I hope You Find and Get The Car, nvestment or Project of Your Dreams! I just have Too Many Really Cool Sports Cars/Projects Right Now, ith Less Time after 3 new Grand-Babies in the last 6 months and Need To Let This One Go so we can travel to see family more! The 2nd owner was from Arizona and his title date is from 07-30-2004 and reflects his purchase date and that it is a "Clear" TITLE, igned-OFF and Notarized, ut has no sales date or sale price recorded as of yet. If Interested Parties Desire or Need More Specific Photos or Need More Detailed Questions Answered, all at 1-574-849-1815 or 1-574-875-5047 and I will return your call as soon as possible! Cheers and Blessings to All! George and Kristine Skyrm.

We try to Explain and Describe all our Listing to the best of our Ability and now have switched to this New Seller Source Book format on out vehicles, oats and larger cost items in order to offer you Larger and more Photos for Both your Viewing Pleasure and To try to leave you without a doubt as to what your are buying and what is all included in this listing.......both the good and bad. Please feel free to contact us for a pre-purchase inspection PRIOR to your buying it! All Items Sold "As-Is" and "Where-Is" With NO WARRANTY Offered, xpressed or Implied!

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