1993 Eagle Summit DL 1.8L 16 Valve, Red w/Daisies

Price: - Item location: Bothell, Washington, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Eagle
  • Model: Other
  • Type: Sedan
  • Year: 1993
  • Mileage: 172,976
  • VIN: JE3CA36CXPU061589
  • Color: Red
  • Engine size: 1.8L 16 Valve Mitsubihi
  • Number of cylinders: 4
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Drive type: 5-Speed Manual
  • Interior color: Gray
  • Options: CD Player
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1993 Eagle Other

Fun, ependable sedan, his car gets between 28 to 32 mpg, hich makes it a good commuter vehicle. The Mitsubishi engine in this vehicle is running very well. It does use some oil due to seepage from the pan gasket and valve cover at the rate of about 1 quart every 1000 to 1500 miles. AM/FM CD works well.There is a fun story around the daisies on this car. The car was originally purchased second-hand by a female doctor with 2 small children and husband. The doctor-mother ADORED Daisies! One time, hen returning from a business trip, he was greeted at the airport with the car covered in daisies that the children, ith their father, ad painted on. She was delighted and overjoyed at their expression of love! Real sweet. She even kept the gas cap cover as a memento! She passed it on to my ex as a gift in 2012, ho was cleaning her the house for her on a regular basis. My ex didn't need the car, s she owned a Prius, nd sold it to us for 750.00 on payments in May of 2012. We rarely drove the car the first year, s we owned an electric car. Since June of 2013, he car was used fairly regularly until we purchased yet another electric car last September, nd the usage of "Miss Daisy" became more infrequent. We use it once or twice a week now. We have traveled to Richland, A and back in the car a handful of times, nd a couple of times to Vancouver, A and back. We live in Bothell, A. In the spirit of full disclosure, will explain each defect as best I can. In early 2014 we experienced some ignition troubles with the car and had the distributor replaced. Fortunately, e have not had any trouble with the car since then mechanically. It's been extremely dependable for us. I am really impressed with this engine, t has lived a long life and continues to give lots of power and is zippy to drive. It can cruise on the flat in fifth gear at 35 to 40 mph, ithout giving a hint of struggle to accelerate gently. When pressed, he car is still very quick to respond in 4th or third at that speed and can get up to freeway speeds in a jiffy. It also responds very well to hills, nd likely can pull a small trailer with little effect if it were hitched. Automatics are better for that, wouldn't recommend pulling with a manual tranny. The left front fender was already tweaked out when we got the car; I don't know how that happened, s we didn't own it. It will take a little bit more than buying new clips for it, s the mounting frame underneath it is a little tweaked also. The most serious issue involves the unibody underneath the left front fender. Last year my wife pulled the car out of the Bothell Self-Serve car wash down a small slope and landed the left front corner of the sub-frame assembly hard on a parking curb placed at the bottom of the slope that she didn't see. This crumpled the unibody close to the engine such that the AC pulley was rubbing against the unibody. It also cracked the left side motor mount. I drove it to a body shop, nd he found the broken motor mount, nd wedged a piece of wood underneath the mount to pick the engine up a little to stop the rubbing. I bought a new mount, nd had to do the same thing to avoid the pulley hitting the wall when cornering. Right now, ith the wood in place under the still good motor mount, he pulley sits about 1/8" away from the wall and does not rub. If you need to change the belt, t will have to be pulled away from the pulley. The belts right now are in good shape. It would still be wise to eventually get the engine lowered down a little to take pressure off that mount. At this point I've only noticed a minor imbalance at idle, long with a little added body creaking. Once you've left the light, t smooths out immediately. The front end sits a good foot and a half behind the damage and was not affected at all. It runs very true. The last time we gave it a tune-up was in 2013. Still running smoothly except when hot when it seems to be just mildly out of tune, o it probably can use one. I just changed the oil again a month ago. There was no metal at all clinging to the oil drain plug, hich is good, nd just a little bit of varnish on the plug. Generally the oil was changed every 3000 to 6000 miles. The windshield wipers do not work because a linkage arm needs to be replaced from the motor to the right wiper pivot. We have used Rainex with good success, ut obviously we don't drive it when pouring. The part can be found at a scrap yard, roviding they have an Eagle from this year, r a Dodge Colt (93 to 95, believe). Cosmetically, t needs a cowling over the wiper mechanism as well. I think my wife accidentally threw it out. I had left it off while investigating the wipers, nd she thought it was garbage, guess. The wiper motor works just fine. The left rear passenger door is missing the window crank and needs a new cranking mechanism. The window will slide down, o there is some wood jamming it so it won't go down. The trunk leaks a little in the rain. The fuel gauge reads funny. When full it reads about 2/3rds full, hen 1/2 full it reads empty. We watch the odometer and make sure to fill it every 300 miles or so. The gasoline warning light is accurate and you'll get another 30 miles or so after it comes on steady. The driver's shoulder strap is frayed. The upholstery is worn and stained. The center console has a broken panel. The AC does not work, lthough the clutch on the AC spins freely, nd it may just need charging, don't know. The4 casing for the headlight switch is missing on the turn signal arm, ut the switch still works. Also, ometimes the driver's window is hard to roll down, nd should be looked at. Other than what I've mentioned I know of no problems with the car. It really is a fun car to drive, nd it's hard to lose it in a parking lot! We also get a lot of favorable comments on the Art Car, nd we really like the daisies. It's been fun. This is the first used car I have owned that I haven't driven into the ground. she refuses to get old at this point, nd I know that she has quite a few miles left in her before she craps out. I now you will enjoy the car, nce driven. It's pretty nice. I live in Bothell, A, nd will not ship the car unless arranged and paid for by the buyer. I encourage you to give "Miss Daisy" a visit. you'll like her. Cashiers checks or Cash only. Peace.